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All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts group and anal sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


She dropped her bags on the nearest bed and then slumped down on the other. Josie had finally reached her hotel after what seemed like a day’s travel. She had left her home around dawn and 14 hours later, after untold queuing at airport terminals and taxi ranks, but her she was finally, her home for the next week and a bit. She had to attend an orientation session for new employees of her company but the flight schedules meant she now had the next day at her disposal but what should she do with her time?

After unpacking her bags, she grabbed a quick shower and on feeling her stomach rumble she decided that she was too tired to run the gauntlet of the hotel’s restaurant. Instead, she ordered a meal on room service and settled on the bed to flick through the TV channels on offer. In double quick time there was a knock at her dor which surprised her with the promptness. It meant that she had not had time to dress and so, as she was just in her underwear, she threw on the courtesy dressing gown. ‘Why are these things always made for very unflattering shapes’ as she inspected the view in the mirror. It wrapped around her but the shape drew attention to her chest which made the top of the gown billow.

A second knock meant she had little time to fuss and proceeded to open the room door. The young waiter stood in the hallway greeted her “Good evening, Madam. You ordered room service.” Before him was a wheeled trolley with two large metal domes. Josie chuckled internally as his eyes immediately went to the bulge in her gown before he composed himself and looked up at her face.

Josie stood back from the door and offered “Would you mind wheeling it in for me?” As he positioned the tray near the chair in her room, she had to suppress a further giggle as the young man’s first instinct was to look at the front of her gown again. The 39 year old mother of two thought to herself ‘It’s actually quite flattering a young man of his age looking at me. Maybe he doesn’t have anyone in his life with a large chest.’ She extracted a note from her purse for a tip and extended her hand to the young man “Thank you, that so kind of you… “she visibly checked his name badge “… Brandon.”

The young man bowed allowing him a last fleeting glance at the billowing gown and replied “Thank you Madam. If you need anything during your stay, just ask for me.” He emphasised the word ‘anything’ which got Josie’s mind turning.

Her steak was delicious as was the wine that she had paired with it and she sat back very contented wondering what she would do with her evening; she was tired from the travelling and yet she wasn’t sleepy. She wheeled the trolley out of her room and tucking it as tightly to the wall as possible so that she didn’t block the corridor. Some channel surfing on the TV occupied her for a half hour but there was nothing that really grabbed her attention.

There was a further knock on the door which surprised Josie who went over to the door and she stood on tiptoe to look out the spy hole. Stood in the hallway was Brandon plus another similar aged, similar dressed, young man. She pulled the gown back around her and opened the door with a questioning look “Have you come for the trolley. Did I not leave it in the correct place?”

Brandon smirked at his friend but turned to the guest and nodded “I have come for the trolley and am here to collect it but wanted to check if there was anything else I could do for you.” Again, he stressed the word ‘anything’ while moving his focus to the other lad. Josie was looking at Brandon but out of the corner of her eye she could see this new guy was getting an eyeful of her chest. He had the added advantage of being on the side where the gown billowed the most and so had a direct view of half her boob that wasn’t encased in her lacy bra.

Josie was temporarily almanbahis taken aback by Brandon’s behaviour. She might have been half tempted to try and flirt with him if he had been on his own. He was a handsome looking young lad — she guessed around 18 or 19 — tall slim with a smile that could melt an iceberg but he wasn’t alone and so Josie held back. Both Brandon and Mitch had slept with a number of past guests, sometimes at the same time and Brandon had sought out his friend after his first encounter with the new Milf in room 329. Brandon especially had a thing for big breasted women but Mitch wasn’t averse either and certainly appreciated his friend giving him the heads up even if the pair together weren’t as successful scoring as when they were on their own.

Mitch decided to take hold of the conversation saying “My name is Mitch and would like to emphasise that like my friend here I will happily take care of your needs. Do you have all you need for your stay? Do you understand our laundry service? How to book the onsite gym? Or book a massage?”

Josie’s ears pricked up at this last mention “Oh yes, I have read up on the services but would appreciate some more detail about the massage, that is something I could do with especially after the day I’ve had.”

Brandon started to say “Well our spa which is attached to our Gym…” but then Mitch nudged him with his elbow.

Mitch picked up the conversation “But Brandon and I are both trained in massage therapy” Brandon nearly burst out laughing at his friend’s blatant lie but looked down the corridor in the opposite direction to hide his expression. Mitch continued “If you’d prefer, we can offer a limited service in your room if you didn’t want to travel up to the spa. All you need to do is ask.”

