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Jim Cameron pulled up to the office of the Pine Tree lodge; his favorite hideout after a personal crises. The latest stunt ranked high in stupidity. Getting caught in bed with the twenty two year old daughter of his current girl friend was bad. Jessica held a gun permit and he was afraid that she would use it.

It was better that he lay low here and let the excitement die down. Pine Tree lodge is a semi-clothing optional resort that attracted good-looking guests. He had helped the developer find investors and put some of his money into the venture. He checked in and went to his cabin and crashed. He got up mid-morning and went to the café then went to the pool to get some sun.

Jim looked over the rim of his blackout sunglasses watching the women who were walking around the clothing optional pool. A woman approached dressed in only a string bikini bottom, carrying a tray with a large cocktail glass. She placed the glass on the table, turned and walked away. There was the number 32 stenciled on the back of the small garment.

Jim took a sip of the drink and set the glass back on the table. He noticed a woman who was completely naked approaching and set her bag next to the lounge that was across the table from the one that Jim was occupying. The woman had short red hair. A well worked out body including ample breasts. Her pubic area was bare accept for a shock of redish hair.

“I’ll have what ever he is having,” said the woman when number 32 approached again.

“Hello, I’m Ginger do you mind me using this lounge?”

“No objection at all”, Jim responded.

“Jim Cameron, pleasure to get to know you.”

“Ginger Bradley,” she said as she lifted the towel covering Jim’s private parts.

“Are you interested, ma’am?” asked Jim.

“I am always interested. I am here to decompress from my last job, I just finished editing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Don’t ask I can’t tell you the story,” said Ginger as she took a seat on the lounge.

“Was that your McLaren that pulled in last night? I saw it as I was checking in,” asked Jim.

“Guilty as charged, the car was my reward for pulling a director’s project out of the abyss. I saved the production company several million dollars, even though the movie didn’t get good reviews it made a profit. What brings you here, Mr. Jim,” said Ginger.

“I an hiding out until the dust settles. My lady friend ended our relationship; she found me in bed with her twenty-two year old daughter. I wanted to make my self-scarce in case she decided to use the gun that she is permitted to carry. I had it coming; in some matters I still am out of control. An inheritance gives me a certain amount of freedom. I dabble in the law, I do some investing but I can’t seem to keep a woman interested for long. Or I loose interest,” Jim stood losing the towel, “I am in cabin 19 if you would like to have dinner,” said Jim as he finished his cocktail.

“Make sure that Number 32 is serving and I will see you at 7:00. Oh, just wear a robe. It will be easier if things get interesting and I think they will,” said Ginger.

Jim started walking off and ran into Number 32 carrying Ginger’s drink he stopped her and whispered in the woman’s ear. Number 32 nodded her head indicating that she would be available.

Jim entered the cabin and opened his computer. He went on Google and put Ginger Bradley in the search field. After separating the chaff he found Ginger McCloud Bradley film editor. After reading the articles he found out that she was finishing the latest Marvel movie. Well he could have a conversation with the woman.

He went to the bar in the room and fixed himself another martini, and dealt with his email. The management had thoughtfully stocked his room with his favorite gin and vermouth. Three martinis later he was crashed on the bed.

The phone on the nightstand started to buzz and after the third buzz it fell silent. Five minutes later it started making noise again. He ignored again, and five minutes later it vibrated again. Jim finally picked up the phone “This better be good,” he said thinking it was one of his friends.

“This is Ginger. Sorry Mr. Jim, but I got some notes from the director and he needs some touch ups tonight.”

“So you will be leaving?” asked Jim.

“No I setup my studio in my cabin, but I will be working all night.”

“Wait you can edit a movie in your cabin?”

“Mr. Jim I am not cutting film, I am manipulating electrons; it is all done on computers,” said Ginger

“Can I visit you later?”

“Sorry Mr. Jim you would have to be an Executive Producer to watch me work. I will also be on a video chat with heir director, I will call you tomorrow morning after I wrap things up.”

The line went dead but there was a knock on the cabin door. Jim grabbed the large towel and wrapped it around his middle. Jim opened the door and the young woman with 32 on her bikini ankara eryaman escortlar bottom walked in. Jim reached down and grabbed the strings and untied one half letting the garment fall to the floor.

