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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 8 – Tying Up Loose Ends.

I woke up at 7:00 and headed downstairs to fix us something to eat before we hit the road, and Dakota came down a few minutes later after he’d noticed I wasn’t in bed with him.  As soon as we finished eating, we got dressed and headed into the city because I had a lot to do and needed to get there as early as possible. 

We went to Paul’s house first and he came to the door in his uniform.  He’d been home for less than two hours after working all night, and after we greeted him Dakota and I thanked him for everything he’d done for us.  After asking him how much he’d paid the lawyer to draw up the document that transferred custody of Dakota to me, I handed him some money. 

We talked for a little while longer, but then I had to leave because I had an appointment with the lawyer he’d recommended.  I drove directly to his office and checked in with his secretary first.  She told me to take a seat, and then I was led into his office a few minutes later. 

“Hi, I’m Murray Dann,” the lawyer stated as he offered me his hand.  “I hear you’re a friend of Paul Marshall.” 

“Yes, we’ve been friends since grade school,” I answered as we shook hands.

“He’s a good guy and I was happy to help him with this.  I understand you’re the person we assisted in gaining custody of the minor.” 

“Yes, I’m a psychologist and Paul felt I’d be able to deal with the issues the young man was struggling with.” 

“Well Paul spoke very highly of you and asked me to do whatever I could to assist you.” 

“I appreciate that, because there is something else I would like to run by you.  This boy told me there are other boys he knows who are in similar circumstances and he wants me to help them as well.  Paul thought it would be a good idea if I talked to you about this before I got involved with it, because he felt you could suggest something that would protect me legally.  Do you have any suggestions?” 

“First, you need to tell me exactly what you have in mind?”

“Paul suggested that I should open a residential treatment center to deal with these other boys, because that way he would be able to get them assigned there.” 

“Yes, I could help you with something like that, but I may have to contact someone else to assist me, since it isn’t my primary area of the law.  From what I remember from law school, after you choose a name for your business, you’ll have to file Articles of Organization, create an LLC Operating Agreement, and then get the appropriate licenses and permits next.  That would shield you from individual responsibility for any debts incurred by the business.  Once you’re established, Paul and the other police officers will be able to have the various youths assigned to the center for treatment.” 

“Great!  Will you need a retainer?” 

“Yes,” and he told me the amount, so I immediately wrote him a check.

“So what do I have to do now?”

“I’ll have my secretary print out some forms for you to sign, and then I’ll fill them out and submit them for you.”

“That’s terrific and I don’t care what it costs.  I’ll even pay extra for you to expedite the process, because I want to get those boys off the street as soon as possible.”

“I’ll do the best I can.”

He then called his secretary and told her what he needed, and as soon as she brought the forms in to Murray’s office, I signed them.  Murray said he would get started on this and submit the forms just as soon as I let him know what I was going to name the business.  I told him I’d have to get back to him about that, and then I shook his hand again and we parted ways.  As soon as I left there, I drove back to Paul’s house. 

“How did you make out?”

“He gave me the paperwork so I’ll be able to prove I have custody of Dakota, and he also talked about a way I’d be able to take in the other boys as well.  He said I’ll need to organize the residential center as an LLC and then he had me sign some papers to get it started.” 

“What’s an LLC?” Dakota demanded. 

“It stands for Limited Liability Corporation, and it will prevent me from being held personally liable for any debts arising from the business.  It will also allow me to help the other boys legally.”

“Great.  Do you need me to go with you to find them now?” 

“Not yet.  It will take a while for the lawyer to set this up, and I’ll need to decide on a name for the residential center first, before he can do anything.” 

“Oh,” he sounded and looked disappointed. 

We stayed and chatted with Paul for little while longer, but I kept my eye on the time because there was another appointment we had to get to.  When it neared the scheduled time, we said goodbye to Paul and then Dakota and I thanked him again before we got back in the SUV. 

“Where are we goin’ now?”

“I’m taking you to see a doctor that I go to, and he’s going to give you a physical and test you for sexually transmitted diseases.” 

“Why’s he gonna do that.  I was careful when I had sex.” 

“That may be, but accidents can still happen and I want to make sure you’re safe.  In fact, I had wanted you to have this done before we had intercourse.” 

“So does that mean you’re mad at me cuz of what I did last night?”

“Not exactly mad, but I am disappointed.  I told you that I wanted to wait, but you went ahead and did it anyway, even knowing lara türbanlı escort how I felt.  Basically what you did is the same thing as raping me.” 

“Nah it wasn’t, cuz you were in me.  I wasn’t fuckin’ you.” 

