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There were, she thought as her fingers tangled in his hair, acts more intimate and sensual than the feeling of him filling her. His tongue danced across her throbbing clit and her nails scratched against his scalp, pulling him into the vee of her spread thighs, begging him to taste her again. His tongue cut a swath through her wet folds, plundering her sweetness as it slid inside her. She arched her hips, driving his lips against hers. He groaned against her wet flesh and she shuddered, her legs wrapping around his shoulders. His hands slid up her torso and wrapped around her hard nipples, pinching and pulling them as his tongue ground against her. She whimpered, arching her back as she tempted him to squeeze the tips of her breasts harder. She cried out as he pulled her nipples up, dragging her tits with them. The pleasure-pain sliced through her, making her writhe against the sheets. Her nipples burned in his grasp, caught as they were between his fingers. “More,” she begged, feeling the rasp of his five o’clock shadow against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

She felt him grin against her an instant before his lips wrapped around her clit, drawing it deep into his mouth. His tongue lashed the sensitive peak as his lips suckled her. She moaned, going boneless as one of his calloused hands slid down her body. She gasped as his finger slid around the entrance to her body, spreading the moisture that he was wringing from her body. Her pussy tightened bursa escort as she shivered. It then wrapped around his finger, trying to draw it deep into her. He refused to give her what she wanted, his finger gently circling around the clenched entrance of her body. She ground her hips against his hand, trying to impale herself on his fingers. He drew back, teasing her with the tip of one. She rose up on her elbows, looking exasperatedly at the man lying between her thighs. His tongue flickered like fire across her clitoris and she fell back, boneless.

His tongue slithered into the crevice of her inner lips, sliding across his fingers as they teased her. She bucked against his lips, silently urging him to fulfill her desires. “Tell me what you want,” he demanded. She felt the rippling sensation of his lips and tongue moving against her flesh as he spoke.

“You,” she whispered, her eyes sliding down to where he lay between her spread thighs. The sight of him was erotic in itself; his tan, coppery skin a sharp contrast to her own paleness.

“Me how?” he asked, the tip of his tongue sliding across her pussy. “Tell me exactly what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

She flushed.

“Don’t be shy with me. I want to know what drives you wild. I’d crawl inside your skin if I could just to feel what you feel, to know how you react when I do this…” His tongue slid into her, finally filling the void he’d created. “Or bursa merkez escort this,” he said, drawing it back just as quickly and replacing it with two of his fingers. They dipped into her, stretching her as he worked them gently inside her. She thrashed against the sheets, her pussy milking his fingers as they pushed into her. “Tell me,” he demanded, finally giving her the full length of them with a sharp thrust.

She hesitated, shy. His fingers thrust in and out of her tightness, punctuating his demand.

“Tell me how it feels,” he growled, his tongue swiping across his fingers as they slid out of her. “I’ll tell you,” he said. “When my fingers fill you, I feel the most intense wet heat wrapping around them. Snug and slick, so hot it almost burns my skin. It makes me want to go deeper and deeper.” His lips surrounded her clit as his fingers drove into her. “And this,” he said huskily, “This is enough to drive me mad. You taste so damn good. I love to taste you and make that juicy little pussy cream all over my fingers.”

She moaned, caught in the erotic storm of his words. She caught her lip between her teeth, then whispered, “It feels good. So damn good. There’s this emptiness…” Her breath caught as his fingers drove deep into her. “Its never enough. I always want more.”

She screamed as he gave her more, his thumb easing into the tightness of her ass. The burn stole her breath. She whimpered as it was bursa sınırsız escort replaced with a sense of forbidden pleasure. His tongue lashed her clit as his fingers pumped in and out of her, filling her in every way possible. Her hips ground down against his hand, driving his fingers deeper into her. “You’re full of me,” he groaned, watching his fingers slide in and out of her. She watched him watching her. Her hands rose to her nipples and she pinched them, tweaking them between her fingers as she rode his hand. “Cum for me,” he ordered. “I want to feel your tight little pussy and ass squeezing the life out of my fingers.”

“Oh god,” she groaned, riding his fingers faster. Her hips rose and fell like a piston, taking his fingers as his tongue danced across her clit, wrapping around the little peak and sucking it into the wet heat of his mouth.

He growled against her, the vibrations racing through her flesh. “Now,” he demanded. “Give it to me now!”

She felt it all; his fingers driving into her, his tongue flickering like flame against her most sensitive flesh; the way his hips were grinding against the sateen of the sheets. The knowledge that she had driven him to the brink pushed her over the edge. She cried out, her head whipping back and forth as her hips ground against his face. She heard him groan as he spent against her sheets, although it sounded a million miles away over the roar filling her ears. “God,” she whispered.

She felt him bury his face against her hip. “You rang?” he said softly. She felt him grin against her skin as he placed a whispery kiss on her humming flesh. Her fingers tangled in his hair, stroking him. She smiled as she fell into the warm limbo between sleep and consciousness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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