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I could barely wait ’til I got home. I was so horny I thought about pulling my half erect dick out in the car and jacking off all over myself, but I didn’t.

When I got home she was washing dishes at the sink and after a quick “hi, honey,” I grabbed her around the waist and slid my hands up under her shirt. I grabbed two handfuls of her big, heavy tits and squeezed and kneaded them like stress relief balls. She cooed as I buried my face in her soft, fragrant hair nuzzling her neck. My aching hard cock pushed against her full, pear-shaped ass as I thrust my hips a few times into her behind. I spun her around, soap and water dripping from her hands and undid her pants, pulling them and her panties down to her ankles in one swift shot. She stood there waiting for my next move astounded at my ravenous sexual appetite.

I pulled her feet free and guided her by the waist as she hopped up onto the edge of the sink. I split open her pussy lips with my pointed tongue plunging it into her musky hole. My nose buried in her thick thatch, I positioned her feet on my shoulders. She clenched my head with her wet hands pulling me into her. I wriggled my tongue around her pussy drooling all over her as I love to eat her, anytime, any day. She moaned as I swirled the tip around her hardening clit and sucked it with my lips. My hands strongly squeezed her thighs as I breathed like a locomotive gaining speed down the tracks.

I could feel the precum literally coursing its way through my cock, soaking my shorts. I fucked her pussy with my mouth as she pumped her hips against me. Her back arched as she pushed hard to allow my tongue to dive as deep as possible. I fucked her pussy hole feeling her walls contracting around me pushing her sweet cream over my kızılay escort tastebuds. She was soaked from our fluids which mingled and coated her lips and thighs.

Her moans turned into shrills and squeals as I concentrated on her hard, protruding clit begging for attention. I drilled me tongue into her hot hole one more time before I brought it back out to finish her off. I sucked her clit hard as I fluttered my tongue against the tip. She bucked against my face and with one last hard thrust she held my head tight with her hands while clamping my ears with her thighs, her pussy contracting in spasms. Her frothy cunt cream poured out against my chin as I hung on for the ride. Her full ass bounced and bucked as she lost muscular control concentrating on trying to stay connected to my face. Her body alternated between rigid and limp while torrents of orgasm coursed through her.

She finally let go and slumped back against the sink and wall. I released my suction and gave her a long slow lap of my tongue tasting her swollen slit which was bathed in her cream. I stood and grabbed her by the back of the neck guiding her lips to mine as we frenched each other, she tasting her fresh cum, moaning and enjoying it. She’s a kinky girl when excited and loves the taste of her own cunt.

I bent over and lightly sucked and licked her thick nipples. Her eyes closed as I clenched one between my upper teeth and my tongue, exerting just enough pressure to send shocks through her body causing her pussy to spasm and contract around the three fingers I had buried inside her dripping snatch. I smeared her cunt cream all over her pussy spreading her lips and rubbing it over her thighs and soft pubes.

I stepped back leaving her completely unattended etlik escort and looked her in the eyes deeply, devouring her full, sexy body with my sight. I pulled off my pants exposing my soaked underwear and straining cock. I quickly pulled them down, my cock sprang free allowing the confined precum to leak from the end in a long strand flinging towards her as it straightened out. She started to get off the counter but I pushed her back and spread her legs apart with my hips. Her lips put on a pouty look but I wanted her now.

I lifted her legs and laid my hard cock on top of her wet slit sliding it back and forth relishing how wet and slippery it was as she coated its underside with her juices. My cock rubbed her clit as the weight parted her pussy lips and it nestled down in between. I mashed my mouth to hers in a heated passionate kiss, our tongues darting wildly inside each other. I grabbed her lips with mine pulling them and sucking them they so thick and full.

I drew back my hips until the tip of my cock settled against the entrance to her sloppy tunnel. A puddle of her own cum formed under her ass as it drizzled from her cunt. Even more squished out past the shaft of my cock as I plunged it swiftly into her. She was so wet it went in easily and to the hilt. She squealed as I filled her pussy full of my thick cock. She was so hot and excited I swear I could feel her cunt trying to gobble me up, pulling me in until she had all of it.

I could feel her insides part and open up to accept my girth, squeezing me tight. Her pussy froth escaped her as I lunged deep. It began to collect on by balls as they slapped the bottom of her ample soaked ass. Wet fucking sounds filled the air intertwined with our grunts and demetevler escort moans. The edge of the counter glistened with her juices as we fucked hard against each other. Our eyes locked together in heated lust wanting to make the other cum.

She loves it when I fuck her hard, it always makes her cum in a different way then when I eat her and once she gets going I knew it wouldn’t be long before she would explode again.

I wasn’t too far behind either as I could feel the cum welling up inside me waiting to unload in a deluge. I hadn’t cum in days and I knew I’d pump her full of what seemed like a quart any second now. I wrapped her legs around my back and put my hands under her ass cheeks lifting her from the edge of the sink. Using her own body weight I literally bounced her off my thighs fucking her harder, faster and deeper.

She threw her head back cumming, flooding her pussy, pouring out of her and over me. Her thick fluid ran over my balls and dripped to the floor. As her climax subsided she curled her head into my shoulder holding me tightly as I pumped her a few last times.

I could feel her hot breath against my chest as the first jet of my hot cum shot into her. Thick seminal fluid flooded the walls of her cunt squishing out her entrance as I pumped my cock in and out of her. Our cum mixed and gravity pulled it from us as more escaped with each heavy thrust.

I finally emptied out as my legs turned to jelly and I worked us into the nearest chair. She stayed with me and sat on top, my softening cock still inside her. We kissed each other deeply and deliberately enjoying the relaxed feeling of the aftermath.

We were sticky with lust and our sexual heat cooled. To my surprise she stood up disengaging our sticky bodies and bent down kneeling between my legs licking our mess from my cock. Her soft hand pulled my cock, tugging my shaft. Her tongue hotly working me into another erection as she innocently looked up and asked if I was ready for round number two…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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