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__Clair was her name. She was young, beautiful, very rich with her daddy trust fund and had a very hot body.

She was sexually obsessed with my sister Mandy and I, both….

I’m John. My sister Mandy and I were just a year apart. Growing up we slowly desired each other for sex, and one night it happened. We’ve been sneak fucking ever sense. I had teased her and she teased me. The looks between us, the little quick feels, the flashing of tits and my cock, led to where we couldn’t take it any more. We knew each other to well.

One evening when mom and dad were out, she whispered to me real sexy like: (“..I’m going to take my shower now, don’t even think about coming in there and trying to peek at me naked.”) We both smiled as we knew that was an invitation. I said: “What makes you think I would want to see you naked?”
“You just ‘wish’… you could see me naked, don’t you John?”
“Mandy, I saw you naked when we were little kids. What’s changed?” I look right at her nice tits. She smiled and squeezed both her tits.
“What are you looking at, John?”

By now I had a tent in my shorts. “I need a shower too. Looks like you’ll have to wait Mandy…and don‘t try to come in there to try and see ‘me’ naked.”

She took off like a shot for the bathroom with me right behind her. She giggled as she tried to close the door. I got in and closed and locked it behind me. I smiled at her and turned out the light. Our hands found us as we giggled in the total darkness. We both started a hot feel up on each other. She whispered out of breath:
(“…I’m tell’in dad you felt my tits.”)
(“…well I’m tell’in mom you felt my cock.”)

The bathroom floor is not the most comfortable place to have your first fuck, but we just didn’t care….

Sneaking fucks after that was so hot. We got hot with the risk and taboo of it. It was way better than fucking my boyfriend.

I remember the most fun one was when John and I were upstairs faking and argument. We were really doing a very hot finger and jacking play session standing up. We hear mom say: “Knock it off you guys!” ….and then dad say: “Don’t make me come up there!” We quietly giggled as he slipped his cock in me. It was a very exciting stand up fuck as we said out of breath: “I’m sorry Mandy.”…and “ I love you John, you know that.” …to make mom and dad happy. We heard mom say: “Now kiss and make up.”…then we heard mom and dad giggled. We were kissing and ’making OUT’ as he shot a big load in me and had to hold me up as I climaxed so good.

John and I got jobs to help cater a fancy yard party for this rich lady. I had to wear a maids uniform and a tux for him. We tended to a mass of food all put out. Later there was a lull in the action, so John and I went behind a wall to make out a little. We never noticed Clair, the rich girl come out the side door. She froze and watched us a while, we found out later. John had his hand up my uniform and I had my hand down his pants. Clair then slowly walked over and caught us. She was smiling big. She looked stunning. She had on this long beautiful flowered long dress. She long dark reddish hair. It was styled by a pro, pulled back with diamond broaches both on each side. God she was beautiful.

She looked at us in silence. She looked back and forth at our faces. She got this strange look on her face. She put her hand to her chest, took a big breath and said: “You two look alike…(gasp) are you two…..a…. related?” We didn’t answer, but I smiled.

She then said: “Come with me, you two.” Oh shit, we were going to be fired…oh well.

She took us into the big fancy house and into a den, and shut the door…but she was still smiling. She sat us down and said: “Well…that was quite a show you were putting on out there… personally…I really enjoyed it…but.. of course my guests would not have. Now…how would you guys like to continue, only up in my bedroom later? It of course it ’pays well’…but….would you please, please tell me if your related, if you are, that information will never izmit escort bayan leave me.

We both paused….I looked at John, and he nodded. I said quietly: “Yes, we are brother and sister.” She took a big breath and said: “Perfect!, my daddy said maybe someday you’ll meet others who…” ..and then she stopped and just smiled big.

Shit, how could we pass this up and we said ’ok’. She said after the party to come in the side door and go upstairs and turn right to her bedroom. We all stood up and she came over and hugged us both tight. She held on and rubbed our backs. She kissed us both with a long kiss on our foreheads.

I was hot after playing with Mandy, but this ’Clair’ was fucking beautiful. Hot bod and nice tits. She was about my age and I thought, I sure would like to get into some of that.

The party ended and we went up to her big fancy bedroom. She came out of her bathroom in a hot looking gold looking night gown, with a gold robe over it, but open. I could see she had no bra on and no panties as her dark bush stood out. We sat on this big fancy bed of hers and waited. She sat on a chair and said: “Please continue all you want.” She held up a stack of $100 bills and laid them on the table next to her. Mandy and I gulped and smiled. She was paying us to make out in front of her as she watched? We could hardly believe it. This was the best deal ever.

Clair‘s excited thoughts…..

Oh my god…daddy was right, and I now had found two friends who were into ‘consensual incest’. Daddy had told me that it was a special kind of thrill.

