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As told by Phillip…

“Ok, I think it’s a left turn here,” I say to myself. I turn down a small, pothole-infested side road in the River Oaks district of Houston.

So, this is the River Oaks? It’s nice, kinda expensive. I hope what I have planned impresses her a little, or at least she has fun. I wonder where the Artsy movie theater is? I haven’t seen an indie movie… RED LIGHT! I press on the brakes and push the clutch in.

“You know, if she wants to fool around in the car she’s going to have a tough time with this stick, but I love this Jetta. Sliver, black interior, nice system, and sticks are fun. Shit. I’m talking to myself. I’m nervous. She’s gonna think I’m crazy.”

“Okay, it’s around here somewhere, damn, missed the turn.” I’m still talking to myself. My heart just started beating a little faster after seeing the apartment building. This will be the first time I’ve met you and I am nervous. I have every right to be, but you have just moved here from New York State, and the Texas posters don’t seem excited enough about a Yankee, so I’m going to tap into my good Midwestern/Southern roots and show you around while you don’t know anyone else.

“Ok, pep talk time, I have to calm down. I’m shaking. Why am I shaking? Because I’m nervous. Why am I nervous? Because she’s probably really experienced. Fuck. Stupid penis. Sometimes I hate thinking with you. I really have to calm down. Stop sign.” I ramble, turning around the block.

“Seriously, Phillip. This isn’t anything serious. She’s older than you. She’s a civilized northerner, and that’s a good thing. The people down here that don’t understand winter are crazy. She’s experienced, but she wouldn’t have agreed to meet you if she didn’t like you. There’s no guarantee you’ll even connect. Maybe you won’t like her. Her pictures sure look great though. And we’ve hit it off when we talked on the phone.” I say to myself, finally getting back under control. Without really having to think, I pull into the parking lot of a reasonably expensive five-story apartment complex.

“This is kinda nice, I always like nice places. They feel safe, they’re close to restaurants and shops. I wish the public transportation was more like Europe or Australia. It’s still too hot during the summer though; the fall weather is kind of nice right now though. The water should be warm still.”

“I didn’t tell her she would need a bathing suit. Ah well, I’m sure she’s bound to have one. I need to learn to not surprise women so often. It’s a little risky even if it is fun for me. Well, it weeds out the insecure women, and besides, I can’t go without getting wet for too long.” I hope I make you as wet as my story did.

“Christ Phillip, she could have just been saying that, it’s the Internet. Alright, how do I look?” I rhetorically ask myself aloud, once again showing the insane inner workings of someone who thinks too much.

I say rhetorically because I like how I look. I like my light blue eyes and fair complexion. My blond hair could be cut again soon, but it looks nice grown out. The hair isn’t down my neck at all, and my bangs aren’t close to being in my eyes. Being out of college a few years gave me the time to get more athletic, although I did take time out for studying. Good grad school interviews had my self-confidence high, although I didn’t have any responses yet.

The two flaws I’ve learned to cope with are my weight and my nose. At 155 pounds, I certainly am not ‘built,’ but being 6′ is nice, and I like how my body looks. The nose, I wouldn’t fix, but it is prominent. Not Cyrano prominent, and thank God it isn’t hooked. It is kind of similar to Jennifer Grey’s, maybe, but there’s that small ridge where my glasses set when I was a child. Still, I couldn’t recognize myself without it, and nobody’s perfect.

“34-D, I wonder if that’s her cup size? That’s bad. Okay, there’s the D building, must be the third floor,” I murmur, looking at the directions one last time before putting them in the glove compartment. Stepping out of the car, I check my watch.

“Eight am, I’m early. Better take the stairs.” This is going to be fun. My heart starts to beat quicker again with the excitement of meeting you. You’ve been nice, fun, playful, and at other times mature and calm. The light exercise up the steps eased my youthful enthusiasm. I check my watch again at the top of the stairs, eight-fifteen. That’s better.

We’ll need an early start to get out there, and the car ride will give us a chance to get to know each other better. The place is a little pricey, but I haven’t been anyplace new in a while, and this will be worth it. You’ve agreed, well… insisted, that you help with the gas and food some. What I really hope is that you won’t mind sharing the hotel room. I already planned on sleeping on the floor to be a gentleman but I hope that won’t be necessary.

