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Playtime 3 – Individuals

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I published the previous 2 parts…..But I would truly love to hear your comments…and please dont forget to vote!

Frank & Kath

Frank, although extremely interested in events happening in the room, was also very keen to get close to Kath.

“You like my outfit Frank?” said Kath, as she began to remove her long white silk gloves.

“Don’t do that Kath” he replied. He was a little hesitant to go further because he knew Kath was shy and didn’t want to scare her off (even though he couldn’t wait to touch her, stroke those rosy round mounds of pink flesh). There was something exotic about her covering her body in mesh but framing her breasts. He loved the fact that her hands were covered in such a way and that her tight pussy was inviting him to touch her.

She knew she had to make the first move. “Have you ever felt silk before Frank? Not on your body but directly on your cock?” Before he could answer, she reached over, snapped the belt on his trousers so they fell in a heap on the floor. “Ah! I see you don’t wear undershorts Frank” as her eyes slowly moved down to look at his jutting hardness. She slowly moved her silken fingers up and down his thick trembling shaft. He was unable to move – rooted to the spot – it felt so incredibly sensuous and he knew that one false move would bring forth a torrent of his own juices – he was so ready to cum!

All he wanted was to fill her, watch her face as he spilled into her. He needed that!! Realising his need, he reached forward and took her exposed breasts in his mouth. His tongue moving around seeking out the hard erect nipples, feeling her excitement as he did so. Feeling his need mounting he dropped down to his knees in front of her shaven hairless pussy. He moved his tongue over her sweet lips, gently opening them up, like a new bud coming to life. He then used his fingers to spread her open, to enable his tongue to seek its prey. He didn’t have to wait long before he felt her moment coming. She was clinging to his shoulders for support as her orgasm rose, her juices starting to seep from her body, all over his face.

He quickly rose, pinned her back and impaled her with his hard and throbbing cock. He thrust into her, her body thrashing about with his force….again and again and again until they were both spent!! His cock, now limp – wet and red, drooping sadly now to one side, resting against his leg. She was unable to totally close her legs together – her pussy also wet and bruised. She lightly rested her hand over her sex, moving her index finger up and down up and down her now delicate lips.

She wanted him again. “Could she possibly arouse him so soon” she thought, as she stood and placed her feet either side of his face – knowing that he was looking up directly into her dripping cunt.

Paul & Elaine

Elaine took Paul’s hand and led him across to the other side of the room. “I hear you’re a bit of a ladies man Paul?” said Elaine.

“Don’t always believe what you hear Elaine” he replied. “I’m always willing to learn more” he continued, a twinkle in his eye. “Can I ask you something? How come, with a fantastic figure like yours, you’ve chosen to cover yourself up like that? Don’t get me wrong, you couldn’t look more sexy, with the red leather and those heels?????” he said.” I look forward to peeling back that red leather and seeing eryaman escort what’s hidden below mmmmmm

“Ah well, I like to leave some things to the imagination Paul. I want you to find out for yourself what my hidden treasures are” she laughed. “Also, if I’m truthful, I still feel a little tender from earlier on”.

“Earlier on?” said Paul, a puzzled look on his face.

“Hey Paul, why don’t I show you?” said Elaine, reaching down to remove a small door key from the heel of her 4″ ankle boots.

They sneakily opened the door and made their way upstairs to the suite the girls had used earlier on. On entering he noticed that the room had been cleaned and everything was in its place – a puzzled look on his face. “Well” he asked, looking at Elaine. She didn’t speak but gently pushed him down onto the single armchair in the corner, facing the wall.

“Just stay there, will you Paul? I won’t be a minute” she said, disappearing out of the door. The lights went out and it went dark for a few minutes.

He felt, rather than saw, Elaine come back into the room and sit down at his feet, in front of the armchair. She had something in her hand. It suddenly became light and pictures appeared on the wall – Elaine had pressed the remote control to start the video camera rolling.

She had arrived first at lunchtime, on purpose, to set up a hidden camera. Nobody knew but she had done this before, many times. Ordinary porn films didn’t interest her – but filming people she knew, in compromising situations, really turned her on. She had sensed there would be opportunities that afternoon and had prepared the camera ready.

He watched, totally engrossed, as Elaine and her friends had played with their dildo’s & vibrators. He watched as the outfits had been chosen and tried on – listened to the raucous laughter and disgusting language he wouldn’t have believed had been said, if he hadn’t seen and heard it with his own eyes. The finale, and by god it was worth waiting for, was watching Elaine and John, the AS rep demonstrate the huge 12″ Vibrator. He was fascinated by the amount of juice John had smeared on her pussy. Watching this cock replacement disappear slowly inside her – the look of ecstasy on her face. God! This was really turning him on….

He was so engrossed with what he was watching on the screen that he hadn’t felt Elaine turn round and release his cock from its confinement – springing free……He didn’t, at first, feel her sensuous lips around him – licking him, sucking him in to fill her mouth. He looked down at her – watched her as she had her fill of his cock. He was ready to cum! He couldn’t believe it – she was still fully clothed? He would normally have had his women naked by this time. She was experienced – that much was obvious. The way she guided her tongue up and down and around his thick shaft, licking the little slit at the top and occasionally looking up to see the lust in his face.

She didn’t have to wait very long – As her mouth worked its magic, she suddenly felt a warm stickiness fill her mouth.

“Guess what I bought this afternoon Paul?”

