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Kennedy waited in hungry anticipation. She felt the sweat on her back mixing with the cool air of the air conditioner. She could only hear the soft movements around her, the roar of the air conditioner, or the hum of the butterfly clit stimulator buzz when Lorne pushed the button. Each time bringing her close to an orgasm, but always stopping early. She would fruitlessly hump the air until she felt the sting of the whip across her bare ass, causing her to yelp and whimper.

Her wrists were tied to the headboard of the bed. Her blue eyes were blindfolded, effectively preventing her from seeing anything. The ball gag in her mouth kept her quiet, except for the yelps that escaped when she was spanked. Her long, blonde hair was tied in a French braid and hung over her left shoulder. She was on her knees with a small cushion under her abdomen, helping support her weight. Her breasts hung down, nipples hard and pointing toward the bed below her. She felt the butt plug Lorne had bought just for her, filling her perfectly, stretching her ass for the pending penetration of his cock.

It was their last night together, and Lorne had mentioned to Kennedy that before he left, he was going to enjoy her fine ass. It was clear to her, he was truly a man of his word as she knelt naked, bound, and about to be taken in a way she had only fantasized about. It was an act she never imagined she would ever trust someone enough to perform and therefore never had allowed.

Kennedy thought back on how they met, and the circumstances that lead to this amazing moment in time. It started with a phone call from an unknown number.

“Hello,” said Kennedy.

“Kennedy? It’s Dawn!” said the woman’s voice on the other end.

“Oh hi!” exclaimed Kennedy. “How are you?”

“I’m great,” said Dawn, “but I have a problem. Actually, it’s my clan who has a problem.”

“Your… clan?”

“Oh right, you have no idea what I do,” said Dawn. “I work the Renaissance Faire circuit.”


“My clan, the people I work with, are a good bunch of folks. It is our job to serve the food and drinks to the guests.”


“So, our barkeep was in a serious car accident and can’t work the faire this year. We need an experienced barkeep, desperately.”

Kennedy smiled. As a professional bartender, she knew she would be perfect for the job. What Dawn didn’t know, was that Kennedy had a secret desire to work at a Renaissance Faire. “Do I need a costume?”

“I’m sure I’ve got something that might fit you.”

“When’s the faire?”

“You’ll do it?” exclaimed Dawn. “That’s great! We start in two weeks. We work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Kennedy realized this schedule would conflict with her regular bartending duties at the bar where she worked. “I didn’t say that Dawn, I’ve got a regular job you know.”

“We work during the day,” explained Dawn. “I just assumed you worked at night.”

“And when I am supposed to sleep?”

“I didn’t think about that.”

“Let me talk with my boss before I say yes or no.”

“Please call back as soon as you can!”

Kennedy called her boss who suggested she use her vacation time to work the faire, so she would eliminate the need for double shifts. She could then take a couple of shifts at the bar during the week so whoever worked her shift during the weekends could have the days off.

Kennedy worked with Dawn and her clan on the costume and dialect needed to be a Renaissance Faire barmaid. For the most part, it was a costume showing a heavy amount of cleavage, with a maroon and gold corset, and full-length, green and blue skirt. The white, off-the-shoulder under-blouse added just the right amount of accent to the costume’s top, adding that element of sexy and slutty.

The first day of the faire was the roughest as she wasn’t used to the rigorous schedule or the scorching heat. Dawn worked side by side with Kennedy and together they made the best of the situation. As the faire guests left, the faire regulars began filtering into the tavern. One group was clearly Scottish, wearing green tartan kilts and colorful shirts with dark vests. They came in singing loudly, chanting what seemed to be their clan song as they took over a back table.

“Ah, the MacPhallus Clan,” giggled Dawn.

“MacPhallus?” asked Kennedy.

“Oh right, we forgot to discuss names. Here, everyone comes up with crazy names. The MacPhallus’ are notorious for fucking anything that moves.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

One of the clan members, a tall handsome man with long auburn hair and a beard, stepped up and said in a thick, Scottish accent, “Round of drinks for me clansmen, wench!”

Kennedy poured the drinks quickly with a smile and said slyly, “Tell me sir, is it true what they say about what Scotsmen don’t wear beneath their kilts?”

“Maybe later the wench will find out,” he replied with a grin and a wink. She could smell the aroma of Scotch whisky on his breath.