I’m really happy I’m doing this. I have a genuine smile on my face when I knock on the door… and then the door swings open and you smile at escort numaraları eryaman me. Your hair is long and curls gently, dark blue eyes smiling as well. Your pale ivory skin looks… healthy.

“Michelle? Wow, you look amazing. I wasn’t expecting you to be so attractive. You’re even more beautiful than your pictures.” I finally say, although I am still staring vapidly at you.

My senses catch up to me as blood finally starts to return to my brain. “Wait, sorry, what I meant was I was hoping I’d be able to have a normal conversation when you opened the door instead of ogling you like a teenager and sticking my foot in my mouth. You really look stellar.”

I stand there a few more minutes. They are seconds really, but when a man looks in the face of a beautiful woman time slows. Your luscious red lips purse, and then slowly open.

I realize you are trying to say something to me.

“Would you like to come in?”

“Oh yes, sorry. I really hope I can see more of you later on.” I say as I cross the threshold. I hope you don’t notice how that sounds. Not that it isn’t true, I just mean that I hope we could be good friends.

“Michelle, I hope you don’t mind, but you have me absolutely speechless…”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t last long or this trip may be a little boring. I told you I’d let you arrange everything so how about letting me in on where we’re going?”

I grin and shake my head, “Not ’til we’re on the road. We’d better get going.”

I look down at the duffle bag by the door doubtfully. It looks kind of small for a woman’s luggage. “Are you all packed?”

“That’s it,” you smile. I grab the bag and you lock the door as we head out to my car.

“Cute car.”

“She’s my pride and joy,” I joke.

I open the door for you and throw the duffle in the back then get in. As I start the ignition, you hear some music start and exclaim, “Oh, this is one of my favorite songs!”

“But you can’t jump the track/We’re like cars on a cable/and life’s like an hourglass glued to the table/No one can find the rewind button girl/so cradle your head in your hands/And breathe, just breathe.”

I look over, incredulous at your deep sexy voice. “You didn’t mention you sing.”

“I love Anna Nalick. I heard this song for the first time on Grey’s Anatomy and had to have the CD. I have done a little singing and voice-overs for commercials.”

You seem a little embarrassed and change the subject. “There’s only one thing wrong with this car.”

“What’s that?”

“Stick shift.”

“You can’t drive stick shift?”

“No, but that’s not what I meant.”

“Alright,” I say with a grin, starting the engine, “as promised here’s the general game plan. From Houston we’re going to get onto I-10, which will take us to San Antonio in about 3 or 4 hours. There, we can see the Alamo and have lunch. After stretching our legs we’ll head north to Austin, and then out into the Hill Country to go to the…” I pause, leaning over to look at a piece of paper, “Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa.”

“We should get there around two hopefully, which is enough time for an inner tube ride down the river. After that, I haven’t really planned anything. Nothing for tonight or tomorrow morning.”

“So, we’re driving that far to go down a river?”

“No, they have plenty of other activities but I think you’ll really enjoy the tube ride if you give it a chance. Austin has a great nightlife so we can stop back there and, if you like, San Antonio is known for flamenco and it’s river walk. It wouldn’t be fair for me to hold you captive and force you to do whatever I want.”

Slyly, you turn towards me with a playfully seductive look, suggesting, “And if I do what you want?”

I give a whispered laugh, being caught in my own game. “Well, then I have ideas,”

You flirt back. “I like your plan.”

Dodging inner city Houston traffic calms us down. Two or three near collisions in front of us have that kind of a sobering effect. Light conversation helps, and after not too much time we’re on the interstate, and the traffic clears to only a few other cars. It dawns on you how different the landscape is from the Northeast.

“It sure is flat here.”

“And brown.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Nope,” I reply, smiling at your realization that not all scenic drives are enjoyable.

I have to go a minute letting the stark landscape seep into your mind.

“So this is desert.”

“No, this is farmland. Well, the folk here call it ranching.”

“Huh,” you quietly notice. Not that I didn’t need to be watching the road, but I was paying attention to you enough to notice when you became officially bored by the umpteenth stick that native Texas calls a bush.

“You’re bored, and I don’t blame you. Do you what to play a game?”


“Okay, it’s called Padiddle.”


“Padiddle. The goal is to spot a car with only one working headlight. When you see a car, you have to tap ankara bayan escort the roof and say ‘Padiddle.'” I say, demonstrating. “The first person to spot ten cars wins.”

“What do I win?” you ask, enticed.

