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The caravan of Governor Glaoui was preparing to leave Casablanca for the oasis of Ouarzazate. Among the many retainers and servants mounted on donkeys and camels, the Governor’s elaborate wagon stood out as a touch of luxury. Next to it in magnificence was a gilded wagon, painted with red and blue decorations, and closely covered with finely woven tapestries so no glimpse of its interior could be seen. The Governor had used part of his time in Casablanca to purchase a new harem slave, and she was now comfortably reclining on pillows in the wagon, in the care of Bagoas, overseer of the Governor’s harem, and his servant and apprentice Hamid.

Bagoas mounted the steps of the wagon, and eighteen year old Hamid followed him. Being allowed to enter the wagon meant, of course, that they were both eunuchs. None of the intact men in the caravan, except the Governor’s trusted scribe Ahmed, had even had a glimpse of the new slave unless she was swathed in a heavy robe and veil.

Bagoas and Hamid, as told in Chapter 5 of this story, had visited the dark alleys of the slave market where the Barbary pirates sold the girls they had captured in their raiding. Of the girls selected for the Governor to view and try out, he had been so deeply intrigued by this exotic prize that he purchased her immediately. Inside the wagon, Bagoas saw her lying back on the pillows.

She was a sight unseen in Morocco, a girl of pale white skin with short cut hair of flaming red. Even an experienced eunuch like Bagoas had never heard of the far land of Ire-land, whence she said she came. She gave a start as Bagoas and Hamid entered the wagon, for she was but newly come to slavery and little understood what was happening to her. Unveiled, she wore only semi transparent pajamas, which barely concealed her white breasts tipped with rosy pink confections. When she moved her white legs, the light red hair of her pubic mound could be momentarily seen. This, of course, had no effect upon Bagoas nor Hamid.

As for the girl, she knew only that Bagoas had treated her with relative kindness after the atrocities the Barbary pirates had performed upon her, and that the Governor, in testing her before buying, had not been vicious or heavy-handed. Although she knew little Arabic, she had decided, from partly understanding Bagoas’ kind words to her, that being in the Governor’s harem was the least awful of the choices she had, and during her exhibition and testing had come to accept the task of pleasuring him as her master. Her abilities, though untrained, to take his large cock in her mouth, in the crack of her ass, and deep in her pussy had pleased him, and now she was on her way to his harem. Bagoas would have the job of training her into a proper courtesan for the enjoyment of the Governor and his guests.

As the wagon lurched forward and the long trip over the Atlas Mountains began, Bagoas spoke to the girl. “What are we to call you, girl? Have you a name the Moorish tongue can pronounce?” He pointed at her and raised his eyebrows as he did so, knowing that she spoke little Arabic.

In a small shaky voice, the white skinned girl replied, “Bridget, my lord. Bridget O’Reilly.”

Bagoas rolled it around his tongue. “Brig-ette, Brigette. That will do. The rest of it is unpronounceable. Brigette, we must begin to teach you what you have to know.”

“Where do I go, my lord” the girl asked plaintively in broken Arabic.

“Do not be fearful, Brigette. The harem slaves in the Taourirt Kasbah of Ouarzazate are not abused. The harem quarters are large and comfortable. There is a common room, well furnished with tapestries and comfortable pillows. Opening off it are four archways. The one in the east, nearest Mecca, has a lattice door before its curtain, and that belongs to Durrah, whose name means Pearl. She is the Governor’s wife, and he calls her the Pearl of Great Price. You will learn to prepare her properly when her lord calls her to his bed. The other three archways are curtained, and two of them belong to the other slavegirls. You will meet Saiesha, a beautiful black skinned Abyssinian with large breasts, and Maria, a lovely Spanish girl with flashing eyes and pointed breasts. Both of them are shaved in the lower regions, but I think because of the fine red hair you have there you will not be shaved.”

The girl seemed to understand little of this. She repeated words she had heard in the market, “Abyssinian girl, Spanish girl, slave.”

“Your only concern will be to please the Governor and the men he may choose to send you to. Some men prefer their women to be shaven in the area of their flowers, and others prefer the flowers to nest in their natural setting. I think that our Moorish men will be excited by your fine red hair.” said the Overseer, pointing to her crotch. “Moorish men often also like large breasts and rounded bellies,” he continued, touching her nipples with one finger. istanbul escort “But your small breasts are so round, so perfect, and have such a delicate pink color in the nipples that the difference will be exciting to many, I think.”

