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When Caroline left, Cindy was still warmed up, she wanted more than just a masturbation session, she wanted a stiff, hard cock. She phoned the number, and when Gregor answered the phone, she cooed, “Gregor, it’s Cindy again, can I come by your office, so you can give me an in-depth, casting couch interview right now?”

Gregor grinned, and said, “Come right over, I’ll be happy to!”

When they hung up, he smiled, this small town was turning out to be quite the place. Middle-class, small town was being replaced by horny women, full of cock hungry desires, hidden away behind the facade. Already, he had a filming run set up for half a dozen amateurs, and 10 more being scheduled. All of them knew exactly what it was, hot, on-camera fucking, sucking, licking, and ass hole bustings. And just to blow away that facade, even more, only two of the amateurs were single, the rest were all married. Horny, unsatisfied ladies, who were tired of being the good wifey and good mother persona, who wanted to let their repressed, inner slut side out, and let it roar.

Twenty minutes later, Cindy was in Gregor’s private office at the studios, she cooed, “Okay Gregor, give me a casting couch interview.”

She stepped up to face him, reached down, and felt the rapid rising of his cock, in just a few moments, she was on her knees, lowering his pants, she could see the solid outline of his cock against his shorts, and she lowered them, and felt her heart start to beat faster. Oh yeah, a prime-sized 8-inch cock, she hadn’t sucked a nice, big cock for so long, and she wasted no time.

Gregor grunted as she felt Cindy’s lips clamp around the head of his cock, her mouth plunging down, tightening her mouth around his shaft, and taking him in, she quickly swallowed 6 of his 8 inches, pulled back, and her mouth started to glide up and down his pole. Though she had not had the pleasure of a hard cock to suck on for a while, she had lost none of her expertise.

Gregor grunted, oh yeah, this was gonna be a good one. Let’s see if she’d be up for her first starring role.

He grunted, “Oh yeah Cindy, feels great, how’d you like to enjoy your first starring role, right now?”

Cindy pulled her mouth off his cock, and growled, “Yes, oh fuck, watching my cousin get her ass pried open and fucked, even stroking my tight little pussy and cumming while watching her get boned hasn’t cooled me off!”

“Is there anything you haven’t done, like anal, oral, anything like that?”

“No, I like getting a hard prick in every hole I have. Being jammed with three hard dicks fucking me in tandem, I love it!”

“Okay, we have to give you a porn starlet name, like we gave Caroline her Susie Cream Pie name. What kind of name would you like Cindy?”

Cindy thought for a minute, then grinned, and said, “How about Carlotta Cock Slut?”

Gregor grinned, and said, “Perfect, let’s get some nice, hard cocks for you to enjoy.”

Cindy could feel her lust teasing at her pussy, when she was introduced to her co-stars, Troy and Jim. She bent forward slightly as Gregor got her ass well oiled up. She was going escort izmir to get Troy’s 10-inch dick jammed up there, and she’d need the lube. Gregor directed the scene, Troy lay back, his oiled tower pointing skyward, Cindy stared at that throbbing prick, oh she was gonna get her ass stuffed like never before. She mounted up, letting the big head press against her asshole.

“Now, push down baby, as you do that, lay back on his chest, and Troy will grab your ass and hold your hips up,” Gregor directed.

When she squirmed her ass hole over the head of Troy’s throbbing dick, she felt like she was gonna split in two. She loved getting double and triple fucked, but it had been a while and her ass hole had been puckered up pretty tight, and she let out some grunts and growls as she felt the pulses of pain surging along her ass walls, parting with reluctance as Troy’s massive shaft inched up her ass. She knew that once she jammed her ass down the full length, she’d be in the clear, so she did so, letting out a pained cry as his 10 inches was stuffed up her back door. The pain of her ass being pried open sent a surge of lust shooting through her body, her back was laying across Tony’s chest, her hips elevated, her pussy opening upthrust and ready.

She grunted, “Oh yeah, now fuck my cunt, fuck my horny mouth, fuck my tight ass hole, fill every hole I have!”

She watched Jim, his 9 inches ready, and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he took the position, and let out a squeal of pleasure as her gushing cunt was jammed full, his 9 inches stuffing her pink hole. Gregor took his position, Cindy turned her head, his cock was right there, she eagerly sucked him in, letting his cock take her mouth, swallowing him right down to the balls.

It hadn’t taken long before Cindy was living up to her Carlotta Cock Slut moniker. Troy’s 10-inch whopper was driving in and out, Cindy was grunting as her ass was stretched around that huge prick, Troy was supporting her ass cheeks so he could hump up, driving the full length of his stunning dong into her throbbing ass hole over and over. Her legs were wrapped around Jim, who was jamming his 9-inch cock up her cunt, the feeling of two hard cocks rubbing against each other, fucking both ass and cunt, was fantastic, and just to make it one step better, her head was turned to the side, and Gregor’s 8-inch prick was sliding between her lips, eager to get a hot, wet rush of sperm to fill her mouth.

Cindy had noticed all the cameras rolling, filming her body being fucked from plenty of angles, microphones hung over the scene, recording all the grunts, groans, and squeals of pleasure, and the hot liquid squelches of her juicy holes being fucked hard. Her lust was roaring, being filmed while she was being so well fucked, and knowing that horny men were going to be watching her, oh fuck, she was like a living fuck doll, just a horny little cock slut who was showing why she was called Carlotta Cock Slut. She felt orgasm rising up, just as Gregor exploded, growling with pleasure, she felt the hot, wet spray of sperm, the first gush went straight down izmir escort bayan her throat, she pulled back, and let his cock unload, the roof of her mouth, her tongue got rich juicy sprays spewing all over them. Her orgasm was moments away, she gulped down all the hot, juicy spunk, and pulled her mouth free.

