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I’ve been looking forward to this event for a long time. It was another reunion party for a group of people that used to work together. I always look forward to these parties, as it gives me a chance to get out and see some people that I have not seen in a long time. The drinking is good, the music is usually good, and the company is good. I always like to make a good impression, so tonight, I choose a short skirt that flares, a tight low cut top, and high heels. I planned on having fun tonight!

I get there early, the only one there so far. I grab a drink and start watching the door, hoping more people will show up so I’m not alone. My mind starts wandering and I start thinking of all the fun I used to have with this group of people. I remember the food fights, the Halloween pranks we pulled, the over 40 birthday stunts, the Christmas buffets, the false fire alarms when someone pulled the switch or crashed into a propane heater. I also remembered the last time we got together at this same bar. The party ended late (we actually closed the bar) and we had plenty to drink. I invited one guy over to spend the night at my apartment as he had a long drive home. He accepted my offer.

There we were, at my apartment. I opened the sofa bed for him and gave him the tour of the place in case he had to get up during the night for anything. He thanked me kindly and off to bed I went. I was there, naked in my bed, thinking of this man in my living room. I had been drinking, he had been drinking, I knew where my mind was, and was not sure where his was. I was thinking about his body being pressed against mine. I was thinking of his warm breath on my skin. I was tingly all over.

Just as my mind wandered about that evening, and what would have happened if things happened just a little differently, my nipples began to harden, and my thighs became damp. I shifted in my bar stool when out of the corner of my eye, I saw that same man walk in. It seemed funny how he should be the first one to arrive. He walked over to where I was sitting, removed his jacket, and asked me if I wanted a refill. I looked into his eyes, smiled at him and accepted his offer. I watched him walk to the bar and wondered what our relationship would be today if things did happen differently back then. When he returned, our eyes locked for a moment. At that moment, my breathing stopped, my pulse raced, and my eyes widened. That was when our second guest showed up and broke our eye contact.

That basically set the tone for the evening. sincan escort My body was alert, my mind was racing, and I was drinking. More guests showed up and added to the festivities. It was such a great night with lots of laughing, lots of memories, lots of drinking, and joy.

The party ended. People had filtered out one by one. I was the last to go, as usual and met up with my dream man in the parking lot. I offered again for him to sleep at my apartment. Looking into my eyes, and reading my intentions, he accepted. There we were, back on the same road as before, closing in on my apartment, only this time we were both riding in the same car. I wanted to be sure my intentions were clear this time, so I grabbed his hand and started running my fingertips over his palm. He looked at me and saw me staring at him. His look of acceptance encouraged me. I reached over to his zipper and released his already solid cock from its confines. The skin was soft and smooth, but the muscle was rigid and solid. I had a feeling it was going to be a great night.

After my touch inspection, I decided I’d inspect it with my tongue. I wanted to get a feel for it ahead of time. It was nice and warm. I noticed then that his breathing had changed. I think he is enjoying the feeling of my mouth covering his manhood. I give him a lick up the bottom and hear him gasp. Thinking I want to arrive at the apartment in one piece, I decided to put my new toy away, for the time being. We are almost there anyway.

As I lead him into the front door, he grabbed my arm and pulled me close. He held me tight as he plunged his mouth onto mine. I felt his tongue deep in my throat. His hands moved to my breasts and he started to tease my nipples. I started walking backwards, leading him into the room, moving as one unit. Once inside the living room, he started to lift my short skirt in search of my moist patch. Once he reached my pussy, he found that I had no underwear on and that I was already wet. With that, he started to pull off my skirt and top. I was also removing his clothing. We were both on fire and too hot to stop or think about consequences.

Moments later, we were both naked. I was on my back and his body was covering mine. His rock hard cock plunged into my hot and already wet pussy. He seemed so large and powerful as his tool pounded into me. I could feel my climax on the rise. My hands were on his ass, pulling him into me harder and faster, not wanting him to stop. My back arched searching for greater ankara escort depth. My breathing was erratic, my heartbeat racing. My mind was in a whirl. The sounds of his moaning with each thrust is what put me over the edge. I could tell he was close to spurting his load and I was ready to receive it. With a final scream erupting from my throat, my climax bursts, like in waves. His came too, with his final thrust, his face red and breathing halted, he emptied his vein. We collapsed, struggling to regain strength, our breath, and maintain our heartbeat.

