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I’ve been at the office all day. I’m tired, and pissed off that I still have another 20 emails to read, and respond to before I can head home.

Click. Memo for tomorrows meeting. Delete.

Click. Online banking statement. ‘Nope. I definitely won’t be reading that,” I mutter out loud. Close.

Click. Email with an attached .mpeg file. Double click.

‘Hmm, what’s this?’ I wonder, as Windows Media Player lights up my screen. The pace of my breathing increases, as I watch a busty, brunette being pounded by two ‘rough around the edges’ Men.

Fuck, I love watching rough, double penetration scenes. It’s nearly as good as having a few dirty workmates that willingly share their smutty finds with me. When I first arrived at the firm, I made damn sure the guys knew to regard me as, ‘one of the boys’. I relish the fact, that whenever one of them forwards dirty emails, or links of mutual interest, my name is always first on the address list. But hell, I like to give as much as I receive; so it’s a win, win for all concerned.

Watching the pure desperation in this woman’s eyes, and hearing her breathless dirty talk, makes my pulse soar. Unconsciously, I bite down on my lower lip, as I feel my clit start to swell and tingle.

There’s no reason why I can’t give myself some much needed attention. I mean, I am all alone in the office after all.

Leaning back into the chair, my right hand gravitates towards my skirt. I relish the feeling of my skin being exposed, as I slowly drag the material up over my thighs. With my skirt pushed high, so it sits just under my arse, I can comfortably rest my hand between my legs. Slowly, but firmly, I start to stroke myself though the delicate material of my panties. I can’t help but let out a little moan as my fingers brush over my clit. Applying a little more pressure, I gradually start to work my throbbing bud through my dampening panties. My flesh feels like it’s on fire. It’s crying out to be satisfied, to be relieved from the sweet, ache that’s growing inside my pussy.

The sound of a door opening creaks behind me. Startled, I bolt upright and begin to tug my skirt down with my left hand, as my right quickly closes the WMP window. Fuck, it’s my boss! ‘You’re such an idiot,’ I scold myself internally, “You should have at least fucking checked.”

After our end of the day pleasantries, she leaves the office. I quickly forward the email to my personal address, and stand up to compose myself. With flushed cheeks, I shut down my desktop, and grab my belongings. As I leave the office I can’t help but think about how good I’ll feel when my pussy starts to spasm around my dildo.


Sliding into my car, I can’t help but feel I’ve forgotten something. But with the alarm set, everything is safe. Checking the time on the dashboard, I work out that I’ll have a round and hour to myself before Timmy gets home. I haven’t mentioned Timmy yet have I? He’s my partner, a really wonderful guy; so sweet, honest and reliable. I love him to bits, really I do. He just doesn’t satisfy my sexual needs.

Frustration sets in, as I hit gridlock on the motorway. Still horny as hell, I start to rhythmically clench and release my pussy muscles to keep that feeling alive. Finally, I reach my exit, and I ease down to 40 kilometres to take the bend. As I start to accelerate through it, my car slows down, rather than speeding up. In shocked amazement, I steer her to a silent halt at the side of the road. My eyes glance around the dash, running through my, ‘car stops for no good reason’ checklist. Finally I notice the temperature gage. It couldn’t get any higher.

“For fucks sake!” I yell, as my eyes notice the steam that’s started billowing out of the bonnet.

Grabbing my bag, I jump out of the car, slamming it shut behind me. I purposefully move over to the tyre and kick it hard. Why? I have no idea, and it doesn’t make me feel better.

Rummaging through my bag, I find my cellphone, and telling myself to clam down, I AA Roadside Assistance. While waiting for the call to be answered, my patience starts to dwindle. With no time for pussy pounding before Timmy gets home, I’m almost ill-mannered when dealing with the phone operator. When I find out, I may be waiting for up to an hour for assistance, my frustration causes my skin to grow hotter.

I start to feel drops of cool water land on my head, nose and chest. As the rain starts to fall, my tensions ease. Ignoring that nagging voice etimesgut escort inside that tells me to get back inside car and stay dry, I choose to lean against my passenger door, and wait for AA to arrive.

A car passes at reasonable speed. The driver makes a sudden stop and starts reversing back. ‘Thank God, I’m saved,’ I think as I bend down a little to see who my angel of mercy is, assuming it’s a colleague, friend, or neighbour. As you wind down the window, I realise I don’t know you at all.

“Are you alright Babe?” you ask with a look of genuine concern, “Do you need a ride home?”

‘How sweet,’ I think to myself, ‘And not half bad looking either.’ “Umm, thanks but I’m probably way out of your way.”

“Its fine. I don’t have anything better to do,” You grin, “Where are you headed anyway?”

I stand there for a second or two, contemplating my situation. I mean, if we’re heading in the same direction, I could always get Timmy to sort my car out later. Your ride would of course give me enough time to get home, and pummel my pussy silly before you know who gets home. And fuck, that’s exactly what I need at the moment.

I hesitate no longer, “Is Hillsborough on your way?”

“It sure is sweetheart,” you confirm while reaching over to push your passenger door open.

