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It was a beautiful day in late May and I couldn’t help but wish that this class would end so I could go and enjoy the nice weather. I taught English at a private all girls school where my daughter attended free of charge. To be honest, the only reason I was working there was so Angela could go to school for free. As a single parent, it was just another expense that I didn’t need. It was widely known, by the majority of the students and the faculty, that after this year when my daughter graduated, I would be resuming my post at a local liberal arts college.

I tapped my fingers lightly on my desk as I glanced at the girls finishing up their tests. The last period of the day was Angela’s class, AP English, which was always easy because I was friendly with all of her friends and they knew I let some things slide both because Angie was my daughter and because it was the last class of the day.

To be frank, I disagreed with many of the policies of the school administration, and I let the girls get away with most things within a reasonable sphere. For example, the Thatcher School required each girl to wear a uniform in a fashion described in the dress code. This meant that their skirts reached their knees, their blouse was tucked in, and their heels were no more than an inch and a half in height. However, my classroom was in the old wing, where the air conditioning never worked properly, and it seemed cruel to force these girls to abide by these silly fashion rules when clearly it made them uncomfortable.

I never directly encouraged the girls, but I never objected when they rolled their skirts up or tied their blouses up to expose their midriffs. I simply played it cool and quietly reaped the benefits. Today was particularly hot and almost every girl had exhausted the necessary measures to stay cool. While the girls were busy taking their test, my eyes had free reign to examine their nubile bodies. I moved my eyes from girl to girl trying not to stare for too long. Occasionally, I would catch a girl re-crossing her legs and get a clean view up her skirt. Angela’s friend Vicky was my favorite student because she regularly neglected to cross her legs at all. Today, she was wearing a pair of pink hello kitty cotton panties that were in plain sight. There was a little hello kitty emblem that was right where we pussy I felt my dick stiffen as I wondered what it would be like to dive my face into her young pussy.

Then there was Julie, who was Angie’s best friend. Julie wasn’t a great student. In fact, she was one of the few girls who had yet to turn in her final paper that was do last week and she only did fair on her exams because I cut her an enormous amount of slack. If you saw her, though, you might understand why. At 18, Julie had a fully developed voluptuous body that oozed sex appeal. She had long brown hair and a very cute face, with plump lips that she would unconsciously lick every so often. Her hour-glass frame and the way she swayed her big ass from side to side made her the desire of every boy she knew.

Just then, I noticed Julie uncross her legs and give me a perfect view up her short pleated skirt. She was wearing a pair of black lace panties that were nearly see thru. My dick ballooned and pressed against my khakis. Luckily, my desk shielded my noticeable budge. Unfortunately, however, the desk did not conceal my eyes, which had caught the attention of Julie’s sultry stare. I awkwardly returned my gaze to the work on my desk. Even so, I was sure Julie had seen me.

For the rest of the class, I minded my work and kept my eyes on my desk. Every so often I would glance briefly up at Julie, but I was so afraid she would catch me that I never looked up for more than a second or two. I was surprised to see that she still had not closed her legs.

The bell rang and the girls filed out of my classroom, dropping their exams on my desk as they exited. I pretended to be writing a note when Julie placed her test in front of me. As she walked away, I admired her round ass and tight figure. My moment was interrupted by Angela’s voice.

“Hey Pops, pretty easy test,” she said. “I would’ve expected something a little more challenging for the last test of the year.” She was smiling and I could tell she wasn’t too disappointed. Angela had her shirt rolled up exposing her midriff and belly button piercing.

“Well I didn’t want to stress anyone out so near to graduation,” I said. “What’s your plan for the afternoon? It is Friday; you want to go do something different?”

“Actually, because it’s so nice, me and the girls were going to just chill by the pool for a couple hours,” she said. “Is that cool with you?”

“Yea, that’s fine,” I said. “I guess I’ll see you at home then.” She nodded and skipped out of the classroom. I always enjoyed when the girls lay out in the backyard in their skimpy bikinis, but this also meant I was probably going to run into Julie and whatever awkward happenings stemmed from that.