‘A massage actually sounds really tempting, especially if I don’t have to interact with other people’ Josie thought to herself asking “Oh that would be so nice. Are either of you free at the moment” she said while contemplating ‘Having a fit young man pamper me is actually very appealing.’

Mitch continued the conversation “We’re both free. Our shift ends in an hour and have already completed our assigned tasks. If now is convenient for you I can have Brandon here work your legs while I focus on the opposite end.” Brandon had no idea what to do and he suspected neither did his friend but both figured all they need to do is lay their hands on the lady and see how things transpired. Josie stepped back and beckoned them to enter. Mitch announced “I just grab some spare towels and some lotion from the bathroom. I usually use essential oils but don’t have any on me right now.”

His last comment surprised both of the other two, Brandon had no idea what an essential oil was and suspected neither did his friend. Stepping out of the bathroom Mitch announced as he lay the towel full length on the bed and handed Josie the biggest bath sheet “If I can get you to remove your clothing and wrap yourself in this.” He suspected that the towel would struggle to cover the lady’s chest and while Josie went into the toilet Mitch leant to his friend and whispered “Just follow my lead. I have a plan to get this Milf.”

As suspected the towel struggled but Josie had tied the top under her armpit and so saved her modesty for the moment. Mitch indicated “Most of the primary muscles are in your back and back of your legs and so would you mind lying down on your front for me. I have arranged a couple of towels to act as a pillow for you but you will need to untie the towel, are you ready for that?”

She undid the towel and cast it aside before laying down on the bed. Josie did not miss the shocked but hungry look from the young men, this was what they wanted after all. It was so not her to show herself off, she still had the lumps and bumps from bearing her two children but given the lads focus on her chest and her probably never returning to this hotel she decided to have a little fun. Mitch took some lotion started to work it into her shoulders and shoulder blades, he nodded to Brandon and he followed suit with her legs, working the lotion in using circular motions. “Mmmm, you’re good at that” Josie said approvingly.

Mitch almanbahis yeni giriş didn’t know which of them was being praised and so continued working down her back as his friend worked up her legs; all the while the lady guest was making approving whimpers and moans. What they couldn’t tell was how damp the sensations were making her pussy. In time Mitch pulled back and announced, “It’s now time for the front.” Without a moments pause Josie rolled over and lay back down. Her sheer wantonness was driving her on to exhibit her body before the boys and judging from the tenting in each boys’ trousers she didn’t disappoint.

Mitch once again started to work at her shoulders but Josie could see he couldn’t take his eyes off her magnificent breasts. Brandon repeated his actions on her legs, starting at her feet and working up, however this time, because of the way she lay back with her legs slightly parted, he had a direct view of her pussy and her visible clitoris standing proud. Josie announced “I think you deserve a tip. A very special tip.” She reached up for the zipper of Mitch’s trousers and ran her hand over the very obvious lump before pulling the zipper down. To Mitch, she addressed him with “Why don’t you free it a little, it looks awfully confined in there.” To Brandon who was stood motionless with his mouth agape she said, “Why don’t you join us up here but on the other side.” Neither guy paused in complying with her requests and as each of them knelt by her head with their cocks exposed Josie reached up and took both in her hands saying “Mmmm, now these look very nice indeed. I can see now that you will take care of my needs.”

Josie first of all leant her head towards Mitch’s crotch and took his cock into her mouth. After a half dozen dips to take him further into her mouth, she leant the opposite side and took Brandon into her mouth as well. As she pulled her mouth away Josie suggested “Why don’t you reach down and play with my breasts. I love having my nipples played with.” Having such a pliable plaything at their disposal encouraged the lads further and they followed her suggestion to the letter. The little jolts that were shooting from her nipples seemed to be routed straight to her pussy which was leaking even more than it had be inen.

At one point, when Josie was administering to Brandon’s cock, Mitch disengaged from her grip and then prised her legs apart so that he could nestle down between her outstretched legs. As soon as he raked his tongue across her splayed labia, she groaned deeply around Brandon’s cock and brought her free hand down to cradle Mitch’s head so that it didn’t move away. As the tongue lashing progressed Josie started to hump her pelvis up and down to encourage a greater surface contact from his tongue. It was when Mitch burrowed his tongue as deeply inside as he could that Josie really lost it. Brandon was still working a number on her nipple even though she had to pause from administering to his cock while she groaned her way through her first climax of the evening.

