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I woke a little later the next morning than I would have liked. I rolled over to find the space Amy had occupied was empty. I stumbled into the bathroom to relieve myself. Amy was sitting on the toilet. “Good morning… Oh… Sorry… I will step back into the living room if you wish,” I said. The smell was enough to curdle milk.

“Yes, please,” she said. I stepped into the living room and Amy continued. “I needed to… you know… And since you were still asleep. I thought I would take advantage. I don’t like doing this in front of new boyfriends.”

“You would have to, eventually,” I stated. “But I understand the embarrassment. I have heard of women who won’t even fart in the presence of their significant others.”

Amy came out from the bathroom in very short time. “Now I can say it… Good morning, Honey.” She kissed me deeply. “Oh… Morning Breath.”

“Please allow me to remedy that.” I kissed her slightly reluctant lips one more time, then headed to the bathroom to urinate and brush my teeth. As I was brushing, I looked in the mirror to see Amy standing behind me, still completely naked. She was squeezing one breast with one hand, and running her other hand up her inner thigh and across her sweet pussy lips. I quickly finished my task and turned to show my appreciation for the image in the mirror.

“Oh… That’ll get you goin’ in the morning,” Amy cooed.

“I saw you in the mirror. What you were doing caused this.”

“Would you like more?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” I stepped toward her.

“No no no no,” she said waving her finger. You have to wait.

“For what, may I ask?”

“For the other half of the show.” She turned immediately and went to her bag. Pulled out her phone and called somebody. I could only assume it was Toni. She whispered in the phone, then listened. She laughed and said, “What do you think, BITCH?” at that second I knew she was talking to Toni. “Just get here.”

“Is Toni coming in?” I asked stroking my hard cock slowly.

“None your fucking business. But you had better quit that or it will be useless when you need it.”

“Oh… We are going there again, eh?”

She smiled with a devilish twinkle in her eye. “We just might. You may need to relax for a few minutes.” She stepped close to me, mashed her pussy against my raging boner, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Every time I tried to put my hands anywhere on her, she knocked them away. I caved and put them behind my back. “Good boy,” she snickered. “You can be trained after all.”

“Be careful, the slaves don’t rebel against the master,” I warned.

“Okay, Honey. At ease. Take me in your arms and give me your best.” I put my arms around her and connect with her sweet lips. We made out for the next few minutes, until Toni knocked on the door. Without a shred of modesty, or clothing, Amy ran to the door and opened it wide. I was inwardly happy that Toni was in fact the one standing there.

“Jesus Christ, Amy,” Toni said pushing her away from the door so could she come in and close it. “What if there was somebody lurking behind me? Or worse… A pervert or policeman?”

“You worry too much, Baby,” Amy said. “Toni, I would like you to meet Glen Higgins. Glen Higgins, this is Toni, get this, Bennett. Toni is short for Antoinette.”

“But please call me Toni. It is so good to meet you. Can I, Amy?”

“Yes, Baby, you can,” Amy said rolling her eyes. Toni threw her arms around my shoulders and planted a huge kiss on my lips. Toni was nothing like I imagined she would be. She was tall like Amy, about five feet eight inches. She had platinum blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and thick lips. She also had a dusting of freckles over the bridge of her nose. Her frame was thick and voluptuous topped by solid C-cup breasts. She was wearing a blue flowered cotton sun-dress that came down to about mid thigh. And oh, what thighs! They were thick and solid like she was an athlete. Her skin was pale cream colored speckled with an occasional freckle. To say this woman was beautiful would be a severe understatement.

“Glen, Honey… Your pictures do you no justice. Amy is right… You are HOT!” Toni licked a finger and touched her ample buttock and made a sizzle sound. She pulled her dress up, “See… You already have me wet.” And wet she was. Her baby blue panties were wet with her early morning dew. I couldn’t help but stare at her chubby pussy. She was literally making my mouth water.

“Toni, I think you have another admirer, Baby,” Amy denoted.

“Another?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Amy chirped. “Everywhere we go, men and some women, fall all over themselves trying to impress her. It’s really quite embarrassing.”

“I kind of feel sorry for them. They put in all that effort, just to be denied.” Added Toni.

“Okay,” I pouted. “I know when I have been defeated.”

“Don’t think you have been counted out,” Toni admonished me. “I told you, I think you are hot. Amy is in love with you.”

“Toni, you BITCH,” eryaman escort Amy shouted. “We haven’t known each other long enough for me to say that!”