When I got home, the house was quiet. escort çankaya I figured the girls were probably already out back so I headed out to handle the formalities of saying hello. To my surprise, Julie was the only one by the pool. She was stretched out on a lawn chair, tanning in a yellow string bikini. The skimpy swimsuit barely covered her ample breasts. Her eyes were closed and her body was glistening from tanning oil. Some beads of sweat had gathered on her cleavage and occasionally rolled down her chest and between her large orbs.

I cleared my throat, which caused Julie’s eyes to flick open. “Hey Julie, where are the rest of the girls?” I said casually.

“Oh, hey Prof! I didn’t see you standing there,” she said looking me up and down. “Um, Angie and Vicky went to the store to get snacks. I think she said she’ll be back in like 45 minutes.”

“Alright, sounds good,” I said sliding my hands in my pockets. My dick was twitching slightly and half hard just looking at Julie’s sexy body. “Hey, are you ever going to turn in that paper you owe me? I mean I could care less about it being late but you do have to turn something in before the end of the year.”

“Oh, I know Mr. Davis,” Julie said smiling. “I’m working on it but I may need some help from you. You think that you have some free time later?”

“Yea, I’ll be up in my office doing some work. Just head up there if you get too much sun,” I said as I turned to walk inside.

“Ok, it’s a date,” she called back. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a drink. I pulled out and grabbed hold of my semi-hard cock, which was begging to be played with. Though I had a good view of Julie from the kitchen window, I was also afraid that Angela might come home and catch me playing with myself in the kitchen. I decided that to avoid any possible embarrassment to her (and myself), it would be best to head up to my office and do some work to keep my mind off of Julie’s perfectly shaped body.

However, as soon as I got to the office on the second floor, I found myself standing next to the window, with the blinds cracked, spying on Julie. From my perched position, I had an excellent view of Julie. She was reading a gossip magazine while she sipped on a daiquiri. Julie had a gorgeous body, but I always was turned on most by her sexy lips. They were plump and pouty lips that she knew how to use. She always wore some sort of glossy lipstick that made me want to shove my cock between her fat lips. She had a relatively large mouth and I imagined she probably had a little experience sucking cock.

Just then Julie shifted her weight and sat forward. She looked like she was looking into the house. Perhaps the girls were back. I was just about to leave my voyeuristic post and return to my desk when I saw her sit back in the lounge chair. She tossed her magazine aside and started to gently caress her chest. I couldn’t believe it; she was looking at the girls, she was making sure I wasn’t watching so she could mess around. Little did she know, I was catching the whole show.

Julie rubbed her breasts more intensely as she went on. She pushed her big orbs together and back apart. Eventually, her repeated movements forced her big flesh melons out of her slinky bikini top. The elastic material pushed against the bottom of her freed tits and intensified her cleavage. For the first time I realized how big the young girl’s breasts were. Her beautiful D cup tits shimmered in the hot sunlight. She grabbed her exposed nipples and pulled them away from her body, causing her legs to twitch back and forth in pleasure. I had to readjust my positioning as my bulge pushed mercilessly against my tight slacks. I slid my hand into my dress pants and powerfully groped my aching member. I rub my shaved sack against my hot pulsating rod.

Julie’s hands moved away from her exposed tits and down across her trim belly. Her open palms glided over her smooth midsection. Her fingers slipped into her bikini bottoms and she started to rub her young pussy. She used her four fingers to rub her cunt up and down and side to side—using circular movements with her fingers to loosen herself up. She moaned softly and squirmed in her chair. She rubbed her feet together and bit her lip as she fought to keep her moans from being too audible.

I was breathing heavy too as I continued to massage my junk under my pants. I longed to feel what it was like to have my dick between her lovely tits. I let out an uncontainable moan as I pictured Julie wrapping her thick soft lips around my aching member. I pulled my zipper down with my left hand and tugged my khakis to the floor. My cock jumped from my pants as they slid to the floor. I slid my rigid member through the slit in my boxers and wrapped my hand around the base of my cock. The head of my cock was a dark reddish purple shade and my dick felt harder than it had been in years; even the vein that ran down the underside of my shaft was pulsating with excitement.

