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[All characters in the story are above 18]


As we start to walk towards the end of the road, the rain has begun now.

We pick up our food parcel and we are waiting for rain to stop but it has now turn into a huge storm.

We cross the street and wait under then huge roof of the big resto-bar which is always open but today closed somehow.

I feel chill in my spine as the cold rain drizzles across my face and he is waiting in the side corner of the roof.

I look across and find the small stalls drenching in heavy rain as people start to leave as early as they can.

I look over and he says something I can’t hear.

“We should have left early. It’s going to rain for a long time now.”

“hmm.. But it’s fun, don’t you think? Eventually we even got to be in rainy night.” I smirk at him and wonder how do I look as he stares at me through his glasses.

“I wish we could kiss here” he says with a matter of factly tone.

“What? now?” I look over and find few people standing in corner but not paying much attention to us.

“Yeah. we can …” and he moves into the darker side of the corner we are waiting. But the moment is gone now as I don’t know how would that seem for other people waiting there.

We move little bit aside to save ourselves from the rain.

And wait until the rain get little lighter.

Slowly it starts to rain even more heavily than before and we have no option but to wait.

I feel my hands drenched in water and I try to remove the water from my skin.

“Man, we should have been at home at this time.” he groans as he looks over the heavy pouring rain.


“Don’t you know why?”


“We could have been fucking right now.” He says it so easily çankaya escort but it gives me goosebumps as a memory of morning lingers back.

“Can we go right now? It’s not stopping anyway.”

“You sure?”

“Yep.” I brace myself and we drive in freezing rain while I am trying to hold him tight.

“Remove my glasses” I take them and hold them lightly in my hands while trying not to shiver in the chilling rain.

We reach home in few minutes and climb the stair case filled with pool of water.

My hands are freezing and I am trying to keep my balance in my heels.

He opens the door and we enter the dark flat, drenched and spilling water all over the floor.

He moves in to turn the lights on but I don’t want them on right now.

“Hey, don’t…” I remove my shoe strap and keep my purse aside as I close the door behind us.

“What? don’t you want to get changed..”


I move towards him and close the distance between us.

I yank down his collar to kiss him and he is surprised to see me wanting this so badly.

He is holding my waist and we are now kissing with our wet clothes on. I am still shivering but the warmth of his lips slowly fills me up in no time.

I remove the top buttons of his shirt as his hands are now moving inside my wet shirt.

He removes my shirt as I am about to remove the last button of his shirt.

I am kissing his neck while playfully biting his skin.

“ahmm..” I cant believe the rainy nights romance is about to happen with me.

His hands are squishing my waist as I remove his shirt.

I can’t see anything in dark but I can feel his strong muscles with my wet fingers. He has to duck a little to kiss me as I am trying to draw him into me.

Sometimes escort etlik I hate that I am shorter than him.

He suddenly ducks to one side and pick me up as we move into the bedroom.

“Hey, it will get messed up. We are dripping wet.” I look at his silhouette as he puts me down on the bed.

“Let it be then…”

He leans in and we continue kissing.

“You look hot in wet outfit.” he smirks at me and reaches for my bra strap.

It’s cold and the wet clothes make me shiver as he takes them off slowly.

The bed seems warm and he makes me sleep on my back.

“ahmm, finally…” I look at his smiling face as he leans in and closes his lips around my right nipple.

“amm.. ahmm. looks like someone’s turned on.” he is sucking my hard nipple like a kid sucking on the candy, his other hand is playing with my other nipple as I am ecstatic with the warmth of his breaths against my cold skin.

I feel his teeth suddenly biting my nipple as it shoots pleasure weaves through me.

My hands clutch his hair in futile effort to stop the torture he continues on my breasts.

“Ah, why you biting.. aaaah.. honey..”

“You like it, don’t you! amm…” he switches to my other nipple and sucks even harder.

“Ah. I can’t wait when these babies will feed me.” He suddenly looks up while playing with my nipple with his fingers.

“Oh… you want me to feed you huh?”

I look at him slowly sucking me.

“Oh yes.. you will have to feed your this hungry baby my dear.”

I close my eyes as I take in the sensation his teeth are inducing on my sensitive aurola.

“You want me to lick you? hmm?” he moves down placing kisses on my belly.

“Only if you want..” he suddenly moves down ankara demetevler escort and yanks my underpants.

I am surprised by the sudden movement as I watch him throw it away.

He holds me by my waist and yanks me down towards him.

“ah.. what you doing..” I watch him open my legs before him and look intently between them.

“Hmm.. Someone is really horny today.” He slowly trails his fingers along my sensitive spot and feel the wetness.

I shiver as a foreign touch excites me in a moment.

He leans in and opens the folds hiding my sensitive spot as I feel his fingers pressure against my clit.

He takes a tentative lick as in to taste me down there.

“ah..” I flip a bit as a reaction to his sudden surprise.

He starts to lick me slowly at first along the wet line of my pussy.

He is making sucking noises as I lay there lost in the sensations going through my legs as his hands explore my inner thighs.


“ahm, girlfriend. how are you?Is this good…” He asks me while licking me slowly keeping a pace.

“God damn… arghh.. Don’t stop..”

I hold his hands and lock them in mine as I need something to hold on to as the pleasure waves hit me as he keeps licking me down there.

“Ahh.. Faster.. faster.” I yell as I don’t care anymore.

I feel his tongue working faster than before making lapping noises and making me realize that something is about to take me to the higher pleasure level.

My cries get louder as his tongue is now replaced with his thumb and simulating me faster than before.

“Ah.. Oh my god.. Ah… Ah right there..” As his movement picks up I am hit with an orgasm making me forget everything around me. I feel him taking place behind me and holding me against him.

“Was it good?” he asks me gently as I am still recovering from it.

“Ahmm.. Oh god.. It was fucking.. great” .

He leans in from behind and kisses me on my cheek as I lay there.

“My sweet girl…”

to be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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