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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


In this final part of the adventures of the Hasler Inc. personnel we find the entire company on the last day of the opening weekend at it’s island resort called Paradise. Pete Hasler, the general director of Hasler Inc. had bought the place privately for the use of his entire company. All employees including invitees had gathered this first weekend, unknowing the exact nature of the outing, except for the personnel at the resort itself. On the island clothes are not allowed, so everyone was suddenly confronted with each other’s complete nudity. The last day of the weekend happened to be Pete’s fiftieth birthday. Sealing the kinkiness of the enterprise, Pete had concocted an anal party for this fete, including a BDSB-game and a wicked present for himself to conclude the day.

If you haven’t read the first two episodes, I recommend you do so before digging into this final chapter. I wish you a happy reading, and welcome your votes and comments.


As most women grasped the attention of us men during at least part of the night, almost everyone slept in well into the morning. Breakfast changed into brunch at noon. As all had regained some of their strength, activities started again around two o’clock.

“Today we celebrate my fiftieth birthday!” Pete announced. “We didn’t mention this beforehand, so you didn’t bring any speeches, flowers or presents. It’s my great fortune that you are all here with us now to join in the festivities. The only gift I desire is your participation, just your uninhibited partaking in the devious activities I have devised.

“If you feel not being able to participate in some of the action, just don’t participate. Although the Rules of Paradise state that ‘denying sexual favors is considered an obstruction of rules’, this does not apply to the sexual antics which will result directly from participating in the games. Obviously I do hope everyone will join in the games, and do honor the seventh rule. So bear in mind that your readiness will gratefully be accepted as your special gift to me.

“Well, to get things started we will begin with a little competition. Everyone can partake, men and women alike, our couples as well as all the flirtatious young single girls. Even our angels, the personnel here on our island, will join in. Only a few have been selected beforehand. They are privy to what will take place, and will lend a hand in assistance where needed.

“This afternoon our sexual indulgences will be concerning your backdoors, so … it’s anal time!”

This time the chattering noise came mainly from the young nymphettes. Megan Moffet, the girl who was the center of the impregnation party last night, turned slightly red in the face. No wonder after what she had mentioned Friday about her being really tight at the other side. But more youngsters apparently got a tight knotty feeling in their bellies thinking about their dark passage. More flushing and hushed chatter went around. My girl Nathalie was quiet the opposite, as she likes her anal bouts once in a while as a diversion.

“We will not get dirty right from the start,” Pete went on. “First we will have a little contest, in which we’ll do some cleaning. There’s time to loosen up a little, and get prepared by flushing out any unwanted disturbances.”

“If you all follow me to our washing facilities in the main building, please,” Angie followed. “We have a large playroom and a cleansing room adjacent to it with all requisites for a good cleaning job. There we will instruct you about our contest.”

So all followed Angie and Pete as they marched us off to the main building. Through the lobby we entered a large room which mostly resembled an oversized wrestling arena. The complete floor and walls were padded. Benches where placed along the walls. We all had to sit down somewhere.

“Through those doors in the far wall,” Angie pointed her stretched arm in the opposite direction as we had come from, “you will find the washing facilities. It’s mainly a large shower room with plenty of showers and bidets. There’s also a row of what we call the squirting cubicles. They are showers very like ordinary showers, but these cubicles are equipped with special water hoses as well. Every cubicle has a series of hoses, each with a special showerhead for anal or vaginal use. The rod-shaped heads come in various sizes.

“Before we come to our contest there is some cleaning up to do! Four of our angels will minister you all a glycerin-water mixture enema first. If you get on all fours, they will insert an amount between half and one pint using a glass syringe. The concoction has to be kept inside for at least 20 minutes to do its job. To help you through this soaking time you will be sealed immediately after the insertion with a butt plug. We have different sizes, so there is a proper fitting one for all. We do have very small ones for those of you who have never experienced any anal insertion, and are still really tight back there.