“I don’t think that you will be needing that,” said Jim.

The woman turned and guided a cart with dinner into the room.

He dropped the towel and the young woman dropped to her knees and began to suck on Jim’s dick. He held the woman’s head and moved his cock in and out fucking her mouth. No. 32 moved her hand to his balls and took some control back. Jim continued to drive his cock in and out of her mouth.

Jim pulled out and directed the woman to the end of the couch and bent her over the arm, Jim walked over to the cart with the food and picket up one of the appetizers, and walked back to No. 32. He inserted his cock in her pussy and began to fuck the young woman. After a few quick strokes Jim shot a load in her pussy. Jim stood her up and sat down on the couch and opened his legs and directed No. 32 to kneel and suck his cock. Jim lifted the phone and asked if there were any other women available and asked them to send two more over to his cabin.

Jim felt that he was about to cum and held the woman’s head and shot his load in her face. He directed her to the bathroom to clean up and waited for the other women to show up. No. 32 returned and Jim bent her over his knees and used his hand to explore her pussy and ass.

The door opened and two women dressed only in string bikini bottoms walked in. Both women had nice tight boobs. With a slap on 32’s ass he directed her to sit next to him and opened his legs and pointed to one of the other women and indicated that he wanted his dick sucked.

No. 45 knelt and took his cock in her mouth while Jim sucked on 32’s tits. When his erection was hard enough he stood and took the remaining woman in his bedroom and entered her from behind. He grabbed 54’s tits while he fucked the girl.

Jim came with an enormous burst depositing a large quantity of cum in 54’s pussy. They came out of the bedroom and Jim dismissed the three the women. Jim loved the feeling of power that he had when he visited Pine Tree lodge. While it wasn’t exactly paying for sex he would add substantial tips to the accounts of the women.

Jim went to bed. It was late morning and his phone started buzzing again.

“Mr. Jim, get some clothes on I will be by in ten minutes,” said Ginger after he recognized the voice.

“Why do I need clothes?” said Jim.

Because you are taking me to breakfast; hurry I will be by in a minute,” replied Ginger.

Jim heard the noise that a high performance engine makes outside of his cabin. He put a pair of shorts on with out underwear and a T-shirt, found his slip-on shoes and walked out of his cabin.

The McLaren 650S was metal flake blue with white racing stripes. Ginger got out of the gull wing door and Jim’s eyes moved to the enormous gold pendant in the shape of a lightning bolt nestled between Gingers boobs covered by a close fitting poloshirt.

“They’re real and this is real also. You’re ogling three ounces of 24-carat gold,” said Ginger.

“Wouldn’t you want to keep that quiet?” said Jim, as he inspected the lighting bolt shaped pendant.

“This is one of five, it is a way for me to keep some my money close and away from bankers,” Ginger said.

Jim mentally did the math and three times $1,300 means that she was wearing almost nine thousand dollars around her neck.

The car was right hand drive so Jim got in the left seat and pulled the door closed. Ginger got in and leaned over; planted a kiss on his lips and helped him with the four-point restraint system. “Couldn’t get an American version?” ask Jim.

“I was in England when I took delivery and besides I like being different?” said Ginger.

She threw the car around the twisty roads and ran though the gears like she was a racecar driver. She hit the accelerator and Jim was pushed in to the seat. Just as fast as she accelerated she applied the brake and Jim was pushed into the four-point harness.

Most of my day I am worrying about insignificant amounts of time and frames of video, so when I drive, I drive,” said Ginger.

They were on a long straight stretch of road and Ginger floored the car and the speed spiked at two hundred MPH. There were more cars and buildings and Ginger brought the car down to the speed limit. She pulled into what looked like a railroad passenger car that was serving as a diner and parked the car. The doors sprung open and she reached over and helped Jim unclip the restraint system. When they were out of the car the doors closed. Ginger slipped her arm around Jim’s waist and they walked into the dinner.

“I know we talked about dinner but I guess it will be brunch,” said Ginger as they reached the entrance.