As a teen daddy and I began to get sexual feelings for each other. We began with some hot feels of our bodies. We made each other horny and we snuck around and did feel ups on each other. Mom had a young boyfriend and daddy and both knew it. She bought him. Mom pretty much ignored daddy and I, and she spent time with her paid lover. She didn’t try much to hid the fact and they would go in her bedroom for hours at a time. I felt sorry for my daddy, and I wanted give him what mom wasn’t.

That night I tiptoed into daddy’s bedroom. He was awake, lying in bed. I came in and closed and locked the door.

I ran in and jumped on him giggling. We held each other tight and I got such good hot feelings for him. I squirmed my pussy on him and soon I felt him getting an erection. It felt so good, I rubbed it a little with my pussy. I then got under the covers and now I could feel it real good. It was warm and growing fast. Soon it stuck up between my legs. I squeezed my legs together tight.

I reached down and pulled my panties down and his pajama bottoms too. He didn’t stop me. Now I felt his bare erection between my legs. I kissed his face and let my tongue trace his lips. I felt his warm hand feeling my butt cheeks. We were both getting out of breath. I slowly turned around and held his warm cock on my face. It was so big and warm. I kissed it over and over. He started kissing between my legs. It was heavenly like no other thrill I’d ever had. My pussy tingled steady.

I had never felt this aroused in my whole life. I felt his warm tongue touching between my legs, getting ever closer to my slit. I quivered and I got this wet feeling in my pussy. I let my tongue lick around his cock. We both twitched at times as it was so tense.

I had watched porn and saw what other girls did. I put my lips over the head of his cock. He twitched a little as I was sucking my first cock. Then…I felt his tongue move over my clit. I twitched too as he felt my parted legs. He put one of his fingers slowly in my pussy as he licked me. I couldn’t help but squirm. Some wonderful feeling was happing in my pussy. I jacked him slowly at first, and I put his cock fully in my mouth. The feeling in my pussy got higher and higher.

I moved my pussy up and down as it felt good to do it. I had seen girls jack cocks in the porn videos and now it was my turn. I wanted to feel daddy’s cum squirt out, but only in my mouth. I was going for it. izmit eve gelen escort I jacked him faster as I felt the head of his cock deep in my mouth. He was making my pussy feel so good, I lost control as his tongue and fingers took over. I began to tremble as something was about to happen…..I felt my body tighten up and then …I got the best feeling of my life pass thru my body.

He jolted a little and I felt it. Hot cum came out of his cock and squirted in my mouth. It felt indescribably wonderful. We were cuming together in bliss I can’t describe. I was making my daddy happy and he was making me happy. That’s what we both wanted…….

Well, that was the situation is was in. This was all wildly new to Mandy and I. Needless to say we were both fully charged up with excitement. We were about to, for the first time, have someone watch us make out and have sex. Without talking we both wanted to give Clair the show she would get off on. We both took glances at Clair. She was slightly smiling and anticipating what we were going to do. As Mandy and I began kissing and a hot feel up on each other, we slowly began to remove our clothes.

I glanced at Clair as she began to part her legs. She put one hand over her pussy. Her fingers began to move a little over it. Just a little tracing of her slit. Mandy and slowly poured the passion on as we got ourselves hot. We just let the clothes drop to the floor and I unhooked her bra. I felt her nice full tits and played with her nipples as we began to tongue kiss. Clair’s legs parted further. Mandy was panting for breath as she stroked my cock slowly. We lay down on the bed and went down on her, Kissing and licking all the way.

She was really hot and squirmed a lot. I lifted her hot legs up and began to eat her sweet pussy. Clair parted her night gown now and was playing with her bare reddish pubic hair. Mandy began to moan softly as I knew just how to lick her clit. Clair now stood up. She walked over next to the bed to watch closer. She had two fingers in her pussy now with her other hand rubbing her clit.

Watching Clair a little was making Mandy and I extremely turned on. Mandy’s hand were squeezing her own tits and the sheets beside her. She was going to orgasm, I knew her so well. I put two fingers in her wet pussy and reached for her G spot. She began to tremble as I massaged it. She couldn’t hold back and she raised her pussy up, shook, and moaned long as she had an orgasm.

Clair watched wide eyed and took a big breath. She never seen anything like this, and especially a guy making a girl orgasm this way. I saw her knees buckle as she did the same to herself and now she too had and orgasm. She had to sit on the bed to gather herself. I started back up on Mandy’s hot body as she moaned. I said: “We’d better get going Mandy, we have to…..”

I never got another word out as Mandy’s tongue went in my mouth. Her one arm held me tight as her other hand grabbed my cock an shoved it in her pussy. She was very hot underneath me. Her legs locked around mine and she started fucking me steady and deep.

