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Primal Instinct 4: Endgame

I hit the buzzer on the brick wall and wiped my palms on the seat of my pants. It had been a while since I’d been near this kind of rich, and it wasn’t the sort of thing I was comfortable around. The speaker crackled, and I heard Janelle’s voice. “Come in, Piotr.”

I paused for a moment, and my quick search found a small camera pointed down at me from the brick pedestal. I nodded towards it, and pushed on the iron gate as I heard the electric hum and click that released the catch. The walk to the front door was about five minutes, through peace and garden all the way.

I watched the wind stir the trees about me as I made my way to the huge oak doors. I paused for a second on the step, then knocked on the wood. I heard footsteps, and Janelle’s scent hit me a second before the door opened. She was dressed casually, in skin tight jeans and no shoes, with naught but a lavender coloured bikini top.

She smiled at me as I nervously held out my hand, and I felt the beast in me stir as I saw the bruise around her eye. With no make up on, it was clear she had had a refreshment added. I snarled, and her smile faltered. “Come in, Mr. Voinovich. Please.”

I hesitated for a minute, then followed her in. She stepped in front of me as she held out her hands, indicating the house around us. “My husband and I built his company from scratch to a multimillion dollar empire. I pushed him to make the money, and the decisions. We built it hands together, with a rock solid marriage. Now?”

Her lips pursed as she strode into her office, and I wrenched my eyes from the dancing image of her denim clad ass to stare at her. She crossed her arms in front of her and smiled.

“Not exactly a business arrangement I like. My husband knows he owes much of his wealth and empire to me, Mr. Voinovich. And now, the only time he spends with me is to come home and rape me, or to trot me out at social events and functions. I’ve lost my husband to the work monster I created. I suppose it’s my own fault.”

I grunted, not trusting myself to speak. She reached up to try to cover the bruise, self-conscious under my admiring gaze, and my anger bade me speak. “And when he hits you, Mrs. Kaspowski-Christoph? Is that for a formal occasion?”

Janelle sat on the corner of her desk and looked at me. She didn’t move, but the beast in me was awed at the sadness and intrinsic beauty of the woman confronting me. She took a breath, and I felt the beast cringe in shame.

“Piotr…I take pride in being a healthy young woman. I try to be a good lover…but I will not be used and thrown away like a whore. I tried to fight him off. Know you many men that will simply take a woman beyond her will, thinking that their prowess would satisfy even the most frigid of women?”

I shrugged, then my cheeks burned. “I am such a man. I am now, at any rate.” Janelle nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off me, then motioned to the balcony. I followed her out, and sat down with her at the table.

“My sister said you just got out of prison.” I nodded.

“Da. I killed, and I served my time. It’s a part of my life I believed over with my release. But prison makes a mark on you. It changes you. To survive, I became something else, something animal. It kept me alive, but now that I’m out…I don’t know how to be Piotr anymore. Now I’m something else.”

I don’t know why I told her that. She just nodded, as though it were no great surprise to her. She leant back and closed her eyes, basking in the mid morning sun. “You still wish me to be around you?”

Her eyes opened for a moment, then closed again as she nestled deeper into the deck chair. “I told my husband that he will not touch me again. I will be his trophy, and be the jewel he wears on his arm. But I will not love him. He barely even cared. When I met him, he was barely above a common con man, dealing with many unsavoury people.”

I snorted. “Like me.”

Her perfect lips curved into a scintillating smile, and I felt my cock stiffen slightly as she lolled her tongue out and pursed her lips again.

“Yes, Piotr, like you. My husband stands to gain quite a bit from my death, and I’m sure that were it not for my aptitude for allowing rape, he would have arranged it quite some time ago. My husband has become a corrupt man, Piotr. Unlike you, he is drunk with the power I gave him, and isn’t ashamed of it. He does not believe a man can rape his wife. I’ve not felt a passionate touch in over ten years. To be treated as a woman, not just a vessel. His thugs will come for me, one day soon I should think. Soon, now that he’ll never touch me again. When they come, I want to meet them with someone better, and far more vicious. Like you, Piotr.”

I pondered all she’d said for a moment, and nodded, slowly. “Very well, Mrs. Kaspowski-Christoph. I will take up your job. I only ask two things.” She tilted her head to the side, and peered at me through the glare of the sun. I wiped my hands on my knees ankara eryaman escortlar and gave her my best smile.

