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School was finished for the year and the cheerleaders in the graduating class were having a pyjama party. It would probably be more correct to call them ex-cheerleaders as school was over for them and the work-force beckoned. That was partly the reason for the party, mutual commiseration and celebration.

They were all fit and attractive young women, all around the same age, late eighteen and early nineteen. They were having a few drinks, reminiscing, bemoaning school days while looking forward to starting work. And earning money.

“Anyone for Pizza?” went up the cry.

There was a bit of toing and froing and eventually a pizza order was determined. Michelle rang it through to the local pizzeria.

“Delivery in half an hour,” she informed the others.

The girls settled down to talking again. No-one was willing to say who had the original idea but the plan unfolded something like this.

“I saw a video on the ‘net the other day where a woman would order pizza and accept delivery in the nude. There were some hilarious double takes by the guys delivering.”

“Anyone here feel like answering the door in the nude?” someone asked.

There was a general consensus that nobody did.

“You’d have to be kidding. What if it’s someone who knows us? We’d never live it down.”

“I know who does the deliveries,” said Michelle. “It’s old man Henderson. He supplements his pension that way.”

“I know him. He’s nice. He’d see the joke and not tell anyone.”

“Maybe,” said a voice, “but you’re not going to catch me answering the door naked. With my luck a dozen people I know would choose that moment to walk past.”

“What if we don’t answer the door?” said someone, laughing. “How about we all strip and hang around in the lounge room and when Mr Henderson arrives we just yell at him to come on in. He’d get a real eyeful and no one would believe it.”

There was silence except for a bit of giggling.

“Let’s do it,” said another voice. “It’ll be a hoot. But we’d better get started. He’s due here shortly.”

With much giggling the girls shed their pyjamas, taking up various poses around the room. Some were careful about what they actually showed. Others were more brazen, but they were all nude.

There came a knock on the door and a call of pizza.

“Showtime,” said Michelle.

– – –

I was hanging around the local pizzeria, chatting to Mike. He was acting manager and also the current cook, churning out pizzas as per command. He’d just finished one larger order ready for delivery when old man Henderson came in.

“Hey, Andy, one order to go,” said Mike.

“Hey, Mike, and that’s a damn shame,” said Mr Henderson. “My car’s sitting out there with a flat tyre and that order ain’t going anywhere until someone changes it. I got someone coming out to change it but until then you’re stuck.”

“Shit. Can’t you change it yourself?”

“Not at my age, kid,” said Andy. “Feel free to do it if you want to.”

“I can’t. I’m the chef. Peter?” he said, appealing to me.

“I could, but it will still take time. How about I just deliver the order for you? It’ll be easier.”

“Done,” said Mike. “Here’s the order and the address, the bill’s in the pocket of the warmer. Don’t forget to collect straightaway. If you give credit you never get paid and it’s pretty hard to repossess a pizza.”

I grinned, took the order and departed.

Arriving at the address I knocked on the door and yelled, “Pizza”.

A woman’s voice called back.

“Can you bring it in, please? We’re in the room on the right.”

I shrugged, opened the wire door, the main door was already open and walked into the room on the right.

I didn’t say a damn thing for a moment after I walked in. I suspect that my face didn’t show any reaction either. This was because I was too stunned to even blink for a few escort numaraları eryaman moments. Not that I’d have wanted to blink. If I had I might have missed seeing part of the display and that would have been a damned shame.

Six, count them, six naked lovelies draped around the room, all of them showing off everything they had to its best advantage. Straightaway I knew that they weren’t going to tip me, but I figured that in this particular case I wouldn’t mind.

After those first couple of seconds my mind started working again. I recognised Michelle first. She’s an absolute honey. I was interested to note that she had a clean shave. The second young lady to fully register on me was Jenny. Her I knew very well, although it was a long time since I’d seen her naked. She’s my younger sister, so I sort of just noted her and kept looking around.

Recognising Michelle and Jenny, however, promptly brought the whole deal into focus. Jenny had mentioned that she was going to a pyjama party with the other soon to be ex-cheerleaders. With that much of a clue I was able to easily identify the other girls when I managed to lift my eyes to face level.

Mind you, the girls weren’t just sitting around letting me check them out. There’d been stunned silence when I walked in, and then pandemonium. Girls were squealing and trying to hide and frantically reaching for pyjamas, some putting them on and others just holding them in front as a shield.

