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Emma moved in, during the late summer of 2008. It was a sunny day and Stephen had remarked to himself what lovely hair she had. It was luxurious and fell well past her shoulders. It was a mousy colour with blonde highlights, or that might have been just the way the sun reflected off the beautiful locks.

Stephen guessed she was 19 or 20, he wasn’t a curtain twitcher so pretended to take some rubbish out. She had a young cute face with a slightly upturned nose and a faintly, naturally tanned skin. She looked like a student in second or third year. She was helping with carrying some of the lighter objects, being assisted by an older man, who it transpired was her uncle. Stephen thought it was the reasonable thing to offer another pair of hands. He really wanted to get a closer look at his new neighbour.

His offer was warmly accepted by Emma and the man and he soon found himself carrying a refrigerator and then a bed in kitchen and bedroom respectively. Emma was gorgeous. She had charming olive-hazel eyes and full reddish pink lips which revealed perfect white teeth when she smiled. Oh what a smile! She had a warm, slightly naïve smile but it seemed to reveal a slightly mischievous look, or so Stephen thought. Her best feature though was her bottom, it was perfect. She was wearing tightly-fitting, faded jeans, which hugged her pert round buttocks to perfection. As she walked they seemed to wiggle and twitch slightly, almost as if they had a life of their own, moving in perfect rhythm with the swing of her hips. Stephen was a breast man but this was a peach.

When the moving was finished, her uncle had to dash to pick up his wife from work and Stephen and Emma were left in her kitchen, full of brown boxes and disconnected appliances.

‘Thanks, that was kind of you.’

‘Don’t mention it,’ returned Stephen. He had booked the week off to work on his latest book and had welcomed the diversion.

‘Why don’t you lock up and come round for a coffee?’ asked Stephen, ‘You must be tired and you deserve a rest.’

‘OK, thanks, but can’t be too long as I need to get things sorted, but I’d appreciate a rest.’

‘Of course.’

A few minutes later, after locking up she perched herself on his kitchen stool and shuffled slightly, which made her hair sway — wonderfully. Stephen, caught a whiff of her perfume, it was gorgeous and combined with her own warmth to produce an exciting, alluring scent, which started to turn him on. “Control yourself”, he thought and tried desperately to ignore it. Starting with an erection in his kitchen with a young woman was not the done thing and he somehow managed to stifle it by chatting.

‘So, are you a student? He asked.

‘Yes, third year at Uni, I’ve been in halls since my first year and now want somewhere better. This is handy, and there’s plenty of shops.’

‘No pubs though,’ said Stephen.

‘Nooo, but I like going in town anyway with my friends and chilling in The Social and the Firkin.’

‘The Firkin! I used to go there in my twenties, it was a rock pub.’

They chatted for half an hour about this and that, until Emma decided it was time to go and sort out her belongings.

‘Let me know if you want anything, said Stephen.

‘OK, excellent, will do said Emma,’ with a heart melting smile. As she left he watched her bum wiggle up his path with a pang of lust. If only…

A month had passed and Stephen said hello to Emma most days, exchanged pleasantries over the fence etc. After a few short conversations he had established that she was reading English. He also found out that she would ankara escort be holidaying in France for a month in the summer and wanted to learn French. His subject! Stephen would be glad to help, and relished the thought of spending some time with her. At the same time though, he was nervous and slightly afraid of himself. From an early stage he had privately wanted to get close to her but no avenue seemed appropriate — no opening available. Now as her private one to one tutor he had the chance to find out more about Emma, to perhaps live out his student fantasy.

Emma already had the basics, but wanted to learn more in depth French, conversational French. Their first session went well and Stephen explained some of the basics of using correct pronouns and a little on usage and register.

As she wrote down some exercises that Stephen set for her, he would study her secretly. He drank in her perfume, and longed to run his fingers through her hair. For the first time he noticed properly her breasts. She was wearing a tight white T shirt and a unbuttoned check shirt. She had average sized but pert breasts, which were cupped by a white bra, which gave them lift so that her cleavage just lifted the white cotton producing cheeky mounds in her top. He imagined what her nipples were like. He liked nice round smooth ones, which sort of rise seamlessly from the breast. He didn’t dare imagine that he might one day find out. No surely he wasn’t that lucky…was he?

