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Last Spring, one of my wife’s relatives past away. My wife and my young son both went to a large Midwestern city for the funeral. They left on a Thursday evening flight for the Saturday funeral and planned to return on Monday. I would have accompanied my wife; however, I had some very important client meetings scheduled for Friday.

As Friday afternoon wound down, I began contemplating the weekend. I would have the entire weekend to myself. My sex life with my wife was not as fulfilling as it used to be, and as a horny 40 yr old, I spent more and more time on the internet looking at pictures of attractive young women. I spent Friday night in front of the computer going from 1 web site to another looking at x- rated pictures. I planned to go to my favorite topless bar on Saturday night, as I did on the few occasions when my wife was out of town.

I slept late on Saturday morning and walked to the curb to retrieve the morning paper. Wendy, our next door neighbors’ daughter was walking her dog on the side walk. Wendy was a drop dead gorgeous 21 year old brunette with big brown eyes and full luscious lips. She stood about 5″6″ tall and sported an absolutely spectacular set of tits. She had a striking resemblance to a 1990’s porn star named Celeste. I had also heard from another neighbor that Wendy had been approached on campus by a Playboy scout asking her to submit photos to the magazine. Supposedly, she had turned them down. When she washed her car in the driveway in her bikini, it was almost like a pay per view event. I would immediately find something to do in the front yard or the garage so I could stare at her heavenly body. The teenage boy across the street would also come out and pretend to shoot hoops on his basketball goal. My wife had caught me staring at Wendy on at least 1 occasion, and she was none too happy about it.

As we met at the sidewalk, Wendy and I began making small talk. She mentioned that her parents were away on vacation for a week while she was studying for her Finals. She was a marketing major with a finance minor at the local university. She was concerned about her Managerial Finance final on Monday. She barely had a C average in the course, and was worried that her grade may slip down to a D. I had just finished my MBA in Finance 2 years ago, and I casually mentioned that to Wendy. She immediately asked if I could help her study for her Final exam in Finance. Without any hesitation I said “sure”. We made plans for her to come over right after lunch at 1:00 PM. As I walked back into the house, I began thinking about spending the entire afternoon with Wendy. I knew that my wife would not approve of this whatsoever; however, I knew that she would not approve of me going to topless bars either, and I had already made plans for that hedonistic excursion.

As I ate breakfast and read the paper, I could hardly keep my mind off of the upcoming afternoon. I could feel my cock throbbing thru my thin shorts. I spent an hour that morning quickly reviewing my class notes and the textbook which I had used 2 years ago. With my engineering background, I had practically aced the course; nonetheless, I wanted to be somewhat prepared. I ate a quick lunch at 12:00, and then I showered, shaved and then dressed like I was going out on a date. She rang my doorbell at 1:00 sharp, and as I opened the door, I know that my eyes must have grown as big as saucers. She was wearing a tight fitting pink tank top that perfectly showcased her ample chest. A pair of white cotton shorts gave me a great view of her tanned and very shapely legs. Her cute little feet were perfectly visible beneath her sandals. We quickly settled in around the breakfast room table. We started reviewing the areas which gave her the most difficulty. Her face was like that of an angel, so I had to really concentrate on the finance stuff and not just gaze into her eyes. After working about a dozen finance problems, we took a brief break.

We talked about her other courses and what she was planning to do after her graduation next Fall. I soon found out that she did some part-time modeling, and that she had just broken up with her boyfriend less than 3 weeks ago. I asked if she was dating anybody else, and she replied “no”. This kind of surprised me because normally girls with Wendy’s looks can find another boyfriend within a few days. She mentioned that a lot of guys had called her or asked her out, but that was not ready to date quite yet. We talked for almost an hour before again reviewing more finance concepts and problems. By 6:00, we decided to stop for the day. As Wendy was walking out the front door, she mentioned that she did not have any plans for Dinner. She asked if I would like to go out and eat somewhere. With my brain now lodged in my crotch, I quickly said “yes”.

