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College Student

Her eyes flicked from person to person as the crowd trickled in through the revolving doors that separated the terminals from baggage claim, looking for his. Brooke bit her lip nervously and cracked her knuckles, unsure of what to do with her hands while she waited. Then, as a family of four stepped to the left, she locked eyes with him, her soft brown to his ice blue and her stomach fluttered. He was finally here, and she briefly thought back to when this all first started.

Their 20-year reunion invite came via Facebook, mailed invitations clearly too passé for the class of 1999. The response was lukewarm on the event page — most people having kept in contact via, well, Facebook. But more than two-thirds of the small class — just over 100 graduates — still RSVPed. Corey, who lived out of state, had posted “Where can I crash?” Brooke liked the post, and a few minutes later, he sent her a private message: “hey, how’ve you been?” It had been less than 20 years since they’d spoken, but still quite a while. They dated briefly in college, but the relationship fizzled when Brooke transferred to an out of state university with a better business program. In the interim, she graduated, Corey did not; he married, had kids, and divorced, and she did not.

Quickly, their messages became flirtatious, then suggestive, though Brooke, now in a serious relationship, teetering on becoming engaged, feeling the tick-tock of the biological clock, remained reserved. Still, she couldn’t deny the thrill of excitement she felt when she checked her phone and found a message from him.

As the reunion approached, Brooke had agreed to pick Corey up from the airport and take him to a hotel near the reunion venue. Now, at the airport, she lifted a hand to wave, smiling anxiously, as he walked toward her, stopping half a step away from her and pausing before pulling her into an embrace. The hug was less friendly, decidedly intimate. Corey tucked his face into her neck and she felt the graze of his lips just under her jaw line. Her stomach fluttered again and her breath caught in her throat. She tried to focus her thoughts on her now-fiancé — they had gotten engaged the previous month — and found the thoughts flitting away like leaves caught in a gust of wind.

Corey pulled away from the embrace and sexual energy crackled between them. Brooke laughed self-consciously and asked the usual questions one asks a traveler as they waited for his bags. He never took his eyes from her, even as he reached for his bag from the carousel, and they exited the airport. She chattered about her own day, random bits of gossip and nonsense that zipped through her mind and out of her mouth. Stop talking, fool, Brooke commanded herself as they reached the car, and she took a deep breath, exhaling another laugh.

She turned to look at him and meet the depths of those Caribbean blue eyes. Corey had a soft smile on his lips and without hesitating, pushed her back up against the car door and kissed her. Brooke’s hands immediately went to his chest to resist him, but upon feeling the firmness of his pec muscles, she felt a rush of desire and melted into him, eagerly kissing him back, parting her lips to allow his tongue to find its way to hers. Corey’s grip tightened around her waist, pulling her hips toward his firmly, and she felt the heat between them spread down her body and begin to emanate from between her legs. After a few moments, they parted and she began, “Corey, I…” he stepped back and grinned boyishly at her, holding his hands up in mock resignation. “Sorry, sorry…just couldn’t help myself. Won’t happen again.”

The hotel was only a few minutes away from the airport, to her relief. Her legs had the jelly like feeling that comes after an adrenaline rush drains away and more than once she hit the brakes too hard and gunned the engine a bit too much. When he laughed at her skittishness, Brooke smiled coyly and admitted, “I kinda feel like a teenager around you. Just like old times, huh?”

She reminded herself of her plan: just drop him off at the hotel. Don’t get out of the car. You’ll do something stupid. However, when they pulled into the hotel parking lot, she parked in a spot and turned the car off, as if knowing all along the pretense of dropping him off was just that. Still, they lingered in the silent car for a few moments before he spoke. “Wanna come up for a bit? No funny business, I promise.” Corey held his hands out as if to show that he had no weapons, no intentions, hidden in them. Brooke hesitated before agreeing and reiterated, “No funny business.”

As Corey checked in, she looked around nervously, though doubtful she would bump into anyone who would recognize her. It was hard to separate how much of what she was feeling was anxiety about being found out and anticipation of what was to come. In both high school and college, they had fooled around a bit, but had never had sex, something they’d talked about at length in their messages the last escort sincan few months. “What was wrong with us?” Brooke had joked. “The ignorance of the young,” he’d replied. “We probably always thought there would be another opportunity.” Is this it?, she wondered. No, she told herself firmly, we’re just keeping up the flirting game, that’s all.

