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So you said something about wanting to shave my pussy? Asking with that coy tone of yours.

Why I believe I did mention something about wanting to do just that? Replying before taking a sip of my coffee.

How did you want to do that? I am guessing you have this all planned out in that kinky little head of yours? Quipping as you look to see if the boys are coming up the stairs.

Well I do have a plan but you have to trust me and do exactly as I say no work arounds no compromises. I return.

You give me a sly eye. Taking a minute to mull it over, your curiosity and the fact that not knowing what my plan is has already gotten things to get all warm and tingly.

Alright what do you have in mind? You ask.

Well when I take Sawyer to school I want you to make us a couple of drinks, turn the bed on, put two towels in the dryer and wait till I get back. When I get back you do exactly as I say. Answering your question.

My instructions have you very inquisitive and your arousal is ramping up. You can feel that telltale molten feeling warming your lips. We go about our normal morning routine, but it is heightened by the fact your extremely turned on. You find any way to touch and kiss me as we pass each other. My slaps on your ass feel delicious with each sensual sting.

I finally take Sawyer to school. Your anticipation has you sprinting to do my instructions.

Towels in the dryer check, bed on check, glasses out Turkey and tonic check, your saying in your inner monologue. With this you realize I just left and you’re ready.

You find your mind wondering. I know that he will be eating my pussy, I know he will be shaving me bare, You think. What else is he going to do? Are we going to shower before or after? I bet he will try and finger me in the shower. I think I will let him, actually I know I will let him. You say to yourself. Your mind goes to the last coffee tinted kiss we had before I left. How my hand felt on your wet lips through your yoga pants making you melt and squirm. You can feel a slight cool spot between your thighs as you have soaked into those yoga pants. You reach down to feel and to look to make sure its not something else. Dipping your hand under the waistband to make sure. You slip a finger deep between your very wet lips. You bring it up to check, you sigh a relief to find just a wet finger. Then like on instinct you find your hand sliding back down to touch. The slickness is incredible. As the middle finger rolls over your clit you lean into the counter. So turned on you keep rubbing, standing in the kitchen masturbating, your feel yourself getting close. Your trance only broken by the sound of my truck door closing. You quickly ankara eryaman escortlar remove your hand and reach for a towel but decide to rub that lust just behind your ears and down your neck for me to savor.

I walk in and you come and put your still wet finger in my mouth while grabbing my bulge. You follow that with a deep kiss.

What do you need me to do now? Asking as our lips part.

Please make me a drink and I will tell you. I reply.

As you start to make the drinks I tell you just one for me, I have other things planned for you. You go to hand me my drink and I have you set it on the counter. I wrap an arm around you pulling you close and kissing you. Then silently leading you to the bathroom.

I drop to a knee in the bathroom and pull down your pants. The cooler air drifts over your moist lips giving you a sexy shiver.

I stand and cup your pussy then dip my finger in. I kiss you deep as my finger delights your hot button. I turn your head to kiss behind your ear and find a sexy aroma to enjoy and taste. I pull up your shirt and take it off. I turn and reach into the towel closet. I return with your vape. I ask you to take three very good drags off of it, and hold it to your lips. Your first drag is a little rough but you power through it. The second is so much more smooth, the third is relaxing as you hold the smoke.

You want one more for good measure? I inquire.

You lean in and take a solid sexy drag not breaking eye contact with me as you do it. You find yourself just a bit light headed but come clear quickly.

I then pull out the trimmers. I hand them to you and ask you to prep as I caress your pussy again.

I will be setting up for the rest. You don’t have to take it all off leave me a landing strip or something to sculpt. I say.

Then I walk out the door closing it behind me. You get to work trimming. The pot not yet kicked in. You trim both lips as far back as you can. You leave a nice patch for me to work with.

Poking your head out of the door you ask if I am ready.

I am very ready for you, come on in, I beckon.

You follow my voice into the room. On the floor is a container with light steam rising from it. Two small towels, a washcloth and the shaving equipment. I take your hand and lead you to your side of the bed. I turn you so you are facing me. I am standing there just as naked as you. My hands are warm and inviting. You wrap your arms around me and kiss. I break the kiss after having s great taste of you. Reaching around you I pull back the blanket to uncover two neatly laid towels. Easing you on to them as your ass touches you feel their warmth. The pot is starting to have its effect escort etimesgut as you lay back and melt into the bed all warm under you.