“I am a knife and dagger man. I would ask your permission to carry those instead of guns. I hate guns. Secondly, no hitting. I tolerate no such things. If I am to be in the room with you and he threatens to hit you, or tries, I will make things unpleasant for him. Thirdly, a house this large must surely have guest rooms. Perhaps it would be inappropriate, but if I could have even a couch to sleep on, somewhere close, it would be safest. Your husband sounds impetuous, and I would not wish ill upon you if I were too far away to be of use.”

Janelle nodded to me and shrugged. “Take your pick, Piotr. There are at least six rooms in the house with no one in them. As for the being armed, I can register you immediately with little trouble, and as long as you don’t hide a ground to air missile anywhere…”

She paused and a touch of a smile came and went. “Then it shouldn’t be a problem. And I meant it when I said I didn’t want him touching me anymore. And somehow, that actually includes him hitting me. And call me Janelle. Lastly…”

Her voice faltered for a second, and she sat up on the deck chair and crossed her arms in front of her. Her face looked uncertain, and her lavender eyes locked onto mine. She smiled shyly at me, and I stifled a groan.

“I’m not a child, Piotr. I know that you are a man just out of prison, and presumably trying to make up for lost time in so far as ladies are concerned. But I don’t want a nameless cavalcade of women through my house. I have enough of that with my husband. I’m not heartless. I’m just saying, if you need to go out and release some tension, simply tell me. I’ll come out too, and have some fun. We can both release some tension on some nameless person, and still be together. Looking after me is a full time job, Piotr. Are you sure you want it?”

I nodded and smiled, and her answering smile was enchanting. And so it continued. Four weeks later, and Janelle and I had become fast friends. She had a way about her, an easy, carefree quality, as if nothing in life could even come close to touching her. The beast in me was quiet, stunned and totally enraptured with this young, vibrant woman.

I began to look forward to our days together, waking up at six every day, to check on her while she slumbered. I would cook us breakfast and we would sit on the balcony quietly, conversation unnecessary. For four weeks, I never met, nor heard tell of her husband.

I was starting to fall in love with her, and I knew it. I also knew how dangerous that could be, so I took to spending less and less time with her. I still sat as her bodyguard during her meetings, and when she was at home, but I tried to stop spending so much carefree time with her.

I noticed her looking at me confusedly on occasion, but I couldn’t tell her. I stood stoically by her side, and watched her as I fell deeper and harder for her each day. Then her husband showed up.

I was doing my daily workout of Bajani katas and excercizes before going to check on Janelle, when the front door knocked hollowly. I frowned and looked down at my watch. Barely ten minutes to six, and someone at the front door. I opened it without checking the spy hole first, and was rewarded with a taser shot into the chin for my carelessness.

I roared in pain and fell to my knees on the floor, in time to catch a boot to the chest as I fell back. I heard Janelle’s voice call out, and a man wearing a well tailored suit stepped into the door, followed by three large, similarly dressed thugs.

The man in the suit spread his hands out wide. “Honey, I’m home!” I spat out a mouthful of blood, and tried to struggle to my knees, but one of the thugs came and planted a boot on my chest. I felt the blade of a knife slide in to rest against my jugular, and I stopped. I heard Janelle scream as another thug grabbed her, and her husband laughed.

“Well, my dear. It seems you’ve outlived your usefulness here. I’d like to introduce you to Calvin, Simon, and Theodore, three friends of mine that dabble a bit in murder, rape, and other fun schemes from time to time. Just in time for me to get to my six thirty meeting, of course. And establish an alibi. Now, if you’ll excuse me… time to go.”

I heard the sound of a hand striking flesh, and Janelle collapsed beside me. I looked into her tear filled eyes, and at the rapidly spreading red mark on her cheek.

I heard the door slam shut, and Renard’s carefree whistle as he headed down the garden path. I locked eyes with Janelle. “Close your eyes.” She stared at me and shook her head. One of the thugs grinned, and hoisted me to my feet, pressing the taser into my shoulder and giving me another shock for good measure.

The beast curled in me, ready to strike out at our attackers. The thug grabbed hold of my neck, and slid the knife up to my Adams apple. “See, here,” he said, his breath stinking escort etimesgut of cheap wine and dope.

“What we’re gonna do here is have a lot of fun here with your bitch, then gut her like a pig. Maybe even during, eh boys?” This suggestion was met with coarse laughter from the other two.