She howled, “Fuck, oh yeah, so good, gonna cum so fucking hard, yes, fuck GLAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

Her voice rose up to a scream of raw sexual pleasure as her orgasm grabbed her full force. Her pussy and her ass tightened down on the cocks fucking her and started pulsing with orgasmic contractions, becoming the ultimate gripping holes.

“Yeah, oh yeah, so fucking tight, fuck, fuck FUUUCCCCKKKK!”

“Gonna fill you, baby, tight hot cunt, yeah, YEAH!”

Tony and Jim jammed in their throbbing cocks as deep as possible, Cindy’s pussy and ass were now stuffed to the max, and she felt the gush of hot, wet sperm being pumped into ass hole and her pussy, oh fuck, she was cumming, cumming like crazy, she let out another scream of pleasure, oh fuck, it was too good, the feeling of all three holes being plundered, then every hole getting a thick coating of hot cum pumped into her. She felt the tightness of her holes milking at the two stiff cock, sucking their loads out eagerly, until they had emptied their balls deep inside her.

Cindy cooed, “Now, put the cameras under me, so I can show off my cream pies!”

Gregor grinned and lifted her up, so she could kneel on the specially designed platform.

Cindy eagerly squatted, she was feeling so full, and she wanted to end her first role with the juicy, wet display, just like her cousin Susie Cream Pie, she thought, grinning. She felt Gregor’s hands peeling her pussy lips apart while she reached back, and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Two other cameras closed in, to capture all of the wet, juicy endings from just above.

“Oh yeah baby, perfect cream pies, now, splatter the camera with it!”

She tightened up, squeezed, feeling little zings of a well-fucked ass along her tight ass walls, and a huge rush of cum shot out, covering the camera lens filming her anal cream pie, while the camera just under her pussy got juicy sprays fired across it, as she bore down with both holes. Tony had really fired a huge load up her ass, and Jim had unloaded a gusher up her cunt, and she felt bolts of lust running through her as she squeezed hard.

Unlike Caroline, who had felt incredible shame from shooting out her cream pie, Cindy reveled in it, eager to shoot out every bit of cum, thinking of all the horny guys watching her, how many would be stroking off, and shoot their loads off right at that moment, wishing that they were unloading into her tight holes. She kept the squeezing action going until every last dribble of cum had been emptied.

Gregor said loudly, “CUT, okay excellent, that’s a wrap! Carlotta, you were magnificent! There’s a room just down the hall, would you like to take a shower?”

She cooed, “If you take a shower with me, so you can wash my back, among other things!”

Gregor was more than happy izmir escortlar to agree to that, and under the warm spray of water, Cindy sucked his cock back up to rock hardness. Gregor reached down, cupping Cindy’s ass cheeks tightly as he lifted her up, getting her ready. Cindy was sizzling with lust, doing her first porno role had turned her on beyond anything she’d ever done, just like her Carlotta Cock Slut persona, she needed Gregor’s cock to flood her, and put out the fire of her burning, hungry need. Cindy felt the head of his cock nudge against her, ready to ream her.

“Yes, yes, fuck me with your big cock!” Cindy gasped. “I want every last inch in me, fuck me, and explode your hot load deep inside me, fuck me NOW!”

Gregor was more than happy to comply, and he let Cindy down slowly, impaling her with a delicious slowness that just about drove her crazy. Cindy squealed with pleasure as she slid down his cock, until he buried his 8 inches right to the balls. Oh fuck, yes, a big fat cock, stretching her open, she loved the stretch, the feeling of fullness, every last inch jammed up her cunt, her squeals mixed with his grunts of pleasure as he was buried to the balls. Pressing her back against the wall of the shower stall, Gregor pulled out slightly and rammed it back in. Cindy clung to him, uttering wordless cries of pleasure as she was impaled deliciously on his 8-inch log, over and over.

Cindy could feel her juices gushing crazily, bathing the hard cock stuffing her, she could hear Gregor’s lust grunts as he pinned her against the shower stall wall, his log of pleasure ramming her like a pile driver, his mouth bent down to suck at her tits. The feel of his mouth sucking her hard nipples sent pulses of pleasure racing to her burning cunt, and she could feel that wave of orgasmic pleasure building. Gregor’s cock drove in and out, power fucking her tight cleft, his cock was throbbing. Cindy felt it jerk, and swell to even greater hardness, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel-hard pipe as he reamed out her fiery fuckhole. She felt his cock pierce her cervix, oh fuck, he’s gonna fire his load straight into my womb.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna flood your burning cunt baby, OH YEAH!” Gregor howled.

Cindy felt the wave grab her, with a climactic shriek of pleasure, she tumbled into orgasm, her tight vaginal walls closing in around that big cock, clenching and unclenching back and forth, the spasms making her pink flesh quiver around his shaft, a hungry milking action. His cock started to pulse, Cindy squealed with pleasure as she felt the rush of hot spunk flooding her womb, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered her insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into her very depths.

He let her down until her feet touched the floor, and with a gleam in her eyes, Cindy cooed, “Now that the important thing is taken care of, would you like to wash my back? I can’t wait until my next starring role!”

Gregor grinned, as he took the soapy washcloth, and started to wash her back. He had an idea, a great idea to pair Cindy and her cousin Caroline up together. His mind was going over what scenarios he could create. Tomorrow, it was time for Susie Cream Pie’s second starring role, and that was well mapped out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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