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The college semester seemed to be flying by. Our freshman boarder, Chad, has had a good year as have we. Chad’s doing well academically plus my wife, Jan, has taught him some very important lessons in their ‘sex classes’.

He recently informed us Lisa has come into his life. Chad described her as beautiful, smart, outgoing, long red hair, and a big smile.

Both Jan and I were excited for him but also knew this met the end of our unique relationship. Jan would certainly miss teaching him and getting fucked so long and hard. I will miss the pleasure of knowing my wife is being totally satisfied plus his presence has added so much zest to our own love making.

Later Chad informed us he would be transferring to another school with Lisa. He talked on about how good we were to him; he’d never forget our hospitality, what he learned, and wants to keep in touch.

Jan giggled, “Of course we wish you the best but Chad and we hope it’s real ‘close’ touch. Would you like a farewell final exam?”

Seeing my nod of approval, He responded, “Oh you know you know I do but wouldn’t that be would be cheating on Lisa?”

“Of course not. In fact what you will learn will totally delight her I guarantee. Beside our relationship is strictly academic.”

Chad broke out in a big grin. “You’re right and I’m so excited.”

“How about an early session tomorrow night,” my wife purred.

After Jan retired it was time for another reassurance talk with Chad.

“I’m sure you are still wondering why I go along with this. When you get to be my age maybe you’ll understand. This woman has been the love of my life for 30 years. We’ve had a wonderful marriage with plenty of great sex, but I am to the point where my sexual libido is beginning to fade and at the same time Jan’s seems to be increasing! I really want her to be totally happy and not tempted by strangers but at the same time she should have the opportunity for more complete sexual gratification. You, Chad are our answer. Young, vigorous, turned on by Jan, clean, well built, and a nice guy if I must say so myself. I’m also sure your discreet about our unique situation.”

“Additionally, you may not be aware of this, but after you’re with Jan, I get so heated up seeing her just fucked body, we make love immediately no holds barred like 30 years ago.”

“Thanks Dennis. I think your approach is kind of kinky but then I’m much younger. I will try and give your wife all she can handle tomorrow night –for both of us!”

We all couldn’t wait for Friday evening. In preparation, Jan stepped out of the tub after a relaxing warm bubble bath. Her body was gleaming as she toweled off. This woman still turns me on big time. She slipped on a provocative blue satin teddy with matching bikini panties and primed for her sexual encounter. Lots of makeup, lipstick and her Passion perfume. She now brushed her long blonde hair with atakent escort slow deliberate strokes sending a signal she was ready.

My tantalizing wife stood before me. “You like? You think our young student will approve,” as she cupped her ample full tits.

“Oh baby, you don’t know how much.” With that I was on my knees kissing her already moistening, flimsy bikini covered pussy, and inhaling her potent female fragrance.

She too was suddenly turned on pushing my face further into her love triangle.

“Oh Dennis, I should be fresh for Chad but I do need you too and now.”

‘Think of it this way, wife. You’re getting a bonus and an extra cum deposit.”

“Right my pussy loving husband. Oh Dennis, fuck me hard and sent me your seed special delivery.”

Pushing aside her panties my rock hard cock plunged in. I pumped and thrust with increasing tempo. The smacking sound of my rod driving like a piston into her, added to the moment. Sooner than I hoped for, I erupted deep in her hot hole but surprising even me at my manly performance.

Because I climaxed quickly Jan did not reach an orgasm but was sexually happy as she ground against my deflating manhood.

“Dennis, that was so good. I can’t wait to return with two loads in me and my horny husband ready to make it three and enjoy the cleanup.”

Jan observed her wet panties but decided not to change. (another lesson for Chad). After priming a little more she threw me a butterfly kiss then was gone to enjoy her upstairs adventure.


With a bottle of wine and a bowl of grapes, I entered Chad’s room. He was stretched out on the bed in his jockey shorts. The bulge between his legs was oh so inviting. My god what a hot sight. He too was visually seducing me as he checked out my transparent, teddy covered hot full titties, mound of Venus, and my barely visible cunt.

“Oh Jan, you look so delectable. I want to devour every inch of your luscious body.

After loosening up on the entire bottle of wine we were both ready for about anything

As Chad slipped off his shorts he looked so inviting with his huge staff pointing up with its pre cum covered tip. I pushed him into a chair and slowly removed my teddy and panties, straddled facing him, then slowly settled on his hot, hard cock. His shaft completely enveloped my pussy.

“My god my young stud, your cock has totally consumed my pussy and oh it feels so good.”

“Oh yes, my hot lady, I love your tight hot pussy.”

I then began to squirm and ride as he pushed up against me. Our lips found each other as my tits crushed against his chest. This felt too good but was going to end to soon. I suggested we’d better change or….