She said that she would quickly change clothes and be back in a few minutes. I was dressed OK, so I just sat in the Den hoping my wife would never find out about today’s events. Within 10 minutes she returned still wearing the eye popping pink tank top. She did change into a pair of white capri pants as well as a pair of open toed eryaman escort high heels. I opened the car door for her like this was some sort of date. With rare exceptions, I had not done that for my wife in almost 5 years. After sitting in the car, the smell of her perfume was almost intoxicating. I was honest and upfront with her and asked if we could go to a restaurant halfway across town so that no one would recognize us. She understood that my marriage was important and directed me to a Mexican restaurant at least 15 miles from the house. We spent about an hour an a half at the restaurant enjoying great food and conversation. As I stared into her eyes, I swear this was the most attractive female had I ever seen outside of an adult magazine or video. She could have made a fortune working at the upscale topless club that I had planned to visit that evening.

As we drove back to my house, it certainly seemed that she was coming on to me. As I drove and we talked, she would lightly touch my arm or knee. Despite our age differences, I would have definitely made a play for her if I had not been married. After returning to my house, she said yes when I asked if she would like to come in and listen to some CDs. She sat on the couch right beside me. After about 30 more minutes, our eyes and lips met with a passionate kiss. My lips danced across her high cheekbones, eyes and forehead. With her left leg now draped across my lap, our tongues met for some steamy French kissing. My cock was bulging up noticeably under my khaki pants. When I slightly repositioned her left leg on my lap, she looked down upon the huge tent in my pants. She smiled and then whispered in my ear “I want you to make love to me”. I was now so horny that I could not have said no to this question for almost any amount of money.

We continued to kiss and make out like 2 high school kids at a drive-in. I then picked her up and carried her up to my Master bedroom. After I laid her on the bed, she sat up and unbuckled my belt and pulled it free. As she stared at my bulging crotch, she looked up in my eyes and said “it looks like some one wants to come out and play”. I swallowed hard and quickly said “yes”.

She unbuttoned my Dockers and pulled them down to my ankles. After removing my shoes and socks, she helped me step out of the pants exposing the huge bulge in my underwear. I sat down beside her and began placing light soft kisses across her shoulder. I removed one and then the other strap on her tank top. Before the pink top fell off her chest, she placed her hands across her boobs not yet wanting to expose her major league melons. After placing the straps back on her shoulders, she began to kiss me again and yet at the same time unbutton my shirt. After she pulled my T-shirt over my head, she pushed me down on the bed.

I was rather shocked that she had taken charge of this lovemaking. I asked her if she had a lot of experience. She said that she had only been with 2 guys in her life, but between those 2 guys, she had done the wild thing well over 200 times. I quickly wondered if those 2 guys knew how lucky they were. As Wendy stood over me, she removed her high heels and then proceeded to tease me by rubbing her bare feet first over my upper legs and then over my stomach. As her feet rubbed my chest and sensitive nipples, my hands caressed her tanned satiny smooth calves. When I reached down to remove my underwear, she stopped me, and said “Mr. Cock wasn’t ready to come out yet”.

She then placed her hands on her hips and asked ” Do you want to see my tits?” Without thinking, I quickly said that I had wanted to see her boobs for the past 5 years. I then turned beet red when she reminded me that she was now 21 and 5 years ago she was 16. I quickly changed my answer to 3 years instead of 5 years. She pulled the straps of the tank top off her shoulder and then pulled the top up high enough so I could see her taut stomach. She then quickly turned around and pulled the tank top over her head. She was now topless, but her back was to me. After throwing the tank top on the floor, she turned around to face me, but she had her hands strategically placed over each boob. After a minute or so of this tit teasing, she placed her hands back on her hips revealing her absolutely spectacular chest. “Wow, oh Wow” were the first words out of my mouth. I asked her what her bra size was. She proudly pointed to her chest, waist and hips and replied “37C-24-36”. She looked absolutely stunning standing there topless still wearing the white capri pants. She said that everything was real, and that she had not had any cosmetic surgery.

A big smile appeared on her face as she said ” it’s time for Mr.Cock to come out”. She then knelt down between my knees and peeled my underwear down my legs and over my ankles. With my crotch now totally exposed, she stared down hungrily at my twitching cock.