“Well, there are two choices I’ve heard of. The first is the winner gets to kiss the person of their choice. The other way is loser strips. Which way do you want?” I ask coolly.

“Hmm… Seeing as there are only two people in the car, I’ll go with the stripping.”

“You sure?”

“Positive.” You say, glaring at me, “Padiddle.”

“What?!!” I am stunned as a beat-up Honda Civic passes by my left side. Playfully, I glare back. “Alright that was luck…”

“Padiddle,” you interrupt.

“Where?” I challenge, whipping my head back to face the road.

“Over there, behind the red,” tapping the roof a third time, “Padiddle, blue car with its left light on.”


“Padiddle, you should stop complaining and watch the road,” you tease. The competition gets me focused. With four down I can’t look across and see your big smile.

“Ha, Padiddle!”

“No, Phillip, that’s just glare,” you mockingly console. “Padiddle, that car has its headlight out.”

You’re giggling doesn’t amuse me. Normally it would. You have a great laugh, but I’m losing bad.

A few minutes roll by without a car in sight then the traffic picks up as two cars appear on the horizon. We’re both squinting, and I lean back, writing them both off. You lean back, too, just a second later. Acting bored, you take time to gloat, asking, “What’s the score?”

“Five-nothing,” I say darkly, despite the fun I’m having,

“WRONG! Padiddle.” you blurt out like a crazed kindergartner. “Siiiix-nothing,” adding a drawn out ‘zero’ with your hands. I’m having trouble holding in my laughter, as I get closer to losing. I don’t like losing, but I love challenges, and I give you a love-hate kinda look, as you stretch your back and arms, grinning.

Thirty minutes pass by and you score three more Padiddles. I make four false calls, one randomly in a failed attempt to avoid a shutout.

“You should be penalized for saying there’s a Padiddle when there isn’t,” you quip. “One more point and you lose. We can restart if you want to…”

“No.” I shake my head, slightly resigned to my defeat.

“Good.” You lean over to whisper in my ear, “Padiddle.”


“It’s right there, I’ll let it go past you.”

Sure enough, a rusty brown truck is sitting on the side of the road with one headlight.

“Only once have I ever been in a car where that game actually ended, and it took four hours.” I calmly complain.

“Guess it’s my lucky day,” you giggle, shrugging your shoulders as I slowly shake my head. “You know, you’re driving, and you didn’t get a single point, so we could do best two out of three.”

“No, I’ll keep my dignity and accept my punishment, Thank you.” I’m genial, albeit red-faced. The car’s in fifth gear, and the road is empty again. Switching to cruise control, I slide my left hand into my T-shirt.

“Aren’t you going to pull over?”

“No, Michelle.” I say as if the dangerous stunt of undressing while driving should be obvious. “I’d like to get to San Antonio as soon as possible. Could you please hold the wheel for a second?”

You lean in to hold the steering wheel steady and I deftly remove my shirt and throw in to the backseat. Just as quickly I take the wheel back as you stare at my chest.

“Having fun?”

“Yes, but that was just your shirt.”

My dick gets hard just with the idea of driving naked. I’m nervous, too, but thankful to be wearing sandals. All I can do is smile and keep driving. I pay attention to the road as I use my right hand to unbutton my jeans.

“This might be a little challenging,” I note, as I ease my jeans down only an inch with my right hand. I switch to my left hand, and move them down another inch.

“Do you want me to take the wheel again?”

“No, I’m alright. You haven’t stopped staring. Maybe it’s a good thing I lost,” I say, turning to look at you. “Wouldn’t want to wreck the car.”

I switch hands again, and move the jeans down to just under my hips. I’m sitting on the belt loops, and I switch to my left hand, pushing them an inch more. Now you can see my pubic hair and my dick is pushing against my fly. I wish I could have taken my pants off quickly, but it’s just hard to do that while sitting and only being able to use one hand at a time. You’re squirming a bit at the show, and at least that’s enjoyable.

I push with my right hand while lifting my butt up, and the jeans slide down to my knees, but over my boxer shorts, the only thing keeping me covered. You can see me throbbing though. Seductively, as if I intentionally took my jeans off like that, I put both hands on the wheel to let you look longer.

“Well?” you say, enjoyably impatient at me teasing you.

“Alright,”‘ is the only thing I say as I lift up again, muscles elvankent escort tensed, and use my left hand to push my shorts off. I sit down and shake my legs to move them completely off.

