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Day 5

Harry woke to sunlight streaming through the gap in the curtains. Diana was still clinging to him with her leg thrown over his. As he moved upon waking she clung to him tighter even though Harry could sense that she was still asleep. He tried to disentangle himself from her arms and leg without waking her, as he had a very urgent need to pee. As he slipped from her grasp he heard her moan softly, “Aargh!” and he watched as she opened one eye and looked it him as if to say, “Why are you moving!”

Harry kissed her tenderly on the top of the head and whispered, “Back in a minute baby!” and then he nearly ran to the bathroom as his need became more pressing. In a couple of minutes he felt relieved as he slid back into the bed next to his wife. Again her arms grabbed him and her leg was slung over his thigh, in an almost subconscious reflex. He tried to lay still as she moaned and groaned in her sleep. Harry gently stroked her hair as she slept and he replayed the last evening in his mind.

My God it was a wild night he thought. Diana was like a different woman, but he couldn`t deny it was a fabulous turn on for him to. He felt Diana stir and her body rolled a little bit and her eyes came open and she was staring up at him with that beautiful smile that he had fallen in love with a few years back. “Morning baby,” she purred and her hand reached up and touched his cheek with her fingers. Harry kissed each one of them in turn.

Diana moved about until she found a comfortable position. She looked at him with those fantastic Brown eyes of hers and Harry felt his heart nearly break with the love he had for this woman. She coughed softly and then whispered, “Wild night baby!”

Harry was still stroking her hair when he asked, “Are you OK? Did you have fun my Darling?”

Diana giggled, “Oh baby that was so fucking hot. I didn`t know it was possible to come that much. At the end you could have touched my big toe and I would have creamed my panties. It felt like every nerve ending in my whole body was on fire, and so sensitive, I could feel the air moving. I have never had an experience like that. What you did was just perfect from start to finish, and I have fantasised about you doing all those things to me!” She paused before finishing, “And more!”

Harry was stunned, “Are you sure you are OK? It wasn`t too much? I loved it as well, and you seemed to be enjoying yourself so I just went with the flow!”

Diana stretched and groaned, “Everything hurts baby, but it`s a nice hurt, like how you would feel after a good workout in the gym. I don`t know if I will be up for much today, but it was fantastic. You were fantastic. Gail was fantastic. Everything was fucking fantastic!”

Harry laughed and slipped from the bed. “I am going to shower. Just rest a bit Darling. We have nothing planned so just take it easy!”

Harry spent a good ten minutes in the shower. He used the massage setting on his back and neck as he was aching as well, but mainly from sleeping in a strange position with Diana wrapped around him. As he stepped from the cabin and wrapped a towel around himself, a bleary eyed Diana entered the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet he left the room to give her a bit of privacy. He was watching the news on BBC when twenty minutes later she emerged from the bathroom. She looked revitalized and quickly donned a t-shirt and short denim skirt. No bra or panties.

Harry saw her wince slightly as the cotton T-shirt came in contact with her abused nipples. Once again he asked if she was OK and received a beaming smile in return. She bounced over to him and kissed him passionately. Her tongue tasted of toothpaste as it burrowed between Harry`s lips. Breaking the kiss she told him, “Let`s go baby, I`m starving. Being a sex slave to such a virile Master gives me an appetite!” and she was laughing as she bounced out the door with Harry following in her wake.

They were the first ones down for breakfast, and while they waited for Gail to bring their food Diana whispered in Harry`s ear, “How did you know that Gail would be up for all that submissive stuff?”

Harry kept his voice low as he replied, “When we were walking up the stairs Gail`s bum was right in front of me and I could see the scar lines from old beatings that she had had. Probably from Moira. Have you seen them together? She eats Moira out on command, plus, you saw how Moira bossed you about the other night. I think Gail is Moira`s pet in some way!”

Diana could say no more as Gail came in with their breakfasts and smiled shyly at them and the double doors burst open as the other two couples entered. Sandy and Dave were in what one might call a very “Chipper Mood”. Their night with Moira had obviously gone very well and their smiles filled their whole faces as they tucked in to the breakfasts that Gail provided. Harry looked at Sandy expectantly as it was unlike her to keep things bottled up.