“But I know you better than you know yourself. So when I say you are in love with this man… you are in love with this man,” Toni directed the statement toward me.

“You’re gonna scare him away,” Amy whined.

“No, Sweetheart,” I said as I gave her a huge kiss. “You aren’t going to scare me away. You or Toni. Amy, you will have all the time you need to find your feelings… Either way.”

“Well, I think you already know how I feel.” Amy returned the kiss. “I am not going to rush this though. The sex came, probably too soon, but it is such a small part of what I want this relationship to be.”

“So we are in a relationship?” I asked.

“I am not giving you up, Glen! Not now.” Amy demanded. She looked to Toni, who appeared as though she may not like the outcome. “Toni, Baby. You are as much a part of this as Glen is. If he can’t handle it, I may have to rethink my position.”

“So, you’re not willing to give me up?” Toni asked through her tears.

“Not anytime soon.” Amy reassured Toni. “Glen, where do you stand?”

“Well…” I thought for a second. “I have only been here for two days, and I hardly know, you, Toni, but I am into this… ALL THE WAY.”

“Okay,” smiled Toni. “Now we have that out of the way, I have to say this… I feel terribly over dressed.” With that said, she grabbed the hem at the bottom of her dress and pulled it savagely over her head. Now she stood between Amy and I in just her soaked panties and lacy white bra. She opened the front clasp and dropped the bra away from her beautifully round milky breasts. They were topped with very light pink puffy nipples. Her breasts were larger than Amy’s but sagged no more.

Toni went to pull her panties down, but Amy stopped her. “I got these, Baby.” Amy knelt in front of Toni, hooked her fingers into the leg holes at her hips and pulled them to the floor. “Mmm, Baby, you smell so sweet.” She leaned forward and ran her tongue between her lover’s chubby pussy lips. I moved to get a better view. I was astonished to see that her pussy hair was nearly as light as the hair on her head. She had the sparse bush trimmed tight, which caused my already aching shaft to jump and ooze pre-cum.

Amy put both hands on Toni’s sexy round ass-checks, and squeezed them as she pulled her pussy closer. “Mmm, Amy, Honey. Can we get on the bed?”

“Certainly, Toni, Baby. Whatever you want,” Amy pulled away from Toni’s crotch and stood to accompany her to the bed.

“Glen,” Toni looked to me. “You are coming, too. I need your beautiful fat cock in my mouth.”

“Can’t argue with that,” I said as I followed them to the still disheveled bed. Toni pulled the blankets and top sheet to the floor. She then took Amy’s hand and lead her to the mattress.

Amy put her hands on Toni’s hips and pushed her to her back. She then resumed her oral assault on Toni’s over charged vagina. I sat just below Toni’s hips to get a good view of the going’s on between her creamy thighs. With one hand, Amy reached over and started to stroke me. With the other she slid two fingers into the dripping wet cunt she was currently lapping.

Amy fucked her fingers in and out of her girlfriend for a few minutes. She then pulled one out of her cunny and carefully pushed it into the tight pink pucker of her asshole just below the sweet lips. “Mmm… Amy… You how that drives me crazy.”

“Mmm Hmm,” Amy mumbled into the girl’s hole.

“Glen, get your cock up here, so I can suck you, Honey,” Toni ordered. Who was I to disobey? I swung around so my cock was staring Toni in the face. She cooed her approval as she gingerly licked the head of my penis and captured a lone drop of pre-cum. “Mmm… SSSoooo tasty…” Amy had just nipped Toni’s clit. She was starting to buck against Amy’s mouth. She had such a talent, she never missed a lick on my throbbing rod. She brought her hand up and cupped my balls and rolled them over her fingers. It was sending me over the moon.

Toni sucked me deep as I could go. I think she may have wanted more the way she was driving her head into my groin. The feeling was so intense, I knew I couldn’t cum. I needed to so fucking bad. My balls were in such agonizing yet pleasurable pain. I was moaning louder than I remember ever having moaned before. I couldn’t let it go anymore. I pulled away from Toni’s mouth, much to her chagrin. I moved to Amy and attacked her dripping wet pussy.

As I was lavishing Amy’s clit, she was doing the same for her girlfriend. We were rapidly pushing our girls to their peak. Amy was punching her groin into my face at the same time Toni was punching Amy. The sound of them moaning, and the smell of their nectar filled the room with the essence of the rest of my life. I knew in that moment, I was where I was meant to be. I didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Toni came first. She screamed through her very intense sincan escort orgasm. She was spilling her cum all over the sheet. She made fists with her feet as well as ripping at the sheet on either side of herself. Amy did a magnificent job of trying to lick up all that sweet liquid, but Toni was just cumming too much for her to stay ahead.