“Then, we knife you, with your own fingerprints all over the nice, clean handle, so the cops can get a nice, clean print. Then, little Ruskie, you go back to being some big bitch in the nice cells they got for rapists, and maybe even get yourself a real case of fucked up and died.” I looked down at Janelle, who was staring at me with tears in her eyes.

“Close your eyes, Janelle. Baby, do it.” One of the thugs hooted in laughter.

“Go on, baby, do what your big mean Russian boy says. He doesn’t want you to watch him get all fucked up. But I tell you what. What about you come with me, and we have some fun?” I shook my head.

“If she wants to stay and watch, let her.” One thug stepped in front of me.

“Well, I guess you’re ready to go back to jail then, bitch. Maybe you ought to have a little warm up and some Deliverance action before you go, eh?”

The thugs chorused a laugh, and I smiled. My elbow blasted up, shattering the thug’s nose and sending most of his top lip and teeth into his mouth in a spray of blood. My right heel lashed out, shattering the Adam’s apple of the thug in front of me and then followed up with a knee across his thigh.

He collapsed as the remaining thug grabbed at me from behind, and I felt the burning pain of a knife slash across my ribs. I pivoted and kicked out, aiming for the throat again, but the thug ducked.

I gave him a heel kick that pushed him back, and spun again, driving my knee into the temple of the kneeling thug with a satisfying crack. I turned back to the last thug, who flipped back up onto his feet. I exploded into a flurry of blows, trying to drive him back, and finally got one through. He slammed back into the wall, and reversed the knife in his grip, to stab me with it.

I grabbed at his wrist and twisted, inverting the knife to face back towards his own neck with a sickening crunch of bone. The thug screamed, and I slammed the knife into his throat and on into the wall behind him.

He blinked at me as I collapsed, trying to stem the flow of blood from my ribs. I blinked as my vision swam, and suddenly Janelle was beside me. Her hand was on my face, and she felt cold. I stared at her, panting to keep my breath, and she went to my ribs to check, but I held her hand on my face and shook my head.

She stared at me for a moment, and nodded. A small smile came and went on her face. “So are you still pissed at me?” I stifled a laugh at the tearing pain in my side.

“I wasn’t pissed at YOU. I was pissed at me. Maybe we ought to call the cops.” I nodded, and she tried to help me up, but I collapsed, weak as a kitten. I flashed a wan smile. “Guess I must be losing my touch, da? It’s been quite a while since I have been hurt this bad.”

Janelle gave a low laugh and touched my face with her other hand. “I’ve never seen anything like that, Piotr. You were amazing.” I shook my head and gritted my teeth as I stood up. I swayed, but Janelle was there, under my arm. She flipped open a cell phone and dialled 911.

I looked up at the roof as I concentrated on breathing, and a smile slid onto my face. “And call your sister. You’ve just grabbed your husband by the short and fluffy’s.” Janelle’s lips broke into a wide smile, and she laughed.

“You mean short and curly’s. And what do you mean by that?” I jerked my chin towards the roof, and the video camera that looked to be winking at us. The phone gave a click, and Janelle looked up at me. “Yes, someone’s just tried to kill my bodyguard and me. I’m okay, but he fought off three thugs, one of them is dead, and he’s been wounded. Send someone quick, please.”

She listened for a moment, and nodded, then gave the person on the phone the address. I felt light headed, and hugged Janelle tightly as my vision swam. I realized I had lost a lot of blood, and looked down at her bedraggled appearance. “You should put something on, little one. You’ll catch cold.”

She smiled and nestled into my shoulder. “Nice try. But I’m not leaving you.” I blinked.

“I thought I was supposed to feel cold. I’m feeling really warm right now.” She looked up at me, and her lips parted slightly.

We locked eyes, and I lowered my lips to hers. Our kiss was passionately searing, and I crushed her to me. She pulled away after a moment. “That’s why you acted like you that? Because you wanted me?” I snorted.

“No. Because I haven’t ever wanted something that bad. And because you scare me. I don’t feel the same way about you I feel about any other beautiful woman. I want you, but I don’t want to taint you. Does that make sense?” She shrugged, still looking at me, her eyes a mystery.