I lift your legs and find a good position for them spread for me to do my work. I glide my hands from your knees to your mound as I get down on my knees next to the bed. I wet the wash cloth an place is warmth on you. Slowly I massage you with it as it softens everything. I warm and massage you to get you comfortable with my touch. Your starting to lose yourself in the relaxation of it all. I get the shaving cream ready and slowly and softly work it in. Pulling the razor out of the warm water I tease you with the handle for a moment from your backside all the way up. I bring it down and slip it in. The warm metal easing in you. You arch your back at the sensation of being penetrated. I ease it out and warm it once again.

Softly I start to shave the outside of your lips. Each stroke with a rewarmed razor. Taking my time carefully working my way to the edges of your lips. The sensual feeling of the warm blades gliding over your skin, not pulling but removing the hairs. The bed very warm under you. The pot in full effect making what I am doing and the bed feel amazing. Drips of water running down your backside tempting your back door.

Having finished with the lips I move to the mound to sculpt the hair left over. I leave a patch of well manicured hairs for a potential target to cum on if you ask. With washcloth in hand I go to cleaning up my project getting all the cream off then drying you with a towel. I tease my fingers over you and ask if you are ready for the shower to get the last off and get cleaned up for the rest of our play?

You gaze up and smile reaching out a hand. We make our way to the bathroom. Your body calm and relaxed along with begging to be pleasured. I start the shower and help you in.

I will be right back to join you. I say.

You let the water cascade over your body as you wait. Before long I return with the razor and shaving cream and climb in. We take our time cleaning and washing each other. Our front to back scrubbing lasting longer than usual with my soapy cock finding home between your cheeks. I rub the head on your backdoor and feel you push back a little. Finishing up you tell me that you are going to go wait for me on the bed as I shave.

Walking into the bedroom to see the covers pulled back over and my kit all put away. On the bed in its place are the toy pillow with a few toys pulled out and the lube.

You pull back the covers and climb onto the bed. You can feel your pussy getting very wet again. Warmth under you as your fingers start to batıkent escort do what they do when you have a wet pussy. Teasing your button you finally notice me watching as I stroke my hard cock. Easing myself next to you leaning in for a kiss, I put my hand on yours to feel as fingering is the pleasure of the moment. My shaved face feels good on your lips and cheeks. Kissing goes from being wanted to a desperate need. Easing down your body kissing, my face arrives at your sex to watch you rub. I kiss your hand and around what you are doing, starting to add licks to my kisses up and down your shaved area. An occasional nibble of the edge of the lips.

With my tongue almost at your backside I start a deliberate lick up, savoring your slickness till I finally reach your clit. Your body moves involuntarily to my licking. You find you have so much built up orgasmic tension that you climb fast. With each movement of my tongue you get very close, then adding just enough pressure to send you over the edge. Shuddering as I slow my touch your hands grab my head to keep me from leaving. I change my pace and start again. Still very high in your climax, your wetness just flowing all over my face. I decide to raise the stakes by testing your slick with a finger. Feeling another wave coming as I ease my finger in, knowing that as soon as it reaches your gspot your going to explode.

Circles bathe your clit as I work in. Just like you knew it would happen, I put pressure and rubbed your gspot you cum hard again.

Finding that the wave is still right there pulsing through your sex, the nerves are shooting bolts of lust all through you. This time I don’t stop my pace and lick consistently.

As I pull out my finger you ask for me to please put it back. Obliging I take my other hand to try your back door. Jolts frantic pleasure from my touch just sets you aflame. Lubing a finger I rub the same circles as my tongue are doing. Pressing softly there the waves getting closer. Your body takes over to push against my finger. It slips in, I push it deeper, then slowly pull back. Your clit absolutely electric, your gspot on fire and now as I fill your ass you find your heading to the top of the biggest wave. Dipping deeper each stroke you feel the top of the wave and come crashing over it. Full body convulsions all three points just a buzz. You slam your legs shut on my head as I carry your lust that little bit farther. You push me off and I slip my fingers out.

I climb on top to see if my hard cock will make it full depth in one stroke driving in deep and steady. Grabbing my head pulling me in to kiss your frantic pleasure has just run amok. I pump deliberately to fill you, to send you over again and again. My balls start to tighten as your wave peaks again. You get there with a boisterous orgasm as I fill you with my cum. Our pace slows to a gentle stroke. Catching our breath but desperate to keep the sensation going you say, I don’t think we are putting clothes on today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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