“Thank you, so much,” I reply with a widening smile, as I slide in beside you, “Who knows how long I’d be stuck here, if it wasn’t for you.”

You smile back, and raise an eyebrow as though it’s a hand, “I’m Jake.”

“Pleased to meet you Jake,” I raise a brow in return, “I’m Annabel.” I wonder just what your reaction would be, if you knew that I was accepting a stranger’s ride so I’d have time to play with sex toys before my significant other returned home.

“So then Annabel, what’s the address?” you ask while keeping your eye on the road. I tell you, while I start to straighten out my damp hair.

“I was actually going to head out that way myself, after dropping off a parcel at the airport for a mate who…”

“Well, I don’t mind you dropping it off before me Jake,” I interrupt you quickly.

“Are you sure, you’re not in a rush or anything?”

“It’s you doing me the favour here,” I remind you, “So, of course I’m sure.”

You turn to look at me, as if for more reassurance. I feel a little pang in my chest as your eyes meet mine. It’s just some impulsive need inside, letting me know I want you; regardless, it manages to steal a little breath from me.

As we head off towards the airport there is little talking between us, but the air is thick with an emerging tension.

When stopped at some lights, I notice your eyes gaze openly towards my chest. I pretend not to notice; all the while that sensation between my legs starts to grow again.

“Damn rotten luck to get caught in the rain when your car breaks down,” you state without budging your eyes.

“Yeah, I must look right mess,” I say, while flicking my hands through my hair, before smoothing them over my shirt and torso. A gentle moan escapes my mouth as my hands skim over my breasts. Looking down, I notice the outline of my breasts and erect nipples are clearly visible through my light cotton shirt. Heat flushes through my cheeks, and wrapping my arms around myself, I turn a new shade of crimson.

Your left hand reaches out to gently tug my arms away. “You’re beautiful,” you whisper in a light husky voice, your stare so intense my gut feels as though it’s just received a blow.

I relax and allow my eyes to gradually run from your eyes, down your body, until they rest on your crotch. I grin when I see you’re already hardening.

Car horns roar from behind us. You look up to notice the lights are green. As you put your foot down on the accelerator, my hand gravitates to rest on your upper thigh. I trail my fingers up to stroke you through your jeans, but to my surprise, you push my hand away. I look at you, a little taken back.

“Touch yourself for me,” you tell me, without a hint of humour, “Let me watch you.”

God, that’s all I needed to hear.

Forgetting the world outside of your car windows, I glide my hands over my chest tweaking my nipples firmly as they pass downwards. When I reach the hem of the skirt, I quickly tug the material up over my thighs.

I fully intend to take this slowly, and tease you with my gentle moans, until you’re dying to pull the car over and fuck me.

My right hand reaches the centre of sincan escort my heat though the wet material of my panties. I start to run my fingers over the tender skin between my legs. Applying a little more pressure, my fingers push though my pussy lips. A moan I wasn’t expecting escapes my lips as my fingers drag the damp material over and around my clit.

I loose myself in my own touch, complete and utter wild abandonment. Reaching for the leaver on the side of the seat, I gently lower it and myself down. I place my left foot between the dash and the passenger door, and turn my body to you slightly. Making sure you have a good view. Holding the flimsy panty material back with my left hand, I bring my right hand down with a slap on my clit. I let out a little yelp and my hips rise instinctively to the touch.

I feel your eyes on me as I start stroking and rubbing my clit in small circles. Looking up, I see your eyes move from me to the road, and back to me. Glancing out the window, I don’t know where the fuck we are, and I don’t really care.

My hips start to rise and fall to match and meet the touch of my fingers. I trail my left hand up to pinch and tease my nipples. The ache starts to overwhelm me, by body begs to be filled. Lifting myself up a little, I run my fingers around my clit one more time before sliding them down, and into my pussy. I suck in a short burst of air, as I feel the pressure of all four fingers inside me. My thumb finds my clit as my eyes find you. With my pelvis rocking back and forth against my hand, I struggle to find the words, “Jake,” I pant, my eyes pleading with yours, “Can I cum? Please can I cum?”

You reach over and grab my hand, stopping my building climax dead in its tracks. With lustrous, burning eyes, I watch you take my hand and greedily taste me, as you pull the car over.

“Get out,” you command in an almost slightly aggressive tone.

I open your car door in a haze, step out and look above to see a plane pass over. You’ve pulled over in an airport scenic outlook. There is no one else around, but it’s still light out. A cars drives past in the time it takes you to make your way around the car to me.

Pulling you in to me, my body is begging you to kiss me. You do, as your body pushes back into mine, squashing me between you, and your car. Your hands travel behind me, and you unzip my skirt. Forcefully you push it down, along with my panties. My exposed skin feels smooth against your jeans, and I moan against your mouth as I feel your bulge push against me.

I feel a hand brush lightly against my thigh, before it moves up to cup my pubic mound. This time, I stop you. I slip out from between you and the car and motion you to turn around. You lean your sturdy frame against the car and I kiss you. My hands move down, over your chest and torso until I reach the belt around your jeans. One hand works on the buckle, the other cups you; gently at first, and then with a firmer urgency.

