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“Oops, Sorry,” Dean Flashes Wife

Kim gives her husband’s three friends a masturbation show that they’ll never soon forget.

Having a good time with herself as if she was there alone even though she knew she wasn’t, with one hand on her breast fondling her big tit, her fingers fingered her nipple. Her other hand lay poised and positioned between her legs while her fingers worked their magic fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. No doubt having seen enough of this sexy show to know that the jig was up and that Kim knew they were all out on the back deck, going for broke, Dean slid open the sliding glass door that led into his bedroom from the back deck. With his three friends watching Kim’s live sex show over his shoulder, they politely waited for permission to enter Kim’s bedroom.

Obviously, telling by the bedroom light still being on, Kim knew that her husband was there with his three friends watching her masturbating herself. Obviously waiting for her expressed invitation, he stood there watching his wife for a second as if to see if he had her permission to ask his friends inside. Kim nodded him her permission for his friends to watch her pleasure herself. Hard to even imagine herself getting naked in front of his friends, here she was masturbating herself in front of his friends. The flashing that her husband wanted her to do was escalating so fast, too fast, into real sex.

“They can watch,” she said giving the men her sexiest look. “But they can’t touch,” she said making a frown while shaking her head no.

“You heard my wife,” said Dean to his friends. “You can look all you want but no touching.”

* * * * *

As if they were a bunch of horny, drunks watching a live sex show in Tijuana, Mexico or sequestered in the back VIP room of a strip club, they piled in her bedroom to stand by her bed while watching Kim masturbate herself. With cocks in hand and all eyes upon her, Bob, Jim, and Michael slowly masturbated themselves to not only Kim’s shapely, naked body but also to her touching herself while her husband, Dean, masturbated to the men masturbating over his naked wife. A sexy show of masturbation, four men stroking their cocks was no match for one beautiful, sexy woman fingering her pussy while fondling her tits.

She looked up at them and smiled. Spreading her legs wider, she made sure that the men had a good look at her pussy. Moving her hand away for a moment, she pulled up her pussy lips to show them how glistening wet she was inside. As if turning on a motorized switch, the men masturbated faster while staring at her naked, exposed pussy.

“Do you like what you see?”

She looked from Bob to Jim and Jim to Michael while waiting for any of them to acknowledge her question with their response. With her knees now up and her long, shapely legs spread wide open while exposing a lot of glistening pink, Kim looked from Michael to Jim and back to Bob. Instead of showing them a face full of contempt and disgust which is what she usually shows when asked by her husband to flash his friends her panties, bra, and cleavage, she looked at them with joyous sexual excitement. With the look of sex all over her pretty face, she looked at them with lust while they looked at her with perversity and depravity.

“Tell me,” she said breathlessly when no one responded to her question. She spread her legs further apart while rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy with one hand and fondling her big breast and tugging at her nipple with her other hand. No doubt, something they all wished they could do, touch her, feel her, and fondle her while she stroked them, seemingly it was enough for the three men just to watch her sexy masturbation show. “Do you like what you see?”

Kim stuck her finger in her pussy deeper while rubbing her clit with her other finger with a little more pressure while feeling and fondling her breasts with her other hand. Teasing the men by running her tongue across her lips while staring at their cocks hidden in their hands as they stroked themselves to harder erections, she moved her finger from her pussy to take it to her mouth. Licking and sucking her finger while showing them a lot of tongue as if she was licking and sucking one of their exposed pricks, she stared up at them with her big, blue eyes while giving them a sexy show of her sucking skills. As if she was really getting into sucking their cocks, while sucking her finger, she tossed by her long, blonde hair back with a flip of her pretty head. Teasing them more while sucking her finger, she made all of those cock sucking sounds that all men love to hear to know that the women is enjoying sucking their cock as much as they’re enjoying having their cock sucked.

“Yes,” said Bob finally responding to her unanswered question while pushing back his brown hair in obvious sexual frustration.

He stared at her with his eyes bulging out of his head as if he was a blind man or a man with a thyroid condition who had little control of his eyes. He erected Escort kolej himself to his full 5’9″ height while staring at all that Kim was showing and all that he was seeing while slowly stroking himself.

“I love what I see,” said Jim with his big, brown eyes staring at Kim’s naked body while he continued stroking himself.

“You have an unbelievable body Kim,” said Michael continuing to stroke himself while staring at her as if he wanted to touch her and feel her where no friend should ever touch and feel the wife of his best friend.

Staring at what she could see of their pricks, she looked from Bob to Jim and to Michael.

“Take off your pants. I can’t see your cocks well enough with them hidden in your hands. Show me your cocks. Being that the only cock I’ve seen for the past ten years is my husband’s cock, I want to see your cocks,” she said staring at the men’s pricks. “That’s right take off your pants and underwear. Show me your pricks.”