Brigette regarded him quizzically during most of this talk. She touched her pubic mound and repeated the Arabic words for “red hair,” and then following his finger said hesitantly, “nipple.” She smiled timidly as he nodded at her.

“As a harem slave, Brigette, you will get used to eunuchs like me. Do not think of me as a man, because I will never use you as a man might. My interest in you is that the better you perform, the more my standing with the Governor is increased. Therefore it is my duty to teach you what I have learned in over 30 years of attending the harem.” he answered. “We may begin our lessons even as we travel.”

With those words, he opened a pouch of fine wool and removed an object carved from camel bone. It was long and thick, and shaped exactly like an erect circumcised cock. He held it out to Brigette. She gasped, then took it in one hand and examined it. “This rod is what you will concern yourself with as a slave. If you can make a man’s rod throb and fill you with juice, you will have made him happy. That will make me happy. And if I am happy I have the power to make you happy. Do you understand?”

“Ye-e-e-s, my lord,” the slave replied hesitantly, though truly she had understood little that he said. She ran a hand up and down the smooth surface of the bone cock.

“Take the end of it in your mouth, gently.” He pushed it toward her lips and she did so. Bagoas moved it in and out a few times, then drew it out and pointed. “Do you see this ridge, just below the crown? That is the scar of a Muslim’s circumcision. It can be very sensitive. Roll the rod in your mouth, and work your tongue around that ridge.” He pushed the rod into her mouth again and rolled his own tongue to demonstrate. Brigette complied, with a hesitant look at him. “This is the first step in firshaeh, mouth congress. Now begin to take it deeper into your mouth.” Brigette pushed the hard rod a bit deeper. “Deeper, girl, deeper!” said the eunuch. She pushed it in a bit more, but then gagged and pulled it out. “No, no. You must learn to pleasure a man with a big organ, girl. Some of our Moors are equipped like a bull! As we travel, you shall practice six times a day!”

So the time passed while they traveled. Bagoas had learned much in his many years in the harem, and though he could not personally demonstrate, he passed on his knowledge by teaching and using objects to demonstrate. Brigette took the carved cock in her mouth, over her tits, in her pussy and in her ass many times during the several days. Bagoas was gentle but insistent, and Brigette soon learned this lesson. All of her openings would accept the long, wide bone carving to its full depth by the time they reached the harem in Ouarzazate.

Hamid was often involved in the training of the girl, for it was his training also. He learned to handle the bone cock, how to move it in and out to simulate what a man would do, how to make it seem to throb in her mouth or pussy, even how to clean it after a lesson. He also helped her to learn Arabic words for all sorts of things, both sexual and not. He soon realized that she was confused at being with two men who never tried to approach her themselves, and understood that she did not know what a eunuch was. After much trying to explain to her in Arabic, he finally decided that the young girl must simply be shown. So one day when Bagoas was absent, he pulled down his white pajamas. The girl gasped when she saw his small cock dangling down over an empty sac, for unlike some nations the Moors took only the balls when they created a eunuch. She stroked it as she had stroked the camel bone, and of course nothing rose. “What happened?” she asked.

Hamid said, “When I was very young they cut me.” He mimed a knife flashing, and then with one hand pretended to throw away his balls.

Brigette gasped, winced, and made that strange four part sign. She seemed to be thinking, and then asked, “Bagoas?”

Hamid nodded and said, “We are both eunuchs. EUNUCH,” he repeated for her, waving a hand at his ball-less crotch.

Tears welled up in Brigette’s eyes. Sadly she shook her head and said, “They hurt you.”

But Hamid knelt beside her, and put an arm around her thin shoulders. “They hurt me very much,” he said. “But it has provided me with much luxury now, and I am respected in the Taourirt Kasbah and someday may rule a harem as Bagoas does. We eunuchs learn to accept our fate.” Brigette understood little of this, but seemed to take comfort from being close to the young man. By the time they reached Ouarzazate after crossing the Atlas mountains, both the young eunuch and the young slave girl had learned much.