He took the drinks and the party continued. Other etimesgut escort members of the faire came in, drank, ate, and hooked up. Many of the members of the MacPhallus clan left with one or more of the women who came in until the only remaining was the man who ordered the drinks. Kennedy and Dawn began cleaning up, putting stock away, and closing the tavern. Kennedy slipped into the back, where they kept stock, to put some items away when she was pinned against a wall of products by a man.

“Still be wantin’ to know what be under me kilt, wench?”

Kennedy smiled. “What’s in it for me?”

He turned her around. She could see the burning lust in his brown eyes. “A tasty treat if ye be good.”

“I’m never good.”

“I be countin’ on that.”

He pushed her down to her knees, then lifted his kilt. Kennedy smiled. “I see the good Lord blessed you, indeed.”

“Take it wench and do your best.”

“Ye be havin’ a name?” she asked.

“Make me cum wench and I be tellin’ ya.”

Kennedy took his cock into her hand. The soft skin began to tighten as she slid the foreskin back from the head, exposing the purple mushroom head, and licked the tip. The salty precum coated her tongue, fueling her desire, and dampening her pussy.

“Mmm,” she purred, “delicious.”

He reached down, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her onto his cock. “I told you to make me cum wench, not play around or talk.”

He forced his cock into Kennedy’s mouth, shoving it deep without care. Kennedy gagged and choked as his cock filled her mouth and throat. He held Kennedy’s hair tight and fucked her mouth the way he would fuck a pussy. He pulled out and Kennedy gasped, “What the hell?”

“I said I wanted to cum, wench. Now back to work.”

He pushed his cock into Kennedy’s mouth and resumed fucking. She never had a man take such control over her, and she found herself enjoying it. She licked and sucked his cock, feeling it grow. Her tongue played with his foreskin, teasing him and making him moan. She was glad the skirt of her dress protected her knees from the hard ground. The air was thick with dust, mixing with his musky aroma, and the faint scent of Scotch whisky and beer.

The feeling of her mouth, teeth, and tongue added to his arousal. “Yes wench! Just a bit more!”

Kennedy sucked, licked, and did her best to make her mystery man cum when she heard, “FUCK!” as his cum filled her mouth, ran down her throat, and leaked out of the edges of her mouth.

He pulled his softened cock from her mouth and smiled. “Me clan-mates call me Shamus, but me real name is Lorne. What be yours?”


Lorne slapped her cheek with his softened cock and said, “Tomorrow I be fucking your fine pussy, Kennedy.”

Lorne lowered his kilt and left. Kennedy stood up, dusted off her skirt, and returned to the tavern where Dawn was sitting, drinking a beer. “Have fun?”

“Excuse me?” asked Kennedy.

“I just saw Shamus MacPhallus leave. I’m not stupid.”

“Yeah,” sighed Kennedy, “I had fun.”

“Just know he’s the biggest man-whore here at the faire. Don’t be surprised if he hooks up with someone else tomorrow.”

“We’ll see.”

True to his word, Shamus MacPhallus, or Lorne to Kennedy, returned to the tavern the next evening and met her in the back. “Good evening, me saucy wench.”

“Good evening,” she said, smiling.

Lorne took Kennedy into his arms and kissed her lips hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He grabbed her wrists, holding them tight, then turned her around and tied her hands behind her back. Lifting her skirt, he tucked it in behind her tied wrists, and saw her lace thong panty.

“Tut, tut, tut,” he hissed. “Thou art wearing the wrong undergarments.”

Kennedy wiggled her ass a little and giggled, “I find these more my style.”

“They are quite sexy on ye fine ass,” he said, as he slid them out of the way and rammed his hard cock into her pussy.

Just as with the oral, the sex was rough and intense. Occasionally Lorne wrapped his hands around Kennedy’s throat, choking her to the point of breathlessness and then releasing. The first time scared Kennedy, but she realized quickly how erotic the sensation was, and she craved more. After her second orgasm, Lorne pulled out and shot his spunk all over her ass.

“Meet me out back tomorrow, wench.”

“And if I don’t?” she asked.

Lorne put his hand around her throat and said, “Then we be over wench, and I be movin’ on.”

The next night, Kennedy found Lorne waiting for her under a tree. “I hope you weren’t waiting too long,” she said.

“Aye wench. But I understand ye have a job to do first.”

Lorne led her to a small grassy area where she found a small picnic was set-up. “What’s this?”

“I thought me saucy bar wench would like a nice supper,” said Lorne.

Kennedy smiled as she sat down. “It’s a wonderful idea.”

