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Female Ejaculation

“Any ideas, Mr Jones, how I could make some money? I need to get a better ‘phone.”

Jim could not see anything wrong with the existing one. It made ‘phone calls and took texts but young Jess seemed adamant a new ‘phone was what she needed. He had known Jess since she was a little girl but she was undoubtedly a big girl now.

“You could wash cars, I suppose. I’d pay you to do some cleaning – only I’m pretty house proud and you won’t find much needs cleaning.” It was true, he was neat and tidy.

“I’m not asking you for a few jobs, honest. I’m after something regular that pays more than a few pounds.”

“A Saturday job? Newspaper round?”

The girl sipped her coffee. She had waved at him on her way to the shops as he took the milk in, and had stopped to chat and he had mentioned he was making coffee. She had joined him, as ready to talk away to him as when she had first moved in with her family a few doors down years ago. A forward young girl even then. Hands on hips and telling him her thoughts.

What she said next was a bit of a surprise. “You can see why girls go into prostitution. So easy – easy money!”

Jim had frowned, “I don’t think so. Not at all nice, I suspect, not that easy but…”

“Just joking. Wouldn’t dream… what would Mum say!”

The idea so ridiculous. What her Mum would say! It made Jim and Jess laugh.

“Do you think they would pay?” The young girl put on a pout and lifted her chest up. A real pose.

The sight was more than a little pleasing to the male eye.

“Jess!” Jim tried to look stern but the trouble was Jess did look just fine – well ‘sex on a stick’ really. She had certainly blossomed and he had thought before, ‘Look out Leeds.’ She would be off to university there in Yorkshire, come the Autumn. She had a place to study Law. Her school days were over. He would miss seeing her walking past on the way to and from school, sometimes stopping to chat. It had been good seeing her growing from the schoolgirl in her maroon uniform, through the sixth form, where uniform, perhaps more the pity, was not required to a young girl waiting for summer to be over to be off to ‘uni.’. A rather mature looking eighteen year old.

“That’s a ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ question.”


“If I say ‘no,’ you’ll be all offended as it means I don’t think you are an attractive young girl: if I say ‘yes,’ it means I think you are an attractive young girl with sex appeal and I like what I see. A no win situation!”

“Oh… and which is it?”

“I’m not answering… but I’m sure they’d pay!”

Jess’s big flashing smile, “a ‘yes’ then!” She frowned, “I hadn’t thought about it but what do you do for sex?”

A surprise or a question but he made a quick counter, “Well, what do you do?” It was an odd question from Jess and it seemed best to Jim to turn the question around. They had not talked of such things before.

“Oh, well, what do you think?”

Jim had thoughts. The idea of Jess alone in bed with her fingers roaming over naked skin not an unpleasing one.

“Boyfriends… as well?” Pleasing to mention the ‘as well.’

“Once or twice, nothing serious and… not all the way.”

“Pleasant fumblings.”

Again her flashing smile. “Mmmm, quite pleasant. Aren’t boys funny? What they do.”

Jim’s eyebrows rose. It was an intriguing statement.

“You know…” she went on.

“Expect I do.”

“Their erections and, you know… when they come.”

Jim nodded. Sitting drinking coffee and chatting with an attractive and rather young girl was pleasant in itself. She, perched opposite him on one of his kitchen bar stools in her tee shirt and short skirt, knees carefully together, he a middle aged man in jeans and shirt. The surprising fact that the chat was edging into the deeply sexual was even more pleasant.

The girl went on, “Well, of course you know, being a man and all. Is that what you do on your own since… you don’t use prostitutes do you?”

“No! Definitely not. Since the divorce well… as you say, being rather personal, just me and my hand.”

“Pictures, videos?”

Jim looked at her sideways, the conversation was odd, “sometimes, but it’s often better in your head.”

The girl nodded. Jim wondered what went on in her head – and in her bed.

“Yeah, pictures don’t really do it for me.”

There was a pause in their talk. Jim had wondered if Jess was going to enlighten him a little more about what she did think about. Probably a romance with sex coming gently after a time. Not quite how his thoughts went. Rather more immediate and none too gentle, really, with very little romance! Little romance and big tits! Jim was a bit of a breast man.

“I wonder how much men pay.”

“I have no idea, Jess. Depends on the girl, how classy the set up is in the brothel, I expect, and…” he rather felt the idea should be knocked firmly on the head. The idea of sweet little Jess being in such a situation most unpleasant, “what services are offered.”

