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This one is a true story…

“You look wonderful this evening,” he said over dessert.

I felt wonderful, too. It was a cool late September evening. I was wearing one of my favourite silk dresses that really shows off my 36C – 24 – 34 figure. Black, with spaghetti straps, so my breasts were very noticeable. Thanks to the chill in the air, I think my nipples were erect the whole evening. There are hundreds of tiny buttons from the bottom hem up to the low cut cleavage. I only had the ones buttoned from the third one from the top between my cleavage to just below the tops of my stockings. The only underwear I was wearing were my black silk thigh-high stockings, the kind with the elastic so they stay up by themselves.

My dinner companion was a good friend named Paul. He is a very handsome man of 6′ 3″, 190 muscular pounds, blue eyes, curly blonde hair that fell well past his shoulder. He was dressed in a pair of painted on black jeans, black t-shirt and a muted, pale green double-breasted coat. Very nice.

We were dining at a very nice, rather romantic restaurant. It was Paul’s birthday. He was definitely enjoying himself. I was paying for dinner and was getting up the nerve to give him a special present. You see, it has been a very long time since I had sex with just a man. Since I was in my mid teens, almost all of my sexual encounters with men included a woman. Though not all my encounters with women had anything to do with men. I am more lesbian than bi, but I really do enjoy sex with a man sometimes.

We strolled out of the restaurant arm-in-arm, enjoying each other’s company. Paul had no idea what I was planning. I had asked him out for his birthday. He, like all of my friends, knew very well of my sexual preferences, but I’m sure he was hoping for something, though.

We got to the car and opened the passenger side for me, then raced around to get in to drive. After closing his door, he looked to me, caressed my cheek and kissed me lightly on the mouth. “Thanks for dinner,” he said with a smile. “It has been a very nice birthday.”

We had about a two hour drive ahead of us, so I smiled back “You really don’t think it’s over just yet, do you?”

He beamed bursa escort “I was hoping not…”

He started the car and we drove out of the car park towards the highway. Once away from the overhead lights of the car park, I shifted myself in my seat to get a little (actually a lot) more comfortable. I kicked off my shoes and pushed my seat back some so I could stretch out. Paul looked over to see what I was doing. “Keep yer eyes on the road ’till I tell ya different,” I smiled. I was beginning to unbutton those hundreds of buttons down my dress. Paul kept glancing over, trying to get a peek. My plan was working.

As he shifted the car into fifth gear he applied the cruise control. “May I ask what you are doing?” he smiled.

“Just getting ready to give you some of your birthday present.” With that I undid the last button and flung open my dress to reveal my total lack of underwear.

“Holy shit!” He shouted and almost lost control of the car.

“I’m sorry,” I said in feigned modesty. “I didn’t mean to offend you, sir…”

“Offended I’m nowhere near,” he said with a huge grin on his face. “I just didn’t expect you to be…”

“Naked under here?” I interrupted.

“Well…yes,” he managed to let out the ‘yes’ just as I started to fondle myself.

“You don’t mind if I amuse myself for a while, do you?”

“No….not at all,” he stammered, trying to watch the road and me at the same time.

I sat up and slid my dress completely off, tossing it in back. “There. Much better.” I maneuvered myself in my seat to where my feet were on the dash with an a/c vent blowing on my exposed red pubes. I brought my left nipple up to my mouth and started sucking. I just love the way that feels. As I sucked, I put my left hand down to my tingling clit. I damn near jumped at my own touch. I rubbed for a moment, just enough to get my scent through the car and to absolutely soak my finger. I brought my finger to my mouth and just before I went to lick it, I offered it to Paul. He sucked it in and licked it clean. I just love the taste of pussy. Apparently Paul does, too.