Working your jeans and briefs down, I let out a little moan as I watch your cock spring out from the confines of your clothing. I squat down, letting my eyes take you in. Cupping your balls, I gaze up at you lustfully. With my mouth nearly watering, I start to explore and tease you. Pushing your cock back against your stomach, I lay light wet kisses along the underside of your shaft; before gently blowing over the same path. Trailing slow, wet, long licks up and down the length of your shaft, I graze my fingers over your balls.

My tongue swirls around the head of your cock before slowly taking it into my mouth. Tongue flickering against your frenulum, before gently easing myself onto your shaft.

Just as you reach to cup the back of my head in your hands, I slowly take as much of you as I can, in my mouth. You smell and taste so good. I want, no I need more of you. Slowly I start to pump your wet cock in and out of my mouth, until I impale myself on you, almost swallowing the head of your cock down my throat. I force my tongue out to lick your balls, before pulling back quickly, gasping for air. I continue this dance, until your moans turn into grunts and I feel you push back with your hips.

“Keep that up, and I’m going to cum,” you pant, helping me up to my feet.

Just as I regain my composure and steady myself on my feet, you spin me around quickly and lift me up slightly onto the side of your car. I lean back, supporting some of my weight on my elbows as you lift my legs escort etimesgut up and rest them on your shoulders. Your stare is so intense and every move you make seems so calculated. I open my mouth to speak, but you lean in and stifle my words with a kiss.

Every thing aches, every inch of my skin needs something from you, I push you away “Please take me,” my words come out in husked whisper, “Please.”

I start to wither beneath you as you continue to tease me, running the head of your cock from my pussy lips, up to my clit and back down. I try to lift myself towards you, but you pull away. I try a few more times, with growing urgency but you continue to torment and tease me.

Bucking my hips out to meet you does no good. “Fuck me!” I cry, as a tear of frustration and embarrassment at my desperation rolls down my check.

You enter me forcefully, filling me. I bite down on my lip to muffle a groan of pain. Slowly, you pull out and start to work yourself back in. Deep inside me, you lean down and plant one kiss on my tear stained cheek. We moan together as you slowly start to pump your cock in and out of my pussy, my hips meeting you with each stroke.

On the verge of coming, I beg you to take me from behind, hoping to draw out the pleasure a little while longer. You withdraw yourself from me and guide me back down to my feet, spinning me around so fast I almost loose balance. I spread my legs a little for you, and bend myself over your car. I feel your hands hovering at the neck of my shirt, and feel a tug against my body as you rip my blouse open. Your right hand grabs at my breasts as your left pulls me back onto you.

My body hits the car with each thrust you take. Your right hand plays with my right nipple, pinching and rolling it firmly between your thumb and forefinger. As I feel a build up of pressure, my own fingers find my clit. I rock against my hand each time you withdraw, and push pack on you each time you re-enter. Urgent moans start to escape my mouth, their sounds mingling with the slapping of you against me. My climax builds and as my pussy starts to convulse around you, you push three fingers inside my mouth. I feel full, and completely satisfied.

As my orgasm subsides, I realise you still haven’t cum. I turn my head to you, our eyes meet, and I whisper, “I want you to cum on me.”

“Where?” you ask breathlessly.

“On my breasts,” I tell you, pushing myself away from the car with my hands, “I want to watch you cum on my tits.”

You withdraw your cock from me, leaving me empty; but my mind is now on something else. I swat down in front of you again, bracing my arms around your hips, my hands clutching your back for balance. My mouth moves back to your cock, and I taste myself as I start to work you in and out of my mouth.

It’s not long before you start to fuck my mouth with frustration, I can’t keep up and keep pulling back for breath. Finally, you pull your cock out all together and start jerking off in front of my face. Mesmerised, I watch you grip your shaft at the base of your cock. I watch your cock throbbing in your hand, and I bite my lip in anticipation. I look up quickly, to see you looking intently at me. By the time my eyes meet your shaft again, I watch small, thick bursts of you cum shoot out onto my face, neck and tits. I use my fingers to find it on myself and urgently bring it to my mouth, dying to taste you. I draw my attention back to your cock, and give it a few more gentle caresses with my tongue, and mouth as it slowly starts to soften.


With clothes back on, and somewhat straightened, I slide back in to your car. You turn the ignition on and reverse out, indicating to turn out of the scenic bay in the direction we’d come from.

“Don’t you have a delivery to make?” I ask feeling slightly confused.

“Nope,” you reply with a sly grin, “I just made it a few minutes ago.”

Slightly amused by that, I look at the time and realise Timmy would have already beaten me home. I ring him on my cellphone and explain what happened to the car. I go on to tell him that a friend is giving me a ride home, and all the stress has given me a terrible headache. I watch you grin from ear to ear as I thank him for agreeing to call and meet AA by my car.

We arrive back at my apartment, and you sweetly offer to pick me up, and drive me home after work tomorrow. “Same time, same place?” you ask.

“Same time, this place,” I grin, slipping you my business card and pointing to the address.

As I make my way to through the walkway gate, and turn to find you watching me enter I give you a little wave, and I make a little wish that my car will be out of service for at least a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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