“After free spin twenty to thirty minutes you may go through the doors and remove the plug. Use a squirting cubicle to empty your bowels. When rinsed out completely you can come back through the door here and get on all fours again. The contest begins as you will be filled again with an enema. This time a pure glycerin enema will be inserted of approx. 200cc. But now there is no plug to help you avoiding any leakage.

“Every thirty minutes another enema will be added. Your scores will be logged, so we keep track of every administered enema. The trick is to get as many shots as possible without losing a drop. As soon as you leak some of it, you’re out of the game. Your time and number of enema’s will be logged and you may go to the clean room for a proper wash-out and a nice hot shower.”

So after we were given our first enema we all fled through the door as the allotted twenty minutes were passed. It felt kinda whacky being on all fours and feeling how another male held my buttocks apart with one hand and inserting the nozzle of the syringe into my anus with his other. The nozzle was well lubricated, but even so it was weird being penetrated with it, and even more being stuffed up with the filler. Especially since I had never ever experienced anything like this, I didn’t feel very comfortable. Apart from this feeling I had to admit being filled wasn’t that bad after all. But then a butt plug was pushed up my backdoor, another new experience for me. Strangely I knew right away this was something I could get used to, but at the same time it felt oddish.

My anus up until this moment was only used to throw out things, not the other way round. Now it became the orifice for intakes as well. My bowels being filled from the wrong side, it was weird. Being sealed off with the plug was good, because I did not have to worry about losing anything at the wrong time.

With 60 plus persons and four angels dispensing the enema’s it took some twenty minutes before everyone received their first shot. As the last person, one of the younger females, was fixed with her dose the first few were ready to leave for the cleansing room. I was somewhat in the middle, but found an empty space right away once I got to the squirting cubicles. There was an array of birthing stools and Japanese bath stools. I took a bath stool with me in my cubicle and it proofed ideal in aiding my douching procedure.

Returning to the first room I was pushed down on all fours. I felt how strange fingers pried my buns apart again and forced the nozzle of a syringe into my sphincter right away. Being clean and empty it took no effort to receive the first glycerin dose. It was pushed in in no time at all, due to the lack of any resistance from within.

As I got up and walked around I saw Miss Moffet tied on top of a massage table in the middle of the room. Nathalie came to my side and explained that Pete had just finished setting Megan up. She was now hooked up to a 2qt enema bag filled with lukewarm water spiced with glycerin. Pete had taken her out of the competition and gave her the chance to experience that full belly feeling she hopefully would achieve in about nine month time, after last night’s impregnation party.

We watched her for a while, but then Nathalie was ordered to the ground and given a second enema. She vocalized her dislike of the course of events by grunting some angry words. Just a few minutes later it was my turn again. After dropping on all fours a syringe was forced between my cheeks and its contents was pushed inside without mercy. Not as fast as the first one, but nevertheless the enema found its way in in one progressive movement. I began to feel its effect.

“Feels quiet full already,” Nathalie said to me. “I don’t want to be a party pooper, but this is not really my cup of tea. An enema to prepare for anal sex is fine with me, but this stuffing to the brim… I feel like a goose in the paté fois-gras business.”

“You could start leaking a little and get it over with,” I suggested.

“Yeah, I thought to do that, but it would spoil somehow the fun of the competition, wouldn’t it. I figured to hang in a little longer. Maybe it turns out for the better and I might even discover it has its merits for me too,” Nath concluded bravely.

“Well, I understand your stance. But for me it’s slightly different. Although I’ve never experienced back door stuffing I’m afraid I might just like this thing. I’ve no idea how long I can be in this race, but the feeling of being filled up makes me pretty worked up.”

As I came by Susan Brockhouse and Angie Hasler I heard Susan whimper that she didn’t know how to keep the stuff inside. “I just feel I’ve got to go to the loo all the time. What fun is this anyway?”

“Try to relax, especially when the enema’s are pushed in,” Angie advised her. “In between you unbend everything except your sphincter. Apply a constant bonus veren siteler squeezing force, but don’t overdo it. The trick is to apply just enough force to squeeze your anus shut, and keep your bowels relaxed. The problem off course is the glycerin. It’s really slippery and tries to seep out anyway.”