Lorne opened the small cooler and took out two sandwiches and a bottle of wine. He poured Kennedy sincan escort a glass as he said, “So tell me, lassie, what does the finest bar wench in ye old faire do when she’s not here?”

“I’m a regular bartender at a Rocky’s Pub. Been there for about seven years. I started as a cocktail waitress and worked my way up.”

“So, ye wishes to be a tavern maid?” he asked, handing her the wine and taking a bite of his sandwich.

“No, I want to own the bar… uh… I mean tavern.”

“How ye planning that?”

“I’ve been saving my money,” she said, eating her sandwich and sipping her wine. “I’m hoping one day in the next few years to have enough to make the down payment in a few more years. I save my tips and anything else I possibly can. Hell, doing this is slowing me down.”

“But it tis allowing me to enjoy ye’s company.”

Kennedy smiled. “Thanks.”

They finished their sandwiches, then began kissing. It wasn’t long before Kennedy’s skirt was up, her panties were off, and Lorne was licking and sucking Kennedy’s pussy. The sweet taste mixing with the musky aroma from her sweat fueled his desire and lust for her. His cock ached for the feel of her pussy as he licked and sucked.

Kennedy panted as Lorne worked his magic, making her sweat and squirm. Her mind raced as Lorne licked, sucked, and fingered her pussy. In all her years, no man had made her feel the way he did, especially sexually. She felt the tell-tale warmth of an orgasm growing, but it was not going to be the release she craved. She humped his face and tugged at his hair as his beard scratched her inner thighs and her pussy.

Lorne knew how horny she was and enjoyed denying her the orgasm she craved. When he knew she could take no more, he quickly mounted her, slamming his steel hard cock into her cunt as his mouth kissed hers. She moaned into his mouth as her orgasm raged through her body. He pounded her pussy until her second orgasm took over. He pulled out and jerked his cock, coating her thighs with is cum.

“Aye, such a lovely sight this be,” he said.

Kennedy smiled. “Me coated in ye cum?”

“Aye lassie.”

Kennedy sat up, wiped his cum off her legs, and slipped her panties back on. “I’d better get going.”

“Aye lassie. And I’ll be seein’ ye next time.”

“That ye will,” she said, smiling.

From then on, the pair fucked and sucked every night after the faire closed to the public. Each pairing was more intense than the last. Lorne would fuck her mouth and pussy, eat her to orgasm, and much more. Kennedy soon found working the bar between her faire visits made her long for Lorne’s touch. Every Friday and Saturday night he would take her in the back room, and on Sunday they would enjoy a nice picnic before he fucked her hard.

During those picnics, Kennedy would share her dream of owning her own bar and even shared some theme ideas she had. He told her which ideas he thought were good, and which ones he felt were bad. For her part, Kennedy learned Lorne had been coming to and involved with the Faire since he was eighteen, and had saved the bulk of his faire earnings. He also shared his sexual past, and how he had earned his reputation for being the faire’s top man-whore.

“Before I leave… I want to fuck… that fine ass… of thou… sweet body,” he growled as he fucked her after one of their picnics.

“I’ve… never… well… that is…” she stammered with each thrust.

“An anal virgin?” he asked, pausing from the deep thrusts.

“Yeah,” she gasped and blushed.

With his cock deep inside her pussy, he whispered in her ear, “Then our last night together will be magical. Just promise me I can have ye all night long.”

He hammered his cock inside her cunt a few more times before she cried, “Yes! Yes! All night!”

That was how Kennedy found herself bound, gagged, and blindfolded in a motel room. She didn’t know Lorne outside of the faire, so she wasn’t comfortable with him knowing where she lived. They took his car to a local motel with a headboard he could use to secure her to and so they could fuck their brains out for the night. The butterfly on her clit vibrated, snapping her out of her memories and making her crave the pending fuck up her ass Lorne had promised. The crack of the whip made her whimper.

She felt a hand touch her head. “Does me wench want me to fuck her fine ass now?”

Kennedy nodded as Lorne’s fingers softly brushed her skin. She shivered, her skin hypersensitive from the sensory deprivation she’d been experiencing. He grabbed her braid and pulled her head back hard. “Me wench is mine tonight, and whenever I desire.”

Kennedy moaned through the gag, “Uh-huh.”

“I do wish me wench could join me when I take me leave, but I do understand she cannot,” he said, releasing her hair, and gently stroking her shoulder.