Julie’s hand worked more otele gelen escort nimbly now and I could tell she had started to insert her fingers into her pussy. Her moans grew louder as she delved her fingered into her tender cunt. I stroked my cock and watched the teenage girl rub her nubile slit. I could not contain myself and I released an audible moan. I closed my eyes and continued to stroke my bulging manhood. I began to imagine what it would feel like to slide my aching erection into her big mouth. I stroked faster as I imagined her soft lips pressing against the hot flesh of my erect penis. Julie struck me as the kind of girl who, even though she was only 18, had her fair share of experience giving blowjobs. She was a fast girl, as they say. She was the kind of girl that gave hand-jobs in movies and sucked off boys in the bathroom at school dances. I imagined that she would know how to use her tongue to massage the underside of my rod as it slid into her wet mouth. Perhaps she was even apt enough to not choke as my thick cock pushed against the back of her throat or to massage my balls with her hand as she sucked. Most of all, I thought about the ultimate pleasure of unloading my creamy sticky cum all over her big teenage tits.

As the image of the girl masturbating started to fade my memory, I looked back out the window at Julie. To my surprise she was nowhere to be found. I looked in the pool, but still no Julie. Just then, I heard a creaking noise on the stairs. I quickly pulled up my pants and hobbled over behind my desk. I didn’t even have time to zip or buckle my pants before Julie came barging into the room unannounced. Her swimsuit top was repositioned to cover her sizable boobs, but the image of her rosy pink nipples had not faded from my mind. My cock continued to rage pressing forcibly against my khaki pants behind my desk. She was also wearing a terrycloth skirt to cover-up her bottoms, but the miniskirt barely extended beyond her ample butt cheeks.

“Can I come in,” Julie said rhetorically as she approached my desk. I nodded anyway and pulled my rolling chair further under my desk to shield bulging cock. “I just wanted to talk to you about my paper.”

“It’s ok really,” I said coolly. “I mean as long as you get it to me before graduation I can’t see it affecting your grade in the least.” I smiled at her in an effort to calm her nerves and end the conversation. I could think of nothing else I wanted to do more than to finish jerking off and that wasn’t going to happen with my daughter’s best friend in the room. My cock was flexing in my pants calling for me to play with it. I was even having trouble keeping a straight face as I talked to Julie, and I really hoped my comments would send her on her way.

Unfortunately, my plan did not work to the efficiency that I thought it would. Instead, Julie came over and sat on the edge of my desk. Her legs dangled over the front edge and she twisted her tight body to look back at me at me. Her skirt was pulled slightly down in the process of positioning herself on the desk and I could see that her two-piece actually had thong bottoms. The tight material was sandwiched between what I could see of her ass cheeks and this was the least of my concerns.

Julie’s breast hung naturally in front of me—flopping from side to side as she shifted her weight on the desk. My eyes were helplessly drawn to her beautifully tanned orbs. She was flaunting her body in front of me. Even when she spoke, I found it hard to look away from her curvaceous body and meet her eyes. “You see Mr. Williams, it isn’t that I want an extension,” Julie said as she leaned in to expose more of her cleavage. “It’s that I don’t want to turn in a paper at all.”

I was sort of thrown off by her comments and didn’t know what she meant. “Well, Julie, I mean I’m more than willing to make this work in your favor, but I don’t see how that’s fair to the other girls, who turned in papers, do you?”

“Well, that’s what I’m saying,” she said. “I think we can figure a way that is fair”.

I casually looked over her tight body. I was trying to maintain my composure as I heard out her extra credit assignment, but the presence of a nearly naked teenager sexily sitting on my desk was causing my mind to run wild. “What did you have in mind,” I asked.

Julie hopped off my desk and stood in front of me. Once again I admired her hour-glass figure. She bit her lip slightly and smiled at me. I waited in anticipation as she seemed to pause for dramatic effect. “I was thinking something along the lines of an oral exam,” she said, still smiling.

A look of confusion came across my face. “I’m not sure I exactly understand what you mean. It’s an AP English class; what kind of oral exam do you think would be an adequate substitution,” I said.