“No, you weren’t, but you still forced me into having sex after I told you ‘no’ and that’s the same thing as rape.”

He suddenly looked shocked and totally panicked.  “You’re not gonna have me arrested, are you?”

“No, but I still want the doctor to check you out.”

“K, just don’t be mad at me.  I’m sorry I did that, but I really just wanted to feel you inside me and it was terrific.” 

“I’ll agree with you about that, because it was great, but you still did it against my will.”

“I won’t ever do that again.” 

“I certainly hope not.” 

When we got to the doctor’s office we checked in and filled out some paperwork first, and then we waited to be called.  Eventually a nurse came out to the waiting room and called Dakota’s name, so he got up, but then he stopped. 

“Aren’t you comin’ with me?”

“I can if you want, but I thought you might like to do this alone.  The doctor is going to ask you a lot of very personal questions and I wasn’t sure if you’d want me in there when he did that.” 

“Yeah, I still want you to come with me, cuz you already know ‘bout all of that stuff.” 

“Ok, as long as it’s what you want.” 

We followed the nurse back to the examination area and she weighed and measured Dakota first, before taking his blood pressure.  We were then led to an individual room where we waited for the doctor.  When Dr. Arpante entered, he walked over to me and extended his hand. 

“Eric, it’s nice to see you again.” 

“Thanks, Doc, and it’s nice to see you as well.” 

“What do we have here?”

“I have custody of this young man and I wanted you to give him a complete physical and run a full battery of STD tests on him.” 

“Ah, I see,” he said before turning to face Dakota.  “I take it you’ve been having sex…” he paused until he looked at the information sheet in the folder, “…Dakota?” 

“Yeah, I was livin’ on the street and had to do it for money, but I was always careful.  I made the guys wear rubbers if they wanted to fuck me.” 

“I see, so how many times are you talking about?” 

“I had sex with a bunch of boys when I was livin’ at home, and then I started havin’ sex with men after I ran away.  I guess maybe there were twenty or thirty guys after I started doin’ that.” 

“I see,” the doctor said as he glanced over at me.  “Why don’t you strip down to your underwear while Eric and I step into the corridor to talk?  I’ll examine you when I come back in.” 

As soon as we had left the room and shut the door behind us, Dr. Arpante turned and looked at me again.  “I take it you knew about this and it’s why you brought him to see me?” 

“Yes, and he’s not a bad kid and only did it to survive.  He had a really bad home situation and ended up running away.” 

“Ok, do you want to be in there when I examine him?”

“He asked me to come back here with him, so I think he wants me in there when you do this.” 

“Ok, then let’s go back inside.” 

When we went into the room, Dakota was sitting on the examination table in just a pair of boxer briefs.  He seemed to like them the best, since I wore them too, and I believe it made him feel as if we had another connection.  Dr. Arpante began the examination and listened to Dakota’s heart and lungs first, before checking his eyes, ears, and nose.  He also tested his reflexes and examined his skin, and then he asked Dakota to stand up and drop his briefs. 

“I hope you don’t mind doing this in front of Eric too?” 

“Nah, it’s ok.  I’m cool with him.”

The doctor then checked him for a hernia and examined his penis and pubic area for the usual signs of problems, and then he had him bend over the examination table so he could check his rectum next. 
The doctor put on a rubber glove first and added some lube to it, and then he fingered his hole after examining it for tears and bruising.  When he was done, he told Dakota he could get dressed again. 

“Everything looks fine, but I’ll send a nurse back here in a couple of minutes to draw some blood.  We’ll test it for everything and someone will get in touch with you just as soon as we know the results.” 

“Thanks, Doc.  I appreciate your help.” 

I shook his hand again before he left, and then we waited for the nurse to show up.  She knocked on the door before entering, and then she drew several vials of blood for testing purposes.  When she finished, we walked out to the front desk so I could pay the office visit.  Even though I’d called to add Dakota to my insurance policy as soon as Paul told me I had custody, it would take time for the change to go into effect, so I had to pay the bill. 

When we left the doctor’s office I headed home, and during the ride Dakota filled me in about the time he spent with Paul.  “He was askin’ me how I was doin’, and then he asked me if we was havin’ sex.” 

“What did you tell him?” 

“I think he already knew we were, so I just told him we’d blown each other.”

“Ok, that works.” 

“I was shocked when he said I must have enjoyed it cuz you give great blow jobs.  When he saw that I was shocked by what he said, he told me he knew it cuz you used to give him blow jobs when he was younger.  I thought you said he was straight?” 

“He is, but when he was in high school the girls wanted to get to know him first, before they let him into their panties, so I took care of him when they wouldn’t.” 

“So he didn’t do nothin’ to you?” 

