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The next day, Nelle and Brether manage to sleep all the way to 6AM to the pleasant sound of ocean waves and seabirds. The bright sun streams into the room of their rustic beach cottage,Sea Turn, and as usual upon waking, they gently rouse each other to consciousness with gentle caressing. Greeting with smiles and good mornings, they lightly rub each other’s backs, breasts, bottoms and between the thighs in loving ways that helps to wake up their bodies before launching themselves out of bed.

This morning Brether wakes up with a raging hard on that Nelle is delighted to discover in the course of her usual morning stimulation of Brether’s body. But unlike their workday routine, Nelle and Brether are on vacation. So this morning Nelle is not going to let another of his perfectly magnificent erections go by unridden as she had had to do so many mornings before!

“Mornin’,Bucko, can I take that ride?”

Brether loved it when Nelle was the aggressor and he knew when she addressed him asBucko and talked about going for a ride that she meant to climb on top and stay on bucking and fucking until they were both saddle sore.

“Yee Ha, babe! Climb right on!”

Nelle mountedMr. Stiffy,as she had nicknamed him for the occasion, like a rodeo contestant climbing onto a bronc’ in the shoot. Straddling his groin, her vagina poised over his rock hard member, she sits so hard and deep into the pink saddle that the head of his engorged phallus slams into her cervix causing them both to grunt satisfactorily.

With Brether’s hands on her hips Nelle begins undulating her hips forward and back bending his crowded cock back and forth in her cunt. She likes the way it feels as it flexes in her vagina and crams her cervix. She starts slowly like a belly dancer that is just warming up with grinds escort numaraları eryaman and swirls punctuating the routine with an occasional sharp thrust.

Nelle puts her hands up over her head and Brether rubs her ample breasts and pulls out her already erect dark nipples from the center of their very large dark areola and rolls each nipple in his fingers.

Nelle groans, ” O, yes, babe. Play with my tits. I love it when you pull them out so hard. O yes, I can feel it all the way to my clit. It’s soooo good.”

“Is that how you like it? Hard like that?”

“O, yes. It’s so good. And your cock is so strong. I can feel it so deep inside me.”
Brether then starts to buck his hips like a rodeo bronco throwing her up which thrusts his prick even deeper into Nelle as she comes back down.

“And now? How’s that?
“O, God Breth, O, my God, you are fucking me so hard.”

Nelle began to yelp and scream. It hurt so good and her sexual fervor built with every buck.

“O, God you are so good to me!”

Nelle’s cunt pours out her juices and the grinding of her clit on his groin as he rhythmically tosses her up and she grinds back down, brings her to dramatic climax.

Whooping like Annie Oakley at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, “Aye-aye yippee ki-ay!” Nelle cums hard and fast.

The powerful spasms of her cumming grip his cock. Nelle comes in multi-orgasmic waves that emanate from her cramping vagina and shuddered throughout her body.

Brether loves to watch her writhe as she totally loses it. He affectionately calls it herdance and he always loves it when shedanceson his cock for him.

As soon as Nelle is able to compose herself, she sweetly and passionately kisses Brether thanking him for being such a good husband and lover and she is now determined ankara bayan escort to return the favor.

“That was just magnificent darling! Thank you so much! I came so strong. Did you feel me?”
“Of course, darlin’ you were squeezingMr. Stiffy here like you were gonna throw him and pig tie him! You were so beautiful, babe, so totally uninhibited. You always make me feel so potent.”

“That’s because you are potent, my love,” she says kissing him, ” and now I’m going to finish this ride, if you don’t mind.”

And with that, Nelle leans forward over Brether’s chest. Her tits brush his skin and she begins to lift her hips. Using her vaginal muscles, she milks his cock. Gripping his glans with her keggles she gradually pulls up as if she is going to pull herself off of him or squeeze him out. Then, at the last moment, she releases her grip and sits down hard sliding her cunt down over the length of his shaft until she is, again deep seated and his cock is all the way home. Nelle starts this slowly, at first, and then increases her speed until humping him furiously, he cums.

Grabbing her ass he pulls her tightly to him shooting his load into her just as deeply as he can. She loves the full feeling, the closeness, but most especially she likes the sounds of deep contentment and satisfaction that issue forth from Brether as he gives it all up to her.

Nelle dismounts her stud having ridden him to the buzzer. It is only 7:30 AM, but they are exhausted from their early morning gymkhana and so decide to roll over and go back to sleep for a while.

In a lightly woven embrace they snooze until an unbelievable 10 AM!

Rolling out of bed they head for the kitchen. Picking up their coffee, they decide to make brunch. They like to cook together and elvankent escort cooking in the nude is especially intimate. Both of them comment at the increased closeness and relaxation that they are feeling after making love and then working together creating their favorite, poached eggs on hash, together in the small kitchen space.

Adjourning to the table on the porch, they eat at an unusually leisurely pace savoring the meal that they normally would not eat because of its high caloric and high salt content. But they are on vacation and all that had been forbidden for the last 11 months is now “on the table” so to speak, as fair game.

It is Sunday and so the same brigade of boats that had entertained their sight on Saturday morning is out in force again today in Plum Island Sound. Lately, jet skis join the boat traffic. These buzzing bobbers that scoot in and out across bows and close astern jumping wakes, annoyed many of the traditional boaters and especially the folks who fish just off the channel. But Nelle and Breth rather enjoy the energy they add to the scene and the comedy of their wipeouts often make them laugh out loud.

As they do up the dishes, the phone rings.

“I’ll get it,” chimes Nelle picking up the phone that is closest to her on the kitchen wall.

“Hello? Oh, hi Anne! So glad you called. Are you still planning to come out next week? Great! We’ll see you guys Friday night around 7 PM. Looking forward to it. See you then. Bye.”

“Was that Anne Foster?”

“Sure was. She and Drew are all set to come out next Friday as planned!

“Great! It’ll be good to see them again.”

“Remember last year?”

“Do I ever! Hell, we immortalized them in our stories last year!”

“Yeah, well if they knew that we published our proclivities in our erotica, I think they’d be pissed!”

“I don’t know. We change their names. No one would ever know it was them and us. They might be flattered.”

“True, but people are funny about sex. They might not like it at all.”

“You’re right, Nelle. They might not like it at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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