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Jerry was, and still is, a very good friend of mine. He is very much a one woman man; the opposite of myself and my wife who swing regularly. So, when he told me that his wife cheated on him, there was no doubt he was crushed. The logic of what happened below kind of eludes me now but it seemed like the right thing at the time.

Looking at a small way to get back at her jerry and I floated many ideas. There was one idea I had that I kept to myself. His wife, Hester, was hot and I admit to having fantasies about her. I never did anything about my carnal thoughts out of respect for both Jerry and the type of marriage they wanted to have.

Now, Hester was well padded but not what I considered fat at all; just meaty. I’d say she was 5’6″ weighing 165 pounds with longer blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breasts had to be D cups but maybe only C cups and she had a large heart shaped ass. My idea was basically to prove that she had turned into a slut and wasn’t worth Jerry’s time of day.

An organization we all belonged to was having a picnic at a local park. The shelter house was just an open pavilion with one seater restrooms attached. Hester and Jerry showed up separately but both acted as if everything was normal. While the meat was grilling I flirted with her with my eyes and openly stared at her body. I even ran my finger across my cock so she could see the outline of my erection.

Finally we lined up for food. I got in line right behind her. I brushed up against her a couple of times. I stopped with hips touching and she didn’t even move an inch to reclaim her personal space. As she was getting her meat I looked around and saw no one looking and gave her ass a squeeze and leaned in and asked, “Wanna fuck me.”

She turned toward me and smiled, “Maybe sometime; it might be fun.”

“I mean right here, right now Hester,” I said self assured.

“But how?” she asked confused.

“Just follow me and I’ll tell you,” now confident; after all she hadn’t said no. I led her to the most secluded area of the shelter away from where everyone else had sat and I picked a bench with our backs to the crowd. We sat hip to hip and I placed my had on her thigh. And whispered, “Hurry up and eat so we can have some fun!”

“Ok, but I still don’t understand how you’re going to fuck me at a picnic,” she said nervously. Smiling I pulled her leg on top of mine and then grabbed a hold of her nearest boob and gave it a squeeze. Frantically she looked around to see if anyone had noticed but relaxed when she was sure they hadn’t and probably wouldn’t.

“Just tell me my horny slut do you like it hard and passionate or rough and hard core as there is no turning back now.” I asked with a rasp in my voice. I reached under her sundress and found that Hester hadn silky little panties on. I pushed the gusset aside and rubbed her pussy lips with one hand while I ate with the other.

“Oh gawd, I’ll take it anyway you want to give it to me; I just like it nasty!” she cooed as she spread her legs further apart. My fingers were all over her wet pussy teasing and playing with her. Hester reached for my lap and rubbed my cock through my shorts. The speed of our eating increased and I guessed we wouldn’t be going back for seconds.

“Pull it out,” I told her calmly. She tensed up again and did nothing for a second. I gave her thigh a slap and she promptly unzipped me and freed my member.

“We’re playing with fire here,” she stammered.

“Oh yes, but you and your hot little cunt are enjoying it. Oh fuck you are such a hot lady. Your cunt is so fucking hot,” I gasped.

“Oh shit, I love big cocks. Oh you fucking bastard I need this fucking cock,” she was practically drooling. Her hand was now moving up and down my 8″ shaft. “Oh baby I’m going to ram it hard into this juicy cunt! Fuck, eryaman escort show me one of your fucking titties,” I demanded now finger fucking her pussy while choking down my hamburger.

“Oh gawd I don’t believe this shit, here you mother fucker take a look,” Hester was nervously panting as she pulled the material of her sundress aside for a second. Her brown areola was the size of a half dollar and her nipple stuck out like the button to a radio. I wanted to push that button very badly.

“Oh sweet bitch finish that fucking food so I can take you hard and deep!” I hurriedly finished my food and then licked her sweet honey from my fingers. As she finished her last few bites I couldn’t stop myself and reached inside of her dress and pinched her nipples. When she finished I stuffed my cock back in my shorts.

“Taking a drink she asked calmly, “Now what you fucking bastard?”

“Well Hester we will throw away our trash and then you will follow me and don’t be obvious,” I instructed. Quickly I tossed my trash and walked around to the restrooms and waited an eternity of 45 seconds for her to catch up to me. Scanning my surroundings there wasn’t a soul around. What made me excited is that any second someone could appear from nowhere.

