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The steam from the shower still is a haze on my bathroom mirror. Wrapping myself in the thickest towel, I pat my skin dry. Small drops of water still drip from my shoulder length hair, causing tiny rivers down my spine as I move from the warm lush bathtub to the shaggy carpet below.

I smooth cream all over my skin with the palms of my hands to be surrounded by the sweet scent of my perfume. To be mesmerized by the silky feel of my own skin. My fingers massage the cream into the calves of my legs and then up over my stomach. It is all I can do to resist the temptation of letting them slip between my thighs. By now there are thoughts of him that occupy various corners of my mind and in those silent thoughts I can feel the swelling and heat that exudes from the energy of the memory of him. I quietly open the door, my feet touch the cold tile before me and a shiver runs down me. My door creeks as I slip into my own sanctuary and lay myself on my bed. The cashmere throw so soft to the touch… so eager to invite me in…I replace my towel by sliding under the throw. The fabric conforms to my body. So soft, so smooth, so sensual.

Carelessly, I allow my hands to run down over my stomach and fall between my aching, swollen loins. Ecstasy envelops me and it is all I can do to stop myself from falling backwards onto the bed, surrendering myself to these blissful yearnings.

The wind blows like rapture against the window of my room, breaking my reverie. The thought goes back to him with the storm that is dominating the world just beyond my reach. I can feel him touching me. I can hear the pleasure in his voice too. The same faint uncontrollable hunger. The need for release. The desire for the taste of passion. I can hear his voice saying mine in the night. My name on his lips! How I love to kiss those sweet, delectable lips. Soon very soon… patience.

Still naked, I admire my body in my dresser mirror, illuminated only by the faint candlelight. The scent of pumpkin spice fills my room. It is comforting, inviting as well. I trace a finger down my side, watching my reflection mimic it in the mirror before me. I can’t help but smile at what I see. I enjoy how my breasts heave as I take a deep breath. I pause in a moment to think of him kissing me. Gently caressing my neck with his lips, the finesse and ecstasy that builds as he lingers himself to my collarbone, there bursa escort is nothing to interfere with his hands that will want to explore all of me…. And I that feel such desire to explore all of him.

My cashmere throw. As stand there I can feel it lightly touch the back of my calves as I move. The feel of it on my skin makes me shiver. I lie back on my bed and wait.

Slowly, almost unconsciously, I drag the fabric up over my body. The feeling of it… so soft and silky make my breasts scream and nipples taut. I let it slip between my legs and feel it pull up against me, as I slowly move around it. I am completely covered. I am lying in bed, naked and waiting only for him. At that moment I feel desire’s scream.

My eyes are closed, but I feel him near me. So close again to feel his touch. The wind blows against the window once more and the paddle fan above me is blowing the soft air down to meet my hottest desire. I feel the softness of it caress my skin. Then I’m not sure if it is the fan or his breath I can at that moment feel. My cranberry red throw falls away from my body as the unending wave of hunger and passion builds.

I feel him trace his finger over my cheek and then my lips. I want to take it into my mouth but he’d draw it away. It’s a tease. He’s a tease. The pleasure and want for him builds. With my eyes closed, I can’t see him. I only feel him. His finger continues over my chin and down slowly along my neck. I take a deep breath as I feel a shiver run through me. I know his eyes are drinking in my nakedness. I can somehow feel his heart beating quickly; I hear his breath in a soft whisper. Both of us at that moment, consumed with desire, teasing me by brushing the light airy throw over my breasts. I arch my back, aching for him to touch me. I want this release. I want this passion. I want him to engulf me in our desire. Wanting his hands to cup my breasts, massage them. I long for him to roll my nipples between his fingers. As the throw slides lower down my body and I am exposed entirely in the pale candlelight that fades in and out with the breeze from the fan.

I know he must be enjoying this moment quite possibly more than me. I am his, and his alone. We feed each other’s passion. I feel him draw near me. He whispers in my ear – a beckoning call filled with an urgency that we are both consumed with. His lips are on the nape escort bursa of my neck, his hands tracing circles around my breasts. I am paralyzed with ecstasy. My lips are begging to be kissed, and when they meet his the desire in my body comes alive. My hunger for his taste becomes insatiable. I nibble and taste him. I long to just run my tongue over his lips, to suck on them. His kisses fill my body with waves of delight as his hands rub my nipples and softly squeeze my breasts. I must have more of him.

