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Most of you would have read our previous stories and know that K loves sex with random guys and enjoys sex more than one guy at a time. I thought I would share more about how sexy she is. She is a tall, long curly-haired brunette with firm C cup breasts and likes to keep her pussy shaved. She is one of those fortunate ladies who can cum with penetration and multiple times in the right mood. She has enjoyed casual sex from a young age and has had several affairs with numerous guys over the years. Her older brother would bring home mates at a very young age, and she would always try to get touched up while watching movies. She recounted several stories of guys fingering and masturbating her under a blanket.

When she could drive, she would go out with her best friend and pick up random guys for sex. She tells of having sex with guys in the front of her car, in car parks, and numerous other public places. She has also fucked several work colleagues over the years, which led to several very hot affairs. One of the easiest ways to get her horny quickly is when she is dressed in a long dress, looking very sexy. She is taken over a desk or standing up, fully dressed with her knickers pulled to one side. She loves that quick hot fuck, with hot kissing and being in a semi-public place, and doesn’t mind it if it is with someone she hardly knows. Her previous boyfriends and husband never appreciated how hot she was. She would have to place knickers in the wash when she came home discretely.

Some time ago, she met a guy on the internet; he lives in a town 400km south of us and serves with the army, to her delight. She has this fantasy of a group of tall young soldiers, fit, and substantial taking turns with her. Some people might find this very strange. However, Karen is very sexual, and if I didn’t support her, it would stifle her personality.

They chatted over the internet via messenger, so they knew what each other looked like, and talked on the phone a few times. One night, while watching TV, she was chatting with Simon on the net. She came in and asked if I minded if she teased him a little. Of course, I didn’t care, and she returned to the office with a cheeky smile? About thirty minutes later, I finished watching TV and decided to see what Karen was up to and how the teasing was going. As I approached the office, I could hear her talking to Simon, and he was asking how many guys she would like to fuck. From my vantage point, I could see the monitor, and he was laid back in a chair playing with his rather large cock, for Karen to watch and enjoy. She still had her blouse on, though wide open, her skirt undone, laying over the edge of the chair, and her knickers around one ankle with her feet apart on the floor.

She responded that she would love to try four or five; he asked if he bought some mates at some stage, and before he could finish, she answered I would fuck all of them. Karen raised her legs open and wide and showed him how wet she was. I imagined she had her finger in her pussy, as she was telling him that it would be so sexy to feel his hard cock in her, and she wanted to fuck him. With her head back and one hand was playing with her breast, the other between her legs. She kept asking him to come and fuck her, which he was now shooting a load all over his stomach. I watched as she came for him, legs wide apart, exposing her wet pussy for him. She moaned and thrust her pelvis against her fingers.

So I went off to bed, and Karen followed a few minutes later. As she climbed into bed and cuddled up, I asked how Simon was, and she didn’t let on that she had been getting off but admitted he was hot and she would love to fuck him. I ran my hand between her legs, and she was very wet and hot and felt like she had already been fucked. So as I rolled her over and slid deep into her hot wet open pussy. I reminded her how hot it was fucking her after other guys had cum in her, and imagine what it would be like if several guys had cum in her. I slowly slid my cock against her wet insides and kissed her with long hot passionate kisses. She was telling me how she loved fucking, and how she knew I loved watching her fuck other guys. Karen started fucking against my thrust, her eyes now glazed. A lustful look on her face, her lower lip between her teeth, as she came hard, she said, she loves to come on another guy’s cock while I watched. With that, throwing her head back against the pillow and came again, telling me, “I wanted to fuck lots of guys.” As I slid out of her, she lay there, turn and looked at me as she said who’s next with a smile.

That night I fucked Karen again. She was asleep when I started with her face down. I slid into her wet pussy. The aroma of her juices and cum from a few hours earlier was very erotic. As she woke up, I said I could be anyone, a random, a mate of Simons, and I would fuck you as you sleep next to your husband. She whispered I would let him too, that would be very hot, and I would like it. So ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar I slid deep and rested the side of my face against hers. It didn’t take long as we fantasized about her fucking someone else again.