She giggled, “Ooh, bondage. bursa escort Me in black leather with thigh length boots and a whip. I think I’d like that!”

“Jess, really! I meant vaginal intercourse, anal, blowjob.”

“Mr Jones – I never thought I’d hear you say ‘blowjob.’ Um… how much would you pay for a hand job?”

“With or without clothes?” His reply lightning quick but… the girl could not be serious… could she?

“Either. Be more expensive without. How much?”

It was actually another question with an impossible answer. Too cheap and she would be insulted: too expensive and she might say yes!

“Fifty pounds, inclusive.”


Silence for a moment. Surely Jess was not serious? The situation had suddenly become very peculiar and unexpected. It would be fifty pounds well spent but… She was, of course, eighteen, there was nothing illegal but… Fifty pounds to see what lay beneath that tee shirt and skirt, fifty pounds to be grasped by her little hand and worked, fifty pounds to be brought off and see his stuff on her hand… it would be money well spent.

Jim laughed, “so what are you planning to do today?” A change of subject definitely in order.

“Earn fifty pounds for starters. Well on my way to that phone!” A flash of teeth and sparkling eyes. It was a challenge.

He laughed. It was a trifle forced. “Jess, you’re not serious?”

“Yes, I am. It’s not a big deal is it? You see me naked, I wank you off and there’s fifty pounds in my purse. Brill!”

The morning was not going the way he had planned at all. The situation so unexpected and absurd. He could not do that with her. Not really. She could not actually be prepared to wank him; it was a tease; he changed the subject – “More coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

He stood and walked across the kitchen, filled the kettle and switched it on. Turning back he got one of the biggest surprises of his life. Gone was the tee shirt, gone was the brassiere underneath and in their place a bare-chested Jess still sitting on the bar stool. Her chest as full as he had imagined with her long, brown hair only covering a little of the smooth flesh, her areolae puffy and brown. They were as good as he had imagined but…

Jim swallowed. So this was, indeed, for real. “Nice tits, Jess, but the window…” The kitchen faced the road. You could see Jess’ house from it.

“You can’t see in, I know.”

“What’s this, ten pounds already!”

“Touching’s extra.”

He had walked to her and was about to touch.

“They are really lovely, Jess.”

“I can see you like them.”

There had been no point hiding the bulge in his jeans. It was most definitely there. He was desperately thinking how he should react: Jim was not going to go all tongue tied and nervous, he did not want her getting the upper hand, he was not going to let her be in control of the situation, he was the man after all.

“I don’t want you doing this with other men. You could get hurt. I wouldn’t want that.”

“Honestly, Mr Jones, I was only joking about the prostitution.”


“But fifty pounds is fifty pounds. Do you want me to – I will.”

Jim was torn. Should he tell her to put her top back on and just laugh about it. It was no big deal seeing her breasts. Jess could just cover them up again. The man in him however got the better of him. “OK, Jess, deal, let’s see the rest of you.”

“Skirt or panties first?”


Seeing her hop off the bar stool and reach up in her skirt and tug down white panties was a joy. Jim held out his hand and she gave them to him. His hand closed on the little scrap of material, soft and warm in his hand. Back she hopped on the bar stool, he rather thought the skirt so short that her sex might well be actually touching the wood.

Again her smile, “Should I fish it out now or do you want to be naked too like you said.”

Fish it out! Jim knew exactly what Jess was referring to.

“I didn’t.”

“You did, you said no clothes.”

“I meant you with no clothes. The skirt? It is pretty.”

“You first.”

The prospect of undressing, exposing himself to the young girl was strangely exciting – and helped to justify the not inconsiderable expense. It added to what he was getting for his money! Fifty pounds was fifty pounds and he did not have a lot of money to spare, not with maintenance and everything.

There she was, sitting on the stool, bare-chested and drinking her coffee. It was quite a picture. All she had on was a skirt and a short one at that.

Jim stood and pulled off his shirt. He was not worried by that, his stomach had not developed that fullness some of his friends had from chugging plentiful beer. He liked the way her eyes were watching him. Was she perhaps turned on by the situation, had the banter about sex and, indeed her partial undressing, resulted in a moistening between her thighs? Her nipples atop her puffy areolae did not seem to be showing the same sort of hardness he had in his trousers. Without bursa merkez escort touching, without being able to slip his hand under that skirt he did not know – the thought made his penis twitch.

