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Naked and relaxed, Dominic and Dana lay in each other’s arms. He was feeling quite satisfied after filling Dana’s eager mouth with his orgasm. She was a miracle worker with her lips and tongue. Her apparent enjoyment of pleasing her lover made it even better. Dominic’s wife hated giving head. She rarely did it and he just felt guilty whenever she did. His wife would also not be doing what Dana was at this moment.

Just two minutes after he had finished, Dana was tracing his strong quadriceps with her fingertips and kissing his neck. She was eager for more playtime. Her lips were still moist, begging to be penetrated. Dom turned towards her, meeting her mouth with his. His member swelled and throbbed as their tongues explored each other.

His fingers found her rigid nipples and he twisted and pulled on them, making her moan lightly into his open mouth. He proceeded to squeeze her soft, plentiful breasts with his strong hands. His touch was just as she remembered it, the right amount of manly roughness but not uncomfortably so. He gave her right nipple another hard pinch, making her clit tingle. She could feel his hardness against her thigh. “Fuck me,” she begged.

He continued kissing her and teasing her breasts. She was going crazy. Dana couldn’t wait any longer. She pushed him on to his back and straddled him, his swollen cock pressed between her folds. Dana started grinding against him, sliding her sensitive nub along his length. Dominic could feel her wet heat lubricating his cock. She used her hand to guide him to her opening. His thickness disappeared within her, filling a void that had been building far longer than she had realized.

Dana loved how he felt inside of her. He was the perfect fit for her vagina. Dominic’s member completely disappeared in her and her clit pressed sincan escort against him. Her hands pressed into his strong chest and his hands gripped her ass tightly, guiding her up and down his shaft. After a couple of minutes, her sighs and moans were getting louder. Dom removed his right hand from her rear and pressed his thumb against her throbbing clit. Dana could instantly feel the familiar contractions within her. Her skin flushed, her pulse raced, and waves of pleasure rolled through her body as she tried to avoid collapsing on top of her lover. The sensation became too much and she pushed herself away from him, falling on the bed to his side.

Dom laid there with a satisfied smile. He derived immense pleasure from making Dana moan and writhe. His erection was glistening from the flood of her orgasm. He raised himself up to his knees and placed his tip in front of her open mouth still gasping to catch her breath. “Taste it,” he urged her. Dana hesitated a bit. This is something Jim would find repulsive, but Dominic was a different man. His mind was always thinking of new, dirty ways to explore each other. She licked the tip lightly.

She had found that she enjoyed the taste, but the excitement it gave Dominic was the real thrill. He pushed himself deeper into her mouth. Dana opened her jaw wider and let him fuck her mouth, his tip pressing at the back of her throat and then pulling away. Her eyes watered a bit. The taste of her vagina was now lost in a sea of saliva.

She could feel his excitement building, but just when she thought he might fill her mouth again, he stopped. Dominic stood up next to the bed and grabbed for Dana’s hand. She reached for him and he pulled her up to stand with him. He kissed her passionately, his desire evident in the feverish movements of his tongue. ankara escort Gripping her hips tightly, Dom spun Dana around, moved one hand to her back and pushed her torso forward. She was now bent over the bed, her sex fully exposed from behind and Dominic wasted no time filling it with his erection.

He gripped her hips tightly and slammed in and out of her depths. It was harder than she had been fucked in over a year. It hurt just a little, but in just the right way. She felt his right hand pull away from her hip and moments later felt a stinging slap on her right cheek. A gasp escaped her lips and her muscles tensed, squeezing Dom even tighter. He continued to pound his cock in and out. She was shocked he wasn’t already blowing his load inside of her.

Dom pulled all the way out. “Does my cock feel good?” he asked.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes! Please put it back in,” she exclaimed.

Dominic took his head and tapped it against her clit, ran it the length of her lips, and let it graze over the tightened rosebud of her ass. Dana instinctively pulled away. They had discussed his fantasy of exploring her backdoor, but had yet to do it. Years ago, he had even sent her a little butt plug and encouraged her to explore on her own. They had been on the phone the first time she tried it. She was hesitant to admit it, but she really enjoyed the new sensations and was curious to explore further.

She had pulled away out of surprise but now used the opportunity to reach into the nightstand drawer. Dominic smiled as she pulled out their special toy, a vibrating bullet, and some lube.

“So, you do like it?” inquired Dominic.

Dana nodded with a slight smile on her face. “I’ve been dying to use it with someone.”

Dominic could hardly contain himself. He had been so eager to explore etimegut escort this with someone, especially Dana. It was like a fantasy coming true right in front of him.

Dana handed the blue bulb and lubricant to Dominic as she turned on the vibrator. Her excitement built as she watched Dom spread the smooth gel over the rubber surface, from the 1″ wide bulb to the tapered tip. She pressed the bullet between her labia and allowed the vibrations to wash over her as she bent forward over the bed again.

Dominic pressed the small tip against her tightened opening. He could feel a slight resistance and pressed a bit harder. Dana could feel the pressure building as the smooth rubber slowly made its way deeper within her relatively unexplored cavern. The naughty thrill of the toy and the vibration against her hardened clit were building another strong orgasmic wave within her.

Further and further, Dominic watched as the toy disappeared into Dana’s ass, until it looked as if her body had swallowed the last centimeters of the widened bulb. Her moans filled the room and Dominic could resist no longer. He plunged his cock back inside her soaked pussy. He could feel the toy within her and the vibrations of the bullet. He held the plug inside her tight hole with his thumb, ensuring that it wouldn’t slip out with all of the motion. She moaned louder, begging him to go faster. Even the muscles inside of her pulled on him, urging him to bring her to the edge.

He pulled all the way out and pushed himself deep inside her until he felt his own fluid surging to escape. He buried himself to the hilt and pressed his body weight into her as wave after wave of his semen flowed out of him. Her body reacted instantaneously and waves of orgasm flooded her body. Her knees went weak and Dominic gripped her hips tightly to keep them both from falling to the ground. He guided her into the bed and they lay there breathless and temporarily sated, the bullet buzzing away on the comforter and their special toy still nestled in her depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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