She giggled softly. “Mr. Williams, don’t take everything so literally,” she said smiling. She paused for a minute, but the blank stare on my face implied I still didn’t catch etlik bayan escort her drift. “You’re really going to make me spell it out, huh?” She walked around the desk toward me. I squeezed myself further under the desk to guard my erection from her vision. She sauntered behind me and stopped when she was behind my swivel chair. I was so nervous to be sitting there in such a vulnerable position, I didn’t even look back. I could not see her but I could feel her presence behind me. Then I felt her big breasts press against my back as she leaned in to whisper something in my ear. The weight of her perky melons on my back sent Goosebumps up my thighs. “What I’m saying is that I want to offer something in return for you doing me this favor, but I was thinking of something slightly less academic in nature,” she whispered. Her tits were now mashed against my back as she rubbed her hands up and down my muscular chest.

It was then that I finally got smart and realized the severity of this conversation. We were no longer talking about extra credit or a little preferential treatment to stick it to the old boss at Thatcher, we were discussing a potentially career ending decision of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. I pondered the decision without comment for a moment, trying to regain my sensibility in the presence of the half naked teenager. My brain and penis seemed to differ when it came to the rightful decision.

Julie seemed to take my silence for what it was: indecision. “Come on Mr. W, I just want to know if what the Angela says is true,” she said biting my ear lobe.

I pulled away slightly and looked back at her over my shoulder. “And what is it that my daughter says,” I asked.

“Well, you know?’ Julie said pausing. “She says that she spies on you sometimes when you take showers, and that you have a bigger dick than any of the puny ones our boyfriends have.”

The comment drew mixed emotions from me. I was never one to shy away from a compliment, but it also seemed to imply that Angela had seen one more penis than I had expected (and I wasn’t referring to my own). The fact that Angela had spied on me didn’t bother me as much as wondering what sort of sexual experience my little Angela had already partaken in. One thing was for sure, Julie and I were now beyond innuendos and it was decision time.

“Ok,” I said nodding my head gently. It had been over a year since my wife left me and I hadn’t had any contact sexually with the opposite sex since. I just didn’t think it was good for Angela for me to be seeing other women. However, I was tired of beating off in the shower every morning and watching soft-core porn on late night cable. I needed this from Julie. “I just don’t want Angela to ever find out.”

“I understand Mr. W. My lips are sealed, or they will be soon,” Julie whispered into my ear. Without warning she pulled my rolling chair out and spun me around to face her. Ever since she initially sat on my desk, my dick had poked its way back out the slit in my boxers and it was now standing at attention before Julie. With all the confidence that had been required for her to walk into my office with such a proposition, she could not have been prepared for the fleshy red rocket that was before her. “Oh, Professor W, I see you got started without me,” she said admiring my bulging cock. “That’s ok; I got started without you too. Now we can finish each other off!”

Julie reached back and undid the back of her bikini top and lifted it over her head. Her boobs were wonderful. The best I had ever seen in person; even at a strip joint or something. She had light tan lines that formed two small triangles on her beautifully shaped tits. Her rosy areolas contrasted the milky white skin that the triangles formed. Her nipples were erect and pointing directly at my face from atop the peak of her perky mounds. The site of her flawless breasts made me fiend for her touch even more and I felt my dick extend that extra half inch.

Julie quickly got to her knees and pulled my slacks down to my ankles. Even though my cock was nearly jumping out of the hole in my boxer shorts, Julie instructed me to shift my weight as she pulled my boxers down to my ankles as well. When my package was fully exposed, she jumped back up to her feet and began rummaging through my drawers in my desk. I waited patiently without saying a word as she sifted quickly through the desks contents. I didn’t know what she was looking for, but I knew, looking down at my engorged cock, that she needed to find it fast.

Finally Julie returned and knelt before me with a ruler in her hand. “If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right! Very scientific-like; I’m thinking maybe I should be keeping a lab manual,” Julie joked. “First entry: Professor Williams’ cock length…” Julie gripped my cock at the base and put the foot long ruler against the left side of my shaft. The last time I measured my penis I was in high school and I had grown some since then. I remember having a dash mark right around the seven inch indicator on the ruler that I kept next to my bed. Looking down at Julie and the ruler pressed against my forty-two year old cock, I was now a cool nine and a half inches. “Your wife must be a money grubbing bitch,” Julie said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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