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Big Tits

You entered the hotel lobby and strode up to the front desk. As I had instructed on your voicemail, you asked if you might have a key to Suite 605. The concierge nodded and passed you the keycard with a perfunctory “Enjoy your stay”.

The wait was short, and the wine bottles clinked softly as you moved into the elevator. With noone else there, you quickly checked your hair in the mirror and bit your lip in anticipation of the weekend.

With a soft click, you opened the door to Suite 605. You could hear the shower and smell the steam. Even the vanity mirror outside the actual bathroom was steamed up. You wandered over to the kitchenette and put your bags on the counter. You smiled to yourself as you saw the bucket of ice and bottle of Prosecco, and glasses. The bottle was uncorked and as instructed by a small note on the table, you poured yourself a glass and tasted it. Divine. You took a larger sip and let the bubbles tickle your nose. Then you moved off to put away the ingredients for dinner.

This time you grinned when you opened the fridge to find an apron. A small note pinned to the apron suggested that it could only be worn over lingerie, and after an instant’s thought, you dropped your clothes by the dining room table and slipped the apron over your head. It was a little cool in the room and you could feel the cold floor underneath your bare feet.

Excitedly, you looked over the ingredients while taking another sip of Prosecco, when you heard the shower stop. Going over the preparation in your head, you set the ingredients in the order that you’d need them. The door to the bathroom opened and you smiled. Coyly, you stayed in the kitchen and took çankaya escort another sip, didn’t even turn around when I came in, a towel around my waist and hair mussed. I came up behind you took you into my arms tightly. You could feel how hot my skin was from the shower and how clean I smelled and melted back into me. I was immediately hard and you could feel it through the terry cloth on your buttocks. I reached under your apron while nuzzling your neck and pushed your bra up, one hand grasping your breast, rubbing your nipple with my coarse, hot palm, the other unsnapping the clasp and slipping the straps off your shoulders. You felt my towel loosen and fall to our feet as my hand made its way to your panties, underneath, to feel you soaking wet. My other hand around your throat now, you groaned and pushed back against my hardness while I slipped a finger inside you. You felt flushed and dizzy, from the heat, from the wine, from my finger. I pulled out and turned you around to find your lips, slamming you back against the fridge, kissing you hard, but briefly, before nibbling on your neck and your ears, both hands down to your ass, grasping each cheek hard, pulling, fingers pressing and pulling them apart, squeezing. I was breathing heavily by now too and you could feel how hard I was.

Abruptly, I stopped and looked you in the eye, and put both my hands on your shoulder and pushed you downwards. You knew what I intended without question. Descending to your knees, you looked up and I did not smile, you could see my eyes burn, so strong was my desire. You placed one kiss on the light little fur above my belly button before I took your chin in one hand and myself escort etlik in the other and told you to open your mouth. I leaned forward and rubbed the length of my cock on your cheeks and over your open mouth, I circled your lips with the tip, softly, but you could feel I was made of steel underneath, and the heat was intense. Your tongue darted out instinctively and you moved forward in anticipation. I pulled back and pushed you back against the fridge. You could tell that I wanted this incredibly badly, that this was not going to be a slow and gentle pleasure, it was past that. I was desperate for this and I quietly whispered “please, please”. You reached down and pulled the towel under your knees.

The moan and shudder when I pushed past your lips was worth the price of submission. I was only halfway in but I felt thicker than ever. With your hands at your sides you let me move in and out slowly, feeling me expand and flex in the process. You couldn’t see my face as I leaned over you onto the fridge but you could feel the tension in my body and that knew that I was beyond return. My breathing was really getting loud and heavy and I was shuddering frequently, as I began pushing harder into you. You repositioned yourself a little to give me deeper access but truthfully you didn’t think you could take more of me. Still, I had to have it, and I placed my hands on your hair. Your hands came up to my thighs in instinct. I slowly pushed deeper, until I could feel myself touch the back of your throat. Pulling back immediately to give you a chance to brace yourself, I started in again, all the way out, all the way in, for an instant, then for longer. ankara demetevler escort You could feel the rhythm and soon I was in for longer, all the way in, your jaw sore from taking me in entirely, all of me. Every time I touched the back of your throat I cried out and you could tell I was getting close. There was no stopping now, and you murmured “mmm-hmm” to let me know it would be okay.

I took a few instants pause to come to my senses and looked down at the adorable face, the tangled hair, the flushed cheeks, and the wild desire, you were committed now to blowing my mind. You leaped forward and took me in your mouth again, deeper than before, deeper than I knew possible, pushing your face into my abdomen, gagging once, but confident. You drew back and pushed me into your throat again, drew back, again, I could feel your saliva thick on my cock now, I was so wet and you were pushing me so deep, I could feel your throat constrict around my cock now, and I lost my mind and cried your name, you encouraged me, grabbed my ass and plunged me in and fucked me with your mouth, fully into you, you began swallowing so I could feel your throat stroke me and when you felt my whole body tense you put your hands on my hands in your hair as if to say do it, do it, fuck my mouth, come for me, come in my mouth, I want you to, and it took me over the edge and I lost control and pushed your head down hard and exploded, over and over, great pulses right up against the back of your throat, there was nothing to do as it slipped downwards, and you held me as I shivered and swore and took all of me into you. You could feel my thighs quiver and my knees buckling, my breathing was so laboured you worried for an instant but knew better. A moment later, I moved to the bed, my legs having given way under me, the throes continuing, while you, with an evil little smile playing on your lips, returned to your Prosecco and poured another glass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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