“I hope you don’t mind me keeping my sandals on.”

The air-conditioning makes me shiver and my nipples get hard, but my dick starts to soften. I glance at you agape, and then turn the AC to fan. I shake my head, smiling at you.

“Not at all…” you finally reply.

“Well, I have a full tank of gas, and it’s only quarter-till-ten, so I’m probably going to be stuck like this for another two hours. Having fun?”

“Oh, I suspect the fun has only just begun,” you say, reaching across the car seat to stroke a rose painted nail down my bare arm. I shiver but from the southerly swelling, you can tell I’m not cold.

A truck horn startles us both and I look up to see a couple girls passing us in a pick-up truck, grinning broadly and clearly woo-hooing even though I can’t actually hear them. I am blushing a little and I look over to see you wave and grin back.

“Not shy are you?” you ask, teasing gently.

“Who? Me? Nah.”

“Would it help if I took my clothes off too?” you ask with a grin.

“It might,” I respond, sounding hopeful.

“Well, you’re going to have to give me a good reason…”

Shit, I am so fucking vulnerable right now. I thought, or at least managed to think despite the intense arousal from being naked in the car. I was getting really hard, …to focus. I have to focus. I want to cum-GET- GET to San Antonio. Fuck, okay. I have to keep my head straight. Both heads. This is going to be interesting.

Thousands of similar thoughts race through my head as I actively battle conflicting interests. Really, it’s just between sex now, in the car, or sex later, at the resort. I decide to go with two un-stereotypically male decisions. First, I am going to have to think more than one thought at a time, because, second, I am going to wait until the resort.

But what do I have to offer Michelle? Her breasts look delicious, and my patience is wearing thin. On the other hand, she already has me naked. It is really unfair of her to tease me like this and make me offer more!

But I am loving every minute of this, the angel on my shoulder tells my devil. I wonder what her pussy looks like. God I want to lick it right now. I just want to lean over and roll my tongue over her warm clit…

FOCUS!!! I am driving! I yell inside my head like a desperate boxer. I am just going to have to play it like it is.

“Well, Michelle, seeing as how I shouldn’t take my eyes off the road, or my hands off the wheel, and I’m already naked, I’m not sure what I can offer you. How about I drive the rest of the way naked if you take your clothes off till San Antonio?”

“Well, I was thinking more along the lines of divulging naughty secrets or stories but I suppose that’s fair.”

You smile over at me and unbuckle your seatbelt. Reaching down, you grasp the edge of the long flowing dress you’re wearing and begin to slowly draw it up your legs. I take darting glances over at you as I try to watch both you and the road. The smooth silky white skin of your lower legs comes into view. You pull the dress just up over your knees and stop to smooth your hands over your knees and down your legs, then back up.

You pull the hem of the dress up just a little further until your delectable thighs are revealed, stopping just short of your panties. Sliding your hands up the inside of your thighs, you sigh. You pull the dress up farther, pausing to reveal your pink lace bikini panties. They complement your skin perfectly. You pull the dress the rest of the way up and off, revealing your large breasts encased in a matching brassiere.

“Do you like what you see?” you ask. I nod wordlessly so you reach up and back to unhook your brassiere and slide it forward, peeling the cups off those creamy white breasts, revealing large rosy brown areolas and hard nubs.

“I wish you could suck them right now,” you say, reaching up to stroke your fingertips across your nipples and pinch them lightly. You slide your hands down over your rounded tummy into your panties. Lifting your hips, you slide the panties all the way down and off. You reach over to drape them over my dick.

You reach for the purse between your feet and search around for a minute before bringing something out in a small leather case. You open it and I see you extract a small dark pink bullet vibrator. You twist the end to turn it on and reach over to rub it up my already hard cock and watch me begin to breath a little deeper. You run it up and down a few times before pulling back, spreading your legs and pushing it into your cunt with a moan.

In my mind, the horizon ahead of me turns into your open pussy. Aside from my mind being focused on your body, I stop thinking, and just feel. The seductive hum of the vibe burns my ears and I can hear you breathing heavily as my chest begins to rise in rhythm with your sumptuous body. I wish I had my hand on your vibe. I wish I WAS your vibe, as you slide it in and out of your vagina. I can hear the buzz turn into a louder hum as the smell of your pussy hits my nostrils. I can feel precum begin to drip down onto my leg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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