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He couldn’t help but feel a little silly, but also intrigued. With a naughty smile, she had shut him out of his own bedroom and told him to come back in ten minutes. She said if he still had his graduation regalia from law school to put it on, but if not that was all right. In the back of the coat closet he had found the gaudy robes and put them on. What did she want with him in his robes? He knew what he wanted from her. He reached down and adjusted himself. Well, she had come all this way, and he’d waited this many years, he could wait a little longer.

Ten minutes on the dot had passed. He thought of knocking, but it was his own bedroom after all. She’d had ten minutes to make herself decent – not that he would have minded walking in on her naked. But simply undressing didn’t take ten minutes. Taking a breath, he opened the door.

Whatever he expected, it was not this: She was dressed as a Hogwarts student. A Hufflepuff, to be precise. She wore black Mary Janes, grey stockings that came just below the knee (he loved a woman in stockings), and a pleated grey skirt. Into that skirt, a white button-down shirt was tucked in, and over that a grey sweater. She wore a yellow and black striped tie – a tie he had bought for her years ago, now that he thought of it. Over all this, she had a black robe with a Hufflepuff patch. She’d left her long, blonde hair loose over her shoulders. Her pale face was a little pink in the cheeks, most likely from all those layers. As he glanced behind her to the bed – the big, inviting bed – and the nightstand, he saw that she had not so subtly placed a condom on top of his alarm clock.

“Oh, Professor Samuels!” she gasped. “What are you doing in the Hufflepuff common room?”

A smile quirked on his lips. That explained her request for the robes. So it was role-playing she wanted. He would have been happy to simply fuck her, but this would do quite nicely as well.

“You know though, Professor,” she went on when he didn’t immediately respond, “I’m glad to see you. Ever since you’ve taken over for Professor Flitwick for Charms, well, you know I’ve been struggling. I just can’t fail this class, Professor.” Looking down, she took a timid but definite step forward. “There must be something I can do for you.”

If he hadn’t been hard when he entered the room, he most certainly was now. So it was the dirty professor routine. Well, he was as game for a little role playing as the next man.

“I think there might be something,” he drawled. “But first, why don’t you take off that robe? You look awfully hot.”

She bit her lip, feigning shyness, but she obeyed, dropping the robe on to the floor. Starting to sweat himself, he took off his ridiculous hat and threw it on top bahis şirketleri of her robe. As fun as this would be, he needed to see more of her, to touch her; he needed to extend the pleasure as long as he could. He bridged the gap between them, put his hand beneath her chin and raised it to look at him.

“Now tell me, Miss Kantor,” he purred. “How badly do you want this?”

Her breath came heavy. “So bad,” she whispered. “I need this.”

“And I need this.” He leaned in and kissed her, deeply. Her lips were soft, and she yielded to his searching tongue quickly. He reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her even closer. He wanted to make sure she felt how hard he was.

She withdrew from his lips, but kept her body pressed to his. “Professor!” she exclaimed in pretend surprise. “Should we be doing this?”

He raised his eye brows. “You do want to pass Charms, don’t you?”

She nodded silently, looking into his eyes.

“Say it,” he insisted.


“Yes what?”

She panted. “Yes, Sir.”

He pulled her somehow closer. “Good,” he replied. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips; she eagerly leaned in as he pulled away. “Then take off your sweater and shoes.”

“Yes, Sir,” she responded as she pulled off the sweater and slipped off the shoes. He decided to ditch his own robe, though now he regretted that he’d put it on over his khakis and dress shirt instead of going stark naked beneath. He saw her eyes flit to his erection. She clearly wanted this as much as he did. Well, perhaps we could prolong the experience then.

He started to unlace his tie, looking at her from head to toe, lingering at the buttons at her chest, straining to contain her ample bosom. He leaned forward and kissed her again. Unlike last time, she reached her arms around him, one hand in his hair, another on his waist. As they continued to kiss he loosened her tie, then slowly began to unbutton her shirt, eventually dropping it to the floor. Her bra beneath was white. He groped her a little, then reached behind her to undo her bra. He fumbled with the hooks more than he had anticipated and felt himself blush.

He leaned to her ear, briefly licking it. “Take it off,” he demanded.

“Yes, Sir,” she panted back. With a slip of the hand, she was sliding the bra to the growing pile of discarded clothing.

This was what he had been waiting for. God, he loved her breasts. He kissed down her neck before landing on her left breast. Greedily, he began to suck it. Her breath drew sharply inward and he heard a slight moan escape her lips. Her breath grew even more ragged as he alternately sucked and flicked his tongue across the nipple, his other hand reaching her other breast and pinching that bahis firmaları nipple. She raked her fingers through his hair, tugging slightly as her moaning grew louder before whispering, “Oh yes, professor.” He removed his own shirt as he continued.