She then threw her hands in the air and asked “Do you want to see my naked?” After I said yes, she stood back up and slid her fingers under the waistband of her Capri pants and slowly pulled them down and threw them on the floor. A pink sincan escort thong was all the separated me from viewing her inviting pussy. She quickly slipped the thong down her long legs revealing her now totally nude body. Her tits were completely tanned, but she had tan lines where she had just removed her thong. She smiled when I told her that she was Playmate or Pet of the Year material. I stood up and kissed her again on the lips again before I lowered her on the bed. I planted kisses on her upper chest for a minute or so before I began to touch and massage her boobs. I kissed, massaged and caressed every square inch of those voluptuous tits.

Wendy giggled when I asked if either of her 2 previous boyfriends had fucked her boobs. She said that both of them had done so many times, but that I was welcome to do the same. My mind began wondering as I imagined my cock disappearing between her mounds. The fucking would come later; at the moment I wanted to enjoy the feel of her soft tits in my hands. I would alternate between licking and gently sucking her now erect nipples. I enjoyed smashing her boobs together before I would lick in the valley between her cleavage. She had also placed a small dab of perfume between her twin peaks that was also driving me crazy with lust.

I could hardly believe that I was making love to a beautiful 21 year old girl with the body and face of a porn star. I was a 25 year old virgin when I married my then 30 yr old wife. My wife was thin ( and still is ) and had a pretty face, but her 32B chest was never anything to get excited about. I was 40 yrs old and had never fucked a girl younger than 30 nor had I touched boobs larger than 32B. Those numbers were now changing to 21 years and 37C. I was actually more excited here with Wendy then I was with my wife on our wedding night.

After exploring her unbelievable chest for a good 20 minutes, my lips made their way down past her belly button and on to her moist pussy. Her pussy was clean shaven with a small triangle of pubic hair above her clit. I kneeled between her spread legs and gently slapped at her slick clit while she massaged her breasts and moaned with pleasure. I then quickly buried my nose and tongue into Wendy’s garden of delight. To tease her even more, I pulled away from her cunt and ever so slowly began licking and kissing the inside of her thighs. She grabbed the hair on my head and pulled me closer to her love canal. As my tongue tickled her clit, she began moaning louder and pulled my head even closer. As she approached her orgasm, Wendy wrapped those long sexy legs around my head and screamed and screamed in pleasure. If we had not been on the second floor, I would have been worried that her screams would be heard outside. My wife had never had an orgasm that violent and intense.

After her orgasm completely subsided, Wendy bluntly said that “I want to suck your cock!” We changed positions as I lay on the bed and she knelt down between my legs. Pre-cum had formed at the tip of my cock, and she rubbed it along her neck. Her tongue twisted around my bulbhead before she licked down my entire shaft. I then watched in complete amazement as she lowered her pouty lips down and around the mushroom head. Her mouth worked my cock up and down swallowing the first 2 or 3 inches of my manhood. While cupping my balls, Wendy drove her mouth down further and further over the entire length of my flagpole. My wife had never deep throated me before, so this was an incredible spectacle. My entire cock was lodged in her mouth, and I could feel the tip of my shaft touching the back of her throat. This almost sent me over the cliff so I pulled out of her mouth and tensed my muscles. As much as I would have enjoyed my cum exploding in her mouth, my primary focus was to save my sperm so I could squirt it directly into her young pussy.

Without saying a word, she grabbed my cock in one hand while she maneuvered herself over it and began to slowly slide her pussy down over the blood engorged head until my entire cock had been engulfed by her moist cunt. As she slowly began to rock her pelvis, I got a handful of each of her boobs. While we were still joined at the crotch, she leaned forward and planted soft kisses on my lips. I cupped the cheeks of her ass with my hands while at the same time felt her huge tits against my chest. She played cowgirl for a few more minutes before dismounting from my glistening prick.

We kissed for a few more minutes before I climbed on top of her and rubbed my cock over her pussy. “Stuff it in, stuff it in” she cried, but I continued to stroke my cock on her moist cunt. After a few more minutes, I couldn’t take it any longer. As I looked up into her eyes, I asked if she was ready for the main event. She screamed “Yes”!

Very slowly, I glided my rod into her steaming pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and locked her legs around mine. After I started to develop a rhythm, I noticed that she had an incredible control over her vaginal muscles milking my cock as I worked in and out of her. She started moaning louder and throwing her head from side batıkent escort to side saying “Fuck, oh fuck, fuck me harder”. Wendy was so wet that my strokes were almost effortless. After another 5 minutes, she began a screaming, twisting orgasm that almost threw me off of her. Her wild orgasm sent me over the edge. I buried my face on her neck and held on tight as my cock exploded inside her pussy. This was easily the most intense and satisfying sexual experience that I had ever had.