There was no way he was going to commit the faux-pas of leaving just his socks on. Jim reached and pulled them and his trainers off. Rising he let his eyes run up her legs and pause at their join. It was clear as his gaze swept on upwards to her face she had seen him trying to look up her skirt – with partial success!

“Come on Jim, let’s see it, let’s see what I’ve got to work with!” She opened her legs a little – a tease.

Jim did not watch himself, rather he watched Jess and her reaction, much more interesting, his eyes on her face as he unbuckled his belt and prepared to expose himself. The moment so exciting, he could feel how hard and manly he was. A bit of hesitation on his part – real, though it gave the right dramatic effect. Even so he hoped for a good reaction, a proper young girl reaction: he got it.

It was textbook or cliché. A gasp from the girl, a widening of eyes and a hand going to mouth. If it was acting it was very good. He had pulled them down, trousers and pants, all in one, pulling his cock downwards only for it to rebound upwards and slap, rather satisfyingly, against his stomach. It did make a sound!

“It’s… it’s rather big.”

Textbook cliché indeed, but the look on her face seemed to suggest she actually meant it.

It was not really true, though, Jim was most definitely at full stretch but, alas, he did not think he really had anything particularly to boast about. Perhaps he was a little longer and thicker than other men but he had not made the comparison ‘in the flesh,’ just what he had read: but it was not as if he was sporting some eight or nine inch monster – more was the pity with the little girl looking on. More likely her suggestion of experience with boys, the ‘pleasant fumblings,’ as he had put it, with ‘boyfriends,’ as she had put it, boiled down to ‘boyfriend’ singular and he had had a rather small cock. Poor lad – though not exactly unlucky in having had Jess manipulating him and seemingly making it do its thing!

Jess’ reaction was a delight, almost worth the fifty pounds alone (well, twenty anyway), Jim stepped closer, knowing his cock was really rearing up before him. A delight to see her rather shocked eyes staring at it as it advanced towards her. Perfect!

He sat back on the bar stool and picked up his coffee. Somewhat of a change. Instead of sitting there in jeans and tee shirt he was now naked and with his erection fully exposed and really sticking up in the air. It was almost a third person present – certainly it was a very noticeable, very important and, to Jess, a rather prominent addition to the scene.

“Your turn,” he said.

“Do men get bigger as they get older?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Only it’s… I don’t think I could get my hand around it.”

“I rather hope you’ll try!” The prospect was wonderful, the idea of sitting there whilst the young girl wanked him to conclusion quite remarkable. Jim was glad he had not, recently, been using his hand in the way he had implied, not for days. He knew he was the more worked up because of the abstinence and the thought his ejaculation would be the more copious, because of the abstinence, pleasing. Nice to ‘put on a show.’ Nice for it to go on a bit longer. Nice if it ran down her hand.


A delightful hesitation. Jim had the upper hand now. It added to the sexual excitement. So long, of course, as she did not back out.

“Your skirt?”

“Oh, right… yes.”

Jess stood, but her eyes were still on Jim’s penis. Her hand went to the side clip. “You won’t get carried away, will you?”

There was hesitation, Jim could see there were definite second thoughts and worry about what she had unleashed. She could certainly see it!

“What do you mean, Jess, pick you up and carry you to my bedchamber and ravish you?”

The girl swallowed.

Jim stood up from his stool. Suddenly Jess looked a little frightened. He was taller and stronger than her – and his penis was very, very obvious, right there between them. It was exciting to him just standing like that as if moving towards her with his erection. Play acting on his part but she did not know that – for sure.

“No, of course not, Jess, I have a bit more self control than that.” Only just, he thought. He was standing naked inches from her and his erection felt as hard as iron – and it was closer than he was. “It’d be extra anyway.” He smiled. “What is the going rate for virgins I wonder?”

The smile seemed to reassure her, she smiled back, “A lot.”

“Ah, so there is a price! You would sell that! I’ll, though, stick with my fifty pounds worth. It’s good so far, you happy to go on? The skirt?”

It was meant as a joke – the buying of her virginity – but it did seem as if, for a price, it was for sale. Jim had never thought of going to prostitutes bursa sınırsız escort but… but this was different. Amazing to think with the simple withdrawal of money from his building society account he could take this young girl, be the first inside her and take her maidenhead. His penis remained as hard as iron at the thought.