“Glen, Honey. I want you in me. I need you in me to push me over the edge,” begged Amy. I couldn’t let her down. I positioned myself to slide into her love tunnel. “No, Honey. Not that hole. The backside. Please, honey.”

“Lube?” I asked.

“Huh?” Amy asked.

“Do you have lube?”

“I am so wet, I don’t think I need it.” I rubbed my dick over Amy’s pussy lips to get it wet with her natural lube. Then I lined up with the tiny little pucker of her asshole. “Please, Honey.” I pushed slowly. My glans began to push in. Amy moaned in discomfort. I started to pull back a little. “No no no. I need this.” I pushed in again, opening her sphincter more as I moved deeper. Finally the rim of my helmet slid pass the first ring muscle with a small pop. Amy let out a tiny squeal. “Keep going, Honey.”

I stopped pushing to let Amy get used to my girth. When I felt her relax, I pushed with less resistance. Soon, I was balls deep in her colon. I began a slow steady in and out motion. “Oh… Honey… That is exactly what I needed.” I put my finger on her clit and rubbed it in tiny circles. Toni joined us and started kissing Amy passionately. Amy moaned into her mouth her pelvic muscles clinched down on my tool. She was cumming very hard. It was what I needed and I started to come hard into Amy’s super tight bum.

When all the cumming was done, at least for the time being, we collapsed together in a heap in the middle of the bed. The girls were now shivering, so I hopped up, grabbed the blankets off the floor, and threw them over my tired angels. It was only going on 11:00AM, and we had already put in a full days activities. I crawled under the covers and snuggled next to Amy. “Uh Uh,” Toni said. “This isn’t gonna work at all.” Toni was on the other side of Amy. “Amy, slip over to Glen’s other side, so he is in the middle.” Amy quickly rolled over me and settled in tight. Toni rolled to her side and rested her soft hand on my used up dick. “Oh, still sticky,” she noticed.

Amy turned to her side, as well, and put her hand on Toni’s. I pulled my arms up and over the girls’ shoulders and hugged them close to me. Toni threw one leg over me. When Amy realized it, she threw one of her legs over me, also. We lay in bed making small talk until after 1:00PM. My stomach started growling about that time. “Let’s get a shower and go get some pizza,” Amy suggested. Toni and I agreed it was a great idea.

We playfully showered together, despite that we couldn’t get worked up again, just yet. We were all fucked out. We got dressed and went to a local pizzeria for their famous Chicago Deep Dish. With the exception of another couple we were the only people in the place. We laughed and played all through the meal. When we were finished, we took the leftovers back to my hotel room.

We spent the rest of the day sitting at the table talking. We needed to iron out plans for the coming week and weeks. Since we all worked, we wouldn’t be seeing each other for most of the week. In our conversation, I discovered Toni was a nurse. She worked at the hospital on th evening shift; 3:00 till 11:00PM. Since she was an RN, she was able to work weekdays and have weekends off. The girls’ schedules made me think of a question. “How do you two handle sex? I mean, your both obviously in a constant state of horny.”

“No,” Amy argued. “We are not in a constant state of horny. Not till recently, anyway.”

“Speak for yourself,” Toni interjected. “Why do you think I read all those dirty stories?”

“I think you wouldn’t be so horny all the time if you didn’t read them stories,” Amy stated.

“If I didn’t read them stories, sister… You and Glen, here would not have found each other and have gone on unfulfilled.”

“Unfulfilled? Ha! My life with you would have been fulfilling,” Amy said looking to me for agreement.

“And yet… Something would have been missing. Dammit, Amy! I told you, I know you better than you know yourself.”

“Maybe, he would have said something in one of his appointments that made me see him for the man I see now,” Amy speculated.

“Yeah, you always talk about professional distance. You needed me to thump you on the head and wake your ass up,” continued Toni.

“Ladies, ladies, please.” I interrupted. I thought for a second, then continued. “Maybe I ain’t right for you, Amy. I just think you deserve the perfect lover. I cannot be that.”

“What?” frowned Amy. “If you are talking about sex… I would say, you are the perfect lover. You have made me so happy and satisfied the last three days.”

“But, this weekend may just have been a fluke. I cannot guarantee I will be perfect all batıkent escort the time.”

“It’s not just about perfect sex,” Amy said. “Just give us some time, please. I am not willing to give this up. Not just now.”