Reaching his hands to her hips, he walked forward, and she followed his lead, her own hands reaching his belt to pull him along as she did her best to unbuckle it. She stumbled slightly when she reached the bed, then realizing her position in the room, sitting down. As she scootched her way further up, allowing her to lay back completely, he unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. As he got on the bed, she spread her legs to allow him to lay between them. Pulling up her skirt, he allowed his hands to run along her soft, pale thighs. She trembled beneath his touch as she continued to kiss him. He felt her panties. They were already wet to the touch, and he could tell just by touching that she had shaved herself completely bare. She quivered. He was about to demand she remove her panties when she began to kiss his neck and gave him a bite so hard he gasped. He pulled away abruptly.

“No marks, Miss Kantor,” he said sharply.

“Sorry,” she rushed. She was already leaning forward to kiss him again, her hands tugging on his ass.

He pulled back, smiling coyly. “Sorry what?”

“Sorry, Sir,” she quickly corrected herself. She leaned forward again, and again he withdrew, his smile growing broader.

“I can think of a better way you can use that mouth of yours,” he went on.

Now she smiled. She sat up and flipped so now she was straddling him. He allowed himself to gasp. She leaned forward and kissed him, grinding her hips firmly on his a few times. Slowly, she began to trace her fingers down his sides before reaching between her own stockinged legs to grab his cock, which she worked free from his underpants. Even though he knew it was coming, he couldn’t help but let a heavy breath escape him. She kissed and licked down his neck, lingered a moment on his nipple, then readjusted her hand to the edge of his underpants. She teased at the waistband a bit, allowing just her fingertips to trace along the top of his pubic hair.

Just as he thought she might drive him mad, she put her hands to his hips and yanked his underpants down, which he kicked off the bed. She looked up at him a moment as she agonizingly kissed her way down his stomach. When she reached his cock he felt her hot breath on it before she slipped her tongue out and slowly licked the head. At first she only took the very tip into her mouth, once, twice, but then she took its entirety. He felt his breath catch, and for a brief moment he was concerned he would finish too soon. Slowly she kaçak bahis siteleri worked him, swirling her tongue, both the tip and the breadth, all around his corona, gently tugging at his balls, occasionally pulling down to suck them too. He reached down and ran his fingers through her blonde hair, occasionally hearing his own voice escaping his lips. He looked down to see a woman fully engaged in her craft. It felt like forever as he willed himself not to cum yet. She kissed the corona a few times, looking intently up at him. Her yellow and black tie still dangled from her neck.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He sat up slightly to touch her shoulder. Reading his cue, she began to kiss and lick her way back up his stomach. Before she could reach his lips again, he grabbed her hips firmly and rolled on top of her. As he did, she reached for the condom on top of the alarm clock and slid it into his hand. Their eyes met, and he could almost feel the heat of her desire. As quickly as he could, he opened the condom and rolled it on to his throbbing member. As he did, she reached down and pulled down her white panties. As he’d hoped, she left the skirt on. Kneeling between her legs, he ran his hands up her stockinged calves, her bare thighs, then allowed his fingertips to run higher before sliding between her labia and inside of her. She inhaled sharply as he slowly fingered her, allowing the tip of his penis to rub tauntingly along the inside of her thighs. Now she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh, fuck me, please,” she whimpered.

That was all the invitation he needed. Lifting her thighs into his hands, he positioned himself and entered her. Both of their breathing became somehow more uneven. Occasionally she pinched his nipples, but more she held his hips. She started moaning, at first just a little vocal burst as he rocked his hips forward, but eventually growing louder and louder until he was sure the neighbors would hear. At first he was nervous he was hurting her, but then she clawed her nails down his back and he knew she was barely holding on to reason. The harder and deeper he thrust inside her, the more, it was clear, she liked it. Every so often she would go silent only to explode with a desperate “Fuck!” Her breasts, those gorgeous breasts, bounced as he fucked her harder, harder. He couldn’t hold on anymore. Pushing himself as deep inside her as he could, he allowed himself to cum, making an almost animal noise as he did. As he lingered inside her, he felt her pelvic muscles flex around him, grabbing his dick, and he trembled even more.

Unwillingly, he held the condom by the base, withdrew from her, and disposed of it. He collapsed beside her. Eagerly, she kissed him, this time slowly, passionately. Their sweaty limbs intertwined, holding each other, eventually just laying there nuzzling as their breath slowly returned to normal.

They were silent a long while before finally he grinned, “All the points to Hufflepuff.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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