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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Christina “Tina” Johnson was struggling with the door to her apartment. She had to place her shopping bags on the floor so she could open the door.

She was blissfully unaware that her pink panties were visible through her stretched white yoga pants and her cropped t-shirt was revealing plenty of skin and underboob. The bottoms of her 34DD breasts were perky and her nipples were poking out of the shirt. She was tall at 5’8″ and her legs always caught the boy’s attention.

“Christina! Christina! I need to talk to you!” She heard a man shout behind her. She recognized the accent immediately. It belonged to Mr. Kumar, the landlord.

Tina grimaced as she faced the door but turned with a smile to hide her annoyed expression. Mr. Kumar was an older Indian man. She guessed he was at least mid fifties from his general appearance. She hated the way he ogled her body whenever he talked to her but today she was dreading the interaction for other reasons.

“Hello Mr. Kumar. How lovely to see you?” Tina announced.

“Don’t tell me all of that ‘lovely to see you’. It would be lovely to see my money. I know you avoid me when I knock on the door. I want you out!” Mr. Kumar had anger and Tina knew she had to placate it or she would be homeless.

At the age of 19 her life was spiraling out of control. A teenage pregnancy followed by her parents kicking her out and she was now struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. She was unable to use contraceptive pills for medical reasons. The morning after pill was also something she could never keep down unlike cum which she loved to down. But one thing she knew was to get what she wanted from men. It did not mean sleeping with them, usually a smile and some words was enough.

She saw Mr. Kumar as one of these men. He was old and fat. He was extremely hairy despite being bald and always seemed to be sweaty. She could not picture a woman ever giving him the light of day so thought he would be grateful for her time.

Christina pushed the door open and kicked a toy out of the way.

“Mr. Kumar, please come in. I will make you a drink. We can talk about this.” Christina said putting on her sweet voice.

“Oh, now you want me to come in and discuss this. Ok. Let’s talk about how you will pay me the $1000 dollars that you owe me.” Mr. Kumar said sarcastically.

She turned around and rolled her eyes at his tone but she had to keep him on side.

Mr. Kumar followed her in.

The apartment was a mess and she invited Mr. Kumar into the living room. Mr. Kumar picked up a squeaky toy and squeezed it as he stared at her breasts. Christina felt her skin crawl at this. She turned and went to the kitchen to put the groceries away.

She took a deep breath as she leaned against the kitchen sink. She was so nervous and physically shaking. She had been confident of placating this old pathetic man but as he stared at her breasts and squeezed the toy, she became all too aware of the pervert she was dealing with. She gathered her thoughts and headed back to the living room.

Mr. Kumar was leaning back on the sofa, a few more buttons on his chest undone. She felt herself eryaman escort shiver at the creepy energy he was giving her but her mind made up to placate him until she could find a solution to her money problems.

She put on her best smile and pushed out her breasts to Mr. Kumar. He had a perfect view up the cropped t-shirt at her breasts. Her nipples were visible through the material of the t-shirt. She never intended to dress like a slut but it seemed to be a natural result of whatever she wore.

She sat down next to Mr. Kumar and took a deep breath she started speaking.

“I know I am behind on the rent but I am struggling to feed the baby. I need time…” Christina put on the waterworks but Mr. Kumar got up all of a sudden.

“Let me stop you right there. I am not here for your sob story. If you can’t look after a baby, don’t open your legs for the first cock you see.” His tone and words shocked her. She was called a slut by her parents after they found out the news and she always felt it on some level.

“You cannot talk to me in that way!” Christina saw this is as an opportunity to play the victim.

“Shut up. You stupid girl. You will be hearing from my lawyers.” Mr. Kumar spoke dismissively.

“Mr. Kumar, I am sorry. You are right; I was a stupid girl for making such a mistake. I will be homeless and nowhere to go to. I just want a chance to pay you back. Please, Sir.” She begged.

“Christina, how will you pay me back? I would rather cut my losses and have tenants that actually can pay.” Mr. Kumar knew he was in a strong position and he wanted his money.

“You can call me Tina. We are friends after all. I will find a way. I will do what I must.” Tina said as she tried to build a familiarity.

“Ok Tina. You can call me Kumar and drop the mister. Since we are friends, let me help you out. $50 if you take off your t-shirt.” Tina had a shocked look on her face and even pulled her shirt down in a defensive move. Kumar had a poker face and he was not showing any points of weakness.

After the initial shock, Tina began to contemplate her options. $50 dollars was more than she made in a day’s work at the store.

“$200?” She replied quietly almost questioning herself.

Kumar smirked to himself knowing he had her where he wanted her.

“$50 or you hear from my lawyers.” He said confidently knowing she had gone past the point of no return.

She huffed and puffed before suddenly removing the t-shirt. Kumar felt his erection throb at the sight of the juicy tits. The pink nipples made him lick his lips.

“Happy?” Tina asked.

“Very. But you still owe me $950.” Kumar reminded her and Tina began to dread selling her t-shirt so cheaply.

“$50 dollars for your yoga pants.” Kumar demanded.

“$100 dollars.” Tina replied more assured this time. Thinking it was a more reasonable sum.

“If you throw in your slutty pink thong. You have a deal.” Tina felt so sleazy and dirty but also compelled to go along with it.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the yoga pants and thong. She knows she has no real option but to follow. The idea of being naked before this disgusting old man repulses her but she must also clear the debt.

She watches him lick his lips escort ankara and rub his crotch in anticipation. She turns her head to the side, unable to look at the repulsive sight before her.

She is hesitant and slowly pulls down her yoga pants.

“Come on! Quicker! Do you want this money or not?” She hears him bellow. His patience wearing thin.