As if she was their incestuous mother and they were her incestuous sons, obediently, the three men quickly stripped out of their clothes. Then, standing before her naked as if they were waiting to be examined in an army hospital or a prison lineup, they stood before Kim with their arms by their sides and their cocks sticking straight out. With all three men having erections, Kim looked from Bob’s cock to Jim’s cock and to Michael’s cock. If it wasn’t bold enough that she stripped herself naked when she obviously knew that the men were out on her back porch watching her, she took her sexy show a step further by masturbating herself while they watched. Now going beyond where, no doubt, her husband thought she’d go, she was ready to take the next step into debauchery.

* * * * *

“May I?” She looked to her husband before looking at the three men.

“Sure,” said Dean shrugging a sexually excited nod before showing his feigned disinterest.

Acting lackadaisical as if it was no big deal, his friends seeing his wife naked was his sexual fantasy come true. With Kim taking it a step further, her masturbating herself while they watched was a bonus that he’d never dare ask her to do. A sexy, sexual display that he’ll no doubt never forget, they’ll be having plenty of pillow talk later about this episode of exhibitionism, voyeurism, and masturbation, that’s for sure.

Since the first time he’s had her show up skirts of her panties and down blouses of her cleavage and bra, proud of her beautiful body, he’s always wanted to show his naked wife to his friends. Only and obviously, he never thought that his wife would ever go along with stripping herself naked in front of his friends. Moreover, obviously, he never thought that this naked night would lead to Kim masturbating herself on her bed and in front of his friends. Obviously, he never thought that she’d allow his friends to stand naked in front of her, especially while holding their cocks in their horny hands and stroking themselves. Obviously, his sexual fantasy finally coming true, he never thought that Kimmie would ask to feel and fondle his friend’s erect pricks.

Following her lead, no doubt, he never thought that he’d be bold enough to step in his wife’s bedroom with his three horny friends in tow. Yet with her naked and on the bed masturbating herself, evidentially he knew his wife well enough to know that she was ready to take the next step into swinging. Obviously knowing what a reluctant flasher his wife has been and expressly telling him that she’d never want to be seen naked in front of his friends, here she was not only naked but also masturbating herself in front of his friends while checking out their cocks. Perhaps the next step would be her having sex with his friends. Perhaps the next step as a married couple is participating in the swinging lifestyle with other swingers.

Devoid of shame, not acting shy, modest, or even embarrassed, here she was naked and masturbating herself while staring at his naked friends’ dicks. Now, instead of acting like the good wife she’s always been, she’s acting like the bad wife that her husband always obviously wished she was and wanted her to be. No doubt adding to his sexual excitement, seemingly if judging her by her focused stare at their exposed dicks, she was willingly ready to touch, fondle, and stroke their exposed cocks. If he was to verbalize what he was thinking, without doubt, he’d verbalize his curiosity in how far his wife was willing to go with his friends.

“I like pricks. Seeing a man’s erect prick makes me horny and wet,” she said rubbing her pussy while speaking in her soft, sexy voice, a voice that would make a man do anything she asked. “Seeing a man’s erect prick makes my nipples hard,” she said fingering her nipples. “See? Look how hard my nipples get,” she said squeezing them. “Look how big my nipples get,” she said pulling them.

Unmercifully teasing them, she looked from watching herself playing with her nipples to look up at the men stroking their sihhiye escort cocks.

“You have big nipples,” said Bob.

“I’d sure love to suck your nipples,” said Jim.

“No touching,” warned Dean as if he was the Lord of the Manor protecting his wench.

“I wish my wife had your body Kim,” said Michael. “If she did, I wouldn’t be here masturbating myself,” he said with a laugh. “I’d be home sucking her tits in the way I wish that I could suck your big tits.”

“They’ll be no sucking my wife’s tits. Not today anyway,” said Dean.

He looked at Kim to see, obviously, if she was going to change her mind about being touched. No doubt, he’d love to watch his friends touch, feel, and fondle his wife. No doubt, he’d love to watch Kimmie pull a train while he watched from his comfortable caboose of a chair in the corner of their bedroom.

“I don’t see enough pricks. Pricks, pricks, pricks,” she said breathlessly. “Every time they show a nude scene in a movie, it’s always of a woman’s tits, ass, and pussy. When they show a man, they only show his ass. Why is that?”

She looked from Bob, to Jim, and to Michael.

“We still live in a Puritanical society filled with modesty and shame and driven by guilt and remorse,” said Bob showing his big brain.

“Yeah, what he just said,” said Jim. “I agree with whatever Bob said about Hollywood not showing a man’s package.”

“I like holding a hard cock in my hand,” she said. “It’s so oxymoronic how something that feels so soft can feel so hard at the same time,” she said looking up at her husband before looking up at Bob. “May I feel your prick Bob?”

* * * * *

“Absolutely,” said Bob taking a step forward for Kim to reach up her hand and wrap her fingers around his cock while looking up at him as if she was about to take his cock in her mouth to suck him.

Fondling the head of his erect prick with her fingertips, she slowly stroked him while staring up at him and while rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Then, as if he was on top of her and inside of her fucking her, she closed her eyes to stroke Bob’s cock a little faster.

