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It was a strange birthday. Not the usual, by any means. When she walked out the door after their celebration, he was left to ponder what just happened…or what didn’t happen.

Usually, celebrating one of their birthdays was just a wonderful excuse for an afternoon of passion, pleasure and pure selfishness for the celebrant. Whatever you want, however you want it, wherever you want it, the day is yours. Kissing, fondling, touching, licking, sucking, fucking, spanking, role-playing, any of the above or all of the above. The whole idea was that the birthday person could get whatever they wanted and not feel guilty about it. And, that also meant the giver had a great time too, because what was good for one was always good for the other. Always.

But this time was different. It was her birthday and right from the walk through the door, there was distance. A light peck on the lips, then a light peck for gifts one, two and three.

No, I’m fine, she would reply when asked what’s up. Even in laying out the options, she had no preference, no choice….no interest?

The party progressed as planned: the dress-up, the drinks, the online porn, the sucking and fucking. Then, she cried. It’s the hormones, it’s the distance, it’s the busy time at work….it was something, but then those things are always there, so what was different this time?

After she left, he began cleaning up and thought about their time together. Seventeen years and without a word of a lie, her body excited him just as much now as the first time when she gave him that first blowjob in his car, parked out by the tower. Never mind the first fuck; he lasted all of three thrusts, then erupted while she lay on the front bench seat of his station wagon.

What was it they said they always had, that ‘zzzzzzzzzzz’, that passion, that fire, that spark? And for seventeen years, that spark never lessened….until maybe today.

For the next days and weeks, it was all he could think about. Had she found someone else? If so, who and for how long? God, those are the kinds of questions that make a man crazy and make him do crazy things. He didn’t want to be that nutbar; he just wanted to be back in her arms, feeling that ‘zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.’

It happened about two weeks later. They had arranged for her to come over for a game of tennis. Now, the tennis thing was almost always a ruse; just a code word really, for an intimate afternoon.

Would she be interested? Sure. Around one in the afternoon? You bet.

He fretted and fussed for days, wanting the setting to be just right. If she is done with me, then this won’t make a difference, he reasoned. And if she is back to her old self, then this will just make it even better.

So he began: a dozen long-stemmed red roses, her favourite chocolate with coconut, a tasty margarita, a suggestive card, some porn in the TV paused and ready, and a sexy outfit laid out on the bed. Oh, and the cologne she gave him, scenting those special areas.

As he surveyed the scene, satisfied with the set-up, he poured himself a generous drink, flicked on the porn and waited for her arrival.

And if she says adios? Well, they had always had a flexible arrangement, so that could be a possibility. But God, how he loved her! He still remembered the very first time he saw her. She was a goddess then and was still one now.

Snapping etimesgut escort him out of his reflection was the gentle knock at the door. Immediately he jumped up, his heart already racing to the unknown reception.

He opened the door and took a breath, as he always did. She always did that, took his breath away, and today was no different. Her hair, her smile, her eyes, her body, it always reduced him, just a little.

He wanted to kiss her, deeply. He wanted to hug her, hard. He wanted to squeeze her ass, he wanted to….do anything, everything! This time, it was he who hesitated.

And she felt it. He had always welcomed her with the biggest of kisses and hugs and gropes. Usually she had to beat him off at the door or else he would try to undress her on the spot.

But not today. No surprise, she thought, for how our last time was together. She was in a weird mood; partly due to hormones, partly due to work stress, partly due to the other men in her life she’d known. He was always there for her, like a seventeen year-old comfort blanket. But, somedays, a girl wants more than just comfort; maybe some passion and excitement? Maybe one of those other guys would provide some of that excitement…..maybe.

But then there was him. And that ‘zzzzzzzzzzz’ they had; how could she explain it or ignore it? He had always been the most sensitive man she’d ever met; seeming to know her moods and feelings, sometimes even before she did. Damn it! Where was he 20 years ago, before things got complicated?

With each in their own thoughts, they moved together into the living room with a margarita in hand. In the excitement of her arrival, he had forgotten to turn off the porn on the TV, so they both walked into a scene of an enthusiastic brunette giving some guy the blowjob of his life.

As he fumbled for the remote to turn off the show, she gently placed her hand on his to stop the search. Together, in silence, they watched the passion unfold on-screen while they sipped their drinks. Slowly, the passion on-screen and the alcohol had their effect on them as their hands moved from comforting to exploring to arousing. His hand circling her nipple, her hand squeezing his cock. It didn’t take more than a minute for their touches to turn into hungry advances as they both wanted to go back to that space of appreciation, love and lust.

With both of them hungrily exploring and grabbing, they turned to each other and like a well-rehearsed play, opened their mouths to give way to the other’s frantic tonguing, probing, nibbling, biting, sucking — barely able to catch a breath, but not wanting to lessen the moment.

And again, without a word, she writhed out of his arms to drop to the floor in front of him and with a practiced flick, sprung his cock to her open and waiting mouth. She had always loved sucking cock and he was the perfect size for her mouth; wide enough to enjoy and just long enough to gag on, which pleased him to no end.

As her head bobbed up and down on his wanting shaft, he looked down to the ample ass he so loved. For him, having her suck his cock and balls, and being able to fondle her ass was just about perfect….

And she knew; she knew he was an ass man, who loved nothing better than to stroke, squeeze, spank, tongue, finger, and fuck her ass. So, if he loves it so much, why not sincan escort tease him with it? Why not stick it out a bit; let it sway while she gobbled his hard dick.