The weeks slipped by quickly, and we were on our drive to the motor racing and meet Simon. Karen had been texting him all morning as we drove down, and I could see she was getting very aroused. He sent a few picks of himself, one with a massive hard-on. So she lay back in the car seat, unbuttoned her dress, removed her bra. She then pulled the panties off and snapped a photo on her iPhone as she played with herself as we were driving on the highway and sent it to Simon. Karen was so aroused she admitted everything looked like an opportunity for sex, even the bottle of champagne we had. She considered fucking herself with that. For the remainder of the trip, we talked about nothing but sex for the next four hours and how she wanted to fuck all weekend.

We arrived at our hotel room; we had booked into a large spacious suite with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a large shower, and a balcony. We unpacked and decided to shower and have a quick nap so we could go all night. Karen jumped through the shower first, and as I came out of the shower drying myself, K was sitting on the balcony naked, on the phone to Simon. They talked about how many guys she would like to have sex with and agreed that it would be hot to have someone take a video, especially a double penetration. As I approached, she sat on the edge of her balcony chair and opened her legs, and she was dripping wet. I could see if anyone below looked up, they would see Karen naked. She told Simon that the idea of being fucked like that had made her so very wet. I bent down and started teasing her clit, rubbing the juices around and around. She slid forward, and with legs wide open for anyone to see, she was moaning on the phone to Simon. Simon asked to help her finish herself off, and she slowly played with her clit, watching people in the pool, talking to Simon as she came over her fingers.

I then stood her up and leaned her over the balcony’s edge. Slipped my cock to the hilt and fucked her hard and fast, my hand clasping her breast and tweaking her nipples. As she tried to talk to Simon, it didn’t take very long, and she came, calling out to fuck her, oh fuck I’m coming. I stayed there for a few seconds, caressing her breast and nipples. As we regained our composure, we looked up, and a guy on another balcony had been watching us. As she stood up, my cum dribbled out of her onto the balcony floor

We fell asleep and woke around three, and Karen and I lay naked around the hotel. Karen loves it when I shave her pussy. Tonight was a special occasion, so she lay back on the couch in the sunshine with her legs wide apart, and I patiently shaved and made sure the girl pits were clean and smooth. That done to perfection, I took some sexy photos. She sat there, legs wide apart and her clit puffy from the attention when I shaved her and the excitement of tonight. Karen told me she wanted to get pickup tonight and fucked, coming on a random cock several times. I knelt between her legs, placing my mouth over her clit. As I gently played with her, it and traced outside the lips of her vagina with my tongue. I inserted two fingers deep into her as I sat back, with my thumb against her clit. As my fingers slid into her, we talked about how soon it would be other guys’ cocks doing the same.

She sat up and grabbed the corona bottle I had just finished, and placed the narrow neck against the open lips of her vagina. I would love to do this for a group of guys, and she slowly inserted the bottle into her. She continued until her pussy was now open and stretching around the expanding shape of the bottle. God, she said I could take a thick long cock tonight, look how wet and open I am. She became more excited and fucked the bottle against her wet open pussy as she looked down. That looks so hot, she said. I could handle two cocks in me tonight. Karen continued pushing the bottle into her open wet pussy. She rolled half oh her side, with her legs wide open, the bottle deep inside, her vagina tight around the edge of the bottle. Karen looked up at me, moving the bottle in circular motions edging deeper off as I continued taking photos. She started to cum hard with one hand on the bottle, the other on her clit, her moans of pleasure, I couldn’t take it any longer, and a masturbated and came all over her pussy, hand, and bottle. Slowly removed the bottle, covered in our cum when we had finished. She said that was hot as she placed the bottle on the bar and headed for the shower.

