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I Think We’ll Remember That Night In The Cabin

It’s snowing outside, and we’ve just finished a light dinner and have opened a bottle of red wine, a very good after-dinner Shiraz. You look outside the window and see drifting snowflakes fuzzy through the frosted panes. In spite of the snow, we’re very warm here in the cabin. The fire is blazing, and we’re stretched out in front of it on a thick, white, full-length sheepskin rug. I’m 6’0″, 175 pounds; I work out 2-3 times a week, so I’ve got some definition, and I look and feel good. I have brown hair cut pretty short; a mustache. My chin has a small cleft in it, and my face is ruddy from the sun. I’m wearing my favorite faded blue jeans and a white beefy-t. You are closest to the fire, stretched out on your back with your left side to the hearth; you can feel the heat of the flames on your thigh and hip, your left arm, and your face. You are wearing tight red sweatpants and a white tank top.

We’re cabin-sitting for a friend high up in the Sierra Nevadas, miles away from any other people. Next to you, I wonder how you can lay so close to the fire, as I’m getting very hot myself and can feel the heat on the tops of my legs, my chest, and my face. I sit up on my knees, facing the fire. As the heat soaks in I begin to feel the prickly sensation of sweat breaking out under my shirt, so I pull it up and over my head, tossing it aside. I look at you and see your shirt clinging to the sides of your breasts and your tummy. I can’t help but admire your belly and hips, your arms and breasts. You spend time in the gym too and have a great ass, legs, arms, and stomach — smooth skin, tapering along the ribs to your waist, muscled hips, that lovely perfectly-curved belly plunging down to your center…….I breathe in and notice you watching me, your eyes wandering up and down my shoulders, chest and stomach. I feel a large drop of sweat form in my chest hair and begin to make its way down the center of my chest.

You see me watching you, and your hands begin to wander up your stomach, across your breasts, tracing your ribs, palms flattening over your tummy, fingertips tracing down to the top of your mound, back up to your breasts. You cup your breasts with both hands and squeeze, pushing them up into rounded mounds, nipples now poking up through the fabric. You roll your nipples between your fingers, eyes closing and lips curling up into a slow gentle smile. You reach up with one hand, trying to unbutton my jeans. I help, and you unzip them quickly.

I stand and slip my jeans off while you wiggle sincan escort out of your sweatpants. My eyes are drawn irresistibly to your panties (white) and the slightly swollen mound underneath. I trace my downward-lengthening cock laying under my grey shorts, squeezing the ridged tip of the penis with my thumb and fingers….it bulges downward and to one side of my shorts…you can see its clear outline under the cotton. Another bead of sweat trickles down my chest, dropping, just missing my stomach. You feel that hot prickly sensation of sweat tickling your chest, between and underneath your breasts. I help you slip off your top.

For a moment the air feels cool against your damp skin, but then the heat of the fire washes over you, and you smile, remembering the hot springs last year at that little town in Colorado. Feeling the warmth that is also spreading from the center of your pussy, you lay back, arch a little, and lightly begin to palm your mound, ……….You can hear the crackle of flames and my breathing.

I slip off my shorts and get the bottle of wine; you close your eyes; you feel cold drops splashing lightly onto your tits, making little nubs spring up on your areola, stiffening your nipples. Wine, warming rapidly, slides down the sides of your breasts leaving pink tracks, and you feel my lips pinching the very tips of your nipples. Next to my face, I can feel your arm moving rapidly, then slower, then faster again as you move deeper into your desire and your mound. Tugging your panties aside, you work your fingers into your quickly moistening pussy. My hand is spread out over your lower belly – I can feel the muscle under your skin as you press your body into our hands. I love the way you move under your own hand, the way I feel it as I lightly and then more firmly suck your nipples into my mouth, not really wetting them, just pulling them up in between my lips, rolling them, feeling them swell and puff. You feel the pressure that pulls on your tits, nipples tugging your breasts upward, then released, bouncing back down, and then my mouth on you again this time sucking in as much of your breast as I can, eagerly gulping your soft flesh………..If you were a woman inclined to orgasm with nipple play, you might be nearing the crest right now. As it is, though, other pleasures wait their time.

My fingers tickle the downy, barely-there hairs on your stomach, just above the top of your pussy mound; my mouth exhales to the bottoms of your breasts, and I kiss them and lick them, wetly, with the whole of my tongue now, caressing the ankara escort shape of your tits with my tongue, sliding up to suck hard, tugging your tits upwards, then tonguing them all-round again. I slide up to your neck, kissing, licking lightly with the tip of my tongue…….. I’m softly moaning. My cock is throbbing, and I can feel its weight as it swings a little from the movement.

