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Big Tits

Her eyes looked directly into mine, unwaveringly. I could feel her breath on my lips ruffling my trim mustache. For a moment she simply stood staring at me. Her wheels were turning and I could only imagine where she might be going.

We’d had an excellent day. It had a flow to it that led up to this quiet exchange of energy between us. Several times during the day, I’d interacted with her in passing as we worked around the house. For the most part I worked in the yard, she in the house. But, I’d occasionally go in to get a cold beer or she’d come out to ask if I wanted to save receipts or accept a dinner invitation for tomorrow. In those exchanges she found a way to be powerfully, and quite passingly, erotic. Once, as we spoke of bills and expenses, her hand moved to her crotch; her fingers pulled and pinched at the seam of her cord jeans. “My pussy itches today,” she winked. As I started to respond she put a silencing finger to her lips, turned and walked back into the house. I was certain her ass had a slightly more arching sway as she did.

Later, as we discussed those dinner plans, she reached over to sharply and persistently twist my right nipple through my t-shirt saying, “Mike and Michelle are lucky they want to get together tomorrow night. I’d have given them a flat ‘No’ if they were looking for tonight. I got plans for you. You are going to scratch the itch that has been teasing me all day.” With a smile she added, “It has moved back to my ass. Can you imagine that?” For the next two hours that is all I did.

Our marriage of ten years had matured into a relationship that was quite comfortable for both of us. Quite successful in my professional life, one which demanded that I interact constantly with staff, making decisions and giving directions, I was happy to be subservient at home. I am submissive and I like it that way. Alex, short for Alexis, is an interesting Dominant female. She relishes my professional success and the fact that our friends and family perceive me to be fully in-charge of our relationship. Alex commands me in public with facial expressions and a direct sense of humor. I know what is expected of me and I act to encourage her satisfaction and to preempt her displeasure. In short, I give her little reason to demonstrate the control over me she enjoys in the privacy of our home. We like it that way. It makes what is happening now so powerful and rewarding for both of us.

Her words brought me out of my thoughts back into the moment. As if to ensure I caught each word she spoke, her right hand went to the back of my neck, softly stroking the base of my skull. “Tonight we are going to do something a little different. You are going to fuck my ass. You are going to fuck my ass very slowly, in fact softly. You are going to caress my asshole from inside out.”

She has the ability to read my thoughts. If fact, in the early stages of our relationship we’d often enjoyed anal sex. Alex seemed to enjoy it well enough, but as she began to dominate our sexual activities and me we gone there less and less often. I could remember the last time I’d fucked her there. As it happens, I do not decide where or when I fucked her at all. She dictates when I fuck and when I cum. We seem to fuck less than I remember in the past but, believe me, I cum plenty at her command. I am not about to complain. When compared to some of the things we do, she does, or has me do alone to cum “fucking” is over-rated.

“I know you’ve fucked my ass before but that is just the point. ‘You’ fucked my ass. Tonight, ‘we’re’ going to fuck my ass. I’m taking you where I want to go.” She loosened her grip on my right nipple. I winced as the blood rushed back into the tortured, soft tissue. My cocked throbbed in response to the sweet pain and her words.

“Drop your pants and I’ll give you a clue.” She moved from in front kızılay escort to behind me as I reached for my buckle. As she heard my zipper rip downward, she grabbed the waist of my dirty jeans and pulled them across my ass to drop around my ankles. Without a word, she reached around to cup my cock and balls in her palm, tossing them softly up and down. My cock grew, not hard, just fuller.

“Spread your ass checks with your hands, bend over and let me see that cute little asshole of yours. I know you like me to look at it.” I did as I was told. Of course, she was right. My cock actually hardened as I thought of her looking between my cheeks. I imagined my white fingertips pulling the deep muscles wide apart, exposing a now pulsing hole.

She spoke with a husky voice. She was getting into the event. “I am going to spit on your asshole and stick my finger fully into my mouth. It will be covered with my spit too. Then I am going to put my fingertip against your sphincter. I am not going to force it into you. You will stroke your cock and push yourself onto my finger as you grow more and more excited. Do you understand?” I could only nod my head as I began to massage my nuts and pull softly, with her permission, at my foreskin ring. I pinched the glands beneath my crown from underneath. My pre-cum began to flow.