Almost like newlyweds, we started kissing, caressing and massaging each other again. I turned her over on her back and began giving her a sensual massage starting at her shoulders and working my way down her back. After planting a multitude of kisses on the cheeks of her ass, I gently traced my fingers up and down her sexy legs. When I had finished, she pushed me back down on the bed and started playing with my balls. She would place one ball then the other in her mouth. Needless to say, I now had a full erection.

After licking both sides of my shaft, she seductively squeezed her boobs together and asked if I was ready to fuck her 37 inch love cushions. I grabbed some of my wife’s baby oil and poured some between her twin peaks. She lay down on the bed while I carefully mounted her chest. This was going to be a new experience for me because I had never fucked boobs in my life. I positioned my cock on her chest between her tits. After she squeezed them together, I started moving my penis back and forth. At the top of her cleavage, I watched the tip of my cock appear and then disappear back into her valley of delight. As I reached a furious pace, I was moaning at the top of my lungs. Wendy and I stared in each other’s eyes before she started saying “fuck my tits, fuck my big tits!”. After a few more strokes, I could feel my second orgasm building in my balls. I grabbed a hold of the headboard as my cum gushed out on her upper chest.

I lay back down on the bed completely exhausted and drained. We cuddled for a while before I asked if she wanted to spend the night rather than go back next door to her house. After she accepted the invitation, I gave her one of my t-shirts to sleep in. We slept soundly till about 9:00 AM on Sunday morning. We arose and fixed a breakfast of pancakes and sausage. As we prepared breakfast, we could hardly keep our hands off of each other. In between flipping pancakes, I was squeezing and massaging her boobs beneath my cotton T-shirt. She indicated that she did want to study some more for her Exam on Monday; however, we were both getting extremely horny again. I found a brand new toothbrush for her, and after we had brushed and used mouthwash, our lips met again for yet another passionate kiss.

After we both agreed that we would take a sensual shower together, I scooped her up in my arms and took her upstairs to the Master bathroom shower. It is one of those glass enclosed see thru showers which looked out onto the vanity and large mirror. We wetted each other down, before I soaped her up from neck to toe. I used my hands to clean almost every square inch of her body. As she expected, I paid close attention to her hefty hooters as well as her pretty pussy. So that we could watch in the mirror, I soaped her chest and cunt while standing or squatting down behind her.

After I washed her off, she soaped me up making sure that my cock and balls were squeaky clean. After I rinsed off, I cupped my hands around her butt cheeks and lifted her off the floor. As her arms wrapped around my neck, my cock slid into her wet pussy. Wendy then wrapped her legs around my waist. To help support her weight, I pushed her against the shower wall and began to ram my cock in and out of her pussy. The feeling of her huge boobs pressed against my chest was incredible. Underneath the fine mist from the shower spray, we watched ourselves in the bathroom mirror. We were both moaning before her moans turned into screams. As she clutched her arms even tighter around my neck, she screamed “I’am cumming, I’am cumming”! I was now slamming my cock into her pussy at a furious pace. I soon felt that familiar tingling sensation, and I was soon ejaculating for the third time in less than 12 hours. I had not come 3 times in one 1 day since my honeymoon.

Since Wendy’s hair was already wet, we finished in the shower with me washing her hair. After we dried off, she returned back to her house next door for a couple of hours. After lunch, she came back over to finish studying for her Finance Final exam. We spent the afternoon working finance problems and then went out to Dinner. We finished the evening again in my Bedroom with yet another lovemaking session. Using one of my wife’s vibrating dildos as well as my hands, mouth and tongue, I brought Wendy to 3 more earth shattering orgasms. As much as we both tried, we couldn’t coax another load out of my empty balls. I wasn’t disappointed because the weekend had been more than satisfying. How many 40 year old guys have the opportunity to spend their weekend fucking the living daylights out of a buxom 21 year old beauty? I was extremely lucky because only perfect timing of several events allowed this to occur: my wife and son were out of town, her parents were out of town, she had an exam in my area of expertise, we met that Saturday morning on the sidewalk and she found me sexually attractive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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