Bundling avcılar escort Brigette in swaths of cloth, and throwing a heavy veil over her head, Bagoas rushed her across the courtyard of the Taourirt Kasbah, the Governor’s palace. He led her up the stairs, and through the door guarded by two armed eunuchs. At the top of the stairs an ornate carved door opened into the Harem. There was a large common room, hung with tapestries and strewn with pillows. From this room four archways led into separate chambers. The one in the East, nearest to Mecca, had a silken curtain, and in front of that a lattice work doorway.

Bagoas removed the white girl’s veil and covering. She was wearing a thin green dress he had given her in the wagon. Its top drooped low to almost reveal her small white tits, and it was slit up one side so that as she moved her white leg flashed out of it. This was the usual dress of the harem girls. Bagoas clapped his hands twice. From the two side arches the other slavegirls emerged. Saiesha was a black Abyssinian beauty, dressed in a white robe that pulled tight across her large boobs and let her dark nipples almost show thorough. Maria was a Spanish girl captured in the war there. She had long black hair, long black lashes, and fiery black eyes. She wore the red version of the dress, and the cleavage of her pointed breasts showed over the top of it.

“This is Brigette, the master’s new purchase. She will take the empty chamber behind the third arch,” said Bagoas. “You must each get to know each other.” He placed a hand on Brigette’s shoulder, and pulled the filmy dress down, showing her small white breasts and the rosy nipples upon them. Both dark skinned slave girls gasped at her whiteness. “This girl pleases the master with her white skin, red hair, and pink nipples. You will need to learn new techniques with your cosmetics to present her at her best.” He continued to pull the dress down to reveal her pubic mound covered lightly with fine red hair, and the pink lips of her pussy against her white thighs. Brigette seemed to want to cover herself, but remembering the lessons she had learned stood for the inspection of the others.

Bagoas motioned to the other two slavegirls. Obediently they dropped their dresses. Pointing to the Abyssinian he said, “Saiesha.” Saiesha had large round boobs, with dark areolas and deep black nipples standing out from them. Her belly was rounded as the Moors preferred. Beneath it her female mound was shaven totally clean, and the black lips of her pussy showed between her thighs. Bagoas then pointed to the Spanish girl and said, “Maria.” Maria was slimmer and had smaller tits, which had dark brown pointed nipples. Her stomach was flat, but the mound below it was round and firm, shaven clean so the dark lips of her pussy were seen below it.

“The master is well pleased to have variety in his harem. Not for him are all the dark skinned girls with large breasts, long black hair and black nests over their flowers. The differences between you will please him and his guests. Now you two must show the new slave her place.” He left the harem and the girls to get acquainted.

The next day, he returned with Hamid. Entering the common room he clapped twice, and all three girls appeared at their curtains. Brigette, seeing him, again touched her forehead, her stomach and then both shoulders and momentarily closed her eyes. The other two girls regarded her with questions in their eyes. Bagoas looked hard at Brigette, and then asked, “What is it, girl? Do you feel a pain in the head or the belly?”

Grasping his meaning, Brigette replied in halting Arabic, with a mixture of fear and pride in her voice, “The cross sign. My Lord Jesus Christ, master.”

Bagoas nodded slowly. “Ah, I have heard of those who call themselves Christians. They believe, as we Muslims do, in the prophets Jesus and Moses, but they do not realize that Mohammed, whose name be praised, is the last and greatest of the prophets. I am surprised, girl, that you do not call on the mother of Jesus, Bibi Mariam, who we also revere.”

Brigette started when she heard that name. “Mary, the Blessed Virgin,” she said. “You know of her?”

“Mohammed in the Holy Quran adjures Muslims to respect all the Peoples of the Book,” he said. “The story of Bibi Mariam is very popular with our women. But here in the Taourirt Kasbah it is best if you bow to Allah, by whatever name you call him in your mind. Making the strange sign of the cross will only call attention to you.” Bagoas, like many Muslims who had been exposed to the thoughts of Islamic scholars, had an open mind toward Christians and Jews.

Brigette nodded slowly, having grasped part of his meaning. She did not know what strange religion the Abyssinian might practice, and wondered if the Spanish girl was Catholic or Muslim. She realized that neither of them betrayed any religious feelings except to bow when the name şirinevler escort of Allah was mentioned. She resolved to do the same, sending up a little prayer begging forgiveness of the Holy Virgin in her mind.

Bagoas waved a hand. “Be that as it may be. Today you will learn the preparation of a harem slave to entertain the master or his guests. Hamid will show how well he has learned his lessons by directing it.”

