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This is a continuation of my submission “An Afternoon’s Punting”.

It had been a long day and the 3-hour drive home seemed interminable. The storm broke and it got dark and we were driving in torrential rain. I was impatient to get home – initially to see what Chris’s ‘plans’ had been, but, as the journey wore on, just to get a hot meal and then some sleep.

Finally, around 9 pm, we arrived home. We went straight out to the little Italian restaurant over the road and both found we were too tired to eat all our food. We left and went straight to bed.

I had not forgotten Chris’s plans – whatever they were – but half of me hoped he would carry them out the next day, as the idea of just going to sleep was so attractive.

We held each other in bed for a while. I started feeling sleepy. Then I felt Chris’s hand, stroking my breast gently and almost absent-mindedly. He must have been feeling sleepy too. I snuggled in closer to him and smiled. I could feel my nipple stiffening under his touch and getting more sensitive.

So could he.

His hand moved down my body, sleepily.

He stroked my thighs and ran his fingers over my shaved lips. Less sleepily.

I couldn’t help opening my legs. He pushed two fingers deep into me and stroked my g-spot. I was getting wet. I realised I was moving against him. But part of me just wanted to drift off to sleep with his fingers inside me, stroking me. Then he touched my clitoris and that changed my mind. I moaned out and immediately he took his hand kadıköy escort away. He put his fingers back inside me and carried on stroking my g-spot. I was moaning for more now. I wanted his cock buried deep inside me, his body on top of mine, his long hair brushing my face as he looked down on me.

“I want you inside me”.

“Not yet. I want you right on the edge first”.

I needed his cock in me. If not in my cunt, then in my mouth.

“Let me suck you”.


He stroked and massaged my g-spot until I was streaming with arousal. I knew this wasn’t going to make me come, but it was getting me close and it felt soooooooo good. It made me want to BEG him to fuck me. But I knew there was no point in asking again. I found myself lifting my hips to try and get more of him in me. All I could see in my mind was his hard, long cock and my palpable need to be fucked by it.

By the time I was whimpering and bucking my hips against him, Chris was ready to give me more. He gently stroked my rock-hard clitoris just twice, then moved until he was over me and pushed his cock slowly into my dripping cunt. When he was buried deep in my belly, he held himself there for a while.

I could feel my cunt twitching involuntarily around his cock. My head and my body were filled with an overwhelming sense of relief. He had made me wait so long for the penetration I needed that when he gave it to me I wanted him to stay there üsküdar escort forever.

He kissed my mouth. I moaned into his mouth and he started moving again, slowly, filling me and stroking me with his cock.

He had indeed got me close to the edge before he started fucking me. I knew that his slow, gentle rhythm was going to make me come on him soon. I didn’t want to. I wanted to prolong this and I wanted to feel his cock pulsing as he came inside me.

I tried to push him away. “Wait – I’m close”.

He pushed my hand away from his hip and said “Good”. He started pumping me faster and suddenly I no longer had the will to try and make him wait. I came around his cock, holding onto him tight, burying my face in his neck, bucking against him. He held himself deep inside me, not moving, until he had felt the last of the aftershocks squeezing his cock.

Chris didn’t move for a while. He let me catch my breath. Then he started kissing me. Those gentle, shallow, teasing mouth-kisses that make me very aroused. I wanted him to fuck me again but at the same time I wanted him to give me a while longer to recover from my orgasm.

Very gently, very slowly, he started moving inside me again. Short, slow, almost comforting strokes. My clitoris was still hyper-sensitive from the orgasm, and the feeling of his body touching it as he slowly fucked me was a combination of extreme arousal and almost-pain. Soon, I was moving against him, responding to his slow, easy rhythm.

He tuzla escort lifted one of my legs and put my ankle against his shoulder so that I was lying under him, my hips skewed sideways. He started moving in me again. It felt like he was fucking me sideways. The feeling was incredible. Total penetration, pushing against the side of my cunt, deep inside me.

I was getting close again. I still wanted him to come inside me but I knew by now he was in control of who was going to come and when. I started moving my hips against him harder. I wanted to come on a cock that was fucking me deep and hard. It didn’t take long. I bit my lip and tried not to make a noise as the intense orgasm ripped though me. He let me lower my shaking leg from his shoulder onto the bed. But he didn’t stop fucking me. Hard and deep. I was crying out now – the intensity of him fucking me like that prolonged my orgasm until I wanted to beg him to stop. Then suddenly he groaned and thrust himself to the hilt inside my tight, still-coming cunt and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he filled me with his cum. He collapsed onto me and we held each other. He stayed inside me for a long time. I didn’t want him to go. It felt so good just having him inside me. Eventually he pulled his soft cock out of me and we just held each other for a while.

I had a slight ache in my belly from the deep penetration. An ache I knew from experience would still be there the next day. An ache that would prolong that feeling of having been well and deeply fucked, all through my day at work. An ache that would keep a gentle smile on my lips through tomorrow’s meetings. As we drifted off to sleep, I was full of warmth and love. I held the man, now snoring gently, who – amazingly – consistently – makes me feel like I’m having the best sex I’ve ever had, every time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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