I found my voice.

“Hi, Michelle,” I said calmly. “I’ve got your pizza order. That’ll be fifty one dollars, plus tip.”

Michelle was one of the girls trying to hide behind her pyjamas. She just looked at me and screamed for me to get out. I shrugged and spoke to Jenny.

“Come on, Jenny, have your friends cough up. They did place the order, after all.”

Jenny just looked at me. She could see the evil smile that I was trying to hide and was not impressed.

“If you’d care to wait by the front door, Peter, I’ll get the money,” she said.

I nodded and returned to the front door. She came out shortly with the money. Fifty one dollars, exactly.

“What, no tip?” I asked.

This time it was Jenny who had an evil smile.

“Of course you get a tip. Basically the tip is that you will wind up dead if you ever mention this to anyone.”

She then pushed me out of the door. I wondered how things were going inside.

– – –

I was home alone then Michelle fronted up the next afternoon. She was dressed to kill, and I suspect that I was her intended victim. She was wearing a boob tube and tight yoga pant. And I mean tight. Bought one size too small and then shrunk in the wash tight. I’m prepared to swear that she could wear a coat of paint that would give better coverage of her body.

I showed her into the front room and waited, and she didn’t beat about the bush.

“What are you going to do about last night?” she demanded.

“Didn’t my sister tell you I’d keep my mouth shut,” I asked pleasantly.

Michelle shrugged.

“I feel that I’m responsible as it was my house we were at. So I’ve come to find out what you intend to do.”

“Jenny’s assurance not good enough?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “I don’t trust you. You’re going to want something. You’re just biding your time.”

Her voice broke off and then started again, a lot more hesitantly.

“What are you doing?”

What I was doing was peeling her yoga pants down. Somehow, considering how tight the things were and how there’d been no visible panty line, I wasn’t really surprised to find that there were no panties under them.

Michelle just stood there staring as I lowered them, apparently not know how to react.

I left her pants bunched around her knees and answered her question.

“It seems to me that you’re insulting my sister by not accepting her assurance ankara bayan escort that I wouldn’t do anything to cause you trouble. You’re also insulting me when you imply that I’m likely to try to blackmail you over the incident.

As you’re both insulting me and expecting to have to pay a price I’ve decided to let you pay one. Lift your arms.”

When she did I lifted her boob tube straight up. No bra.

“I see you’re a real two piece girl,” I said.

Michelle was starting to come out of her shock at finding me undressing her.

“What are you doing?” she repeated, this time shrieking the query. “And what do you mean a two piece girl.”

“A two piece girl – one who wanders around in only two items of clothing. It lets them strip fast. And surely what I’m doing is obvious? I’m helping you strip.”

Michelle had one arm trying to cover her breasts while she was groping for her yoga pants with the other hand, presumably to pull them up.

“Here, let me help,” I said.

Bending down I finished pushing her pants right down, lifting an ankle to help her step out of them.

“I was trying to pull them up, not off, and you know it,” she screamed at me. “I suppose this is your way of making me pay?”

I grinned. Reaching over I cupped her mound and squeezed.

“Don’t be silly,” I gently reprimanded her. “You came here dressed like that for one reason and one reason only, so don’t go getting all coy on me now.”

“You, you. . .” She broke off, swallowed and tried again.

“You have got to be joking. What the hell makes you think I came here to have sex? I just wanted to know what you’re going to do?”

Maybe and maybe not. One thing she had forgotten was to push my hand away from where I cupped her vulva. It felt nice, fitting my hand quite neatly. I reluctantly released her.

“It doesn’t really matter why you came, I guess. I’m about to give you my personal guarantee that I won’t say a thing to anyone about that little incident. It was really quite hilarious when you stop to think about it.”

“It was not. It was horrible. Can I please get my clothes back on?”

“No. Did any of you have your phones on, recording what happened?”

Michelle’s face went red. Funny that. My stripping her hadn’t seemed to embarrass her but my guessing that the girls had been recording the incident did.

“Um, you do realise that I wasn’t recording anything as I was taken by surprise. You might inform the others that if any videos starring my sister get out I’ll be very displeased.”

I saw it finally dawn on Michelle that I couldn’t really say anything about the incident without also implicating my sister. I saw the relief cross her face.

