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There’s a pub in my neighbourhood where I like to go and chill on Sundays. It’s as close to an Irish pub as you can find in Paris: good beer, darts, everyone speaking English. Of course, it attracts a lot of foreigners, be them tourists or expats from lots of different places. So there is always new people there, most of them more open to meeting strangers than the standard Parisian.

That day, I was enjoying a quiet beer, reading my book and occasionally stopping to observe people, when I noticed a girl doing the exact same thing as me. She looked very tall, and had the kind of willowy blondeness that people picture when talking about Scandinavian girls. Her thin face was intent on her book, but as my gaze started to get a little more intense, she lifted her eyes and met mine… For a moment I had the panicked instinct of looking elsewhere, but I fought it and smiled. And was rewarded with a smile in return, before she got back to her book, the smile still on her lips.

At that point, I probably wouldn’t have done anything if I hadn’t been so damn horny. My friend with benefit had recently found a legit boyfriend, and I wasn’t getting any from other sources… So I swallowed my shyness and went over to introduce myself.

It went so well I couldn’t believe it. The conversation flowed naturally from the beginning. I had started in English, guessing that sh wasn’t French, and I had been right. She was from Sweden, here to actually learn French in some kind of intensive language school, but her lessons didn’t start until the next week, and she told me she was currently enjoying the city… and the indigenous life. I was delighted. We hadn’t been talking for 10 minutes, and she already not-so-subtly erotik film izle hinted at immoral behavior… I was more than happy to play this game. Up close, she really was the cliché Swedish girl… A beautiful, “fair” face with long and slightly wavy blonde hair, deep blue eyes and tiny, perky tits… She was so far from my usual taste in women, who I often prefer small, dark haired and cute-ish, that it made me extremely aroused. New territory! Anyway, we danced the heavy flirting dance, mixing legit conversation about what we had been reading and shameless sexual allusions, until our beers were empty. I then asked “Want to get out of here?” and we were off.

As I said before, I live not 10 minutes from the bar, and we were there quickly, both of us exchanging glances that spoke volumes about what was to come. That’s really one of my favourite things about picking up strangers: when we both know what’s going to happen, but no one has yet made an explicit move… The ride in the elevator was pretty intense. We got to my flat, I got us a glass of wine, and before we could do more than sipping it, we were making out on the couch.

She was hungry. That much was clear. It was hot and wet and sloppy, which I usually dislike, but I was now so worked up that I actually enjoyed it. My hands ran all over her lean body, gripping her tight little ass, cupping her small breasts, while she moaned and quickly started to stroke the bulge in my pants. I buried my hand in her hair and slightly pulled while I leaned more into the kiss, and she moaned with delight, as my mouth went wandering on the soft skin of her neck. We stood up and undressed each other, hands fumbling with excitement, as I drank film izle in the milky paleness of her skin, her perky breast and small, pink nipples, her perfectly flat stomach and the little black thong she had on… I turned her over and started licking, kissing, biting her neck from behind, as I held her face in one hand and started to caress her stomach and thighs with the other, careful not to get to her pussy to quickly… She grinded her ass against my now massive boner, and moaned lightly as my hand brushed over her panties…

I then couldn’t take it any more, I had to feel her wetness, I had to explore her excitation. I slipped a hand beneath the light fabric, and was delighted to find there a mess of hot moisture. She let out a little cry as I started to properly work her up, her knees buckling under my touch. She twitched and squirmed in my arms, as my dick was still firmly pushed against her ass, her hands tentatively stroking it. She suddenly turned, and kissed me hard, her hands now firmly gripping my rock hard cock. She then got on her knees, and swallowed it whole, without even so much as a little licking first. She was slobbering all over it, choking herself on it, and she loved it. I seized her hair and helped her take it all, fucking her face hard. She looked up to me, her mouth full of my dick, her eyes so full of lust I just couldn’t wait anymore: I had to fuck her. Hard.

So I got her on my bed, quickly put on a condom, and got on top of her. Her beautiful face was now distorted in delicious agony, as I thrust myself inside her, deep and slow at first, making her feel all of it, and then more quickly, not leaving her time to breathe, while she let out little cries.

I seks filmi izle couldn’t keep that up for very long, though, and I grabbed her and she ended up on top, impaling herself on my dick harder and harder. That’s when I gripped her ass, and discovered that her wetness was so overflowing that it lubed up her asshole quite nicely… So I started to play with it , and she didn’t complain… But I couldn’t do it very well from that position, and I soon stopped, and got back to gripping her ass and slamming her on my dick. That’s when it happened. We all experienced it. She went a bit too high, and slammed a bit too fast, and boom, my dick was in her ass. I immediately went into the “OH SHIT sorry!” mode, and stopped any movement whatsoever, while I made an apologetic face.

But she didn’t pull herself up. She didn’t make a pained and embarrassed face. She fucking. Pushed. Down. All the while her eyes locked on mine, a mischievous smile on her thin lips. I never went from” sorry” to “FUCK YEAH” in less time. The rhythm changed, and slowly but surely, I was fucking her unprepared, unlubricated ass. I couldn’t believe it. You read and hear everywhere that anal requires preparations and TONS of lube. And I always practiced it this way. Well, she begged to differ. Her ass had been properly trained, it seemed, and in a few minutes, I was jackhammering it while she asked for more, letting out cries of delight I never could have imagined before. And all the time, the thought of my dick in the ass of that girl I had just met burned in my mind, making me hornier than I ever been in a long time. Of course, I came quickly, my dick buried in her ass which I grabbed hard, while she gasped for air, her expression contracted in ecstasy.

That was the first of one of many encounters, and would be surprised if I told you that I fucked her ass in each and every one of these occasions? Her words: “it’s more intense like this”. Indeed it is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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