She bites her tongue, afraid she will call him a dirty old bastard. She swiftly pulls down her yoga pants and thong thinking it is better to treat it like ripping off a band aid.

She feels chills over her body as she is naked before this dirty old bastard. She turns back to him and he has pulled his cock out of the zipper and is stroking it to her naked body.

“Nice. Very nice.” He mutters to himself. Tina gags some vomit in her mouth at the sight. There is something dirty and filthy about this old man. His cock has a look of something that has never been thoroughly washed. It is a fat stubby cock. Wider than anything Tina has seen before. It does not seem longer than 6 inches but it is so thick and Kumar cannot get his fist around it.

Despite the revulsion caused by the sight before her, it is not lost on Tina that this is the easiest $150 she has ever made.

Kumar kicks over a toy wand. It is a long rubber object.

Tina looks down bemused at this toy that is against her leg.

“$100 if you masturbate with the toy,” Kumar proposes. Tina looks down at the toy and back to Kumar.

$100 dollars was a lot of money.

“How long?” She asked as she thought about it. Kumar became more aware of her compromised position.

“2 minutes. Slide it between your slutty cunt and fuck yourself with it.” Kumar commanded.

Kumar watched as she closed her eyes and began to slide the wand up and down against the slit.

“Inside. Shove it inside your teen mom cunt. You slutty bitch,” Kumar spat at her as he was becoming more and more horny.

She slid the wand between her lips and was surprised to find them easily allow it to slide it in.

“You are a horny cunt. You are dripping wet. You fucking slut. You love it.” Kumar continued to spit comments at her but she found it surprisingly a turn on. She began to fuck herself harder and harder.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” She moaned as she imagined being fucked by some hot young man.

She opened her eyes to find she looked all sweaty and her hair was matted to her face.

“Are we done yet?” She was ashamed at how much of a slut she was.

“You still owe me $750.” Kumar reminded her.

Tina looked at him still stroking his cock. She all of a sudden spat out.

“How much for sucking your cock?”

Kumar was shocked as he did not expect her to play his game so actively.

“$100.” He offered.

“Hell to the fucking no. $250 to suck that dirty, filthy cock clean.” Tina replied.

“$200. Final offer.” Kumar replied.

Tina licked her lips. She didn’t feel like negotiating, she was feeling horny and wanted that cock.

She undid his trousers and pulled down his trousers and tighty whiteys. She began tea bagging his hairy sweaty balls.

She began touching herself between her legs as she licked and tongued his hard dick. It was a dirty and sweaty dick. She sincan escort gagged a little in her mouth as she licked it clean.

The grotesque nature of the situation was turning her on in a twisted way.

She licked the cock clean and began to take the length in to her mouth. She was deepthroating it as Kumar held her from the hair and began to roughly fuck her face.

All of a sudden he pulled her off as Tina gagged for air.

Tina was bemused that he did not cum in her mouth.

“$200 to fuck your cunt.” Kumar offered.

“You need to wear a condom first.” Tina replied. She wanted to be fucked and was not willing to play the negotiation game.

“No condoms. No.” Kumar replied.

“Please. I am not on the pill and I cannot take morning after pill.” Tina replied.

“Fine. $300.” Kumar offered.

“I can only use condom as a contraceptive. I don’t fuck without a condom!” Tina tried to spell it out for him.

“$550 and I pull out.” Kumar finally relents.

Tina breathes heavily as she thinks about it.

“$750 and you pull out.” She replies.

Kumar has a sly grin to himself.

“Deal.” Kumar says as he picks up his wallet and pulls out 2 100 dollar bills. He screws them up and throws them at her. Tina picks them and she knows what a slut she looks like.

Tina gets up and walks towards the bedroom.

She gets on the bed and spreads her legs.

“Do what you want!” She tells Kumar.

Kumar climbs on the bed and it moves due to his heavy weight.

Kumar begins to bite her nipples and suck on them. He cannot believe he is about to fuck this hot blonde beauty.

He pinches and twists her nipples as Tina cannot help but moan. She really does not want to enjoy this but she is getting turned on by the constant nibbling at her nipples.

Kumar takes her hefty tits into her hands and begins to squeeze them.

“Just fuck me all ready. You dirty old fucker.” Tina screams.

Kumar climbs on top of her as he lifts his belly up. There is nothing that can hide the grotesqueness of this fat ugly naked man. They make a significant contrast between the pure white of Tina and the dark brown hairy skin of Kumar.

Kumar thrusts inside of her and Tina lets out a moan.

This sets off a rapid succession of thuds as Kumar pounds the sexy hot blonde.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You are breaking me!” Screams Tina as Kumar stretches her cunt like nothing she has experienced before.

The bed is shaking and Kumar is pounding harder and harder.

The room feels like it is shaking.

“Pull out! Pull out!” Tina screams as she feels his cum about the ejaculate. His cock begins to jerk inside of her.

Only Kumar has no intention of pulling out. He wants to cum in that sweet hot cunt.

Kumar finally unleashes a torrent of cum inside the hot sexy blonde as she digs her nails into his hairy sweaty back as she climaxes.

“Did you cum?” Tina asks in vain. She knows the answer as she can feel it swimming inside of her.

“If you are going to be a slut then at least take the pill.” Kumar tells her.

He gets dressed and leaves as Tina considers her options. She just had to pray she was not pregnant.

6 months later Kumar visits and watches as a pregnant Tina opens the door.

“Where is my rent?” He asks irate. Tina has not paid any rent in the last 6 months.

Tina rubs her belly.

“It is in here. In 3 months you will be paying me child alimony.”

Kumar is left open mouthed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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