As soon as she was arms length from me I reached out and pushed the straps of her dress from her shoulders uncovering her orbs. Then I grabbed her mammoth globes and pulled her by her tits to me. Passionately I kiss her mouth. Momentarily she tried to pull away but I kissed her again harder while kneading her tits roughly.

Leaning down I sucked each of her boobies into my mouth giving each nipple a couple of nibbles. Then, grabbing her by the hand I pulled her the ten steps to the bathroom and shoved her inside locking the door behind us. We kissed again as I pushed her dress onto the dirty floor. I pushed down on her shoulders letting her know the first order of business. “Ok hot lady suck me; suck my cock,” I commanded in a hushed tone in case the walls were thin. Hester placed the dress under her knees and ripped down my shorts and bikini undies. Cupping my balls in her hand she attached her mouth to my cock and inhaled the entire member in one swallow. I grabbed onto the sink beside me for support as her mouth traveled up and down rapidly on my member. Her hands felt terrific juggling my balls and squeezing the base of my prick. It didn’t take long for me to explode into her mouth. A real pro, Hester gulped down every drop. Then I helped her to her feet so we could trade places.

Throwing her arms around me she kissed me with passion delivering into my mouth a glob of my own cum which I greedily sucked down in surprise. As we kissed I pushed her panties to the floor and had her lean over the sink. Hester wiggled her big ass at me as I kneeled behind it. At first, I gently explored her rump with my hands.

But, realizing we only had a few minutes I dove in attacking her ass and pussy with my hands and mouth. Her bright pink pussy lips were dripping with honey. She began moaning loud so I stuffed her panties in her mouth then stood up and rubbed my cock against her clit.

Then, in one forceful thrust I rammed my cock deep into her twat. With piston like strokes I fucked Hester hard. Pummeling her pussy without mercy as I squeezed her boobs. She thrust her ass back to meet each of my strokes. Harder and faster and deeper I fucked this adulteress woman.

It was almost 100 degrees so sweat was pouring from our bodies. But, as hot as it was couldn’t match the fever burning inside of me. Hester’s fingers were diddling her pussy furiously. Then I felt the familiar boiling sensation in my balls and exploded a huge load of semen into her.

As soon as I came I fell to my knees and licked her pussy clean enjoying every drop of the sincan escort newly created cream pie. Moments later we were hurriedly washing up and getting dressed and headed back to the picnic. But I stuffed her panties in my pocket and showed them to my wife and Jerry.

Thinking back Jerry should have been pissed off at me but instead he was kind of happy as it confirmed for him what he needed to do for once and for all. After all, if all it took to get Hester into bed was one question at a picnic she would fuck anyone. He would file the divorce papers the following Monday.

As for Hester, later that afternoon I dragged her back around to beside the restrooms. Yanking her into my arms I passionately kissed her. My hands traveled up underneath her dress and squeezed her ass. Spinning her around I cupped her tits in my hands, grinding my cock in her crack and I bit her neck.

“How would you like to cum again tonight fucking bitch?” I asked eagerly pinching her button nipples. She ground her ass hard into me.

“Oh gawd I’d love too but I have other plans,” was her disappointed answer.

“No you don’t. Be at my house promptly at 7:30 or else,” I demanded. She knew what the ‘or else’ was so she nodded her head. Then turning back around we kissed passionately before leaving the picnic.

Right at 7:30 the door bell rang. Carmen, my wife, hollered that she would answer it. Spying from around the corner the look of horror combined with shock on Hester’s face was priceless. Hester’s reaction was compounded by the fact that Carmen was wearing my favorite ‘come fuck me nightie’ and smiling broadly at our visitor. Carmen cooed seductively, “Can I get you a glass of wine, Hester?”

“Ah, yes sure, that would be ah good,” Hester stammered. She wasn’t sure what to do. Part of her wanted to run but didn’t know what would happen if she did. So, she just stood there frozen watching my wife’s ass sway as she walked over to get the wine.

“Jeff asked that I keep you company until he gets here as something came up. He also asked that I help to get you ready for your tryst with him. Tonight will be much better than the quick bathroom fuck he gave you earlier. By the way, speaking of which, do you recognize these?” Carmen lifted up the bottom of her nightie until she revealed the pair of panties I had removed from Hester a few hours earlier.

Maybe, I should pause here and tell you a bit about Carmen. She is a highly intelligent woman who gets what she wants. Sex with her is fantastic as neither of us is dominate but we allow one another to get whet we crave. Her and Hester could pass for sister’s except for Carmen is 25 pounds lighter and her boobs are DD cups. We decided to swing only so we would never get tired of each other. In retrospect, it was an odd reason as I don’t think we would ever get bored with each other.