To him, this was almost heaven. Being blown, getting to play with some ass. The only thing better was being buck naked and being able to drive that ass. Now that was truly heaven. And he didn’t want to waste anymore time on this, as much fun as it was. So, he pulled her on top of him and pulled off her top, to spring her perfect tits free. He had always loved her tits; firm, ripe, with nipples that hardened into little erasers when he got her hot and wet, just like they were now.

And how she loved what he did to her nipples. He always got them hard and erect, no matter what he did. He just had that effect on her. And when he sucked…God! How he tongued and bit and sucked, it just made her hotter and wilder than even she could believe.

Grinding her hungry pussy on his exposed shaft made them both want to get rid of all their clothes and begin the raw, animal fucking that was building up inside both of them. She deliberately slid off him and on her way off, grabbed his pants and tugged them with her as she stood up. As he peeled off his shirt, she smoothly slipped out of her shorts and thong, deftly flipping them in a pile with her foot.

“Time to play,” he commanded, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her along, up the stairs to his bedroom. Halfway up, he stopped and let her pass; they both knew what was next. As she got to the top of the stairs, she paused for just a second to grab both ends of the banister, waiting for his next move. At that pause, he moved in behind her and cupped her fully drenched pussy lips. He knew she waited because she wanted; she wanted to be touched, appreciated, teased, loved, taken, and used…hard.

So, he began: while she stood, he fingered her dripping cunt, which caused her head to shoot back in pure ecstasy. After a few quick finger fucks, he then pushed her hips down on the stairs, so her ass could stick up while her tits flattened against the carpet. Beautiful, he thought. A hot, full, wet pussy waiting to be drilled, waiting for his cock, which was waiting for that cunt, waiting to ram her and feel her wetness. With a mind of it’s own, his cock directed him to kneel in behind her and with one fluid motion, drive to the hilt into her waiting pussy.

And as always, her legs spread, almost imperceptibly, to gain as much penetration as possible. With her tits ground into the carpet, she sought to let go of her body and enjoy the sensation of her cunny being violated.

After a dozen thrusts, he pulled her up, steered her around the corner and pushed her toward the bed. She loved this; not having to think or be in control. All she had to do was be there and wait for him to use her; use all her holes however he wanted. It was kind of liberating in it’s own way; no decisions to be made, just make oneself available to another’s most primal urges, knowing that you have that kind of power over someone else. Very liberating and very empowering.

Primal. Primitive. Animalistic. He wasn’t the gentle lover anymore. She had something he wanted and there was no reasoning about it; no foreplay; no build up. She had warm and wet holes that he wanted. Whether she wanted what he did was irrelevant. He would take her; take escort etimesgut her mouth, take her cunt, take her ass. Take it how he wanted it, when he wanted it, where he wanted it and how often he wanted it. As primitive as it gets.

To see her lying on her back, with one leg rasied, showing off her ass and swollen pussy lips, just reduced him to the animal she wanted to be. She wanted to feel him rush her and move in behind her. She wanted to feel him anxiously probe for one of her holes. It didn’t really matter to her; in fact, not knowing where he would fuck her made it even more exciting. To think he would just take her and fuck her and use her, it was….perfect.

Squeezing her ass, probing her cunt, fucking it like a wildman out of control was…perfect. Feeling him slap her ass and roughly grab her nipples and squeeze….perfect. Hearing him babble like a crazed biker about ‘fucking her in her hot cunt’ and telling her he loved her ‘wet, fucking pussy’ just made her even hotter herself. Again, perfect.

And perfect what was she was, as he drilled her pussy. He loved fucking her on her side when she would reach back to grab his hips and pull them into herself so she would get a bigger bang. He knew she loved the banging, the feeling of his balls slapping anywhere on her body. But she particularly loved it when his balls slapped her swollen pussy lips. Whether fucking her cunt or ass, she loved the feel of his balls on her cunt. It just made her feel like the sexy woman he always told her she was, but she sometimes didn’t believe. But today, she felt sexy; she felt hot, she felt….everything.

For him, he wasn’t thinking anymore. He was just reacting to what his body wanted. And his body wanted the tight fuck of her ass. His body wanted to control and possess her in the only way that an assfuck does: totally, completely and absolutely.

As he pulled out, they both knew what was next and they both wanted it. She wanted to be violated, used and taken. He wanted to feel the tightness of her asshole and know she was his. With that, he probed once, then drove his cock the full length of his shaft to bury his dick in her slick ass.

“Oh fuck baby, take that ass, that ass is all yours. Fuck that ass, fuck it hard, fuck it, fuck it!”

Those words reduced him again; reduced him into a primitive who wanted only to fuck.

“You like that cock? You like that cock in your ass? Say it, say you like it, say you want me to fuck your ass.”

“Yes, yes I want you to fuck me in my ass! Fuck it, fuck it hard!”, she squealed.

Neither of them were thinking anymore, just experiencing. Experiencing the sounds, the smells, the sensations of a crazed ass fucking by two hungry animals.

Fucking her ass, they both felt the sensations and knew they were both approaching the edge. He loved the sight of his cock tearing into her asshole; she loved the sensations of his balls on her cunt and his hips pounding her ass cheeks. With each thrust, they could both feel the stiffness in his cock increasing and the force in his thrusts intensifying. She raised her leg to give him even more access as he grabbed her shoulder to impale her on his raging dick.

At that, they both exploded; he, deep in her ass and she, deep inside as wave after wave pulsed through her molten core.

Collapsed on her, he rolled off and they lay silent as their hearts and minds returned to reality.

“I don’t ever want to be apart again,” she whispered, as she nestled into his arms.

“Me either baby,” he replied, as he gently stroked her asscheeks. “Me either.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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