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Not my usual subject matter, but the idea was suggested by a reader on here who wanted a fantasy written for her. Thought I’d have a go!


My eyelids fluttered, then closed, as Marina smiled at what she saw.

She was watching me, and listening to me shouting out, as I came to a shuddering orgasm. The fact that she was my younger cousin made it all the more extraordinary.

I was laying back in the armchair opposite her, with my legs wide apart, and Tina’s tongue lapping at my clitoris.

As I came down, I heard myself exclaiming, “Oh god I wasn’t expecting that tonight.”

I’m Penny, and I was visiting my younger cousin Marina in the UK from Australia. Free of the usual constraints of ‘husband Mark,’ I had jumped at the opportunity of three weeks on the other side of the world.

Marina was a younger version of me. Dark haired, olive skinned, both of which came from our Greek heritage, and she had a ‘full’ body like mine.

In Oz we had been very close, a real ‘best friend’, and I had missed her for the two years that we had been apart. The day I saw her off at Sydney airport had been strange, and emotional. Obviously I was going to miss her, but just before she went to go through the ‘gate’ we kissed, not just on the cheek like friends do, but fully on the lips, and quite passionately. When our lips parted she had looked at me, and the last thing she said was, “I’ve always wanted that.”

Those four words had stayed with me the whole time she’d been away.

When she suggested ‘coming over’ for a holiday I discussed it with Mark. He immediately said “go!” and so all the arrangements were made. We also discussed being apart for that long, and I remember him fucking me the night before my flight, and saying, just as he’d finished cumming inside me, “If you get fucked by a ‘pommie’ guy you’d better tell me about it when you get back!”

My reply to that was, “If you fuck any pussy, I’ll expect the same!”

And so the holiday began.

Marina greeted me at Heathrow, hugging me at ‘arrivals’ before, this time briefly, kissing me on the lips. The kiss passed without comment, but there was an unmistakable sexual tension all the same.

Marina lived in the midlands so the car journey took about three hours. I couldn’t believe the amount of traffic, but everything seemed exactly as I had imagined it, even down to the cooler temperature.

Arriving at her flat I had my first decent coffee, and we chatted, and chatted, and chatted.

I’d said in emails that I didn’t want to disrupt Marina’s social life by my visit, but she’d taken two weeks off from her HR job so that we could go sightseeing.

By late afternoon I was flagging so when Tina, her friend, dropped by I was recharged and we all went out for a pizza.

Tina was gorgeous; blonde, shapely figure, fairly tall, and with an infectious giggle. What I also noticed straight away, was her touchy feeliness towards Marina. So much so that when Tina went to the loo I joked, “Tina seems quite taken with you.”

Marina blushed crimson. “Oh you noticed.”

Awkwardly she stuttered, “We sort of have a ‘thing’ going, I’ve been worrying about how to tell you.”

Drawing a deep breath I said quietly, “Marina, I’m your best friend and cousin, don’t be silly, if that’s who you are, be it!” But what really shook me was my inner reaction. My heart fluttered, and my pussy twitched. It was as though I was elated, sexually, to know they were both gay, or, at least, bisexual.

Tina returned, and immediately, seemed to pick up the vibes.

“Ah, you’ve told your cousin?” Tina looked slightly nervous.

Breaking the tension, I interrupted. “Yes, and I’m thrilled, Marina is a long time friend, and I’m glad she’s with such a lovely girl, Tina.”

Tina smiled, and leaned over and hugged me. Again, I felt that strange surge of adrenaline. But then Tina added a further surprise.

“We have quite an ‘open’ relationship. While we’ve been together, we’ve both had boyfriends. We’ve both agreed to share our bed, but to also share our openness with each other.”

I was stuck for words. Marina broke the silence.

“Penny, I know this is a bit sudden, but we are both happy with our relationship. I know you being married casino oyna to Mark, this must be new, but it’s our life.”

“I couldn’t agree more, you two are free spirits, in a way I’m jealous that I haven’t experimented more before settling down.”

Tina giggled her giggle. “Then maybe this holiday may be an adventure.”

I must have blushed, because both girls dissolved in laughter.

Everyone relaxed after all of those admissions, and the wine flowed. All three of us stumbled back to the flat and I went straight to bed thoroughly exhausted by jet lag, too much wine, and a lot of emotion.

I must have been disturbed a little later, because in the darkness I recognised the sound of lovemaking. Tina and Marina were enjoying each other. My sleepiness melted away, and my body reacted in the only way it could. As my fingers slipped between my thighs, and through the soft hair surrounding my pussy, the juices flowed.

I heard the muffled sound of someone cumming, and as my lubricated finger tips rotated around my clit I started to cum myself. I had to bite the duvet to stop myself crying out, and finally my body relaxed in the afterglow of orgasm.

By the time I got up, showered, and dressed, Tina had gone and I was able to have breakfast with Marina.

The conversation flowed and we were planning to go out and for Marina to show me the local sights.

“We’ll have lunch in town, and perhaps ‘do’ the museum and art gallery this afternoon. Tina’s friend Andrea is having one of these ‘lingerie’ parties this evening, do you fancy going, or will it be too tiring a first day?”