We had agreed to meet Simon, and he would come to our hotel room around five, but at four, he texted to say he was going to be late, probably after ten o’clock. Disappointed, we headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant for a meal and drinks. Karen dressed in a long blue lightweight elvankent götü büyük escortlar dress with an open back and low cut front. She couldn’t wear a bra, and while the dress wasn’t too revealing as she walked, the side of her firm breasts was visible, and it all covered a very tinny black G-string. After dinner, we headed to the bar for a drink. It was now around eight, so Karen was getting over her disappointment and excited again. We found a table to stand and drink at, relaxing over to one corner. Karen went off to the ladies, and while she was gone, a young guy approached me. He was a little awkward as he asked if we were on an internet dating site. I smiled and said I wasn’t, but Karen was. He quickly explained that he was local, and as Karen loved the uniform he was in the army, would she be interested. I couldn’t be sure, but there is one way to find out. So I suggested next time Karen goes to the bar, he walks up behind her and gently places his hand on her side, like you were trying to get to the bar. Then, as you slide under her dress and gently caress her breast, run the other hand over her arse. He was unsure this would work but agreed to give it a try.

So as Karen approached our table, I suggested she get the drinks this time. She walked off to the bar, looking over her shoulder and smiling her seductive smile, her sexy figure capturing most guys’ attention. I signal this young guy to do his stuff, and he walks up behind Karen as suggested. Within a few minutes, he had Karens’ breast in his hand. From our table, I can see she doesn’t initially respond as she probably thinks it is me or maybe Simon. When she realizes it is a stranger, she looks a little confused but looks over her shoulder at me, and I smile. She knows straight away I have got this guy up to it. She stands there for a few minutes talking. The guy behind the bar can see where his hand is and is enjoying the show by this time. I found out later he had her breast out and was playing with her nipple for the barman and the guy standing next to Karen to see. They return to the table a short while later, Karen laughing at my little planned introduction, and she loved it.

This guy’s name was Warren, and he was a lovely young guy, not much taller than Karen, and I could see he was keen on some fun. Karen turned around to me and said Warren wants to take me up to our room, but I have told him that we were here to meet Simon for a threesome

Shortly after 10 pm, Simon comes into the hotel bar. I recognize him from the internet and make my way across the room to introduce myself, as he has only seen a few photos of me. A tall, well-built guy and could understand Karen’s attraction as was what she fantasized about having sex. As we shook hands, I realized he had three other guys following him, and all looked like they came out of the same mold, young, tall, fit, and reasonably good-looking. He said with a grin. She said she would like to try a few guys at once. We went over to where Karen and Warren were standing. Karen walked over, gave Simon a big kiss, and then kissed each of his mates. She is a great kisser, warm and passionate. We stood around the bar table. Karen mingled with the guys as they ran their hands over her arse and teased, playing with her breasts discretely. Karen took the opportunity to tell the guys she liked it bareback, no condoms. They could also take photos if they wanted. After a couple of drinks, she decided to go back to our room.

We all climbed into the elevator. The guys had their hands all over her while engaged in hot passionate kisses with different guys. They had hands under her top and through the split in the front of her dress. By the change in her breathing, I could tell they had found their mark and were caressing her nipples and teasing her clit through her G-string. They soon had her breasts exposed to the guys pinching and caressing her nipples. Karen leaned back against one of the guys, as the other was now parting her dress. I watched as they pulled her G-string to one side and exposed her to their probing fingers. Karen opened her legs and pushed her pelvis out, enjoying the attention when the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. Quickly they covered Karen, but the two young guys had a good look at the same time. The was an awkward silence as they climbed out at the pool level. Finally, we all broke into laughter.

Once inside the room, Simon came up to Karen and kissed her long and passionately, slowly lowering her dress. Until she stood in her G-string, Warren walked up behind her and started massaging and caressing her breasts. Do you mind if I do this? Karen just moaned, and we knew that meant to keep going. The other two guys stood on each side, caressing, taking the opportunity to place a breast in each of their hands, kissing and teasing her nipple. Simon was now between her legs, the G-string off and his mouth firmly over her crotch. It was the most erotic etimesgut çıtır escortlar sight as she had a guy tonging her pussy, and a guy on each breast that also helped stop her from falling, and two guys behind her, taking turns kissing her. I stood there with the other guy taking photos and video of a very sensual experience.