“Nor am I,” I told Amy. “I just don’t want to be a disappointment down the road.”

“Quit letting your wife speak for you,” Toni growled. “She has really damaged your confidence. She better not let me catch her in a dark alley.”

“Calm down, Baby. We don’t need any trouble,” Amy said.

“I am just being stupid. I wouldn’t get close enough to her to hurt her.”

“Just a thought, Amy, Sweetheart. What if your wife comes to the clinic? She may need medical help or she may try to start something,” I warned.

“Do you think she will?” asked Toni.

“Probably,” I answered. “She will fight to keep me down. She doesn’t care about getting me back, I am sure. She just thinks I don’t deserve happiness.”

“Well, Honey. I say you do,” Amy said. “And I deserve happiness too. While I am happy with Toni, I will be more happy with you in my life, too.”

“See, Glen. I told you she is in love with you,” Toni gloated.

“Toni… Don’t go there,” Amy snipped.

“Tell me I am wrong… BITCH,” Toni retorted. “Um… While I am thinking about it… Would you mind if I came and visited Glen during the week?”

“Just don’t wear him out.”

“I cannot guarantee that,” Toni giggled.

“Then I cannot guarantee, when I will let you have him.”

“Wait… Don’t I get a say in any of this?” I questioned.

“No,” both women chirped at the same time.

“Then, let us change the subject. You two can argue this out later.” We talked about random things for the next few hours. Near 7:00, I suggested we get room service. “I would like to have a thick rib eye steak.”

“Yes and brussel sprouts,” Amy added.

“I don’t like brussel sprouts,” Toni complained. “Make mine steamed carrots.”

“How do you like your steak, Toni Dear?” I asked.

“Rare, of course.” She said.

“After my own heart,” I mentioned.

“How about Amy? Don’t you care what she wants?”

“She wants her steak done rare, too.”

“How did you know that?” Toni asked.

“We had prime rib last night.” I made the call, ordering the steaks, veggies and dinner salads. In fifteen minutes, our food came. It was delivered by the same young man we had the night before. He kept eyeballing Toni as he arranged our food on the table. “Forget it buddy… She’s not for you.”

He looked at me with a hurt look on his face. “B-b-but, I, uh…” he stammered. To punctuate what I was telling him, Toni grabbed Amy and gave her a hot French kiss. “Oh… I get it,” he pouted. I gave him a $20 and he left with a dejected look on his face. We laughed as we sat to enjoy our meal. We continued to laugh at the poor young man’s plight throughout dinner.

After we finished our meals and cleared the table, we sat and talked for a couple more hours. Just before 9:30, Amy said she needed to get home. She had to work in the morning and needed to sleep. She insisted Toni leave with her. I kissed Toni goodbye first. It was a short sweet kiss. A benign kiss. I then kissed Amy. I kissed her long and passionately. As we broke the kiss, Toni made the remark, “Looks like Glen is falling in love with Amy as well.”

“Enough, Toni,” Amy scolded her.

“No harm no fowl, Amy,” I told her. I kissed her again, then the girls left. The suite felt empty before Amy arrived the day before. It felt especially empty once they left. I took a long shower, though I really didn’t need another already, and slipped into bed.

Just before I dosed off, I got a call from Amy. “Hi, Honey.” she said as I picked up the call.

“Is everything alright?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” she assured me. “I just needed to hear your voice one more time before I turned in.”

“The week is going to drag on endlessly, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. Toni was right you know.”

“About what?”

“I will tell you Saturday, if you haven’t figured it out yet. Goodnight, Honey.”

“Goodnight, Sweetheart.” As the phone went dead, it hit me exactly what she was telling me. I couldn’t allow myself to fall in love this fast. I was certainly starting to have very strong feelings for her just the same. I turned out the light and faded into a very satisfied and restful sleep.

The next morning I woke at about 7:00. I went to breakfast uptown. When I was certain his office would be open, I paid a visit to my lawyer. I told him what was going on in my life and filed the first petition for divorce from Jackie. He advised me to cite irreconcilable differences as the grounds. He said it may take days or weeks to get a response from Jackie, but to be patient. I went about my normal business for the next few days.

It was Thursday, and I had driven myself half crazy, thinking of Amy. I had heard from neither her nor Toni. I didn’t expect to, with our conflicting schedules. I came in after work and was just about to get in the shower when my phone rang. “Hello,” I said.

“Hi. How has your week been?”

“Unending, Toni. How about yours?”

“Crazy,” she said. “It must have been full moon all week long… so far. I have been crazy busy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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