“No, I’d love to, it will be fun, and I just love the idea of a feminine evening.”

“There will only be a few of us, I went to one before, and was asked to model some of the stuff.”

“Ooooh that sounds very daring, but I suppose if there’s only a few of us it might be quite a thrilling thing to do.”

Tina laughed, and said that she would dare me to have a go if Andrea wanted anyone.

So that’s how we got to where I started this story. We arrived at Andrea’s having had a couple of glasses of red wine on the way. As it turned out there were five of us at the party, myself, Tina, Andrea, Marina, and another friend, Charlie, a young girl probably not long out of her teens.

More wine was on offer and we all stood round in the kitchen/diner chatting, laughing and a lot of banter.

“So Penny, you’re up for doing some modelling tonight?” asked Andrea.

I looked apprehensive but the wine had given me courage. “Sure, I’ll have a go, if it’s not too much of a shock to everyone.”

Everyone laughed, and with whoops of encouragement Andrea took me into one of the living rooms to get me dressed up. Tina joined us to assist while the others retired to the main lounge with their wine.

Andrea had many small cases of samples of different sizes of lingerie but she had a distinct idea of how she wanted to dress me for maximum impact to the others.

“Oh Penny, if you’d like to get undressed, I’ve turned the heating up deliberately for tonight.”

Nervously I slipped out of my top and skirt, I had quite a large body, which Mark, and many other men admired, so when I removed my bra, my boobs flowed pendulously downwards, my nipples becoming quite hard. Lastly, I stepped out of my panties, revealing my neatly cropped ‘bush,’ and plump labia.

I thought I heard Tina breathe in deeply which surprised me a bit.

Andrea had quite an ‘outfit’ for me. Crimson Lacey panties, a black basque, heavily laced at the back, and black stockings secured with a suspender belt below the basque. Both girls helped me on with the basque but Tina secured the lacing at the back. To make it fit and to show my overflowing boobs she managed to cup my breasts and run her fingers, as if by accident, over my nipples.

To me it was like a jolt of electricity through me. Strangely, my pussy twitched. I guess she noticed, and so did Andrea, because she said quietly, “Oooh, you two need a cold drink.”

Tina, on hearing that, daringly, stroked her hand across my ass, and, instinctively, I pushed back against her fingers. It was enough to give a signal to her that I was not averse to her touch.

It was time for our ‘presentation.’

Andrea canlı casino went ahead into the lounge to introduce us. For a brief few seconds it left me alone in the living room with Tina. Without any awkwardness we both kissed, open mouthed, with tongues momentarily touching. And then we made our grand entrance.

I was shaking from both the kiss, and the exposure I was about to get. But everyone started to clap, and shout as I stood in the middle of the room. Tina sat down with the others and Andrea began to describe my ensemble and to give prices etc.

After several minutes Andrea asked for another volunteer to try on some more items. Charlie was encouraged by Andrea to have a go, because she did have a wonderful body. With trepidation she and Andrea disappeared which left Tina and Marina whispering across the room from me.

“What are you two conspiring about?” I asked.

Tina giggled, and Marina said, “Tina quite fancies you, does that shock you?”

I was lost for words, actually it did shock me, not the fact that she fancied me, but that Marina was actually saying it.

Croaking slightly, I replied, “But she’s your girlfriend.”

“Like we said, we have an open relationship, as long as we tell each other about things.”

With that Charlie was presented to the room by Andrea. She was dressed in the sexiest, black bra, panties, suspenders belt and stockings. A huge cheer went up and Charlie blushed slightly but did a little twirl.

Again, Andrea described the outfit, and how much the various pieces cost. As she did so Tina came over and sat on the arm of my armchair. I shifted nervously, but didn’t react when her fingers started caressing my neck. As I watched Charlie showing herself off in the centre of the room, I could feel my whole body warming to Tina’s touch. I could also see Marina smiling from the chair opposite.

And then the whole mood of the room seemed to take a different tack.

Andrea took Charlie in her arms and kissed her. Marina watched intently, and both Tina and I stared while Tina’s hand smoothed over my shoulders. Charlie’s bra dropped to the floor, as Andrea deftly unclasped it. With my jaw dropping in surprise, and distracted by Tina’s attentions Andrea moved Charlie to the sofa, laid her down, and began to suck on her pert, young nipples.

My gaze was quickly averted, as Tina leaned over and kissed me. My lips parted, and accepted her tongue deep in my mouth. This was so new, so arousing.

Then everything happened in quick succession. Tina slid off the arm of the chair, and went to a kneeling position between my thighs, at the same her fingers gripped both sides of my panties, and slid them down, and off.

Exposed, I knew my pussy lips were swollen and seeping pussy juices. Tina wanted to indulge herself, plunging the tongue, that had just explored my mouth, into my pussy as far as she was able.

Marina heard my gasp, and seemed to enjoy watching her girlfriend start to pleasure me in the way that she knew so well.