Now she spread my cheeks. She pulled them wider apart than I had. It almost hurt. I heard her spit, three times hard, and felt her high-velocity saliva hit the soft pucker of my asshole. My body shook as I waited for her finger. Then I felt it. She was just teasing me with the touch. I wanted her to ram that finger deep into my ass as I stroked my cock. I thought of her pushing her middle finger fully in, then pulling it out, then pushing it back in again. It didn’t happen. It, that finger, just sat there, waiting for me to push back onto it. As I pulled on my now rock-hard cock, she spoke, “See! You want to ride my finger don’t you? I don’t have to move it even a fraction of an inch. When I tell you you can, you’ll fuck yourself with my finger. Okay, now you can fuck my finger. Go ahead.”

Dropping my hands to my knees, I bent fully at the waist, threw my hips in a slow circle and thrust my ass backwards hoping that now the finger would pump actively into me. It didn’t. In fact, she seemed to simultaneously penetrate me and hold back. It was a hellish sensation that had me reaching with my right hand to stroke my cock. All I could think of was having that finger fuck my ass. Instead, she stood tall and spoke from behind me.

“All right, I think you understand. Maybe I’ll let you finish later. Now I want you to get upon on our bed. I want you to think about what we’ll be doing as I get ready. I am going to give myself an enema so that I can really let go. I am going to enjoy your cock as far inside me as I can get it. Then I am going to softly expel it. I want to enjoy that feeling without the worry of a mess. If you lie here quietly, you’ll be able to hear me in the bathroom. Or maybe, I come show you my giving myself an enema.” Alex put a hand on my shoulder and spun me around. Again, she looked straight into my eyes.

“When I come out of the bathroom, you will not speak. I will direct you. Do you understand? Do you want nipple clamps on while you wait for me?” I started to speak; Alex brought her hand up to softly pinch my lip. “No talking. Just nod if you understand. If you want some excitement while I’m in the bathroom.” I nodded affirmatively and crawled onto our bed, onto her satin sheets. Alex, my loving wife, applied the tweezers-like clamps to my nipples. She pulled the little silver rings as far as she could toward the tip. God, they hurt so good. As she turn from me toward the bathroom she admonished, “You will not play with yourself while I’m gone. If I find you do so, I’ll withhold etlik escort this wonderful experience. It will be wonderful for both of us.” I knew the power of anticipation and the reward she offered. I listened to her in the bathroom for ten minutes and only pumped my hips into the air as I imagined what was to happen. With each thrust of my hips, each time my ass left the satin, a few drops of my copious pre-cum splashed to the sheets.

After ten minutes, she returned. She carried a full red enema bag in her hand. She was naked but her skin had been toned with a sparkling lotion. She hung the bag on a clothing hook next to her closet. She crossed to the bed, nozzle in hand, a long black hose snaking from bag across the floor. Without one word, she turned her back away, put her right leg upon the corner of the bed. She bent at the waist, looked over her shoulder at me, flicked the clasp releasing the flow of solution and moaned in a satisfied way. As the solution flowed into her, and still not touching myself, I fucked air as I watch her fingers rub softly, almost in rhythm with the flow of the solution, across the nubbin of her engorged clit. She hummed now to herself as her fingers danced and the solution flowed. Not daring to speak I looked from the nozzle embedded in her ass to the fingers working at her clit and pussy, to the bag hanging on the wall and slowly draining, and to my dancing cock and its unending flow of pre-cum. Finally, the bag emptied and Alex reached a powerful orgasm as evidenced by a softly spoken, “Mother Fuck.” She straightened, looked back to smile at me, and walked back into the bathroom.

I waited as quietly as I could for more than ten minutes, she seemed to be applying make-up and doing her hair as she waited for the enema to take affect. I didn’t want to miss a thing on this ride. Finally, I heard bottle or tube slapped down on the counter. She spoke with a tone of hurry, “Are you listening? I want you to hear this.” And I did, a powerful rush of fluid was expelled from her body in one long burst. Though I couldn’t see it and didn’t necessarily want to, her satisfied moans left a lot to my imagination.

As Alex passed through the bathroom door into the bedroom she flicked off the lights I didn’t realize were on and shared, “Little orgasm on the way in, little orgasm on the way out. Now I’m ready for the big event. I think you are too.” Even in the soft light she could easily see the puddle of pre-cum collecting at the base of my turgid cock. “I can see you’ve obeyed me and you haven’t touched yourself. As promised, I am going to give you, and me, something special. Remember, you only do what I say you can do.”