“Let me put it this way.  I would suck him off when he was desperate, and then he’d jack me off.  So what else did you two talk about?”  lara ucuz escort

“I told him about the other boys I was hopin’ you’d let come live with us.” 

“And what did he say about that?” 

“He said to let him know if we needed his help to do that.” 

“Yeah, he’s a good guy.” 

Now that he’d finished telling me this, Dakota turned on the radio and listened to it while I was lost in thought.  About ten minutes later I had an idea and wanted to tell Dakota about it.

“I’ve got it,” I announced.  I guess I’d said this so loudly that it momentarily scared the poor kid. 

“Damn it, you almost made me crap my pants,” he informed me while trying to calm himself down. 

“I’m sorry about that, but I just thought of something.  You said we needed a name for what we were going to do to help the other boys, so what if we call it ‘Operation Angle Rescue’?”

“It sounds ok, but none of us are exactly angels.”

“I understand, but it’s the term some people use to refer to young people who are living on the street and end up having sex to make enough money to survive.”

“Well, I guess it would fit us then, so let’s use that name.  I kind of like the way it sounds.”

“And I like the way my angel looks.”  My comment made him blush a bit, and then we went on to discuss more of the details about what we were going to do.  “I’ll call the business ‘Angel House Rehabilitation Center’.  How does that sound?” 

“It sounds good and I like that too.”

“Great, then I’ll call the lawyer back to let him know how to fill out the forms.”

When we reached the house we had a late lunch, and while we were eating Dakota told me everything he knew about the three younger boys.  “I’m glad you don’t want Isaac and Chuck to come live with us, cuz I think they’d give you problems.” 

“That’s what I thought too, and having three more boys will be plenty.  We’ll also have enough bedrooms for everyone that way.” 

“But I don’t need mine.” 

“I still want you to have one, because I’m not sure you should be sleeping with me until after they’ve been with us for a while.” 

“Why not?  They won’t care.  They’ve slept with guys too.” 

“But I’m going to be a surrogate father to all of you, so maybe it’s not a good idea to continue doing that.”

“Then maybe we shouldn’t bring the other guys here.” 

“So you no longer want to help your friends because it might be inconvenient for you?  That’s kind of selfish.”

“But I like it the way it is.” 

“I know, and we might be able to go back to doing it again later, but I think we should hold off until they get settled in.  If they see that you are sleeping with me, they might think they have to do it as well.” 

“So you mean if they think I’m sleepin’ with you that it will make them feel like they gotta have sex with you too?”

“Yes, I do, and I’m sure that’s not what you want.  I also don’t think you’d be able to live with yourself if you leave them out on the street struggling to survive, especially if something were to happen to one of them.  You were lucky and got out of having to do that, and I believe you’d like to see them being able to stop doing it as well.” 

“Yeah, it’s why I told you ‘bout them, but I didn’t know it would change everything for me.” 

“Aren’t you willing to make a little sacrifice to help them?  It will only be temporary.” 

He looked down at the floor for a few seconds before he answered.  “Yeah, ok, I guess we should still do it, cuz I don’t want them havin’ to live like that any more.”

“Ok, then I’ll call the lawyer and tell him the name we’ve chosen, and as soon as he let’s us know that everything is set up we’ll go looking for the three younger boys.” 

“K, that will be good and we’ll have time to still do stuff before they get here.” 

When we finished our discussion, Dakota went to see what was on TV and I called the lawyer to tell him what we’d decided to call the rehabilitation center.  He was amused with the name and said he’d use it on the paperwork, and then he’d call me back as soon as everything was finalized.  I felt we’d made a good start and hoped I was doing the right thing, especially after the way Dakota had reacted when we arrived home earlier. 

After dinner I offered to watch a movie with him and wrapped my arm around his body to reassure him that nothing had changed.  Even if we took the other boys in, I wanted him to realize that I’d still feel the same way about him.  We might have to change our habits for a brief time until the others became more comfortable living here, and he seemed to instinctively know why I was doing this.  We spent a very enjoyable and pleasant evening together. 

When we went upstairs to shower and get ready for bed, Dakota asked me a question.  “Can I shower with you again?”

“Wow, you’re asking me now?  You generally just barge your way in.” 

“I didn’t really barge in, but after what I did last night I thought I’d better start askin’ you ‘bout things first.” 

“I appreciate that, and yes, you may shower with me.” 

He hugged me around the waist as we walked to my bedroom, and then we both stripped before heading into the bathroom.  As soon as I’d adjusted the water, we stepped inside and I washed him with as much love and tenderness that I felt in my heart for him.  When I finished, he did the same to me, and then we dried off and headed to the bedroom. 