I’m not sure how long it lasted. I did hear Charlie moaning, and gasping on the sofa, but my shouting out as my orgasm approached drowned even her. And my expression of pleasurable satisfaction was a prelude to Charlie’s final cries.

“Oh god, I wasn’t expecting that tonight.”

And from the sofa came Charlie’s exhortation, “God Yes, please don’t stop, god yes, yes, I’m cumming,” and with her thighs gripping Andrea’s head, “oooooooh fuuuuccckkk!”

Opening my eyes, Marina was smiling at me, my young cousin, not knowing how much I’d wished it had been her bringing me off.

The room quietened and gradually everyone slowly recovered as much composure as the situation allowed. Erotically Tina went over to Marina, and kissed her, giving me the strange thrill of knowing that my cousin was tasting my pussy juices on her girlfriend’s lips.

Both I and Charlie went to the living room to get dressed. Charlie unseemingly whispering to me, “God that was fucking great.”

I replied that I agreed, and repeated that I wasn’t expecting anything like that.

When we both returned to the others, Marina had called a taxi, and by midnight we were home. Tina stopped over, and I guessed she wanted to reassure Marina after ‘having’ kaçak casino her friend.

When I awoke it was later on Sunday morning. From the sounds, or lack of sounds, I wasn’t sure if I was alone in the flat. I crept to the loo, and peeped into Marina’s bedroom, and glimpsed her alone in bed. I must have disturbed her, as she opened her eyes, and called out, “Hey Penny, is that you?”

“Who else were you expecting,” I laughed.

“I wasn’t sure if Tina had left, that’s all.”

“I hope you two are ok?” I said, entering her bedroom, and sitting on the side of her bed.

“I told you silly, we are cool with our lifestyle, as long as we are open.”

“Good, I won’t mention it again, but I apologise if I embarrassed you, getting all sexy in public.”

Marina chuckled, “Actually I was turned on, not sure if it was because it was Tina, or because it was you,”

There was a silence before I said, “Ok I’m going to have a shower, can I use it first?”

“I might join you,” said Marina smiling, “I remember doing that once when we were young.”

My heart skipped a beat, “Yes if you like, it’s big enough, it might be fun.”

My mind was in overdrive, should I have tempted providence?

Within minutes I was standing under the cascading jets of hot water, luxuriating in the warmth. The bathroom soon steamed up, and in the mistiness Marina slipped into the shower beside me.

She had brought her shampoo with her, and with a squirt she was soon asking me to massage it into her scalp.

With her back to me I gave her hair and scalp a good ‘going over.’ When it came to rinsing off she had to stand under the shower head and the both of us were squeezed together. Her bum was pressing into my tummy, my boobs squashed into her back. Impulsively I cuddled her, putting my arms around her.

The suds flowed away but my hands slid up to her breasts and cupped them. Neither of us said anything, as the water continued flowing, and my fingers squeezed both her nipples. Marina seemed to press her buttocks further into me. One of my hands travelled downwards towards her wet pubic hair. As if reading my mind, willingly, she spread her feet further apart, allowing my fingers to access her young pussy.

Rubbing her clit, and moving my middle finger inside, she quietly moaned. There was no going back now, we had both passed the point of no return. This was confirmed when Marina said in a hushed voice, “Don’t stop, Penny, just don’t stop.”

Her knees buckled, and I had to hold her up as she came.

“Should we have done that,” I quickly asked, “for god’s sake I’m your cousin.”

“Please don’t regret it Penny, it’s just a different way of loving.”

But it felt strange, yes I wanted it, but now was it guilt?

As we dried ourselves on giant fluffy towels, Marina could see I was troubled.

“Look Penny, there was nothing wrong with that, it was lovely, I will even tell Tina about it.”

As she said it, she put her arms around me, and we hugged. Raising her head, our eyes met. I put one hand under chin, and we kissed. Softly, gently, lovingly.

Pulling apart slightly, both of us let our towels drop to the floor. Our skin was warm from the shower, our breasts hot against each other.

With a gentle nudge Marina pushed me backwards onto the bed.

“Do not say a thing,” Marina didn’t want any objections.

I felt the guilt come flooding back, but only until her face buried itself into my pussy. I heard myself start to object, but my brief, “Oh Marina, please…” turned into, “Oh Marina, oh my god, you …”

I started to groan in little staccato whimpers. I had often cum quickly with Mark, but I couldn’t stop the rapid tremors that flooded through me. “Oh you little …fuck…fuck…oh my god.” But instead of shuddering to an orgasm it seemed to reach a plateau of pleasure, hanging there while Marina went on and on with her tongue. I couldn’t believe the feelings.

“Oh Marina, I cant go on, Oh god, pleeeeaaase.” My pleading made her redouble her efforts. When her fingers thrust into me, while her tongue continued lapping at my clit, the dam burst. My orgasm was as deep, and as long lasting as I’d ever had. I could feel my juices spurting over her face, my lower body shivering and shaking for what seemed an age.

My holiday in the UK had just begun, but what was the rest of the couple of weeks going to bring me. So much had been awakened…and where would it take me?

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