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Enjoying a warm day by my pool I’ve decided it’s a good day to get some sun. I look around my yard happy to see my privacy fence is now fortified with blooming rose bushes. Testing the water with my painted toes, it feels warm. Moving to the chaises I slide off my bikini and massage in more sun screen. Laying down on the soft cushions, I stretch out. The softness seductive against my skin, I drift off.

Lounging face down I don’t notice you’ve approached until you reach out and touch my shoulder. I jump at your touch. My vision is blinded by the sun as I turn and lift my head. I finally focus and when I see it’s you, I breathe a sigh of relief. Then I realize I am in front of you, my neighbour, bare. We are becoming friends since you moved next door but I don’t think you expected this. You are looking at me and instead of embarrassment I see your desire. My nipples betray me and stiffen into hard peaks. Suddenly I feel nervous but stay still and like a fool I ask if you need anything. You look eryaman escort me in the eye and whisper “you”. I feel a charge rip through me and stand up…your whisper and your look have my body overriding my nerves. You step in closer and lean in to kiss me hard. I meet your mouth with my tongue sliding past your lips and feel the tingle as yours returns to explore mine.

You move away from my lips and start kissing my neck your beard so soft on my skin. Your rough hands cup my generous breasts and your soft lips suck my hard nipple. My back arches as I bury my hands in your hair. You start to mark and bite as I moan “fuck”. My body is feeling your heat and my pussy is screaming for your touch. Then I feel you glide your finger across my lips and look at me when you feel my wetness. You bring your finger to your tongue and lick off my juices still gazing down at me. You find my mouth and kiss me hard as you share my taste. I gasp as you slip two fingers in past my folds and deep into my pussy. I sincan escort start to ride and squeeze your fingers as I moan. I need to feel you. My hand reaches to find your hard cock under your shorts as I undo the fly. They fall to the ground and I find you free under them. I wrap my hand around your rock hard shaft and pull you closer so my tongue can tease your nipples. You groan and slide to your knees, pushing me back on the lounge you as shove your head between my legs and suck my swollen clit.

I lift my hips and say “fuck me”. You pick me up and throw me on my knees tying my hands with my bikini top and pushing me on my elbows. You grab my hips and slam your hard cock balls deep in my soaking pussy. I squeeze your thickness with my walls as you drive in and out. My breasts bouncing with our rhythm when all of a sudden you stop and roll me over. You pull my legs together as you lift my hips, my hands tied over my head. You slide a finger in my ass and I nod. You slide batıkent escort in a second and I start to thrust on your fingers. You remove them as I moan. I feel the pressure as you start to slide in your cock still wet from my pussy. You nudge your head in and out until I feel a pop and you are fully in, we both groan. Fucking my ass, you hold my legs with one arm around them and alternate rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy through my legs with the other. Your balls slapping against my legs I feel you deep and my body starts to quiver. I can’t take anymore, watching the want on your face I tighten and cum hard on your hand. My ass squeezes your cock and you moan as your balls tighten and I feel you start to release your heat deep in my ass. You finish unloading, pulling out. You stand up. I see you are still hard and drop to my knees to start sucking your cock. You release the last of your cum as I milk it with my mouth.

Pulling me up you untie my hands and kiss me hard as I gain my balance. Running your hands through my hair you look deep into my eyes. Your hands find mine and you lead me to the pool. Entering first you help me slide in and I wrap my arms and legs around you. Pulling me in tight you kiss me as we cool off our heat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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