Sandy saw that Harry was waiting for her to talk about their time with Moira and when she looked at güvenilir bahis Jim and Mary they were also staring at her and waiting for the rundown of their exploits with the Scottish beauty.

Sandy was blushing under their gaze, which was not really her style Harry thought. Then the dam broke as she just couldn`t keep it to herself any longer, “It was absolutely fucking great. That Moira is one hot sexy chick, and absolutely insatiable. My God we did everything you can think of. Moira went down on me and I was coming in seconds. Then I went down on her and Dave got a blow job at the same time. Then Dave did her doggy style while she licked my pussy. Then we swapped and I rode Dave while Moira sat on his face. Dave must have shot his load about four times. Once in both our pussies and once in both our mouths. When he couldn`t keep it up I did a 69 with Moira. Nearly three hours of fantastic fucking sex. My pussy is in tatters this morning!”

By the time she had finished her lurid and vivid description of the events of last night they were all roaring with laughter. Mary and Jim were the first pair to quieten. Timid Mary spoke so softly that they could hardly hear what she said, “I am so jealous. First Harry and Diana and now you two have had the pleasure, and I am starting to feel a bit left out!”

Mary had not seen Moira enter the dining room behind her as she was talking, and when Moira spoke it startled her, and she blushed beet red as Moira said, “Well I am sure we can rectify that tonight, if Jim is agreeable?” Jim nearly chocked on his bacon as he tried to reply whilst nodding vigorously. Again the laughter was long and loud from all those sitting at the table.

“What’s the plan for today?” asked Diana. “The weather seems better. I could do with an easy day if you know what I mean?”

Mary had recovered from her embarrassing moment with Moira and said, “Anybody fancy a walk around the island again this morning? We can decide what to do this afternoon at Lunch time!”

Everybody agreed that that sounded like a good idea and they took their coffees and teas out onto the patio as Gail cleared away the breakfast debris. Ten minutes after and the three couples were walking slowly down to the beach and using it as a starting point for their ramble. The sun was already high in the sky and the air was warm. It was slightly humid after the rain the day before, but not uncomfortable.

Diana clung to Harry`s arm and he noticed that she was walking a bit stiffly after her adventures the last evening, but she was smiling and every so often she would would reach up and give him a peck on the cheek. The morning passed quickly and easily as the three couples pointed things out to each other. The small island boasted a plethora of birds and it was a truly beautiful place with the sun shining down on them from a cloudless sky. The six of them had become good friends over the past couple of days and were enjoying each other’s company as they took in all the delights of nature that the island had to offer.

They were out and about for over four hours and Harry was surprised at how much time had elapsed when he first looked at his watch. He was starving again, and he was glad it was nearly lunch time. The Scottish air was really playing with his normal appetites. Well, for food anyway, he grinned to himself.

The six of them ate ravenously and soon all the plates were empty apart from a few pieces of tomato and cucumber and a couple of lettuce leaves. Harry was tired. The good air, the great food and the unbelievable sex was taking its toll. Looking at the others he asked,” I am dead. I could do with another couple of hours sleep. Then I think Diana and I will give the hot tub a test!” he looked at Diana and saw her nodding her assent. Both Jim and Dave readily agreed that that sounded like a great plan. Mary and Sandy had decided to spend more time looking around the island as they hoped to see the dolphin once more as he had been absent on their morning stroll. They all agreed to meet in the hot tub around five o`clock. “Naked!” was Sandy`s last word as she left with Mary to the sound of all their conjoined laughter.

Harry was so tired that within minutes of laying on the bed he was fast asleep. The last thing he remembered was Diana wrapping her arm around him. When he woke, it took him a few seconds to work out where he was. He heard Diana breathing softly next to him and the sunlight was filtering through the curtains and dust motes were dancing in the pale light. He was thirsty and a little bit disorientated, so he carefully removed Diana`s arm from around his waist and grabbing a coke from the fridge he went for a shower. He put the water as cold as he could stand and gradually he began to feel human again. Stepping from the shower he briskly towelled himself dry before running his razor quickly over his face, and when he entered their bedroom ten minutes later he was refreshed and ready for the rest of the evening.