Dave & Ann

Watching the others split up and move away to get to know each other, Dave felt a little apprehensive. “Who am I kidding?” he thought “I am absolutely petrified!! This wasn’t my ‘thing'”

He was a very private person and liked to keep himself to himself. He knew it was a bad sincan escort idea to come today but Frank, his workmate at Land Rover, had insisted he should get out and enjoy himself before he got too old. He knew that Frank didn’t like Clare (Dave’s wife) much and thought he could do better. But he didn’t know her – he didn’t see the good person that she was inside. He only saw the big built (I refuse to call her fat!) sort of old fashioned lady.

Ann was also a little disturbed. Not many people knew that she was a closet lesbian but even fewer knew that she was also bi-sexual. She normally wouldn’t have been involved in this sort of situation but Lesley was a good friend and she wanted to give her support before her wedding. So after downing a few drinks more than usual, Ann decided she was going to make the most of this. In actual fact she was more turned on than normal, feeling very horny now having seen all the other ‘goings on’ and was in the mood for some good hard sex – even though it was to be a man that provided it.

Feeling a little awkward standing in the middle of the room, Dave said “Hi Ann. You ok? Everyone seems to be having a good time tonight eh?” The conversation continued in this vein for a further 10 minutes or so until Ann, really fed up and very frustrated, said to Dave, “Shall we get out of here Dave? There’s a lovely conservatory next door. Its much more interesting and we could leave them all to their business”.

Dave thought this was a good idea and said “Yes – let’s go next door”. He was happier with this. He knew quite a bit about plants and was comfortable with that kind of conversation.

Ann had a totally different plan in mind. He knew she was all but naked underneath her Mac but what he didn’t know was that she also carried various pieces of equipment in the pockets. She was going to get sex whether he liked it or not. The large conservatory was of the old style – hard metal windows with steel supports every few yards….. ideal for fastening things too. They walked around the hundreds of plants, Dave explaining what this one was for, what time of year this one flowered in.

He hadn’t noticed that there was no one else in the conservatory however, he was trying very hard to block out the images of Ann’s naked body underneath her coat. He kept getting glimpses of flesh when they moved around the passageways. Getting to the end of a row of large green tree like plants he turned to move down the next aisle. It was quite gloomy at this end so he was totally thrown when Ann suddenly grabbed his wrist, placed a metal restraint around it and locked it around one of the steel supports.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he cried.

Bad move really, because he was concentrating on his right hand and hadn’t noticed that Ann had swung round and done the same to the other one. He was now pinned back by his arms.

“Don’t be stupid Ann. Let me go” said Dave, feeling quite angry by this time.

She just looked at him – a crazed look in her eyes. Moving forward, she grasped the lapels of her coat and deliberately opened it up slowly, in order that Dave could see she meant business. His eyes took in her nudity and he tried to look away, knowing that his obvious arousal was encouraging her further.

“I don’t want this Ann. I won’t co-operate!”

On hearing that she bent forward, crouched down and completed her task of restraining batıkent escort him. She fastened metal cuffs to his ankles – fitting them tight so he couldn’t move without drawing blood. She now had him where she wanted him!

He was very angry by this time and started to raise his voice in protest. Quickly, she delved into her pockets and pulled out some tape – speedily placing it over his mouth.

She laughed – “You’re mine now Dave”

He look at her and could see the determination on her face, her dilated pupils and tight mouth.

As she moved forward again, he continued to struggle but only succeeding in tightening his cuffs. He could only watch as she proceeded to open his trousers and pull them down (along with his boxers) but only to his knees! She now had full access to his manhood.

Mmmmm she thought – “A little work is needed here I think?”

Standing back a little, she, very slowly, slipped her coat from her shoulders – exposing her nakedness. She knew she looked good and had prepared well, for this situation. She was fortunate to be very slim but had large DD breasts. Her narrow waist, encircled by a belt of imitation sharp cut diamonds, highlighted her curves. She had long legs, made to look even longer by her 4″ heels and between them sat a narrow black silky thong, edged with whispy fur. She was a very tactile person and loved the feeling of silk next to fur surrounding her pussy lips.

“That thong seemed to be moulded to her fleshy mound” he thought. “Wonder what that is?” he said to himself, staring between her legs. Falling from inside her thong were 2 silk ribbons. Attached to the ends were 2 small rubber balls.

“Ah! I see you’re wondering what they are” said Ann (as if reading his mind). “Let me show you” she said, stooping down in front of him – her exposed breasts swaying gently as she did so.

She took hold of the small rubber balls and slowly pulled them down from inside her pussy. Suddenly, a much larger ball appeared. “I’ve had this in all day Dave – my clit is now so hard and tender I am ready to take you inside me – hard! And if you won’t submit to me willingly, I am ready to force you….He gasped!

“Don’t be stupid Ann – I can’t!”.

“Oh yes you can” she replied, as she pulled on his restraints – tightening them as she did so, forcing him lower.

He now found he was held rigid, spread out and unable to move at all. By this time, though extremely unwilling in his mind, his body was not so unwilling. He knew he was becoming more and more aroused and his hard thick cock was jutting out – erect and proud!!

Once she had brought him down to the right height, she climbed above him, legs either side of his cock and plunged down hard – wanting him to feel the impact of her raised clit……It worked! She plunged deeper and deeper, raising herself each time until his cock was almost out of her each time. She knew she was hurting him as she was herself but had completely lost control by this time…. As she felt her orgasm rising to its peak she felt a tremble from Dave…

“What!” she thought “Is he going to cum with her?”

“Yesssss” they both said in unison.

Dave, feeling really disgusted with himself but somehow satisfied thought,

“How could I do that? “What would Clare say? Could I actually tell her?”

As his cock deflated inside her, Ann climbed off him – now fully satisfied, winked as if to say ‘Good Lay eh?’, picked up her coat and walked away.

The other couples had been pretty busy too, suffice to say a good time was had by all!

If you want the full details of what went on with them please let me know…..

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