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Chapter 03 – The Toy Box Challenge

Mike shuffled his feet on the way back to his desk. His lack of focus apparent in his slow gait, idle hands, firmly resting in his pockets, and constant sighs let out with seemingly every other step. Some of his co-workers noticed his lethargy, and unwillingness to get back to work, but simply shrugged and wrote it off as a case of someone needing to get over hump day. And even though the week had definitely seemed to drag on more than usual for Mike, he had an entirely different type of hump day in mind.

It had been nearly a week and a half since his hotel rendezvous with Connie, and the memories, sensations and even her taste were still quite vivid in his mind. His mind began to wander yet again as images sprang into his head of the incredibly sexy woman, her incredible curves, and even more talented tongue. Just thinking of her fantastic tits was beginning to tighten his pants a bit.

To this day, he couldn’t believe his luck, and once again cursed that he hadn’t thought of taking some pictures or even video of their hot session. He considered bringing it up to Connie… but then again, they’d have to actually be able to talk first in order for him to even ask. Mike let out another loud “Sigh” as he approached his desk. Tom, one of his co-workers in the cubicle next to him smiled and shook his head as he passed Mike, shrugging off and having gotten accustomed to his behavior for the past week.

Things had been so hot and sexy between, and left wide open for more with her mention of a challenge. However, since then, they’d both been so buried beneath mountains of work, that they’d not been able to even share a word between them. Mike had just recently finished his workload, however when he’d gone to visit Connie, he found that she’d been in constant meetings and training sessions for almost a week straight, even to the point where she’d been coming in on the weekends. Mike suspected, that considering the circumstances of how they first met, how badly Connie must be in the need for some sweet release yet again. He only wished that he could be there to help her with his eager tongue and digits. If only she had the time…

At his desk, Mike paused briefly, shaking free from sexy memories and thoughts of bounteous Asian breasts as he noticed an envelope with his name on it, sitting on his keyboard. Looking around inquisitively for a moment to see who could have dropped it off, and not seeing anyone, he sat down to inspect it further. As he took a closer look at the writing, his heart skipped a beat as he recognized Connie’s tight, precise, and elegant handwriting. “Even her handwriting is sexy!” Mike thought to himself as he opened the letter.

As he pulled out the letter inside, it trailed with it a very familiar scent of Connie’s favorite perfume, “Noa by Cacharel” she had called it. Apparently it was quite difficult to come by in the US, and it smelled like heaven. The perfume brought a deluge of memories all at once, giving Mike a raging hard on in the process as he breathed it in deeply. As his sense came back to him, Mike looked around to make sure that he wouldn’t be interrupted and began to read the letter.

“Mike, as you know, these past couple of weeks have been incredibly busy for us both, and to be quite honest, have really put a damper on my plans for getting to know your cock better.” Mike’s hard on proceeded to get even harder.

The letter continued “It’s understandable, however I’m not going to simply take this laying down, (remember I like being on top). So I thought that now would be a great time to present that challenge that I had mentioned. So I showed up bright and early like I always do, long before anyone else got in, and took the time to hide 5 presents around the office. Your challenge is to find all five of these presents, and then bring them to me before ankara escort the end of the work day. Luckily for us both, I’m working late again. So you should have plenty of time to find them all.” Mike stopped for a moment and looked around the office. It was like veritable maze in there, and suddenly he wondered how on Earth he was going to find these “presents”… and what did they even look like for that matter?!

Shaking his head, Mike focused on the letter again “If you are able to succeed in finding all 5, you’ll win a prize, which I’m sure we’ll both appreciate. I’ll be keeping an “eye” on your progress, and once I know that you’ve found all 5, I’ll let you know where to bring the presents and claim the prize. You better nail this one Mike, you know how busy things have been, and after our session in the hotel, I’m even more turned on and anxious for cock, than when we first met. Good luck!”

The letter was signed with a luscious, red lipstick kiss that brought an image into his mind of the last time he saw that shade of lipstick, which was while they were in the hotel and those beautiful lips were firmly wrapped around Mike’s rod.