Diana was lying on the bed, with her head propped güvenilir bahis siteleri on a pillow smiling at him as he entered. Harry thought he was the luckiest man alive as he took in her fabulous body laying naked on the white sheets. Her bruised nipples were hard on her perfect breasts and her hair was mussed from sleep. Her long legs stretched out and were nearly perfect in his opinion. He couldn`t resist her. Even though they had had more sex in the last four days than in the last four weeks he realised that he desperately wanted to have her again. He moved with haste as she opened her arms for him to come to her. He revelled in the delight he felt as he fell on the bed and she hugged him to her breasts. She flinched as his body roughly came into contact with her abused nipples, but she was soon kissing him and stroking his hair.

Harry`s hand explored lower, but was disappointed as he felt her hand stop him before he reached his goal. “Baby I am bloody sore!” She cooed.” Give me a rest for a bit. Just lay back and enjoy!” And she moved him off of her gently and he rolled over onto his back. Diana moved until she was kneeling between his legs. Diana then leaned across and opened the nightstand drawer and her hand came out with the bottle of lube. Harry watched as she poured a generous portion into her hands and then grasped his shaft, which was now standing to attention. Harry felt the coldness of the greasy, slimy liquid and shuddered.

Diana started to move her hands deliciously up and down on his erection. The lube felt great on his straining dick as Diana`s hand slipped up and down. She used both hands and every couple of minutes she would add more drops of lube to ensure that there was relatively no friction. When Harry felt her start to massage his balls with one of her lube covered hands he lay back, shut his eyes and luxuriated in his wife`s glorious hand job. Her hands were moving faster now and he felt his impending climax start in his balls and spread to his shaft before four large spurts of come erupted from the tip of his dick.

Diana was still pulling her hand up and down his shaft until he just couldn`t take it anymore and her rolled away from her, pulling his cock from her grip. She was giggling like a schoolgirl as he did this and he knew that she had been waiting for his sensitivity to become unbearable. Her little bit of revenge torture.

Harry needed another quick shower now as his come seemed to have covered his whole lower body somehow. They both jumped into the shower and washed off the lube and Harry`s spunk before drying themselves, throwing on some shorts and a T-shirt and going downstairs to see what the others were up to. When they arrived at the patio both the other couples were already in the bubbling hot tub and a sheen of steam lay over the surface.

Diana and Harry quickly shed their meagre clothing before climbing into the tub. The tub was easily big enough for them all and there were six seats under the surface. Diana and Harry settled in as the warm water and bubbles caressed their skin. Harry looked around and saw Mary`s huge breasts were practically floating on the surface. Both Dave and Jim had their heads back on the side of the tub and their eyes closed. Mary and Sandy had pushed their legs out into the middle of the tub and were wiggling their toes at each other playfully. Harry relaxed in the water and closed his eyes, letting the warm bubbles soothe his body.

The sound of soft music caused Harry to open his eyes to locate the source. Moira was sitting at the small patio table and she had the remote control for the bars CD player in her hand. As always Moira looked perfect in a blouse and skirt with her normal nylons and heels. The music was soft as it came through the open double doors from the bar.

Sandy moved to the middle of the tub and ducked under the water for a few seconds before raising herself and shaking her head causing water droplets from her hair to fly in all directions. She looked around the group in the tub and then at Moira and giggled to herself as she had obviously thought of something, and then she spoke, “I have an idea for a game, if you are all willing to play? We could call it Musical Cocks!”

Now she had all of their attention as Jim said, “Go on. What does this game involve then Sandy?”

Sandy laughed quietly to herself, “Well. We all sit on our husband’s cocks and start to fuck. Moira plays the music and when it stops we ladies have to move anti-clockwise to the next cock. Moira starts the music and we fuck until the music stops. We keep doing this until someone comes. Then they, and the woman on their lap are out. We go on until the last one comes. Twenty minute break ad we go again. How does that sound for a fun afternoon game? You up to do the music Moira? Moira nodded and slowly Dave, Jim, Harry, Mary and Diana all followed suit in that order.

With a big grin on her face Sandy waded across to Dave and Harry saw her hand moving under the water. In seconds Dave had iddaa siteleri apparently responded and Harry watched Sandy raise herself up and guide Dave`s dick into her pussy. Her face scrunched up and then she let out a soft, “Aaaaah!” as she slid down on Dave`s huge cock. Sandy looked around her, as if to encourage Diana and Mary.