“You’re can’t really say anything, can you?” she said triumphantly.

I gave her a mocking clap. Then I unzipped my trousers.

“What are you doing?” she asked, yet again.

“I’m undoing my trousers,” I pointed out. “How the hell do you expect me to fuck you if I don’t?”

By then my erection was out and I was moving closer to her.

“But I don’t have to,” Michelle protested. “I mean, I don’t want to.”

“But you’re going to,” I said. “Consider it a penalty for being an idiot.”

I took her hand and drew her towards me. As soon as she was close enough I put her hand on my cock and slid my hands around her, closing them upon her bottom. Then I just held her like that, waiting to see what she’d do.

She just stood there, clutching my cock tightly, looking confused.

“I don’t have to if I don’t want to,” she said rather desperately. “You can’t make me.”

“Well I could, but I wouldn’t,” I said. “I’ve seen you do the splits out on the field. Can you do a vertical split?”

“Of course I can,” she said, sounding indignant that I might suspect otherwise. “Why?”

“Show me.”

Michelle looked elvankent escort surprised for a moment, but then the current status of her attire came to mind and she reddened.

“But I’m naked,” she pointed out. “I’d be putting everything on display.”

“Not really,” I said. “I’ll be making sure you’re properly covered.”

She blinked as she got my meaning and got even redder.

“But I said no,” she whispered.

“Mmm. I heard you. But we both know you don’t mean it. Do you need a hand lifting your leg?”

The suggestion was apparently an insult. Michelle sniffed and took a small step back from me. I let her go. Then she smoothly transferred her weight to one foot and lifted the other vertically, one hand closing around her calf to help hold herself steady.

She’d been one hundred percent correct about putting herself on display. I just stepped closer to her, put one hand on her back to help hold her steady and eased the tip of my erection up against her slit. Her eyes went wider as she felt me touching her there but she held both the splits and her tongue. I slid smoothly in, pushing in deep until my groin was pressed firmly against her pussy.

My hands were on the cheeks of her bottom, holding her tight against me.

“Have you ever been taken like this before?” I asked.

Michelle was breathing deeply and all she did was shake her head.

“Do you think you can hold that pose for the full length of time it takes for me to take you?”

I got another shake of her head.

“Want to try?” I asked softly.

She bit her lip and then nodded.

I started sliding gently in and out of her. She couldn’t move with me, not standing in that position and she was soon sweating, trembling under my sensual assault, wanting desperately to move but unable.

I kept it nice and slow, enjoying the feel of her as my cock sank deep into her, time and again. I just took my time, quite happy to prolong out enjoyment. Michelle was starting to mutter under her breath as I slowly ground away at her. Unfortunately, although expressed in a most heartfelt fashion, they were not exactly words of endearment she was showering upon me.

I continued on my merry way, slowing occasionally if I thought things were proceeding too fast, but generally happy to keep going at the same lazy pace. I will admit that Michelle lasted longer than I expected.

There was no real sign that she was reaching that stage. One moment she was holding her pose, whispering tender little curses to me, then her leg snapped down and wrapped around my waist. Her other leg promptly lifted off the ground and also wrapped around me while her arms went around my neck.

With a few rudely explicit instructions as to what I should be doing Michelle pushed herself firmly against my slow moving cock. Not so slow moving now as Michelle set to work, arms and legs hard at work as she bounced against me.

That was the beginning of the end. I already had Michelle so worked up that I as slightly surprised that she hadn’t already climaxed. Personally, I’d been praying for strength to keep going. Now with Michelle turned into a frenetic banshee gyrating around my cock, I was a goner.

Michelle found she was sitting on a geyser that just exploded straight up into her. This bothered her not one whit as she promptly exploded to keep me company.

It was a source of amazement to me that we were actually still standing when we finally calmed down. I lowered Michelle onto a seat. The only reason she’d been standing was because she’d been clinging to me.

After a while Michelle blinked and seemed to focus. I handed her her clothes and pointed her in the direction of the bathroom when she asked.

Ten minutes later she came out, dressed and cleaned up. Bouncing and ready to go. She waved airily to me and headed out, mission accomplished.

I wondered if she’d reassure the other girls that they had no need to worry about me blabbing. I hoped not. I’d much rather they came visiting so that I could gently reassure them, each and every one.

As long as they didn’t all come on the same day. That might be a bit much.

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