Once in the room, she kicked off her shoes and perched at the edge of the bed, while Corey settled in a bit, unpacking and exchanging quips about former classmates. Suddenly she was gripped with indecision, realizing the precarious situation she was in, and she stood up quickly. What am I doing, Brooke thought, I’m 38, recently engaged, wanting to start a family…if I fuck things up with my fiancé, who knows how long it might take to find someone else and start over?

Corey paused over his open suitcase, sizing up her sudden movement. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t think I can do this. I’ve had so much fun catching up with you and flirting but…I think I should go.”

“Why?” he asked, staring intently into her eyes, “I told you…nothing to worry about. Nothing you don’t…want.” His deep voice rose at that last word, less of a statement, more of a question.

Brooke was in no position to make a reasonable assessment of her wants. Her body felt as if it had been plugged into a light socket. Seeing Corey again, being in his presence, smelling his masculine scent in the close proximity of her car all brought back memories of who she used to be, so young and carefree, with all the time in the world to make mistakes. Not to mention, since they’d been talking, Brooke had felt a resurgence of her prior affection for him. Knowing they were in two very different places in their lives, geographically and metaphorically, made flirting with him feel safe but exciting. But now, in his presence, in his room, she felt confused.

He took a step toward her, letting his eyes run up and down her body. Brooke was short and petite, with an hourglass figure. She had soft, dark brown hair that fell to her mid back in loose waves. As an unmarried, childless, and an ambitious executive, she took great care to maintain her body. She biked with a cycle group four times a week and met with a personal trainer for strength training twice, keeping her thick legs and round bubble butt strong and muscular. The tops of her round, firm breasts peeked out of her scoop neck sweater, and her curvaceous hips were hugged by black leggings.

She appraised Corey as well — medium height, dark blond hair cut close, with a slightly receding hairline and widow’s peak. Tanned skin — likely from working on an oil rig for the last 10 years — made his icy blue eyes stand out all the more. His body was lean and hard from the labor, but his hands still looked soft and well cared for. He reached up with one and caressed her face. Brooke closed her eyes and leaned into his touch and sighed from the well of rising heat it brought.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to…I could just eat your pussy…you wouldn’t have to do anything back.”

Her eyes snapped open, equal parts shocked and thrilled by what Corey had just said. He smiled deviously at her, and her lips parted but she couldn’t speak.

“Is that a yes?” He pushed Brooke gently toward the bed, his hands falling to her hips. “I just want a little taste…and if you hate it, I’ll stop, promise.” She tittered at that, knowing she wouldn’t hate it, not by a long shot. Still, she resisted being pushed on to the bed, as his thumbs moved under her sweater, grazing her skin and finding the edge of her leggings, beginning to slowly tug at them. Her mind was spinning and her resistance was wearing down rapidly. She did want this…she’d wanted it from the moment they started talking again, she just wouldn’t admit it to herself. At the same time, all logic told her to stop.

As Corey began to pull her leggings down, the tug of war between her mind and her aching body abruptly ended and she laid back, simultaneously allowing him to remove the leggings while she pulled off her sweater. Her body was on fire with an electric pulsing and she needed to be free of all those confining clothes.

Pulling the leggings from her ankles, Corey paused to consider her nearly naked body, now clad only in a black lacy bra and matching thong.

“Jesus, woman…you’re like a fine wine.” Brooke tipped her head back to laugh and he was on her in a second, kissing her throat, running one hand down her breast, her stomach, and grazing the inside of her thigh briefly before gripping her leg just above the knee to spread her legs. At that, her body arched back further, and she could feel how hard he was already as his pelvis pressed into hers. Her heart, which had been pounding since before arriving at the airport was now jackhammering in her chest.