So nice to see her bite her lip but her hand returned to the clip at the side of the skirt and undid it. A falling skirt, slithering down bare, young, nubile legs has a certain je ne sais quoi! The revealed hips and mons veneris more than worth the wait. Jim was not exactly a connoisseur of female pudenda but… he had seen enough pictures to recognise this was something special – to him at least.

Soft white skin, a lovely mounding over the pubic bone, a sweet little slit and her chestnut brown hair growing a little darker down below. Not in profusion but thicker around and above her slit almost as if she had shaved to a ‘landing strip’ but there was no shaving. Instead radiating out from the vertical, not even really curling, came more hairs seeming to branch like a tree in winter forming the upper part of a heart shape. A delicate branching, filigree work almost, across the pale skin. Chestnut filigree. It was the sex of a young girl, before the natural hearty growth of the mature woman. As Jim just stared the girl hopped back on her stool and picked up her coffee.

“You like?”

Jim was very complimentary. He settled himself back on his stool, his thighs rather open and conscious his swollen penis was pointing towards the join of the girl’s legs. They were tightly closed. Momentarily Jim thought of himself forcing them open, pushing himself into the girl and doing ‘the deed.’ Real insemination of an unprotected virgin, his expectation, the thoughts in his mind, that she would be both tight and slippery, warm and wet very pleasing. The prospect of release made him almost shake with excitement. He had control, though. He was not going to do that.

“Go on, ” he indicated with his hand towards her thighs, “fifty pounds… open.”

Jess looked away as, sitting on her stool, she opened her legs and let Jim see ‘what little girls are made of,’ and he liked what he saw – and who would not? The thick big lips, with just a sprinkling of chestnut hairs, pulled open by her action of opening her legs revealing a neat pink pudenda, the inner lips not large but also open and showing its three treasures kept hidden within – her little pee hole, her clitoris and the sexual entrance to her body. Down below there was just the slightest hint of that other entrance – or more normally exit – to her body.

“Nice,” he said, “very nice, you are really growing into a very fine young woman, a really pretty girl – everywhere.”

She turned back to him with a smile of real pleasure, slightly coy with her head a little down and her eyes looking up at him.

“And you can, obviously, see what I say is true! The pleasure he was getting at the young girl looking at his erection was somewhat surprising. He was really enjoying the exposure, of being so manfully erect in her presence.

And it got even better. He felt it, creeping up his urethra, a little seepage caused by his excitement. He felt it: she saw it. Jess clearly watched as a bubble of fluid welled up right at the tip of his erection.

“Is… is that what I think it is? Even before I’ve touched you?”

Jim smiled and nodded, how lovely to have Jess talking about his semen – or pre-cum anyway.

“I do leak a little when I’m excited. A wet spot in my pants. I expect sometimes you get a wet spot in yours.”

Jess blushed, she really did, at his allusion to her sexual lubrication.

“Are you perhaps a little wet now, it looks like that to me.”

The girl nodded. It boded so well for the future, thought Jim. He was amused at his adaptability. Perhaps he had – well indeed he had, just a little – wondered and thought about Jess sexually before but in less than a quarter of an hour he had gone from idle fantasy to planning so much more for real.

“Show me, on your finger.” And joy of joys, she did.

Just a light touch but seeing her move a hand to her sex and touch herself with her forefinger, was a delight.

“Let me see.”

There, held up for him a clearly wet tip of her finger, catching the light. Jim leant forward and opened his mouth sucking the finger tip in. He tickled the tip with his tongue, tasting the girl. Jess snatched her hand back, a little shocked.


So sexual, if somewhat a reversal of roles, Jess’ ‘male’ finger to his ‘female’ oral opening. And interesting that she had called him ‘Jim.’ She had not done that before

“Why’d you do that?”

“To taste you.”


He watched the implications sink in, the idea that he might want to go down on her. Her legs snapped shut, was that at a sudden rush of feeling, a sudden excitement at the thought of a man orally pleasuring her? Was she imagining, as he was, she slowly lowering her wet and fragrant sex onto his face, her knees either side of his head and her pudenda, wet and succulent, coming closer and closer and his tongue extending.

“Shall I do it now?”

His penis did a little bounce, the prospect of the young girl touching and exercising it just so pleasing.

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