Despite the good advice I gradually developed a cramp. This was caused by my unwillingly squeezing a little bit too much. After my fourth enema I was out. I stumbled to the washroom to find Nathalie there under a shower. She had lost it immediately after her third one.

As we got back to the main room some time later after a thorough cleaning and hot shower a large group had assembled around Megan. Her bag was empty now and her belly was really swollen. She almost looked like a nine month pregnant chick ready to burst. She did sport quiet the tummy. Her belly had been massaged continuously during the filling up process in aiding the water to find its way inside. Now the enema tube had been removed and replaced by a inflated sealing plug. Megan’s hands ceaselessly caressed her big belly. Her eyes looked a bit bewildered. The girl obviously was a bit in distress. Four angels came forward and each grabbed a handle at a corner of the table. The legs of the table were folded away thus changing the table into a stretcher on which Megan was transported to the washing facilities.

Once in a while someone fell out of the competition. We heard regular shrieks, and if close by we could see a squirt of glycerin find its way out, or the loser making a leap to the door one arm reaching backwards between the legs pressing a hand against the anus.

In the end there were only two persons left in the race, who happened to be Elke and Sophie. Elke is a 24 year old co-worker of mine at the marketing department, and Sophie happened to be an invitee. She was the 29 year old roommate of a colleague from accounting. Elke and Sophie were asked if they had experienced enema’s before, and they both did.

It was no surprise that two enema addicts had reached the final. All who were in the room formed a wide circle around the two. A canvas was put on the padded floor and the action moved on top of it. The two last contestants were both given another enema. And then another. I don’t know how many 200cc shots they had taken, but it had to add up to a considerable amount of glycerin.

Pete got into the circle and declared both girls the winner. He asked if they wanted to wash out in the clean room, or if they preferred getting a chain ride right here in the middle by all males who wanted to do so and were able to perform. And yes, happily that was exactly what they wanted. Elke and Sophie took their positions on all fours in the middle of the canvas, side by side facing opposite directions.

All men were asked to form two lines and start giving it to the girls. With 2 liter plus of warmed up lubricant inside there was no problem at all to penetrate the girls. The butts were truly smeared and ready for the taking. And being used to enema’s Elke and Sophie were not the two girls present with the tightest backdoors. No matter how big the dicks were, all found their way inside without too much trouble. In the process the glycerin came out and ensured a continuous lubrication. The two butts became very slick from the smear from within and the semen by which it was replaced.

As Elke’s head was next to Sophie’s butt and vice versa we put their mouths to good use. Before splitting the buns we shoved our cocks into the inviting mouth next to it. Thus four dicks were serviced at one time, drilling the two girls from both sides. They squirmed ongoing as they were continuously impaled on two ruthless intruders. The incredible slippery state of their asses made this a messy affair. It was not that easy to hold on to the hips, so we had to hammer the girls merciless to avoid getting our pistons dislodged from the anuses. In the end this worked well due to the thoroughly greased state of their shit sheaths.

After the last man had erupted his spit the girls were left in a thoroughly fucked out state. Well hammered they laid panting on the canvas, covered by a shining layer of mucus. All our spunk mixed with the cunt sauce released by the girls multiple orgasms and the overflowing glycerin made for an admirable combination. In the end the angels picked them up and escorted Elke and Sophie to the washing room for a solid rinsing.

Before we left to the restaurant and pool area everyone was fitted with a butt plug to size, provided with a tail. It was somehow funny to see everyone walking around completely in the nude, but with a tail squeaking out from between the buttocks. It was source of a lot of fun and frolicking among the flirty girls.

Our dinner was a superb buffet. Fine wines flowed richly and elevated our moods. The wine was accompanied by exquisite dishes of sea food and tender meat. Different deserts were deneme bonusu veren siteler being served for the men and the women: white chocolate mouse for the girls and black for the men. I was called away from the restaurant just as the deserts were being served. Angie Hasler asked me to join her. “Just take your desert with you,” she added. I was brought to an adjacent room, along with Luke and Matthew.