His hands felt like they were everywhere at once on her…but in none of the places she wanted them to be. He ankara escort paused briefly to prop up on his elbows and unhook her bra, giving her a moment to catch her breath before her tits popped free. He cupped her left breast, drawing a circle around her little pink nipple with his thumb. Satisfied when the nipple hardened under his touch, he leaned down to tongue and then nibble it. She cried out with pleasure and sensed what felt like a river unleash between her legs. The sound of her cry seemed to give him more confidence and assurance.

In one movement, he pulled her panties down and pulled her ankles to bring her hips to the edge of the bed. The look her gave her just before dipping his head down told her just how long he’d been fantasizing about this moment. Breaking eye contact with her, his gaze filtered down her body, from her breasts, down past her small, soft belly to the trim, nearly shaved mound.

He didn’t give her what she wanted immediately though. He kissed and licked the innermost fold of her leg, and the heat of his face and breath so close to that spot made her clit throb almost painfully. He moved to the other fold of her leg, causing her to moan with anticipation. He used his bottom lip to separate her labia and brought the puffy left lip between his teeth, nibbling gently, but not too gently. She tried to keep her hips from lifting to seek his mouth, but they had taken on a life of their own.

Brooke gripped the bedcover beneath her and arched up even further. Her movements began to take on a frenetic pace which she could tell excited him further and he pushed his tongue into her rapidly. She cried out with satisfaction and longing for more. As Corey’s tongue slid in and out, up and down, she could feel the intense pressure in her building to an unsustainable level. As much as she craved the feeling of his mouth devouring her pussy, she had to cum. He gripped her ass with both hands, pulling her up to him forcefully, as she screamed in pleasure, the orgasm surging from deep in the center of her to the tips of her fingers.

Brooke collapsed backward, spent, but already feeling the bubbling desire for more well up in her. Corey tugged his shirt off, discreetly wiping off the juices that covered his face and chin, and slid on the bed next her, searching for her eyes.

“You hated it,” Corey declared. Still gasping for air, Brooke looked at him and laughed. “How could you tell?” she teased. “Ugh,” she exclaimed, covering her face. “It was awful. Please, please don’t do it again…and again…and again.” She flung her arms over her head and smiled coquettishly at him, fluttering her eyelashes. Corey grinned and rolled on top her, nudging her chin up to kiss her neck and throat. She lay weakly underneath him, too spent to resist, too excited to want to try.

“I promise I’ll never do it again later tonight,” he whispered huskily into her ear before licking the lobe and causing her to tense up and cry out, laughing from the ticklish tease. “Mmm,” Corey hummed into her ear, kissing it as his hands roamed over her breasts and waist. The heat of his torso against hers felt soothing against the previously unnoticed cold air of the room. Brooke’s muscles tensed everywhere his fingers alit, reminding her of those clear globes at the science museums that shoot out a pink and blue electrical current when touched.

I should leave, she thought. Better to not let anything more happen. But as the thought crossed her mind, she shivered in the cool air of the room, and Corey reached over to pull the bedspread around them, rolling her on top of him as he did so, cocooning them together. Unable to move anything but their heads, they continued to kiss, and she became increasingly aware of his stiff cock pressed between them.

Without allowing herself to think anymore, Brooke loosened herself from the bedspread and wiggled downward, moving slowly once the tip of his dick reached the bottom of her breasts, so she could squeeze his dick between them. Corey watched as he parted her tits, and the head of his penis inched closer to her mouth. She didn’t immediately drop her mouth though, instead, she continued to slide his dick between her breasts, giving him just a quick titty-fuck. His eyes and head rolled back in pleasure.

She slid her tongue out slowly to greet the surging tip and enjoyed the soft moan he let out as she delicately licked the drop of moisture that had begun to bead out of the head. Corey shuddered when Brooke closed her lips over the soft but firm tip, working her tongue over it slowly and sucking gently. Her right hand wrapped around the bottom of his shaft, stroking him, and the left cupped his balls, rolling them with her thumb.

Corey leaned up momentarily to get a good look. “God, your mouth looks beautiful around my cock.” At that, she stroked more firmly, but lowered her hand to allow more of his cock into her mouth. He was breathing heavily, and his entire body was rock hard with tension. etimesgut escort bayan Brooke began to pump him into her mouth one inch at a time, opening her jaw further, and releasing her hand to allow for the full length of his considerable dick inside her mouth, pushing at the back of her throat. She could feel him pulsating, barely able to hold back his cum. Corey’s hands grasped at her shoulders, urging her to keep driving his dick further into mouth. Just as he was about to explode, she suddenly released him, and he cried out in protest.

