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The Return of the Teacher

Scene 1

My name is Rohan Gupta and at the beginning of the first scene in this story, I was casually strolling along the one of the aisle of a clothing brand in one of the premium malls in central Calcutta. I am 23 years old and in the final year of my engineering college. As all final year, engineering students would know this is the dreaded time for placements. Not having any decent formal clothing in my wardrobe meant that I had to go shopping for some before I could appear in those campus placement interviews. I am 5’10 with dishevelled black hair, deep brown eyes and a physique, which would be best matched with slim fit white formal shirts.

While trying to browse through some brands, which all looked the same, I noticed a familiar figure at the other end of the floor — a person whom I knew very well quite some time back. My suspicions turned out to be true when she turned around after purchasing something in a plastic bag. It was Mrs. Tania Biswas, my English teacher from first year of college. I walked up to her and noticed that she was pleasantly surprised to see her. “Hi Ma’am, do you recognise me?” I quipped.

“Of course, how could I forget you Rohan! It has been so long! Tell me, how have you been” She gleefully retorted.

“I am doing very well. How have you been? How come you’re over here? Are you purchasing something for yourself?”

“No actually it’s for my son. I wanted to buy something for his 18th Birthday.”

“Oh that’s great! Do you have some time now to talk? I wanted to know about how you’ve been doing in these few years. We haven’t connected after you switched to a different university.” I sheepishly said.

“Oh! Actually, I have guests coming over in an hour. Am so sorry Rohan, let’s talk on the way out now?” She apologised profusely making a sad face.

“No ma’am it’s absolutely fine. We can meet up some other day then.”

On the way out from the store towards the exit to the parking, we talked a little bit about where I was and what I was doing. Then we exchanged numbers and promised bahis siteleri to keep in touch. She told me that her car was parked in the garage and she would head there. She walked away and took the escalator to the basement while I waved at her happily. Until she exited, I could watch her pink saree with red dots wrapped tightly against her shapely figure and her signature ass swaying delectably until she exited. Just then, the nostalgia of memories and déjà vu hit me.


It was the day of my college 1st semester English literature end term papers. The exam had started 1 hour back and the paper appeared to be a very lengthy one. After the 1st hour, our class teacher left and it was the shift for the next teacher to invigilate. I was furiously scribbling down my answers and had forgotten to see who had arrived as the next teacher. Realising that I was out of answer sheets, I glanced up and was treated to the most beautiful sight ever.

There was Tania ma’am standing 6 feet away from me in a beautiful green chiffon saree. I could see her pallu shifted slightly to the right to display her buttery smooth stomach with her perfect round deep navel. She had worn the saree an inch below her navel and her fat-less belly looked like a million bucks. It did not look like the belly of someone who works out in the gym and has abs like our Bollywood heroines but instead looked totally natural, silky with almost no fat either on the front or the sides of her hips.

I had waited for weeks to witness this sight and thanked God that it had finally come true but I cursed myself that it had to happen on the day of my examination. I picked up my hand and signalled for extra paper. She smiled, came forward and handed me a couple of extra sheets. I grabbed them and saw her turn around to walk towards her desk. I noticed her wearing a matching sleeveless blouse, which had a large U shaped cut on the back. I loved the very faint dents on both sides of her spine, which was visible through the U cut blouse. While she walked, her ample ass swayed proudly while the green saree was wrapped tightly canlı bahis siteleri around it — I had only read about hourglass figures until then on the internet but when I saw Tania ma’am in college I realised what it actually meant.

Needless to say, for the rest of the examination whenever she would walk beside my aisle I would keep glancing to have a look at her sumptuous navel and killer figure. In fact, once in between, I noticed her tying her hair for a minute, which made my heart skip a beat when I noticed her smooth waxed armpits. I still do not know to this day how I managed to pass in that examination (I did rather well) but I was treated to a sight that I wouldn’t forget for many years and would fantasize about having her to myself for countless nights.

Present Day

Over the course of the next few weeks, I would strike up a conversation with Tania ma’am on WhatsApp and sent her a request on Facebook, which she immediately accepted. What seemed to amuse me was that in class, she was always viewed as a super strict woman who was enforcing a lot of discipline in teaching us English because she thought as engineers we didn’t give enough attention to the subject. She was not like the other teachers who would occasionally crack jokes in class or would hang around after class hours to strike up casual conversation with students. I could never in fact reconcile the fact how such an extremely sexy woman could be so strict and uptight at work. However, the lady with whom I started talking to now seemed completely different.

For starters, she was very well versed in pop culture and had watched all the popular shows in Netflix or Amazon prime. I could have long conversations with her about her favourite Game of Thrones characters or the latest episodes which were about to come out. All this, in fact diverted my attention from the tension of the upcoming placement season. When I confided to her about my worries, she told me that she had helped some people on grooming of soft skills and she could possibly help me out too. I was overjoyed to hear this and asked if we could canlı bahis catch-up over coffee that week. We agreed to meet in the mall where we had met earlier at 4pm sharp.

Knowing Tania ma’am I knew she would be there right on time. Therefore, I decided to wait near the coffee shop from 3.45 pm. Soon, I saw her approaching in her trademark swift confident strides. Her hair was loose on her shoulders and she was wearing a long golden necklace which ended just below her ample bosom and in my mind I realised that her figure was the exact same as it had been all those years ago — if I had to feature a guess, I would say she was a 36-30-38. Without having to try, I broke into a big smile and waved at her and she smiled back.

We entered the coffee shop, took a seat at the corner of the shop, and ordered two cappuccinos. She told me that she had some experience on grooming college students with their soft skills to answer interview questions and she would gladly help me out. I beseeched her to quickly help me out with some sessions and we agreed that I would come over to her place once a week for an hour for these grooming sessions. In between all this talking, I was completely mesmerised by her smile and luscious red lips and while picking up my coffee cup my fingers lightly brushed against hers — I felt electricity run down my spine but wasn’t sure if she had noticed my reaction or not.

After a couple of hours of chatting with her, we bade each other goodbye and like the previous day she walked off with me having a longing look at her beautiful pot shaped figure and her bulging butt. I began to calculate in mind my how long it would be before I go to her home for the first mentoring session from her. That night, when I thanked her on WhatsApp, I was mildly surprised to see a barrage of smileys from her — she appeared to be in a buoyant mood. I was secretly hoping that it was an outcome of our meet earlier and went to sleep bubbling with excitement. I even had dreams about both of us frolicking on a sandy beach with Tania ma’am in a tiny itsy bit two piece bikini which could hardly contain her proud assets and me splashing water on her playfully; little did I know that something similar to my dream was about to come true in the near future. For that however, you will have to read the next part of the story.

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