Seeing her panties on another woman’s body confused and befuddled Hester as her eyes bulged from her head. Hester collapsed to the chair behind her still gazing at Carmen’s crotch. After taking a few breathes Hester licked her lips and answered, “Ah yes, those are my panties.”

“Well, Jeff promised you that you’d cum again tonight when you came over so let’s get you ready,” Carmen said sweetly. Kneeling down on the floor in front of the slut from the picnic Carmen pulled off her shoes and caressed her feet. Looking up Hester’s dress Carmen noticed that Hester still hadn’t replaced the panties that I had stolen.

So, she spread the slut’s legs and began caressing up her calves to her thighs. Hester sat there a bit dumb-founded. Before long Carmen had manage to fully expose the lush forest of pubic hair above Hester’s cunt. Sensually Carmen ran her fingers through the soft hair as Hester spoke up, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Well, batıkent escort Jeff promised that you’d cum tonight if you came over so that is what I am going to do. Now sit back and enjoy,” Carmen answered softly but firmly. Before Hester had a chance to move Carmen licked her pussy from bottom to top and then swirled her tongue all around the girl’s turgid joy button.

In a matter of seconds Hester had given over to my wife and lay back on the couch and pushed her pussy closer to the edge of the couch. Hungrily my wife devoured the slut’s pussy. Eating like there was no tomorrow. Hester’s hips ground hard against Carmen’s assault as she came in a thunderous orgasm.

Wiping her face on the hem of Carmen’s sundress Carmen stood and lifted Hester to her feet. She pulled the straps of the dress from Hester’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The two of them embraced as Carmen caressed Hester’s ass. I could barely hear Hester whisper, “Fuck that felt so good; I don’t believe how hard I came!”

“We aren’t finished yet. Here Hester put this on,” Carmen handed her the nightie after pulling it off. Once again the ladies kissed with Carmen fondling our former friend’s boobs.

“Oh God I didn’t know you were into this,” Hester stammered barely able to breath.

“We’re all full of surprises aren’t we like you fucking my husband at the picnic. Speaking of which why don’t you get down there and take back your underwear from me and put them on,” it sounded a lot like an order especially with Carmen pushing down on Hester’s shoulders.

Stumbling to her knees Hester timidly pulled down the panties revealing my wife’s equally furry mound. Since Hester was at eye level with Carmen’s bush Carmen pulled the slut’s face up against her mound and held it there for a moment. Hester yanked back and yelped, “What the fuck?”

“Well you hot little slut it is very simple you are going to kiss my pussy. Turnabout is fair play and after all I did eat you until you came several times so get those panties back on and get down here and kiss my wet pussy,” Carmen said both seductively and with authority. It worked as Hester now was wearing Carmen’s nightie and had back on the panties I had removed from her that after noon.

Standing back in the shadows was pure agony. Hester did Carmen’s bidding and ate away causing Carmen’s body to convulse regularly. Hester’s ass was wiggling in the air as if calling to me. Once I could tell the two of them were really into it I snuck into the room and pulled the crotch of Hester’s panties aside and slid my cock easily into her pussy.

Hester only stopped eating out my wife long enough to turn her head and look back and see it was me. I rammed my cock in and out of the slut in a fury. I jabbed a finger into her asshole and twisted it around. Hester moaned and screamed out, “Jeff, fuck me, fuck me hard bastard!”

Then I heard the beep of a video camera and then the room lit up with camera flashes. Jerry had been hiding with me and was now snapping picture after picture of my cock in his wife’s pussy and her licking feverishly on Carmen’s twat. If Hester noticed the flashes of light she did nothing about it as she kept on kissing my wife’s sex organ and pushing her ass up to meet each of my thrusts.

Only after I flooded her pussy with shot after shot of spunk and Carmen moved her lap from in front of Hester did she notice that a video camera was running. Quickly she grabbed her dress and put it on and ran to the door calling back to Jerry, We’ll talk about this at home.”

Jerry turned to us collecting his gear and said, “Thanks guys this all I’ll need to get my way on everything. I owe you big time. If there is ever anything I can do just let me know.”

“Well, maybe after the divorce stuff is over you can come over for one night of special fun with us,” Carmen sweetly offered still naked.

Jerry smile brightly and walked away. As soon as the door closed Carmen and I were all over each other. We didn’t make it to the bedroom until complete exhaustion set in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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