They decided to take her to the couch and sit down, one guy sitting on each side. Simon placed himself between her open legs and continued with his tongue. Karen was wet and horny and ready for a good fucking. We all stood around and watched as Simon slid his hard thick cock into her. It didn’t take long for her to start to moan. Opening herself to his penetrations, the guys on each side kneeling next to her and supporting her legs. She then grabbed the closest cock and started sucking on him while taking the next closest and masturbating him. Simon must have come close to getting off because he pulled out, and another cock took his place. That feeling of having another new cock in her was enough. He had just entered her, and she came with loud moaning, but he kept going. Karen sat up as much as she could watch his cock slid in out with some pace causing her to come a second time. Her eyes now glazed, and her face flushed. Moaning to fuck her, and how much she loved it. There were hands-on her stomach, fingering her clit, on her breasts, and her legs held high and wide, as she came an again. I could see the guy was struggling not to have an orgasm, and Karen was sliding down further, trying to get as much of him into her as she could. Just as she came, he also gave out a groan and shot his load deep inside her, they were coming together. As he knelt between her legs, Karen started to look around. Wow, that was awesome. Who wants to go next.

It didn’t take long, and a third guy knelt between her legs, and he slid into her very wet and open pussy. He started fucking nice and slow, holding her legs up himself. Another guy knelt next to Karen, and she was sucking his cock, and we could tell she was enjoying being fuck at both ends. They were like that for a few minutes, her pussy now wet and slippery with her juices and cum. The two guys then swapped positions, and K was now tasting her pussy, and cum, and it didn’t take long for the guy fucking her to cum also. This time cum was dribbling out of her.

She sat turn around, and they all took turns fucking her from behind, making her come again and again. When I took my turn, I slid into her, hot and wet with several loads of cum. I was fucking her hard, and she could not get enough as I came deep and long in her. My cum quickly ran out onto the seat. Warren was the last guy to take her, and he had the biggest cock, thick and long. He positioned himself behind her, and she moaned out aloud, oh god, that feels so good. I went around and knelt in front of her taking her facing in my hand, and kissed her passionately. I could feel her breath as his cock slid in and out, the taste of her pussy, and other guys cum on her lips. I asked in a low whisper, are you having a good time, babe? Which she replied, fuck yes, I love this, you know I love fucking.

Warren fucked her for a few more minutes, with guys caressing her breast, kissing her. She came several times, pushing her hips high and allowing Warren to fuck deep, and it didn’t take long. He came with a massive load that left an enormous lump of his cum on the seat along with several other loads as she stood up.

Karen went to the lady’s room to freshen up and clean up a little, and as she returned, we led her into the main bedroom. She stood between us at the edge of the bed as we were all hard again and ready. We were going to fulfill a fantasy. With a video camera at the ready, she chose Simon and me to give her a double penetration. Karen had done this before but never recorded herself. She asked

Simon to lay on the bed, and she climbed on him, slowly lowering herself onto him. They fucked slowly, kissing and enjoying more passionate sex. I then climbed behind her and slowly positioned my cock against her stretched full pussy. One of the guys held the camera as I slowly applied pressure against Simon’s cock, and the edge of her wet open pussy. She slowly relaxed, and my cock slid past the tight opening as she let out a deep moan. Her head slumped forward, moaning, as we both slid deep into her pussy, filling her with our cocks.

All she could do was moan and beg to be fucked, as we slid back and forward, together and at different times. The guys around us were wanking and taking photos on their phones at such a hot sight as she fucked us at the same time. It didn’t take Karen long to cum, and her spasms and the sound of her getting off made me cum, adding to the slippery wet feeling that had developed in her pussy. Simon continued fucking Karen, and she was building another orgasm. I climbed off as my erection softened, and one of the other guys climbed up behind her. He fucked her with long deep strokes as she watched me walk up beside her. Her eyes glazed with another orgasm, he mouth open, gasping and moaning. Simon and the second guy then came in her pushing their hard cocks deep into her. As she clasped at the sheet, sighing to keep fucking her. She finally slumped down on his chest, breathing heavily and quivering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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