“Will you make love to me again?” 

“Normally I would say no to teach you a lesson about what you did last night, but you seem to have learned from it so I’m willing to put it behind us for now.” 

“So you’ll do it then?” 

“Yes, but tonight I’ll do more than just having sex with you.  You’re already naked so I won’t be able to undress you, but I can still do everything üniversiteli escort else.” 

I picked him up, carried him to the bed, and laid him upon the mattress.  I then began to kiss him, not only on the mouth but all over his face, and I even nibbled on his ears briefly.  As soon as I finished doing that, I moved down to his neck and kissed, nibbled, and sucked on every inch of flesh from one side of his head to the other before I moved even lower.  I kissed my way to the center of his chest and teased one of his nipples with my tongue, and then I suckled on it briefly before moving over to the other one.  Dakota was squirming and sighing as I was doing this, and then I began to slide lower as I worked my way down to his navel. 

It was a cute innie bellybutton and I explored it with my tongue, and this caused him to squirm even more and giggle.  Once he got himself under control again, I worked my way down to the piece de resistance, his boyish penis.  It was already fully erect, most likely due to my other ministrations, but I attacked his scrotum next.  I ran my tongue over the delicate skin and then I took one of his testicles into my mouth and manipulated gently and playfully with my tongue.  After I did that for a brief time, I released it and repeated the same actions with the other one before taking them both into my mouth.  He was moaning the entire time and I glanced up to see his head lolling from side to side in pure delight. 

When I released his delicate pouch from between my lips, I began to lick my way up his throbbing erection.  It was leaking by the time I reached the glans and I gave it a quick swipe with my tongue so I’d be able to enjoy the sweet nectar of his youth.  His body jerked, spasmed, and trembled when I did it, and after I’d run my tongue around the crown a couple of times, I lowered my head and enveloped his penis down to the root.  I heard him groan when I had it entirely in my mouth, and then I bobbed up and down on it for a couple of minutes. 

I didn’t want him to cum just yet, because the previous night he proved to me that he could orgasm when my penis was sliding in and out of his backside and stroking his prostate.  I wanted to see if it would happen again, so when I pulled off of his boyhood I lifted his legs and pushed them back to his chest so I could attack his winking portal of love next.  I licked all around it first, and then gently nudged it with my tongue until I’d gained entrance.  As I flicked my tongue in and out of the resilient ring, Dakota was cooing in pleasure. 

After doing this for a few minutes, I crawled into position behind him and quickly coated his opening and my erection with some lube.  When we were sufficiently primed, I tenderly pushed my way inside while kissing him at the same time.  I felt little resistance as I slid into him, and he was aggressively and passionately attacking my mouth at the same time.  As our tongues did a delicate ballet with one another, I fell into a nice, steady rhythm and attempted to angle my erection so it would graze his prostate as often as possible. 

Dakota was really getting into this and thrusting his butt to meet my every inward thrust, and he had his arms around my neck and was nearly pulling my face into his mouth as he kissed me.  Eventually we broke the kiss, because he was becoming hot and bothered by the action and had begun to moan as his face glowed with pure erotic enjoyment.  I gradually increased my pace, but kept the strokes long and steady, and I could tell he was getting close.  His body was squirming below me as the sensations coursed through his slender frame, and then I saw his stomach muscles tighten just before his anal muscles clamped down on my penis.  A few seconds later his dick began jettisoning multiple ribbons of his alabaster cream. 

As the strands of cum landed on his body, from his chest down to pubic patch, his anal contractions also brought me to the brink and I began flooding his intestines with my seed.  My body shuddered in extreme sexual satisfaction with each pulse that released my semen, and after firing off several volleys I fell exhausted upon his chest.  I made sure my full weight didn’t land on his body and used my arms to keep from crushing him, and then I began to kiss his mouth again. 

We did that for a few more minutes before we pulled apart, and once again we were both covered in his ejaculate since our bodies had been pressed together while we were making out. 

“I guess we need to take another shower,” I stated, but then I noticed that Dakota was still lost in a post-orgasmic fog.  I waited until he had recovered and then told him again.

“Yeah, ok, and that was even better than yesterday,” he responded somewhat breathlessly.  “Now, I know what you meant when you told me there was a difference between havin’ sex and makin’ love.” 

“Good and I hope you liked this better.” 

“Fuckin’ A I did.” 

After we showered for the second time, we hopped into bed and I held my baby in my arms as we fell asleep.  Before I dozed off I had an unusual thought.  This was almost like our honeymoon night, because it was the first time I’d actually made love to him without being hoodwinked into doing it, and it was absolutely incredible.



                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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