After a few brief moments of panting to get her breath back Josie turned back to Brandon to finish him off. Mitch briefly got of the bed so he could shed his clothing and then got between her legs again. This time he knelt nearer the apex and positioned the head of his cock at her splayed pussy lips. He slowly pushed forward and sunk his full length inside her triggering another approving groan from her as she reached her free hand to the back of his head and steered it down so that his mouth attached to her free nipple. If she had enjoyed their playing with her sensitive nipples, it was nothing compared to the jolts being generated when Mitch took the dark pink nub between his lips and the occasional tender nip from his teeth.

Seeing the lady jump and squirm about under his friend’s ministrations tipped Brandon over the edge and he went rigid while he ejaculated into her mouth. Josie made a series of approving moans as the salty tasting semen struck her tongue and throat. ‘God how I love having two young lads at my disposal’ she mulled in her head. Brandon leant back on his haunches and his upper torso forward so that he could attach his own mouth almanbahis giriş to Josie’s spare nipple. She cradled his head to her breast and cooed “Oh boys, you really go above and beyond, don’t you?”

Mitch looked up from her boob and smirked at her compliment. He continued to hammer away at her pussy for a good while but noticed his friends dick extending announcing he was ready for the next phase. He pulled out of her clutching pussy, much to the lady’s evident disappointment and instructed “Move over so that Brandon can lie where you were.” After they followed his instruction, he then said, “Now slide that lovely snug pussy down on him so he can try out how snug it is.”

While the other two were settling into the new dynamic Mitch got off the bed and took hold of the bottle of lotion and poured a generous amount on his cock. He climbed back up on the bed but raised on his legs he could reach slightly higher. As soon as the spongy head of his cock touched her sphincter Josie knew what was about to happen and her heart leapt in happiness. She exclaimed “Oh yes. I do love a cock up my rectum.”

Mitch had some experience of anal sex but even he was surprised how easily his length was accepted. “Something tells me this isn’t the first dick to come knocking at your back door.”

Through a series of grunts and groans Josie managed to reply, “Yes, my husband likes my back door and visits back there regularly. I’ve had a vibrator in me while he fucked my arse but never two dicks at the same time. It feels amazing.”

Mitch was just loving how tightly her rectum gripped him. Brandon was loving how snug her pussy had become once his friend had burrowed into her rear end. Josie was positively ecstatic the way the two dicks were rubbing against each other through the thin membrane, especially when they timed it that one was pulling out while the other was thrusting forward. She was enjoying so much that when Brandon clamped his lips around her nipple she had another teeth-jarring, leg shaking orgasm. The way her sphincter tightened up had a domino effect on Mitch and he gave a final thrust and animalistic growl as he emptied his balls deep inside her.

Mitch climbed off the bed and went to clean himself up in the bathroom. When he emerged, he was greeted by the sight of Josie on her hands and knees with her tits dancing and jiggling about in time to Brandon’s thrusting from the rear. The angle indicated that he had followed his friends lead and was hitting her anus. This was confirmed by the lady gasping “Oh god, you feel great in my ass.”

Mitch smirked and climbed back on the bed, this time at the top where he could lean his back against the headboard. He tugged his cock a couple of times and then guided the ladies head down so that she could once again take him deep in her mouth. The whole experience was way beyond what Josie had expected at the beginning when she started flirting. She was in a safe environment and, although the two lads were probably focused on getting their own jollies, the fact that this agenda worked so spectacularly well that she was content to just ride this particular wave for all she could.

It was the first time Brandon had experienced anal sex and the way that Josie’s back door was gripping his dick ensured that he would remember this day for years to come. The three remained in this configuration for some time until first Brandon came in her ass, shortly followed by Mitch unleashing his second load in her mouth. Josie collapsed on the bed breathing heavily, clearly wiped out and so both guys cleaned off and got dressed. Josie lazily rolled onto her side and said “I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m certain to sleep well tonight.”

Mitch smiled back and replied “We’re always here to help. If you need any further assistance during your stay just ask for either of us. We’re working this particular shift all week this week.”

Josie had a particularly smug grin as she added “Oh don’t worry, I’m going to be requesting your assistance everyday during my stay. Can I ask one favour though. I’m going to be tied up during the daytime and won’t be able to get out, plus I don’t know the area. Could I get one of you to purchase some lubricant for your next visit?”

The lads smirked at each other as this meant the lady wanted them in her back door again and so they replied in unison “Of course.” They purchased a large tube and still needed to go out and buy a second tube before the lady had to return home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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