I hungrily kiss his neck and run my lips to his chest. My hands feel the tight muscles in his back, as he so carefully lets his body hover over mine. We are lost in this pleasure. We are lost in this touch. Like a doll he puts his hands under me and pulls me to him. There isn’t a questioning look. He understands my need, I feel and desire to quench his. His lips hungrily find my breasts, and as he kisses them, kisses me, my intense moans grow. Fingers are running down, pressing in between my legs. Oh, how I want to feel that touch. It teases, I feel, play, experience and can’t help but coax myself to you, urgently wanting them inside. Longing for them to penetrate deep inside, to satisfy that intense desire.

His Lips are like fire moving down my body and I feel his hard maleness moving from my thigh down. I sigh and press my hips deep into the bed under me. Enticing him to move lower, screaming in my mind for his kisses to reach farther down. I am his goddess, my moans his call. He is rewarded with every soft moan and sigh as he lets his lips fall to me. His tongue presses between my sweet lips; tasting the very desire we created. My mind blank, my body moves with a rhythm of its own. My fingers run through his hair, as he teases me with butterfly kisses. Our hearts race in sync.

Feeling his breath against my thigh, his tongue dancing, I am drowning in a wave of rapture. A moment is lost; there isn’t thought or sound. Only the explosive pleasure he brings to me and I to him.

My eyes flutter open and I see him. A glow from the dresser, that faint candlelight, washes over his body. I reach for him, pulling him up to me. His mouth feverishly meeting mine. He pushes his body against mine, his hips between my trembling thighs. He takes my hands and puts them above my head, his fingers wrap around my wrists, holding me there, immobilized by escort bursa his desire. I slowly feel him press into me while my lips eagerly meet his. My breasts arch into his chest and slowly he starts making love to me.

He continues to hold my hands away from his body and only allows me to explore him with my lips. I am insane in wanting to touch him. I want to pull his hips into me, run my hands over his back, my nails gently to trickle up and down his spine, sending shivers with each pass. I want to gently trace his lips and kiss them greedily. I seek out his lips, and bite down on them as his thrusts inside me quicken. I can’t breathe as my body consumes him and his consumes mine. The sweat rolling down his back drips onto my stomach and he moans faintly as he nuzzles into my neck and sends me reeling to a place I could only imagine but never co-exist in. We were in this place together. It is ecstasy. I drag my hands out of his and reach for his body. Stroking him, feeling his skin, pulling him so deep into me that I want to scream, from sheer passion…. delight… connection… the complete synergy of the moment. I hear myself calling out his name in a shallow pleasure filled breath and he responds with a soft moan.

Both of us moan from the sheer animalistic desire that takes over. The urges to just devour each other. His hands reach and squeeze my breasts. He lingers himself slightly suspended inside me and I pull enough to reach his lips with my own. Ragged breaths. Strong moans. Deep, hard strokes. He clutches me to him and with a final plunge into the depth of my soul, he shudders against me. We are each other’s. For that one suspended moment, we are one. Spirits that mix together a shared ignited passion, in the darkest still of the night. We collapse and exhaustedly laugh at the perfection of that experience. It was like a fine tuned instrument which just played a symphony.

Staring up at my fan, the breeze blowing down…, beads of sweat trickle lightly down my forehead and pool slightly between my breasts…. I realize I am at that moment alone. I have my fantasy of that moment. Such ecstasy, desire, lust, something so special- albeit spiritual. We connected. I lightly bit my bottom lip and chuckled to myself. We needed to sleep. We whispered “goodnight” and hung up the phone. I trembled as I stood up. Almost drunkly I stumbled to my dresser and gently blew out the faint candle. The room was dark and I stood there. I saw that moment replay in my mirror. I sat down on my bed and flopped backwards. Wrapped in my throw, completely naked. I could envision him next to me as I fell asleep…. and we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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