Mike felt his pulse race, and his breath quicken, causing him to breathe in the scent of her perfume even more deeply. All doubts about what or how were now cast aside. He was focused, determined, and would stop at nothing to claim the prize. Closing his eyes, he took in her scent, submersing himself in it.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open! “Wait… I know I smelled this earlier” Mike put Connie’s letter down, and looked around as he wracked his brain to recall where he had caught a whiff of this beautiful and alluring scent. For a moment he thought that maybe it could have been Connie passing through the halls, but then he remembered that she had mentioned that she didn’t like to wear perfume at work.

After placing the letter inside of the drawer of his desk, Mike began to walk down his aisle, sniffing the air as he went, desperately trying to recall where he had caught the hint of the perfume before. His concentration was suddenly broken by someone in the next row clearing their throat loudly. Mike recognized the guttural noise and knew that it must Leonard, one of the company’s accountants. Leonard was a quiet, socially awkward man, who was very heavy set, and often times had a body odor problem. The problem was in fact so substantial, after several complaints management placed him at the end of a row, a good distance from others, and near some of the conference rooms. Mike had spoken to Leonard a couple of times before, and awkwardness aside, he seemed like a decent guy. If it weren’t for the smell of old socks every time he passed by, he may have even spoken with him more often. Then it hit him… that’s it! Earlier while had passed by Leonard’s desk, he had wondered if Leonard had been wearing some sort of potpurri or something to counter act his funk, but now that he thought about it, it was Connie’s perfume that he’d caught a whiff of!

Mike hurried over to the end of the row, and passed one of the conference rooms, in order to approach Leonard’s desk from an angle that would allow him to investigate without being seen. Mike noticed the door to the conference room was shut, and it appeared that there was a meeting going on inside, but he was too focused to pay much attention. Even if there were a meeting taking place, they wouldn’t be able to see him either as he scouted out Leonard’s desk.

As he got into position, several feet behind Leonard, he could already catch the funk of his body odor wafting over to him, causing him to shake his head and exhale out his nose for a moment. But as he breathed in, there seemed to be a very familiar scent that was almost overpowered, but remained strong enough for detection, and Mike’s eyes searched rapidly for the source. As he searched, he noticed elvankent escort that Leonard was focused on his screen, staring a sea of numbers and lost in his own world. Mike could hear Leonard’s chair creak in protest, and wondered how long this one would last.

As he was pondered the chair’s fate, Mike noticed a small box, resting on the floor behind Leonard’s chair that caught his eye. There seemed to be a label of some sort on the box, but Mike couldn’t read it from his position. Quickly glancing around to see if anyone was coming, Mike quietly inched forward before getting down on his hands and knees in order to move forward undetected. As he drew near, the very distinct and hypnotic smell of Connie’s perfume grew stronger, and Mike wondered how Leonard had not noticed it. Thankful that the numbers held Leonard in their sway, Mike managed to make it to the box without drawing any attention to himself, and saw, with much delight, that the label on the box read “Mike” on it.

Excitement gripped his chest, and Mike glanced upwards to make sure that Leonard was still distracted before reaching for the box. Just then, as if in response to the intrusion of his space, Leonard let loose with a soul shaking fart which nearly knocked Mike on his ass. Fighting through the tears, Mike managed to somehow pick the box up, and silently scuttle backwards out of the aisle without passing out.

Once he had reached the end of the aisle, Mike quickly stood back up, and prepared to head back to his desk. Mike stifled a quick cough, and shook his head to try and regain his sense after his near death experience. Connie’s perfume wafted up from the box in his hands, which served to center him once again, and Mike lifted it up in order to see what lay inside. Out of the corner of his eye, Mike noticed that from this angle he could see into the nearby conference room, but he was so excited to see what he might find in the box that he didn’t bother to check who was inside. Besides, from this angle, the people in the room wouldn’t be able to see inside of the box when he opened it.

Mike noticed that the box had a simple dial that you had to rotate in order to unlock and open the box, and thought that it felt a bit stiff as he unlocked the box. As he did, Mike noticed some motion from the corner of his eye, but was much too focused to care. As he opened the box, Mike saw that there was some sort of strange electrical device that had been attached to the dial, however his attention was so fixated on the object inside of the box that the device was quickly forgotten.

