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I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stood there in shook watching my best friend for the last five years who invited me to this health spa as a vacation to get away from our husbands and families was lying in the bed with another woman. I recognized the woman, as Yvette she was one of the health and fitness instructors. Her body was in tiptop shape far better than Cindy’s and my own. Cindy’s head bobbed up and down between Yvette’s legs and sounds of the two of them moaning and groaning sent a chill through me. I started to turn and walk away but it almost sounded as if Yvette was crying from the joy of the experience. I’ve never known such joy. I return to the room and leaned just outside the door panel. What the hell was I doing, I’m not attracted to women, no way. Whatever I was the sound and the sights coming from that room was like a sexual symphony and I was feeling the music. I could see Yvette and Cindy were embraced in a passionate kiss and that’s when I felt my legs shivering, tingling and moist.

“Come on in Peg; why don’t you join us?”

My God, my heart nearly jumped out my chest. Did they know I was they’re the whole time? Frozen in shock I stood there not knowing whether to run, or curse them out.

Sensing my apprehension, Cindy walked up to just as casually and tenderly my hand.

“Its okay Peg we’re just being who we are.” She led me over to the bed and sat me down. Whiping the hair from my face, she looked me in the eyes.

“Are you scared?”

“I don’t know I was…” Before I could finish my statement her lips were touching mine in a way that I never felt before. Actually it was more like a peck, but as she pulled away I felt my lips tingling and wishing she hadn’t pulled away so soon. I leaned forward and her lips met mine again but this time she forced her tongue into my mouth, darting it about engaging my tongue to play with her own. I could feel her hands roaming about my body and she seemed to know just where to touch me. When I felt something wet against my back I knew it had to be Yvette. I’d almost forgotten she was here. I tried to pull away,

“Just relax, just relax, and let yourself go.” Cindy whispered in my ear and drifted down Beylikdüzü escort to my neck. I was shaking like a leaf as I watched Cindy’s moist mouth cascade down to my breast. Passionately licking and caressing each nipple, I moaned so deeply I almost thought the voice was not my own. Yvette was at my neck nibbling my shoulders and traveling up to my ear. Once there she would slide her tongue into my ear. Her heavy breath revealed just how hot she was. I turned around and our eyes met. I reached out and began to caress the soft skin of her face. Her eyes were hypnotic and yet there was something sad vulnerable about her. A passion came over me; I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her. She melted in my arms and we both fell down on to the bed. I climbed between her legs and started grinding against her firm and lightly muscular body. Wrapping her legs around my back she moaned.

Cindy positioned herself behind me. I felt her spreading my legs open and then she slid her tongue inside of me.

“Noooo, oh noo!” I cried out. It felt so good. Her tongue seemed to trace a line from my clit pass my pussy and to my sphincter.

“Ooh, oooh ssss, ahhh!.” I couldn’t believe the sounds that were escaping from my lips. I started licking and sucking Yvette’s tits that tasted like wild strawberries. Then I worked my way down to the entrance of her love canal. The sweet funky odor made me shiver with hot lust. I lick around her clit and cleverly watched her watching me with wide-eyed excitation. Trapping her clit between my two fingers I nibbled and I licked furiously.

“Oh baby bite it, bite baby please?”

It was a strange request to me, because my clitoris was far too sensitive for that but I complied. I gentle bit it and she cried out not in pain but in pure sexual bliss.

“Ohh baby, ooh bit it harder!”

Once again I did as she asked and like a little rat I clicked my teeth against her throbbing clit.

“Ohhh, yeah …harder!”

I glanced up and saw her holding on to the pillow for dear life. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she bite into the pillow.

“Harder!” She cried out.

I didn’t want to hurt her but I guess Beylikdüzü escort this was what she wanted. I bore down on her large clit, biting but this time holding and increasing the pressure. Suddenly her legs began flailing about.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah oooh yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Her body vibrated and I could tell that she wasn’t in control of herself. Her orgasms were so intense that it scared me for a moment. But I reached out and stroke her drenched pussy with my hand. I had become so engrossed in pleasuring Yvette I had forgotten all about Cindy, but it quickly became obvious that she hadn’t forgotten about me. I looked back and saw Cindy strapped on the biggest dildo I’d ever seen. It had to be at least 18 inches and hi-gloss black.

I bit my finger trying to maintain my composure. She was whipping something slick and oily on it making it shine even more. I never had anything remotely close to that size in me. I was scared but curious.

At first she teased me, rubbing the large mushroom like head back and forth between my pussy and ass, just as I grew accustomed to this game she slid it inside of me popping right through my pussy lips.

“Oh my God! Oh my G…ooh!” Inch by inch she slid that thing into me. I could feel it spreading my vagina walls open, pushing deeper and deeper into me. I know it was only half way in and yet it was touching places I didn’t even know existed inside of me. She grabbed hip with one hand to gain leverage while using the other to steady and guide the massive tool in me.

“Aye, aye, ooh it’s killing me! Ooh it’s so deep in me, fuck me, fuck me fuck me!”

“Oh yes, ooh yes, oh yes, Ahhhh!”

I grabbed the pillow and bit into it. I could still taste the moisture left behind by Yvette. Cindy pulled the dildo out of me and began rubbing against my clit once more driving me crazy.

“You like that baby huh, do you like it baby huh?” She asked seductively.

“Yess, yesss I do.” I answered my voice shivering in ecstasy.

“Ssssss, Ahhhh, do you like it when I fuck you baby huh, do you like it huh.”

Cindy was moaning as if the cock was actually attached to her. I tried to turn around to watch Escort Beylikdüzü her just as she drove in back inside of me. This time she pushed down further than before. I buried my face in the pillow to muffle my screams of pleasure. The walls of my pussy seem to wrap around her cock giving absolutely no room to move. That’s when I felt it building up inside of me growing closer and closer until…until my love box imploded around this hard thing, throbbing and pulsating. I was on fire, every nerve ending seemed to ignite in a cataclysmic eruption of sexual bliss. Wave after wave of orgasmic passion rushed through me.

Ohhhh, Ooooh Ooooh it won’t stop, Oh God it won’t stop!” I saw spots before my eyes and I could hear myself screaming as if I was having an out of body experience.

No sooner had I began to regain control of my body, I heard Cindy screaming, not as loud as I was but just as intense. Finally I managed to look back. Although I couldn’t see her, Yvette’s golden colored fingernails were clutching Cindy’s fat round ass. With her cock still inside me, Her head twisting back and forth like she’d lost her mind. Her amber colored hair flipped wildly about and I knew she was in total ecstasy. I could feel the passion building up again. I tried to pull myself away but I just didn’t have the strength. And then without warning I felt what could have only been Yvette’s fingers patting and slapping against my clit. Like a tiny ship facing a gigantic approaching wave I braced myself knowing what was about to cum

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, Ahhhh, Sssss!” It came with even more fury than the first. I started bucking and kicking overwhelm and on the brink of insanity. Some how I could hear screams and cries of my sisters, they too were lost at sea in the path of a raging storm.

For the next hour or so we laid together like refuges washed up on the Isle of reality. Trying hard to justify what we’d done and filled with deep anticipation as to when we could do it again.

Since that day, Cindy, Yvette and myself have become very close friends and at least three or four times a year we take a nice vacation together at a spa, to rekindle our adventurous lust filled voyage to ecstasy. And although I enjoy every moment of our time together, just as I enjoy making love to my husband that day was without a doubt the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. And I will forever keep that memory stored in my Treasure Box.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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