The change from harsh to soft was making Kennedy crazy. Her pussy dripped down her legs and onto the bed below her. The faint aroma of her arousal filled the air and made escort etimesgut her desire to be fucked and fucked hard grew with every passing moment. She had never experienced such extreme changes with a lover before, and she only wanted more. She tugged at her bonds, desire burning deep within her. Her pussy ached for release, craving the hard fucking Lorne had been giving her the past several weekends.

Lorne slid a velvet ribbon around her neck, laying the rest across her back. Then he gently pulled the butt-plug from her asshole and licked the opening. Through her gag, Kennedy moaned. No man had ever rimmed her before, and until this moment she never thought it was sexy or erotic.

Yet now, the sensation of Lorne’s tongue touching her most private of areas made her pussy drip and build the fire deep within her soul. Her pink rosebud puckered and throbbed from the sensation of Lorne’s expert tongue lashing. She humped his face until his firm hand struck her bare ass cheek hard.

“Keep still, wench,” he growled. “Ye be cumming when I tell ye and not a moment sooner.”

Lorne smiled wickedly. He knew she was beyond the moon horny and would do anything for release. He knelt on the bed and took his position behind Kennedy. He smeared lube on his cock and in her asshole. He knew this anal virgin was going to need the extra lubrication despite the stretching she experienced from her butt-plug. He grabbed her hips firmly and pressed the head of his cock against her rosebud.

Kennedy gasped, feeling the lubrication and pending penetration on both her pussy and anus. She questioned the strange sensations and wondered what Lorne was about to do. Kennedy felt his cock pushing, demanding entrance, but she resisted. She was still unsure of this and very scared.

“Just relax, baby,” he said in a soothing voice.

Kennedy took a deep breath and relaxed her resistance just enough for the intruder to pass her sphincter ring and into her rectum. The sensations she felt were nothing she expected or had ever experienced before. The foreign visitor in her ass made initially squeal with surprise, then pant with desire. It was a new feeling for Kennedy, but there was also something hard in her pussy as well.

Lorne waited for a moment, savoring the tightness of her ass on his cock, then began thrusting, driving his cock deeper and deeper into her ass, and the slender dildo into her pussy. Once he was balls deep in her ass, he grabbed her braid and pulled her head back as he began to fuck her hard. Her ass was tighter than he had expected and he knew his own climax would soon occur, there was no way he would last as long as he wanted.

Kennedy moaned as he fucked her. She realized the strange sensation in her pussy was not a cock, but a slender dildo, giving her the experience of double penetration without a second man in the room. She could feel the dildo bump against his cock through the thin membranes of her vagina and rectum. She bit down on the ball-gag, moaning loudly, and wanting more, wanting to cum.

Lorne slapped her ass every few pumps. He could feel the dildo bump his cock. Without warning he was pulling her hair, biting her shoulder, or tugging on the velvet ribbon around her throat, causing her to choke for a moment. Then he would release her to catch her breath. Everything he did made her want more. Her desire to be used and abused by him was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Her body ached for his touch, his kiss, his cock. She wished the night, the fucking, the moment would never end. Lust, desire, and passion were swirling within her head, her body, her soul, and all she wanted was more.

Lorne pounded her ass harder, making it clear she was his for the night. Kennedy’s lubrication leaked down her thighs as she got closer to her climax. She grabbed her restraints, digging her fingernails into the strap and the palms of her hands. He dug his fingers into her hips, pushed the button working the butterfly on her clit, and shouted, “Cum for me wench!”

Kennedy didn’t have to be told twice as she screamed through her gag. Though blindfolded, she saw stars and fireworks. As Kennedy climaxed, she experienced the sensations of her anal muscles repeatedly rippling on Lorne’s cock, while her pussy squirted. Prior to this experience, she was completely unaware of how much her anal muscles played in her orgasms, or how this would make her cum harder than she had before. Her head spun, her body shook, her toes curled, and her pussy gushed fluid, soaking his balls and legs. Lorne filled her ass with his spunk, pounding her until his cock softened and fell out. Kennedy’s head hung down, she was gasping for air, her head spinning from all the new sensations, tears soaking the blindfold.

Lorne stepped into the bathroom, filled a basin with warm water as he cleaned his cock. He returned to the bed, releasing Kennedy from her bonds, removing the ball-gag and blindfold. He did this before gently lowering her onto the bed and setting the cushion on the floor. Seeing a spent Kennedy panting roughly, he placed a plastic bottle to her lips.


Kennedy sipped the water, her throat burned as the liquid went down. “What… what…”

“Water baby, it’s just water.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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