Luke and Matthew are two of my younger colleagues, one from accounting and the other from shipping. Unmistakably we were not hung like horses. It was easy to believe that Luke and Matthew were the men with the smallest dicks within twenty miles from our island. I don’t consider myself as being well endowed, measuring only 6 inches. But still that should be just a little bit below average. Luke’s tool looked like a mere 4 inches, maybe even smaller, and Matthew’s was certainly no more than five inches. And that is in erect state.

“Tonight is anal night, and you guys are the lucky ones. It finally pays off being she smallest of the bunch. You are probably aware that we have a lot of young girls around who are still anal virgins. Tonight we will change that, there will be a lot of losing anal cherries, and you three will do the taking!” Angie said.

“Actually, it isn’t exactly you who will do the taking, but your tools will be used in order to loose the cherries. As most of the girls around are not used to having their backdoors stuffed, we will help them get adjusted to it. They all have had at least two enema’s, the first for cleaning, the second as part of our little conquest this afternoon. Most of them didn’t last very long though, so their second or third dose merely served as a thorough cleanup to be on the safe side.

“For their dilating we don’t use artificial aides, like dildo’s or a dildo surmounted on a Sybian. We prefer providing the real thing, and there you lucky guys come into the picture. You will help our girls to ream their tight virgin asses. First we will fit you with a proper cock ring. For this purpose you must stay hard for a long time. Babs, Desy and Chantal will provide you with a tight fitting cock ring. This will ensure you’re fit for the job.”

Three stunning hot angels stepped up to us, and started measuring the circumference of our package. One of the chicks introduced herself to me as Chantal. She put a small measuring tape around the base of my cock and underneath my scrotum, and pulled it fairly tight. She measured some 6 inches. This heavenly creature massaged my scrotum and dick with some oily substance, and then shoved my balls through a half inch thick 1¾ inch heavy metal ring. My semi-erect member followed my nuts through the hole. With expert hands my rod was pushed into the small gab between the metal and my scrotum, and squeezed all the way through. It felt really snug fitting.

My cock felt very erect standing proudly its full 6 inches. The crown was looking furious as my foreskin was retracted all the way, leaving the bulbous head out in the open. The mushroom was shining with the grease Chantal smeared all over it, her right hand moved up and down my shaft spreading the lube thoroughly all the way from the very tip to the base and all around my sack.

“Ok boys, now you can eat your desert. You’ll probably be happy to hear It contains a good dose of Viagra, which will help you keeping your boner up during the rest of the evening. This chemical enhancement will secure that your hard-ons will be as hard as steel. Tonight you need staying power as you’ve never done before. And to satisfy your curiosity, the girls chocolate mouse contains a strong herbal extract from coca leaves, very similar to cocaine. It nubs and loosens the muscles somewhat, notably the sphincter, thus aiding the lasses to wrap their tight buns around your fuck sticks.

“As you will be used to transpierce the sphincters and dilate the back channels you will be put on top of a broad massage tables. On the table is a special plug which will keep your butt in place. Also being filled from the back will help your peckers staying in the upright position. We will fix you securely, with your hips, arms and legs fixed into Velcro straps.”

And thus happened. Chantal helped me on top of my table, and let me sit down on top of the erect plug standing in the middle. The plug was of smooth shiny metal and of medium size. My sphincter gave way slowly to the plug, and as Chantal helped me in spreading my butt I slowly managed to suck the thing into my brown eye. It took some forcing, but with generous amounts of lube my butt was eventually nailed in place flat on the table. As Chantal helped me lying down, the plug simply turned with me, keeping my bottom plugged securely to the table.

Chantal secured my arms with Velcro straps which were attached to the table, thus forcing me to stay flat on the table. Next my legs were strapped in place at my ankles, just below the knees and across my upper thighs. I was fixed in a position that left my legs a little bit apart ensuring good access to my balls. Chantal checked the fixing of the butt plug, as I felt her fingers titillate my scrotum and past my nuts my perineum, and finally the rim of my arse as it was stretched around the base of the heavy plug.

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