They slipped into a booth and pulled menus escort etimesgut from the clip on the table. “What would you like to have Ms. Bradley,” said the waitress standing at the table.

“I will have the heart attack special, make it two, and bring extra hot sauce,” said Ginger.

“You must be a regular?”

“I come here enough that they know me,” said Ginger.

Two plates loaded with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and a large pancake; were placed on the table. Two large mugs of coffee followed. Jim now understood why she called it the heart attack special. He thought to himself that this girl would have an interesting taste if he got that far.

“So tell me did you and number 32 have a nice evening?”

Her and two other women entertained me. I like a variety,” replied Jim

“You are a bad man, Mr. Jim. That might be what attracted me to you. Are you up for more rough play?”

“Ginger I don’t know what your definition of rough is but I am always ready,” said Jim.

The pair finished the meal and the check was placed in the center of the table. “I drove you pay,” said Ginger. Jim pulled his wallet and dropped two twenties on the table and they rose and walked out of the diner. The doors to the car were opening as they approached. As soon as the doors were closed the engine started.

Ginger retraced the route to the resort but pulled off of the highway a few miles before; and powered up a side road. The flora changed to tall pine trees from the scrub desert. The road was steep and twisty but Ginger seemed to have the car under control despite the speed she was driving.

In a clearing off to the side stood a long single story house that was sheathed in local stone. There was a porch the entire length of the house. Ginger pulled the car into a carport and killed the engine. The doors opened and they got out.

“Welcome to my humble hacienda,” she said. The door unlocked at her approach and she opened the door bringing them into the living room.

“This is a nice place ma’am,” said Jim. He scanned the room and noticed several guns mounted like art on the wall. He was sure that she had functioning weapons secreted in the room.

Ginger pulled the polo shirt off exposing her breasts; she slipped off her shoes, and dropped her shorts. Jim dropped his shorts and since he did not have underwear his rigid cock was on full display. He walked over to where Ginger was sitting and stood in front of her.

“Let’s talk before we get intimate, Mr. Jim.”

Ginger got up and walked to another room and returned with two beers. She resumed her place and Jim sat next to her. “You might be wondering what is going on? I live here when I am not working and I use a suite at Twin Pines to meet interesting people male or female. This allows me to find a partner that is not business related. I can’t tell you the number of times I had to bang some producer just to get a job. So when I called you last night I was actually here in my studio working. I am glad that you and
2 got along with out me?”

“Like you I use Pine Tree to get away from my life issues,” said Jim

“Like when you bang the daughter of your lover?” said Ginger.

“Or I am escaping from pissed off investors or law clients,” said Jim.

“That is the reason that I have several of these,” pointing to the pendant; “so I don’t have to worry if I am being screwed by some financial geek.”

Jim stood in front of Ginger his erect cock near her mouth. She reached and grabbed his balls and brought his cock to her lips. Her tongue darted out and painted the crown of his cock.

Ginger sat back, “Sit down Mr. Cameron, we haven’t finished talking yet.”

Jim slinked back to his seat. He continued to look at the woman’s breasts and the large chunk of gold nestled between her tits.

“Lately I haven’t needed to fuck someone to get my foot in the door. I am pondering what you bring to the equation.”

“I thought you wanted to have some fun with a no commitment fuck session,” said Jim.

“Jim I believe that everyone has a reason for doing something, I am trying to find your reason. Your not the only one who did research; Jim Cameron, part of the Cameron Iron family Graduated UT Law and was Partner at Krebbs Gardner until you and the wife of the managing partner took the corporate plane to Cabo. You were allowed to resign. You have had a string of failed relationships. But you funded several successful startups that allowed you to live on your own.”

“I do have some value,” said Jim defensively.

“I will grant you that, Mr. Jim.”

Jim noticed a small stain on the cushion where Ginger was sitting. She rose and pushed Jim down and sat on top of him. With her hands she guided his cock into her pussy. She was wet, tight and warm.

“Ok Mr. Cameron I am going to give you the producer’s special,”

Ginger batıkent escort brought Jim’s hands to her tits and started to jog up and down on his cock. Each down stroke came with a slight yell. Jim massaged her breasts and finally got the nipples hard. Ginger continued to fuck oblivious to what he was doing. She rose and got off his cock just as a stream of cum shot about a foot in the air and landed on his chest.