Harry felt Diana`s hand wrap around his already hard dick and give it a couple of strokes before settling herself down onto it. Harry felt the familiar tightness as his manhood entered Diana and her breasts were shoved into his face. He leaned forward and kissed one of her nipples gingerly and Diana shivered and moaned. Harry felt the tremors running through her body all the way to his engulfed dick. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

Harry glanced at the other two couples and saw that Mary was impaled on Jim`s dick and everyone was looking at Moira who was smiling broadly as she said, “3-2-1 Go!” as the music was turned up slightly using the remote she held.

Harry felt Diana start to move up and down on him. The combination of the warm water and the delicious way she was contracting her pussy muscles felt so good he wasn`t sure that this game would last long. He guessed that Moira sensed this as well, and after just a minute the music stopped and her beautiful Scottish voice stated, “Swap partners!”

Harry felt Diana pull herself off of him and move to her right where Dave was sitting. Mary was soon raising herself up and lowering herself onto Harry`s erection. Harry could feel that her vagina was not as tight as Diana`s and he slid into her with relative ease until her pubic hair was rubbing against his sensitive shaved pubic mound. Her large breasts were pushed into his face and he couldn`t resist giving both nipples a suck and she moaned softly, enjoying the attention he was giving her breasts.

Harry nearly shot his load when Mary leaned forward so the others couldn`t hear and whispered in his ear, “My arse is tighter. Bet you wish you were buried back there Harry!”

The music had not started again so Harry unlatched his lips from Mary`s nipples and looked around to see what the delay was. Sandy was already positioned on Jim, but Diana was obviously having a problem to accommodate Dave`s size. He saw her hand moving frantically below the water and her face was screwed up in concentration as she bobbed up and down in the water and sank a little bit lower each time. Eventually she groaned,”Aaaaaaaargh!” as she had apparently managed to push herself down enough, and she was now filled with all of Dave`s nine inches. She wiggled about a bit to adjust the position of his dick so it was more comfortable for her.

Once she had settled, Harry heard the music start again. Mary started to bounce up and down on his dick. The sensations Harry felt were different from those he felt when buried in Diana, but were never the less more than pleasant. The large globes bouncing around in front of his face were just calling out to be licked and sucked and he couldn`t help but do just that. Mary was moaning softly now as he sucked her tits and his cock was thrusting into her pussy.

He heard louder moaning from his right and looked over at Diana. She had her eyes closed and her face was almost frowning as she felt Dave`s large member pump into her and she was biting her lower lip. She had her arms round his shoulders and was clinging tightly to him, causing her breasts to be pressed into his face. When he sucked on one of her nipples her head thrust back and she screamed her orgasm to the skies. Harry had a brief moment of jealousy as his wife orgasmed on a cock that was not his, and also to his chagrin, much bigger.

The music stopped and Harry kissed Mary on the lips as she dismounted and moved towards “Monster Dick Dave”, as Harry had now christened him. Harry waited only a few seconds before Sandy`s taut body was settling itself onto his lap. He felt her hand go between her legs and grasp his hard shaft and guiding it towards her opening. Harry felt himself being rubbed up and down her slit before Sandy pushed down and took him all in one movement. “My God she is tight. How is that possible when she is getting fucked by Dave`s cock all the time?” he thought to himself. He clasped her wonderfully sculpted body and flicked his tongue over both her nipples in turn. He felt her shudder and her arms clamped around his head pushing his face harder into her flat chest and her super sensitive nipples.

The wait this time was not so long, as Mary had a big enough pussy to take Dave without as much fiddling about as Diana had needed. Moira activated the CD player and Sandy began to move up and down. Harry almost came then and there. He didn`t know what she was doing, but it felt absolutely fantastic. He had never felt anything like this. As she moved up and down on his pole Sandy was contracting and relaxing the muscles in her love tunnel. It was like his cock was getting a massage whilst he was buried in her snatch. The sensations were so intense that Harry felt his balls contract indicating his imminent climax. He sucked hard on one nipple to stifle his groans as he shot his warm seed into Sandy`s gash and she screamed her orgasm as they came simultaneously. The music stopped

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