“Only male sense. batıkent escort I said I wasn’t leaving you, Piotr. It’s not like I’ll ever have enough.” The sound of police sirens reached our ears, and I kissed her again. Her tongue fought it’s way up into my mouth, and I tried to swallow her whole, her scent, her skin, and her sudden warmth. Someone clearing their throat separated us in shock, and I turned to see a very bemused policeman eyeing us. His lips gave a small smile, and he nodded.

“Ambulance will be here in about three minutes, buddy. Let’s get you out there to meet it. You alright?” I looked down at Janelle.

“I’m getting there.”

Outside, the ambulance officer was checking my wound while I sat on the back of the van, staring at Janelle, still clad in her t-shirt and shorts. I felt my cock twitch as I stared at her. The woman checking my wounds gave a small sound as my work-out shorts grew increasingly tight around me. I beckoned to Janelle, who never took her eyes off of me as she strode up to the van.

The nurse jumped down and cleared her throat. “You should really go with him. He’s lost a lot of blood, but he should be ok. The hospital’s about twenty minutes, and we’ve already organized for a private room, Mrs. Kaspowski-Christoph.”

Janelle’s lavender eyes slid into mine, and I swallowed a sudden nervous lump in my throat. She gave a soft smile and stretched up into the back of the ambulance. “Sure, I’ll go with him.” She shut the door, and I leant over and kissed her.

Janelle kissed me back, just as fiercly, and I gave a soft moan as her hand shifted from my jaw to the outline of my cock through my workout shorts. Janelle bit her lip and stifled a giggle as my fingers wormed their way into her shorts, and she gave me a squeeze.

She pushed her hand past the elastic of my trunks and her eyes went wide as I followed suit, pushing my fingers inside her. Her mouth opened wide and she began to pant, pushing down onto my probing fingers with each gasping breath. My cock sprung out of the waistband of my shorts and strained upwards, and Janelle’s lips turned into a naughty smile.

A second later, I was in the magic heat of her mouth. She sucked hard on the head of my meat, lightly running the edges of her teeth along the bulbous underside of the head, just along the seam.

I strained upwards off of the bed, and my cock began to pulse in time to my racing heartbeat. The speaker crackled just above my bed, and the ambulance driver’s voice sounded. “You guys ok back there? You’re heart rate’s gone up quite a bit there, Piotr. Just hang on. It’s about five more minutes to the hospital.”

My veins began to stand out along my body as Janelle’s mouth intensified on me. Her fingernails ran lightly over my balls, scratching only enough to arouse me all the more.

I began to thrust up into her mouth, and with one final hard suck, I began to climax. I blinked as she kept sucking, swallowing my cum eagerly. She sucked hard, cleaning it off of my cock as she dragged her lips upwards. Her rough little tongue gave a slight flick to the eye, scooping out the last of my cum and making me moan again.

I was still as hard as a rock, and she ran her fingers up the length of my shaft, then pushed my cock back into my trunks. I stared at her in barely contained lust as she licked her lips, and I nearly reached for her again, but there was a screech of tires and the sound of footsteps.

The ambulance door opened, and the paramedic smiled at me over the huge lump of my shorts. “We’ll get you indoors and take really good care of you, Piotr. Won’t we, Mrs…” Janelle gave her a sharp look.

“Miss. Miss Christoph. And yes, I will take good care of him as soon as we get in there.” The paramedic looked Janelle up and down and licked her lips.

“If you need a hand, you know, settling in…” Janelle looked back at me and smiled.

“I can handle it, thanks.” She patted my thigh, achingly close to my cock, and I muttered to myself and tried to think of ice and penguins.

Two days later, I was patched and stitched up, watching the television. I had a smug look on my face for three reasons. One, the room I was in was private, lockable, and had a massive television. Two, currently on the television was a shot of Renard Kaspowski, looking very ashamed and shocked at having been caught red handed trying to plan a murder on the surveillance system that he had paid for with his own money, and that all his assets were now to be transferred to his long suffering wife.

And thirdly, that self same long suffering wife was under the blanket sucking my cock to the fullest and most complete extent.

Janelle had a bet going with me that I could be watching anything, and she’d still get my attention. I didn’t put money on it, because it was a bet I’d happily lose, so of course she was getting my attention. I turned off the television and threw back the covers. Janelle didn’t even stop, she was really getting into it, her cheeks hollowed out and her mouth covered in saliva.

Her grin widened when I tried to pull her off my cock, and I only succeeded when I jammed three fingers into her ass. She gave a squeal, followed by a low moan, and I got off the bed, my fingers still jammed inside of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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