“Nice I’ve never seen any man shoot that high,” said Ginger.

Jim passed out with his orgasm. Ginger found a dishtowel and wiped away the evidence. She sat next to him her hand massaging his cock. He started to come around and Ginger leaned over and kissed him. Jim was responding to her efforts and was soon fully erect.

“Man there is no quit in you Mr. Jim.”

“I like to please the women I am with,” mumbled Jim.

“I really needed a camera your climax would have been great for a porn film,” said Ginger.

Ginger continued to gently massage his cock, and occasionally kissing the head. Jim moved to bring his whole body on to the couch. Ginger again sat over him and inserted his cock in her pussy.

“Mr. Jim, I did all the work last time this time I need a good fuck.”

Ginger was sitting on top of Jim her breasts bouncing as they moved. Jim pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. He reached up and started to pinch her nipples. Ginger moved down and planed a kiss on his mouth. That allowed him to fuck her harder. Ginger let out a scream and hopped up off of his cock. She grasped his shaft and licked the crown. She indicated that she wanted to be on the bottom and Jim rose off the couch and waited for her to get in position.

“Now really fuck me Mr. Jim.”

Jim gathered himself and brought his hard cock to the entrance to her cunt and pressed. He slipped into her warm wet pussy.

“That feels great Ginger,” said Jim.

“Don’t sit there and admire yourself fuck me,” she said.

Jim moved his cock in and out of her pussy stopping at times and then picking up the tempo. He leaned down and sucked on her nipples alternating between the two mounds. Ginger’s breathing quickened and she started to yelp at every stroke. She embraced Jim and their mouths met and tongues played with each other. Jim stiffened and felt his cock shoot a load in her cunt. He slide down and started to suck on her clit. He tasted her spend and his cum. Ginger locked her legs around his head keeping him in position.

“Keep doing that, I want to cum a few more times Mr. Jim.”

Jim did not know how long it took but she finally relaxed and he was able to come up for a breath. His hand replaced his mouth and he continued to manipulate her cunt. Ginger rose off of the couch and brought two more beers. She asked him to lie back on the couch. She reached between the cushions and produced a small plastic bottle the size that eye drops came in. Jim took a swig from the beer and relaxed.

“Open up Mr. Jim,” said Ginger.

He complied and she placed several drops from the bottle on his tongue. The fluid had a sweet taste and Jim thought it was some kind of breath drop. Then the room started to spin and he passed out cold.

“Sort of a date rape drug in reverse,” Mr. Jim,” said Ginger to the sleeping figure.

She got up and put her clothes on and found a note pad and scribbled a quick note to Jim.

“Mr. Jim,

I got a call last night from the director of the latest space opera shooting in Morocco so when you read this I am in the air on my way to North Africa. Sorry about the melodramatic method of my leaving but that’s the way I am. As fucks go you are good, but I don’t know if I will see you again. Like you I fuck’em and leave’em after all that is what you wanted wasn’t it?

I called Pine Tree and requested that they send a car at about 5:00pm. Don’t worry about locking the place; it locks itself when I am not there.


She placed the note leaning against a beer bottle on the table and moved around the house gathering her stuff and packing it in the car. She touched the starter and put the car in reverse and navigated the drive to the road and disappeared.

About three hours later Jim awoke with a vicious hangover. He was naked but saw that his clothes were folded on the table. He found the note that was leaning against the beer bottle. After reading the note he looked more confused. He dressed and walked around trying doors but found that they were all locked.

Jim heard a car pull up and he looked out the window and saw that it was the shuttle from the Pine Tree. Jim stepped outside and heard the electronic lock secure the door. He padded his pockets to check if he had his wallet and key card to the room.

He climbed into the back of the car and it started moving toward the main road. Still feeling the after effects of the substance that he was given; Jim slept on the way back. He woke up when the car stopped outside of his cabin.

It was mid-morning when he was awake again. Jim grabbed a towel and some sunscreen and walked to the pool. He took a seat on the same lounge from the day before, and spent the day women watching.

“Maybe I will get lucky again,” he thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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