Clair panted for breath as she watch and felt her own pussy and tits. The feeling of my balls banging on Mandy’s pussy made them pull up an here it was. I was going to explode cum in Mandy.

I felt a warm hand being placed on my butt cheek.

I shot a mega load in Mandy as Clair’s hand intensified it. I couldn’t control my moan as I kept shooting big shots of cum in Mandy. Mandy squirmed and fucked with me hard. She just kept on trembling as we went into bliss together. Clair’s hand squeezed my butt cheek, over and over. The bed was soaked as Mandy had squirted and didn’t even realize it. I felt it as all the juices flooded us. I collapsed on Mandy.

Clair massaged my butt cheeks slowly.

We got a call for another ’cater’ job mom told us. She wrote down the time, it was a night job. Mom said the lady’s name was….’Clair’.

Mandy and I talk privately upstairs about izmit otele gelen escort how mega exciting that was. We felt each other as we talked. I told Mandy I bet Clair wants to join with us in a 3some, and asked how she felt about that. “Silly question” she said. “I’ve never been with a girl before, but I would love to play sex with a hot girl like Clair.” We had to play down how much money we got, and didn’t buy anything big, but I was already looking at hot cars I wanted and Mandy a hot new computer she wanted.

We arrived at Clair’s side door the night she requested us and went in. She was waiting for us…completely naked. The house was semi – dark as she hugged us and felt us up real good. Of course we felt her beautiful body, tits and pussy. Mandy had never done this to a woman and she got all excited. Clair felt her too as I let them get use to it as I felt them both.

This was so hot as Clair whispered: (“I’ve never been with a woman before.”) Mandy said: (“Me neither.”) I watched them both get all aroused and then Clair led us up stairs. Clair ask if she could undress us both.

I was first as she cause me to get real hard. She took her time and kissed my body during the whole undressing. She then got on her knees and gave my hard cock a gentle sucking. Mandy watched and rubbed her pussy. I wanted to fuck Clair real bad. She then sat me in the chair as I just watched Clair and Mandy.

Clair started in undressing Mandy. They both felt each other the whole time.

I watched them lay on the bed, still feeling each other. They whispered a little and then the body kissing began. This was cool to watch first timers slowly go at it. Their little moans were hot. I sat naked with a hard cock, enjoying it all.

I don’t know who was more excited, Clair or Mandy. They moaned, kissed and got themselves more aroused. They went pussy to pussy and rubbed their pussy’s together. Finally Clair moved down and started kissing all around Mandy’s pussy. Mandy softly moaned, squirmed and played with Clair’s long hair.

Now was Clair’s big one…to lick Mandy’s pussy, the first girls pussy she‘d ever licked. She open Mandy’s legs out wide. She took her time and gently kissed, then licked her first pussy. They both softly moaned. I watched her enjoy herself and Mandy squirm with delight…then Clair reached out for me. I came over and she pulled my head down to join her in eating Mandy’s pussy.

This was a first for all of us. I joined Clair in eating Mandy’s pussy. Now we all got very hot and Clair and I were on our knees. I reached over and finally got to feel Clair’s big tits. She reached over and jacked my cock. Mandy and I pre-arranged that if I could fuck Clair, to go for it, she would wait and go second.

It was beautiful as Clair and I shared Mandy’s pussy and then let our tongues go for each other. We were soon tongue kissing and scooting our bodies together. I was in some kind of heaven. My cock went between Clair’s legs to feel her wet pussy. Mandy got up and began to feel both of us. We all triple kissed as I rolled on top of Clair. I felt Mandy’s hand on my cock teasing the head on Clair’s pussy.

Clair opened her legs wide and Mandy worked my cock into Clair’s wet pussy. Mandy began to lick between my legs as I started in fucking Clair. Clair was hyper ventilating with excitement. Mandy licked us as we started to fuck hard and fast. Clair began to gasp and moan, gasp and moan repeatedly as Mandy licked my balls and ass. I felt like I was fucking every beautiful girl I had ever dreamed of.

Clair’s pussy felt tight and perfect. Mandy and I had her squirming and panting as Clair held on to me tight. Clair made wonderful erotic and sensuous sounds. Her hips bounced with my thrusts as she was about to climax. Right then…Mandy put her finger in Clair’s back hole. Clair climaxed real hard as I shot a mega multi loads in her hot pussy. Mandy’s hands were all over our jumping, moaning bodies.

I think Clair empted my balls of all the cum I had. I kept cuming but I seemed to be out. Clair and I both had fingered Mandy until she climaxed hard and lay shaking beside us. We all just twitched and moaned…..

Clair is still ‘renting us’, with no end in sight…..

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