It didn’t take long to get those stirrings again. His body was laying next to mine, glistening with sweat. His breathing was restored. I wanted more. He must have read my mind or had the same thoughts, because all of a sudden, I felt him lightly touching my nipples. I open my eyes and saw him staring down at my body. His hand slowly moved toward my bald pussy and I arched my back again. He was torturing me with his light and slow touch. As his fingers spread my lips apart and reached inside my hole, his mouth covered my nipples. I wanted to be consumed. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me again, but he was not done with me yet. He slowly lowered himself between my thighs. His tongue took the same path his fingers did and found my hole. Oh GOD! I love to feel the feather light pressure of tongue, the soft licking of my lips, the vise like grip on my ass as his face is buried in my thighs. I was going over the edge. He munched on my flesh, licked away my juices, and fucked me with his tongue. I couldn’t breathe! I didn’t want him to stop. It felt so good. That was when he did stop. It wanted it to last. He told me to get on my knees, so of course, I did! Just when I was ready to feel his tongue again, it was his cock that surprised me.

“Yes!” I shouted! OH, that feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop!” With that, he slapped the side of my ass and plunged in harder, riding me like a wild horse. It was great! Then, to my next surprise, I felt his finger on the edge of my ass hole. He was going to finger fuck my ass as he slammed my pussy. I felt his finger go in, just past that muscle to his 2nd knuckle. He was slow and gentle with his finger while my muscle accommodated him, never missing a beat with his cock. When he felt my muscle relax, he pushed his finger all the way in. He was fucking my ass and my pussy both hard and fast now. All I could do was take it all in, willing him not to stop. What a rhythm! What a sensation!

“Yes! Fuck etimegut escort me like that, harder, please, slam that cock into me, rock me baby, fuck me!!!” I couldn’t stop chanting my encouragement. Imagine my disappointment when he pulled out of my ass and pussy at the same time. I whimpered a protest, for I certainly wanted more. That was when his dick entered my ass and he was fucking me hard again. Damn, that felt good! Oh, to have another dick in my other hole at the same time. True double penetration was still a dream of mine. He rocked me hard and fast, pinching my nipples at the same time. I reached down and began to rub my clit as his tool was drilling my ass. He was close, he was going to cum again. So I backed off. He held me back once, now it was my turn, and he whimpered.

I threw him on his back and straddled him. It was my turn to give him some of the pleasure he gave me. I grabbed an ice cube and rubbed it on his dick. I dried it off with the blanket, then grabbed the hot motion lotion. I poured some on his dick and started to lick him, just like I did in the car. I rubbed him with my hand, and sucked on him hard. The friction of my hand, the warm breath from my mouth, my tongue licking his shaft all added to the magic of the lotion. His dick was hot, he was hard, and he was loving every lick and stroke my mouth gave him.

I started to lick his balls while stroking his dick. He was close to going over the edge again. He loved it, and I loved giving it to him. I happened to look out the window and saw my neighbor watching us. He was stroking his meat to the same rhythm as my mouth was sucking. This encouraged me. I watched him watching us and I wanted to put on a show. I stopped sucking and straddled his thighs, sitting on top of his cock. He was deep inside of me again. I leaned over him as I rode him, my nipples reaching his mouth as my hips bounced him. I still wanted more. I think he did too, because that was when he told me he had to take over, had to take control. He rolled me over again and threw his leg over my waist.

This was the 69 position. He was licking me again (sending me over the edge) and I was sucking on him again. We were both in ecstasy. Then I felt something different. I had his cock in my mouth, his tongue on my clit, and I still felt something more, something bigger than his tongue or finger. It was my neighbors cock. Now I had a cock in my mouth, a tongue on my clit and a dick in my pussy. My head was spinning. It couldn’t get any better than this! To have a tongue on my clit and have my pussy plummeted was beyond belief.

Every nerve in my body was on edge. After only a few strokes, I came, and I came hard. That didn’t stop them though. They were not done with me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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