Alex crawled onto the bed and straddled my legs. She reached to the nipple clamps and pulled down the small silver rings. As the jaws released, I enjoyed the pleasure pain and began to thrust my hips into her muscular buttocks. She whispered, “You mustn’t move. I’ll move when the time is right.”

Without breaking the connection of skin-to-skin created by her straddle, Alex bent at the waist and reached over to her nightstand. She opened the drawer with one hand. She withdrew a long-thin dildo and said, “We’ll need this for later.” She dropped it on the bed beside her.

Alex loomed over me, her pussy just inches below my cock. She pulled my right arm from between her thigh and my thigh, brought it up to her face as if to look into my palm. Instead she dropped a large dollop of saliva into the cup my hand formed. “Spread this all over your cock. Mix it with that pre-cum you’ve been collecting. Get your pole slick for your Mistress.” When I finished and took the liberty of stroking myself a couple of times, she reached for my “pole” and moved her crotch directly over it, resting the cock-head against a very clean anus. Her eyes were closed, she wasn’t, demetevler escort seemingly, aware of me.

She placed her middle finger on her clit and began to roll it in soft circles. Under her, I watch the button grow large as it filled with her self-induced passion. Her hips began to move in slow circles. She reversed direction every couple of rotations. As she rotated, I could feel her apply ever-so-slight downward pressure. The motion seemed to open her sphincter in a manner that allowed my cock to enter her without resistance. In fact, se seemed to be softly accepting and rejecting my cock in a rhythm slightly out of sync with her rotations finger-on-clit. The effect was maddening. I wanted to powerfully thrust, but I knew this would be contrary to what she was working on.

And working on it she was. Sweat ran across her breasts as I looked up at her. The effort she was putting into simultaneously pounding her clit and softly poking at her asshole with my cock seemed to create a friction that would eventually create a fire. The heat was simply building. Alex kept this effort up for more minutes than I would have thought possible. Every few seconds some very dirty words would escape her lips.

Once, “Fuck your ass Bitch. Fuck your ass. Take his cock deep. Take that fucker to the hilt. Open your ass for it. You want it.” As she spoke, I swear I felt her asshole open, her whole anal canal went soft and my cock just slid in. Then the canal seemed to close around cock and pulse. It was as if a hand were milking my cock.

Then minutes later, “Oh yeah, Fuck Mama deep. Sweet Mother Fucker. I want to cum. No, I want this fuck’in cock to go deeper into my ass, into my nasty hole.” Amazing I wasn’t making any movement to speak of and yet I’ve never had a nastier, deeper fuck. I was so deep in her ass, I felt as if her ass was sucking in my balls, taking them up into her to fill her more completely.

She didn’t seem to be fucking either, though her fingers never stopped working her clit. Instead her whole asshole seemed to open up and settle upon me. Deep. Deeper than I’ve ever gone into another persons’ body. As if she understood where I was Alex whispered, “Fucking deep and nasty, uh Baby! I am going to cum and it is going to be wild.”

Preparing for the last stage of her erotic journey, Alex reach over for the dildo resting beside her. She pushed it into her mouth, covered it with spit, and opened her eyes to look at me. “Now, Baby I am going to push this into your ass. Don’t worry you’re already ready. You just don’t know it. Bring your knees up so that I can rest against the. It will help your dildo slide in. Don’t move, ride the vibration.” Alex reached behind and beneath her back as I pulled my knee up to rest against her back. I was amazed at how easily a dildo slid full depth into my ass. She only put one there a couple of times in the past. That was then, this was now and it was different. This felt somehow like a part of her.

“Just relax and let the vibration take us both to the same place. Oh yeah, fuck. Here it comes. Never felt nastier.” With that Alex went to a new place. She just oozed over my cock. I was so deep inside her ass, I felt like I was literally a part of her rising orgasm. She didn’t move outwardly at all. We were both still to the eye. But, inside both of us something purely erotic was happening. We were pulsing together. My ass was pumping from inside out and I felt like I was a part of her pulsing ass.

When the simultaneous orgasm came, it could not be described. But, I’ll try to share it. It came from our toes, it came from our heads. It met in our asses. It didn’t explode, it oozed between us long and deep, for five minutes it seemed. I just left my cock in her as deep as it was, deeper than it had ever been. She pulsed in sync with the vibrator, whispering, “What a nasty, nasty ass fuck.” I had to agree.

This fuck occurred a week ago. I am waiting for an encore. I don’t get to ask. Truth is maybe I don’t want to. I think I may never have an experience like this again. What a disappointment that would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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