The fire is almost too hot now, and you move up, kneeling, facing now away from the fire. Your back is slick with sweat from the rug, and you spread your legs, lean forward and rest on your elbows, ass up and facing the fire… can now feel the heat directly on your so-wet pussy, and you squirm a hand underneath you and stroke your hot pink lips with your fingers again…the fire seems to be an erotic thing of its own, pulsing, flickering, scorching your pussy as you stoke it. You feel the first sign of orgasm, so you slow down and move a bit further away from the fireplace.

As you look up at me, I see you, eyes heavy-lidded and burning with lust and desire… you lick your lips, in that oh-so-sexy way, …..reach into your purse by the couch and remove your favorite dildo, ….lick it from it’s base to its tip, place it on the hearth next to the fire.

I lay back on the rug, before you; clear slick pre-cum oozes out of the tip of my cock – I milk it, up from the base – a huge glob of clear pre-cum emerges, shining in the light – the tip of my cock becomes darker, reddish, as I squeeze. I slide my palm over the tip, smearing it with the pre-cum, and begin to masturbate for you, slowly twisting my hand over the tip at the top of my stroke, lightly squeezing on the way down, pushing my stiff thick meat down and away from me, more towards your face. You watch, intensely turned on by the sight of a man masturbating.

Resting, you watch my hand slow-dance with my cock, grinding, sliding, sometimes hearing the light smacking sound my hand makes with the precum oozing out of my hard shaft. The fire heats your ass, the backs of your legs, your feet, and your pussy. Sometimes a cool draft of air sweeps you, but then it all heats up again hotter than before. Remembering your dildo, you wonder how hot it is getting, anticipating its heated length sliding into your ready lips, and you feel a surge of wetness and desire. Quickly, you stand, grab the dildo – it is hot to the touch – face the fire with one foot resting up on the stone hearth, one hand holding onto the rough wood mantle, and you place the tip of that hot, smooth rod to the middle of your pussy. Heat shoots into etimegut escort your body, igniting a surge of liquid heat and desire; without further thought you plunge your dildo smoothly, grinding its heated base into your swollen clitoris.

Watching you, I have stopped touching myself, because if I did I would spray cum all over, and I’m not ready yet. My breathing is a bit ragged, and my penis jerks on its own. It will be a few minutes before I can handle it again.

Again you slow down and remove your dildo before reaching orgasm, though this time was harder, as your crescendo had built more powerfully. The tide recedes somewhat, and you move your hand behind you, now playing the slippery shaft at the entrance of your ass. Juice from your pussy had earlier made its way there, but I have some coherent thought left, and I squeeze drops of liquid lube down your curvy crack while you play at the entrance. Now you can insert the tip quite easily – an inch, then you relax, and you slide it out and in again, and again, and then you fully relax and push in all the way.

You have not noticed that I have moved until you feel my belly pressing against your ass, against your hand holding the dildo – I move your hand away, wrap an arm around your midsection and quickly plunge my cock fully and forcefully into your pussy – you are lifted upward for a moment, feeling the length of me inside you, the dildo resting in your ass between us. Moving with me, you masturbate with your free hand — I thrust rhythmically and hard, and we’re both panting – your breasts sway, and you feel sweat running down them, dropping off of your tits and nipples, slick between us and wherever skin meets skin.

This time you cannot stop it, and your orgasm rises, and I feel your clenching pussy and your quivering thighs, and you feel my quickening rhythm and my swelling cock-tip, and I feel my balls clench up in my sac, and you feel your nipples heated by the fire and the rough wood of the mantle on your hand, the stone hearth under your feet, your clit ready to explode then convulsing and shuddering wave after wave of fiery pleasure rippling through your body, pussy and ass, clenching and gripping, feeling the pulsing of my coming in you, my hand spread and tightly pulling you onto me………………..

As the wave begins to recede my fingers find your clit and press firmly, releasing yet another wave of orgasm, this one sharply furious, spiking quickly, you gasping and shuddering as we fall to the rug, grateful for the very thick sheepskin, now catching our breath and reaching for the wine to help cool us off. Maybe.

As we lay there, caressing lightly, you find yourself wondering just what falling snow might feel like on up-turned breasts, closed eyelids, wet pussy, and hard cock……………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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