Inside of the box, on a bed of velvet, was a glass dildo with a diamond tipped handle. A golden nameplate lay on the edge of the velvet next to the dildo which read “Best Friend”, and Mike recalled a conversation that he had had with Connie before, where she had let him know that she had names for her favorite toys.

Mike smiled and chuckled to himself at the name, and at the same time, was pretty aroused to know that this little beauty had been the source of much pleasure for Connie. Just then, he heard some movement coming from Leonard’s direction, which instinctively caused him to shut the box. Mike briefly looked back over his shoulder to ensure that no one had shared in his little “discovery”, and smiled when he saw that he was safe. However as he turned back around to head back to his desk, he saw that he had a full view inside of the conference room, and none other than his IT Goddess herself, sitting at the end of the conference room table and staring directly at him.

Connie was slightly doubled over, and holding what appeared to be a series of spreadsheets in front of her in order to hide her face from the rest of the room (she appeared to be on a conference call with a group of co-workers). From his position, Mike could easily see the intense look otele gelen escort on her face that could almost be described as somewhere between euphoria and an acid trip. As he watched, he could see her bite her lip, squeeze her hands (wrinkling the spreadsheets in the process), and occasionally bringing one of her fingers to her mouth to suck on.

Her look and behavior were as sexy as they were alarming, and Mike was wondering if he should barge into the conference room to save her, or fuck her right then and there on the table, meeting be damned. Connie must have recognized the possible intention on Mike’s posture and face, and shakily motioned with one of her hands for him to stop. Whatever had been going on with her seemed to have passed, as Connie closed her eyes as she sought to recover her breath. When she opened them again, she saw the look of confusion and concern on his face and a wry smile crossed her lips.

Connie then glanced over to make sure that no one was looking her way, and then used one of her hands to lift up the edge of her sweater to show a glimpse of the belt that she was wearing. The belt was a thin and stylish bit of leather, which had some sort of electrical device attached to it, and a wire that seemed to go down inside the front of her pants.

Mike looked closer, not certain what the device was when it dawned on him. He opened the lid of the box again and inspected the device attached to the dial which opened the box, and confirmed his suspicion. It was a remote control transmitter, and it was paired with the receiver that Connie was wearing on her belt. He smiled appreciatively at the set up, and knew that this would have been child’s play for someone as savvy as the IT Goddess herself. One thing that he was uncertain of however was what the receiver was attached to.

As Mike turned back towards her, Connie saw both the look of realization as well as the slight look of confusion which immediately followed it, and smiled her sultry smile as she bit the corner of her lip, a look which always drove him bonkers. She used her free hand to lift the device up from her belt slightly, so that Mike could get a better look at it, and he recognized it immediately. It was the control for her vibrating egg. He knew it quite well, as one late night Connie had described, in great detail, how much she appreciated this toy, and how powerful her orgasms are when she uses it.

His eyes went wide as all of the pieces fell into place. Every time he opened one of these presents, it would send a signal to her favorite vibrating egg which she currently had deep in her pussy, relentlessly vibrating, and sending her over the edge, which by itself was already a huge turn on. What made it even sexier is that she had no idea when she would be receiving a “buzz”. A huge smile crossed Mike’s face as the possibilities dawned on him. His smile was mirrored on Connie’s face at the same time, as she recognized the look of excitement on him.

Mike saw motion out of the corner of his eye and realized that others may be heading this way to use one of the other conference rooms. As he closed the lid on the box, Mike looked up with a smile of excited determination, and locked eyes with Connie who smiled back and mischievously winked at him. Mike turned away, returning the wink and headed off to secure the box inside his desk.

As he approached, his co-workers looked at him with slightly confused looks on their faces at the appearance of what seemed like an entirely different person from earlier this morning. Gone was his slovenly, apathetic attitude and demeanor, replaced by someone with a powerful stride, determined look and a can do attitude. A couple of them even looked down at their coffee cups and wondered if they needed something stronger in there. Tom even made a joke about Mike hitting up the nearby Vietnamese coffeehouse, as they served a notoriously strong cup of coffee. Mike ignored the laughter as he placed the box inside of his desk and locked it securely. He had no time to waste, the grin on his face grew wider as his eyes glinted with excitement. He had some presents to find!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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