Hamid, bursting at pride with this chance to show off just as any 18 year old would, stepped toward Brigette and motioned to the light green robe she wore. Then he made a downward motion with his hand and said, “Drop your robe that all may see your beauty.” Brigette gave him a weak smile. By now she was used to being nude, so she dropped the robe to her feet and stepped out of it. She placed her hands on her hips and slightly parted her legs, standing as she had seen the other girls stand.

Officiously Hamid came forward and twisted her shoulders a bit to show her small white tits to best advantage, then pulled one leg slightly forward so the tight pink lips of her pussy were well displayed. Stepping back he eyed her pose with a careful eye. Then he nodded with pride in himself and in her. “Bagoas has ordered that you not be shaved, so the light red hair of your mound will tantalize men. Then we must proceed to anoint you with the scented unguents.” He nodded at the two other slavegirls. Each picked up a pot of unguent and began to rub it into Brigette. They began at her neck, then over her shoulders, and carefully rubbed around her small breasts and over the pink nipples, which stood up at their touch. “Aha,” said Hamid, quoting the lesson Bagoas had taught him. “A fine sense of sexual tension will prepare you to please a man.” Brigette looked at him quizzically, not understanding. He simply said, “You are doing well, girl.” She nodded shyly.

The slaves continued to rub her with the scent, going down over her belly and then rubbing the mound covered with silky hair. Then moving down her legs they covered her white thighs with the perfume. Finally Saiesha ran her fingers gently up between Brigette’s legs and softly massaged the pink lips of her pussy with the valuable unguent. Brigette squirmed slightly as she did this, but then controlled herself. At this point Bagoas came forward and motioned her to stand up on the bench. Bending over, he gently touched her pubic hair and brought his nose close to it. “As I thought, Hamid, those fine hairs retain the scent. Come learn.”

Hamid approached the bench, and with fingers even gentler than Bagoas’ touched the fine red hair. He caught a scent mixed between the perfume and the heavier scent of her pussy juice, which was dripping slightly between the lips due to the other slavegirls’ caresses with the ointment. It was a very heady aroma and he tried to imagine its effect on a man waiting for her services.

Bagoas then motioned Brigette back down onto the pillows. “You must now begin to learn the positions of the Perfumed Garden,” he said. “As no man is here to assist you, Maria shall play the part.” Understanding some of this, Brigette looked at him in wonder. Maria went to a chest against the wall and rummaged in it. She took out a device like the bone cock Brigette had practiced with, but this one was made of polished ebony wood so it gleamed darkly. The end of it, like the other, showed the distinctive ridge of a circumcised organ. Brigette was amazed to see, however, that this one was mounted on straps. She started to make the sign of the cross, but then remembered it was better not to in this place.

Maria came toward Brigette. Grasping the ebony cock, she placed it over her pubic mound and wrapped the straps around her hips. Brigette was again surprised as she realized that the nether end of the device had a projecting knob on it. As she watched, Maria spread the lips of her pussy and placed this knob inside herself, so that it could rub her pussy and touch her clitoris. Her black eyes twinkling, she whispered, “Bagoas does not mind if we get a bit of pleasure out of the lessons.”

“Hamid,” said Bagoas, “place them in the first position.” Hamid took Brigette’s hand and caused her to lie down on the pillows. Bending her knees up to her chest, he spread her legs so her white thighs framed her pink pussy and its patch of red hair. He motioned to Maria who knelt down between Brigette’s legs, and thrust the ebony rod gently into her pussy, which fortunately was slightly lubricated from the ointments and the light rubbing it had received. “Its name, Hamid?” asked Bagoas.

Hamid replied as he had been taught, “El Asemeud, the stopper, my lord.” Maria took a few strokes and wiggled her hips a bit, and Hamid saw that they both were taking pleasure from the rubbing of the black rod.

Bagoas then said, “El mokefa, with toes crossed.” Hamid took hold of one of Brigette’s legs and pulled it behind Maria’s back. This pulled Brigette’s ass up off the pillows. Maria put a hand under Brigette’s ass and directed the new slave’s other leg around behind her back also, where Hamid crossed Brigette’s feet. This position pushed the rod deep into Brigette’s pussy and drew her close to Maria’s hips. Maria wiggled her hips and tossed back her head with closed eyes as they enjoyed the contact.

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