On Emma’s second lesson, Stephen thought he was developing a good rapport with his new neighbour. Although he was nearly 20 years her senior he was very young in his demeanour and kept himself fit. He knew how to talk to students and older teenagers. He had an affinity with girls, where he struggled with blokes. So when he asked about Emma’s life and travels it came naturally, there was no tied tongue or uneasiness.

Emma was not local, her slightly southern accent she told him was from Northamptonshire, she was actually from just outside Rugby. She had played Hockey at sixth form and now was in her House Volleyball team at Uni.

‘I guess you must leave some time for guys though?’ asked Stephen slyly.

‘Erm, I’ve had my moments but no, not at the moment,’ she said. ‘Just too busy with everything and not met anyone whose right.’

‘I thought you were all shagging each other senseless at Uni?’ asked Stephen grinning. Emma shook her head and smiled one of her smiles.

‘I guess some are, but…’ They both laughed.

Stephen had taken a risk with being this frank, but it had gone down well.

Emma learnt about irregular verbs that day and as she left she gave Stephen a smile; but it was not her normal smile. There was a twinkle in her eye and she winked just before tossing her lovely hair to one side and wiggling back to her house.

That smile had sent shivers down Stephen’s spine. He thought of Emma that night. It was a nice image to take to his slumber land.

Emma was back a couple of days later. There was the customary light ‘tappity-tap on Stephen’s door, which Stephen could instantly recognise as Emma’s. She wasn’t meant to come for another session till Friday and it was Wednesday. He opened the door and was instantly gob-smacked. It was a warm day in late August, but here was Emma in a light summery top (clearly braless) which was held on by two flimsy tie-ups at the shoulder and a short, short denim skirt.

He let her in with a smile. She smiled back softly, with a distinctly mischievous, sheepish look. Stephen’s mind was doing overtime….

Stephen could not elvankent escort hide the thrill he got seeing her dressed like this and he instantly felt his dick start to unfurl in his trousers.

‘Ooh Emma, you look stunning.’ said Stephen with a distinct quiver in his voice.

‘Mmmmm, I know,’ returned Emma.

‘I thought I would give you a nice treat for all the help you’ve given me. A special reward!’ Stephen, gulped, he was sure his prick was now protruding through his jeans, as Emma glanced down and gave him a wicked smile.’

Stephen showed Emma through to his living room and they sat down together on the long cream sofa, Stephen shuffling awkwardly as his dick was now starting to get uncomfortably tight in his jeans.

‘Emma, you just look like a complete Goddess like that.’

Her perfume wafted across to him as they had sat down and had put his libido into fourth gear. She had recently showered and her hair had that slightly lank but just starting to become fluffy look. She was just lightly made up with soft magenta eye shadow and a pale rosy lip gloss. As she was now sitting her skirt barely covered her panties and Stephen couldn’t help notice the glorious shape of her pussy pushing against the white cloth.

‘Stephen, I think you need to release your old man from those jeans mate, or you’ll burst the denim!’

‘Oh fuck my old boots,’ was all Stephen could say.

He stood up. He pulled down the zipper and unbuckled his belt. His boxer shorts immediately popped open and his cock slipped out, nearly fully erect. Emma giggled effervescently.

‘Wow, you’re really on the rise there, come here so I can feel it.’

He stepped forward and Emma gently took hold of his rod, closing her grip so she could feel the throbbing of his hard-on against her palm.

‘Wow, now that is what I call stiff,’ said Emma. She gently stroked the underside of his phallus and then rolled her palm against the tip making it twitch with pleasure.

‘Oh gosh Emma, that’s wonderful — you’re wonderful.’

‘I know.’

‘I can’t believe this is happening.’

‘Well, believe and enjoy.’

Emma stood up, unzipping her skirt at the side and allowing it slide down to her ankles. She moved close up to Stephen pressing her body against his, grinding her mound against his erection. Their lips met, the two simultaneously pushing their tongues together and exchanging liberal amounts of saliva, which began to dribble down Stephen’s chin. Stephen pulled back slightly kissing Emma’s luscious lips full on, licking them softly with his tongue.