I reached over and put my hand to Paul’s penis. I could tell through his jeans he was escort bursa rock hard and, possibly, a bit uncomfortable the way he was. As I massaged his engorged cock through his jeans, I could also tell he was about eight inches long. It had been a while since I had that much cock in my mouth, but at that very moment in time, that was the very place I wanted it to be. I clumsily started to unbutton his jeans. “Here, let me do that,” he groaned as he reached down and popped open the buttons of his jeans. He then reached in and pulled out his beautiful penis.

His cock jumped in my hand as I touched it. By the dim light of the dash I could see his pre-cum glistening on the very tip. I gave it a lick and tasted his wetness. He tasted very good. I opened my mouth and, ever so slowly, took his penis in. My mind was racing. I slowly massaged his cock with my mouth, up and down, in and out. I could tell by Paul’s moans that he was certainly enjoying it. So was I. I could feel the tingle between my legs grow stronger with every lick and suck.

“We’re coming into some traffic, I need to undo the cruise control,” he was panting.

“Good,” I said. “Then everyone will get to see what you’re getting for your birthday. Don’t hold back…I want every last drop in my mouth…” I kissed his belly and then went back to giving him his birthday blowjob. I went down on him like I’d been doing it for years. I licked and sucked and bobbed up and down on his very hard eight inches of manhood, all the while my pussy was just flowing with my juices.

Paul stiffened a little, but I kept going, knowing that he would soon be shooting his spunk deep into my waiting, wanting mouth. When his hand was on the back of my head, I knew he was ready. I was hoping I was. He thrust just a little and my mouth was full. I swallowed what he gave me, only to have more in it’s place. As I swallowed that shot, I eased myself back off his shooting cock to accommodate his loads. Four more spurts of hot spunk filled my hungry mouth before he was done.

As I sat up, I realized that we were in some traffic. We were still moving at the speed limit, but there were cars to either side of us. I didn’t bother escort bursa to try to cover up. I just wiped up some of Paul’s cum from my lips that I didn’t manage to swallow and lick it off my fingers. The woman in the car next to Paul was applauding. She was also, at least, topless. The man in the car on my side just smiled.

“I need to pull over,” giggled Paul.

“I bet you do,” I smiled as I wiped the last of his cum from my chin. “I bet you do.”

Paul found a spot near the back of the car park of a gas station and turned off the car. We were in back near the restrooms. It was fairly dark, but at this point, I wasn’t too particular. He then returned the favour and ate my pussy like it was his favourite meal. I came so hard, so many times, I almost forgot he was a man. He crawled up my body to kiss me. I tasted myself on his face. I felt his re-erected cock pushing and my pussy.


“Fuck me,” I whispered in his ear. “Please fuck me with that hard, beautiful cock of yours. Put it in me and make us both cum.” My pussy was so hot and wet from orgasming on Paul’s face, it was nothing for him to slide completely into me. Once he was in, my muscles tightened around him like a vice. His strokes started slowly. Long, slow strokes that almost emptied me and then filled me again to capacity. I felt every ripple of his shaft and the ridge of the head as it slipped in and out, just to slip further in.

“Fuck me,” I said. This time far less discreet. “Fuck me…fuck me…harder…Paul…” He was doing just that. He was fucking me like an animal. His grunts and groans were adding to my arousal. I came as he pounded into me. “Turn over…I want you from behind.”

Oh, yes!

I rolled over in the car seat and grabbed the backrest. His hard cock slid back into my pussy as I pushed back to meet him. Paul grabbed my hips and started to pound away. The feeling was incredible! I was cumming and cumming and cumming! Suddenly, Paul pushed harder and harder and announced his orgasm with a howl! My pussy was filled with gallons of hot spunk! That just made me collapse in a heap of quivering mass, I was orgasming so hard.

Paul returned to the car after using the restroom. I got out, still naked except for my stockings and used the loo. A woman came in just as I was leaving. I didn’t do much more than smile. Once back to the car, I kissed Paul and whispered “happy birthday” in his ear.

He just giggled. “Yes it is…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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