“Not yet,” she said, grinning mischievously. “I want to make this last a little longer.” His head rolled back in frustration, but relaxed as she sucked his right testicle into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue and teasing the sensitive skin with the edge of her teeth. He jerked involuntarily with each tug she gave him, eventually moving to the left testicle and performing the same routine.

Without warning, Brooke rose up and inhaled his dick back in her mouth as far as she could, stroking with her tongue and sucking him in forcefully. A cry of surprise burst from Corey as he came hard, his cum shooting down her throat. She continued to suck as much out of him as possible as she slowly moved her way up his shaft, compressing her lips at every centimeter to draw the process out slowly. When Brooke finally released him, his body seemed to collapse, even as his chest heaved.

She slid up next to him, tucking herself under his arm and pulling the bedspread back up around them. “What did you just do to me?” Corey finally murmured, kissing her forehead, and pulling her even closer to him. “Would you also never do that to me again later?” She laughed in response, and they lay quietly for several minutes, savoring the moment.

Eventually, as their adrenaline dissipated and their heartbeats returned to normal, Brooke sat up and began to untangle herself from the bed. “Where are you going?” he asked, propping up on his elbow to watch her naked figure collect her cast off clothing.

“I need to get home. We both need to get ready for the reunion tonight and I’ll probably take longer. Hair, makeup, you know.” She flashed a sheepish smile at him as she slid her panties back on and did a little pose for him.

“I think you look perfect just like this,” he said. “Why not show up in that?”

“Umm, I think Principal Murphy’s head would finally actually explode,” she joked, referring to their chronically embarrassed looking high school principal.

“I’d completely forgotten about that guy,” Corey said, laughing. “It would probably be the thrill of his life.”

As Brooke picked her bra up, Corey rose from the bed and came over to her, circling his arms around her waist to stop her from putting on any more clothes. He nuzzled his chin to her neck and whispered, “The problem is…I don’t think we’re done yet.”

“Hmm…how do you figure that?”

“Well all this time we’ve been chatting, we talked about how we never had sex…we still haven’t. This is our chance,” he suggested in a tone that indicated he wasn’t really asking.

Turning around to face him, Brooke put up resistance. “You weren’t satisfied with that?” she pouted, making a mock sad face at him.

“Oh, that was satisfying, but I want something more. I’ve waited way more than 20 years to feel you from the inside and I’m not about to let you slip away without taking at least one good fucking.”

With that, Corey spun her around and pushed her back down on the bed, not pausing to pull her panties off, but ripping them off instead. Brooke gasped as he plunged his fingers into her still wet pussy. She writhed beneath him, realizing how desperate she was to feel his big, hard cock throbbing inside her, how long she had waited and secretly fantasized about him thrusting in and out of her, bringing her to orgasm again and again.

His thumb massaged her clit as his fingers pumped in and out. She sat up quickly and grabbed his hand, bringing his wet fingers to her mouth and sucking her own warm juices off of them, staring deep into his eyes as his breathing deepened. When she had licked his fingers clean, she pushed him down on the bed and straddled him, grasping his cock in one hand.

“I have to warn you,” she whispered. “I’m incredibly tight, so try not to cum too quickly. That is, if you can even fit.”

“Oh…it’s gonna fit,” he said, pushing his hips up to her and trying to pull her hand away, eager to get inside her hot, wet pussy. Sure enough, it was a squeeze tight enough to make him gasp, and Corey had to thrust several times before her pink pussy lips wrapped around the base of his shaft.

Brooke pressed her hands into his chest as she bore down, riding him hard. He gripped her hips and ass, driving her down again and again. It briefly occurred to Brooke that the people in the next room over were hearing quite the show, but she didn’t really care. She could feel the heat building in her, a tightness that threatened to burst, deep in her stomach. Unable to stand it, Brooke let the orgasm roll through her like a crescendo. She raked her fingernails through his hair and down his chest before collapsing on top of him.

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