He moved gradually across her face kissing her cheek gently until he reached her neck, planting soft kisses like stepping stones down to the top of her shoulder. It made Emma shudder, she had never been treated quite like this before. Stephen took hold of one end of each tie-up on her blouse, pulling the bow open slowly. He savoured the sight of the strap unwinding until the top fell away revealing two of the most pert and juicy pair of tits he had ever seen. Her nipples were a rich rosy pink of the kind which looked permanently slightly erect. She still had slightly puffy areolas, just the sort which Stephen dreamt of in his fantasy of the girl next door. Stephen stooped slightly and slid his tongue gently against her nipple, moving round and round the edge of the areola and then slowly closing his mouth over the whole nipple, sucking tenderly. Waves of pleasure shot through Emma’s young adult body; this was definitely a new experience.

As Stephen was doing this, Emma was slowly otele gelen escort wanking him, giving him an exquisite feeling of absolute ecstasy. His dick was now so swollen it almost felt as if it would burst.

‘I’m not sure I can take much more of this baby, before my dick explodes.’

Stephen dropped to his knees and grasped the top of her thong, pulling it down slowly over her hips, exposing her mound, which had a short matting of mousy hairs, slightly lighter than her thick locks. Stephen shuffled closer and nuzzled his nose against her pussy. Her aroma was a wonderful combination of musk and honey. He parted her labia slightly with a finger and dipped his tongue between her inner lips. She was already really wet with love juice from his kissing her breasts so expertly. Stephen sipped the juice with his tongue as he delved slightly deeper. He could feel the soft velvet of her pussy against his mouth as he licked and stroked his tongue around her moist vulva. He pulled away slightly and leaned up, flicking her clitoris with his tongue, All the time, Emma was giving little moans of delight, and him playing with her clitty like this was really turning her on, her pussy getting wetter and wetter until droplets of her juice formed between her lips. Stephen continued to pay attention to her clitoris, licking and probing it and occasionally catching it firmly in his mouth and pulling away so it flipped back, giving Emma a whole new sense of sexual pleasure. He moved back to her honey pot, again driving his tongue into the crack and lapping up her copious girl juice, as it seemed to ooze in to his mouth and down his throat.

Emma was flushed and hot at the attention she was receiving, but this was meant to be Stephen’s treat.

‘Let’s swap places,’ she said.

Moving to her knees as Stephen rose she took his tool in her right hand and slowly began to wank it, the glans just centimetres from her face. When it was fully hard again, she moved in and licked the end of his cock gently and then slowly around the head. Her tongue glided around his phallus. She lifted it up and slid her tongue along the base forward to the tip, repeating this two or three times. Looking up at him with her sweet butter wouldn’t melt face she opened her mouth and took his throbbing manhood two, then three inches in to her mouth. She moved slowly, her lips clamped around his cock, sucking and wanking him at the same time. This was just amazing for Stephen, he could feel the spunk begin to well up deep within his shaft as she continued to alternate between slow sucking and licking. Occasionally she would gently stroke his balls and perineum making him physically judder. As she felt him grow even bigger she speeded up the sucking. Stephen was getting close now, his legs were becoming weak and his heart thumping in his chest, she could feel his cock at bursting point as Stephen felt he would almost pass out in sheer delight. She continued to suck but wanked him faster until suddenly he could take no more and he pulled away, a thick jet of cum shooting over her mouth and down across her cheek. She leant back as the second pulse landed over her breasts. A few more lots dropped out, the cum sliding over her breasts down to her naval. As he wanked the final drops from his penis Stephen felt an intense tingling in his toes and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

‘Oh Emma, my darling!’ was all he could say.

She looked at him triumphantly. For a few seconds she said nothing, and then,

‘Was that good then.’

Stephen leaned forward, wiping her cheek dry with his hand and kissed her softly on the lips.

‘My darling, beautiful Emma, that was beyond description. If we do this again, I promise to return the compliment. If you’ll let me, I’d love to give you an orgasm.’

‘Mmmmm, that’s tempting,’ she said.

Emma would be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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