After a short period of just kissing, I detached from his well lubricated hard manhood, turned around with my back to him, found ataköy escort his cock with my hand , guided it again into my love hole and settled again on his lap. In this position there was less cock/pussy contact but still very stimulating. While bouncing up and down, I could also observe and touch his slimy hard shaft appearing and disappearing into my cunt. His hands found my large globes –feels so hot. Soon things were getting out of hand again.

I uncoupled, positioned myself at end of bed on my hands and knees and wiggled my ass suggestively.

In an instant I felt a massive cock between my ass cheeks then sliding into my pussy. Chad now was fucking me doggie style. Hands on my hips he plunged in again and again. He began breathing heavily, perspiring, and making guttural like sounds.

“Jan I can’t hold back any longer.”

“Then do it my young lover. Give me all your hot cum. I want it badly.”

With that I felt Chad tensed, tightened his hold on my hips, and with one deep thrust shot his ample load of jism deep into me. So good as I too climaxed big time.

“Oh, my darling Chad, you were wonderful. I love the thought of your cum in me and knowing there will be more.”

Lying on his back and fingering his now flaccid penis, Chad just smiled and said. “Those grapes look really good about now.”

After a little R & R, my young college student recovered quickly. Now lying side by side, he played with my nipples and oozing pussy. After his finger found my cunt’s love button, he slowly offered his gooey digit to my mouth. I licked, sucked and cooed.

Seeing his cock slowly coming alive, I took it in hand and softly massaged. It continued to grow but not fast enough so now my mouth took over. This is one of the real joys I get in lovemaking. Sucking a soft, just fucked, cum covered cock back to attention. The taste, manly smell and feel are a complete turn on at least for me.

You are unbelievable. You’re already ready for round two!”

“It’s easy with you seducing me. Just the sight of you…”

Lying on my side he cuddled up from behind. I raised one leg and felt his hard cock find my pussy. This position was intimate if not a close fit. His body pressed against my backside, I could see his expression in the mirror as he slide in and out and knew he was totally enjoying. As sexy and relaxing this was it was again time to move on.

On his back and straddling him, I lowered my cunt onto his waiting hardness. This was my favorite position being able to control the action and find that perfect spot. I plunged up and down his hard member as he reached up and massaged my ripe melons. Getting it just right, I felt an orgasm approaching.

Oh Chad, I’m cumming, you hot hunk of man. I love your long hard cock in me. Fuck me, fuck me! Oh yes, oh yes, ohh god your great, yesss!”

Totally atalar escort drained, I wanted Chad to cum too. We changed positions.

On my back and with legs invitingly open, he took one admiring glance at my over fucked swollen pussy and mounted me. His trusting and pumping became almost frantic. I arched to meet him. His cock felt so huge and hot as our bodies melted together. My legs wrapped around him trying to get as much cock as possible. We both were totally absorbed in this animal like lovemaking. Soon he tensed up.

In a shaken voice he announced “Oh my lover, I am about to cum again. Yes, oh yes, now, I’m cuming.”

I again felt another hot spurt of his jism shoot deep into my cunt. We were totally drained but so satisfied.

“Chad, you get an A+ grade for this graduate course. I want you to remember that if you ever need an refreshers please don’t hesitate.”

“Teacher, you have prepared me for just about everything but you know I’ll need an occasional refresher course.

With that we hugged, kissed again and I was off to the arms of my waiting husband.

After describing all my lovemaking with Chad, Dennis was obviously hot to go. He especially liked the part about Chad unloading in me twice. That met there were already three loads of cum waiting for his enjoyment.


After describing in detail her frolicking with Chad, Jan stood before me with her sexy teddy doing a poor job of hiding that luscious just fucked body. Standing with her legs suggestively apart, she cupped her huge melons and tongued her nipples.

“You see something you like my hot sexy husband?”

“Oh I see something I crave, but aren’t you a little worn out from all that upstairs action?”

“Are you kidding? I don’t understand why, but it seems I can never get enough.”

I held out my arms as our bodies came together. The smell of sex permeated from her. My lover’s eyes were glazed over as she reached for my hardening cock. Our lips locked and bodies melted together as one. Now I dropped to my knees for a very close up view of her tantalizing cum covered pussy. Slipping her panties down, I began licking and tasting those sex goo coverer cunt lips. The taste and feel were intoxicating As her hand encouraged me on, I was in a completely euphoric state.

Jan also sensing my growing problem, suddenly pulled away, had me spread out on the bed, straddled me and guided my pulsing cock into her waiting love tunnel. This was our favorite position. In no time with my high arousal and her insatiable appetite for a man’s cock, we both came with an explosive, fantastic climax.

Now, knowing how quickly I lose my desires after cuming, Jan quickly slid up to my face and presented her full cum covered pussy for my clean up.

“Desert time. How about cleaning me off?”

So tantalizing. The four loads of cum were finding their way down her love channel, through her pussy lips and on to my eager and waiting tongue. I have never tasted anything so good- and so much..

After, we embraced in each other’s arms tasting and enjoying the love potion Chad and I concocted. Life is good. We will miss our boarder but will also look forward to any future visits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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