“Your cock feels so good in my hand. You have a nice cock Bob,” she said looking up at him. “Thank you for allowing me to feel your cock.”

“Thank you. You have a beautiful body Kim,” said Bob stepping back as if he was a contestant on a naked game show in Japan.

As soon as she let go of Bob’s cock and as soon as Bob took a step back, she looked to Jim.

Instead of being spur of the moment, the sequence of her asking their permission to feel their cocks seemed so staged and rehearsed. Only, just as Kim had no intention of stripping naked and giving the men a masturbation show, she had no intention of asking their permission to feel their cocks either. It just happened.

“May I feel your prick Jim?”

“Yes, of course, you may,” said Jim taking a step forward with a big shit eating grin on his face.

Kim reached for her vibrator with one hand while reaching for Jim’s prick with her other hand. In the way that she just did with Bob, she wrapped her fingers around Jim’s prick and slowly stroked him while pleasuring herself with her vibrator. She looked up at Jim while stroking him faster.

“I like your prick Jim,” she said letting go of his prick. “You have a nice, hard cock,” she said slowly enunciating her words.

Giving him a sexy look, she looked at Jim as if she wanted to kiss him before taking his prick in her mouth. So sexually aroused, if any of the three men made their sexual move on her now, with her there naked and her legs spread wide open, she didn’t think she’d say no to sucking and fucking them. Men are so dumb. Sometimes, even with a naked woman there masturbating herself, they still needed to be hit over the head with a baseball bat for them to realize that she wanted them as much as they wanted her. Only, she wasn’t about to do all of the heavy lifting. With her already there naked and masturbating herself in front of them, it was up to the men to make the next move.

“I love your big tits Kim,” said Jim staring at Kim’s naked tits before taking a step back.

If only he had the courage to touch and feel her tits while fingering her pussy, he should be taking a step forward instead of back. Instead of filling Kim’s hand with his cock, he should be filling her mouth and/or pussy with his stiff prick. Yet, perhaps because Dean was in the room with them, they were all acting so respectful of her even though she was acting like the whore that she obviously has become and now is. Besides, she was the one who had made the rules by telling them that they could look but they couldn’t touch. If she hadn’t set those boundaries, they’d be all over her naked body, touching her, feeling her, groping her, and fondling her, before licking her and fucking her while forcing her to suck them.

“Thank you. I love my big tits too,” she said lifting up one of her breasts to fondle sincan escort bayan and finger her nipple before raising her breast higher and lifting her head forward to suck her nipple. First one and then the other, back and forth, she fingered her nipples with one hand while sucking them and playing with her pussy with her other hand. Adept at pleasuring herself, she was putting on quite the masturbation show.

All three men stroked themselves faster to Kim sucking her nipple while Dean stroked himself faster as his reaction to his friends masturbating themselves over his naked wife masturbating herself while sucking her breasts. Not nearly done with her masturbation show, not even close, Kim picked up her dildo. With a look of sexual excitement on her face, she stared up at all three men and let out a sound of sexual excitement as she slowly inserted the dildo deeper and deeper in her wet cunt. The sucking sound of her inserting her dildo deep in her pussy and her pulling it out was reminiscent of women wrestling in a tub of deep mud while stripping off one another’s clothes. No doubt, every man there wished he could mimic that sound by pushing his cock in and out of her pussy.

Giving them a sexy masturbation show they’d never soon forget, she slowly moved her dildo in, out, and all around as if her dildo was their cocks going in, out, and all around her pussy. With her obviously teasing them, any other man would have mounted her by now and given her what she really wants, a hard cock in her mouth before inserting themselves in her pussy. Any other man would have made her his bitch but these men were her husband’s best friends. Obviously not wanting to ruin their friendship for the sake of having sex with their best friend’s wife, they seemed grateful that they were given this much sexual excitement with her striptease masturbation show.

“May I hold your cock in my hand Michael?”

She stared up at Michael before staring down at his engorged prick. The best looking one of the bunch, he looked like a tall Robert Redford with his long, blonde hair and his big, blue eyes.

“Yes,” said Michael stepping forward.

With her vibrator on high and making a high pitch sound as if he was a mini drone working at the mouth of a tunnel, Kim reached out her hand to hold Michael’s prick. She fondled the head of his cock while stroking him before reaching down to cup his balls in her hand. Obviously enjoying her cupping his testicles, he gasped when she did that. Then with him obviously getting more sexually excited with her touching, feeling, and fondling his prick, she wrapped her fingers around his big, hard prick and stroked him faster than she stroked Bob and Jim.

“You have a big, hard cock Michael,” she said letting him go of him. Then, she said something that would not only shock the three men but also shock her husband too. “You have a beautiful cock,” she said staring at his prick as if she was about to take it past her lips.

As if she wanted him to cum, she stroked him fast enough for him to cum. With him so close to her and with his cock aimed as her face, if he ejaculated now, he’d ejaculate all over her face. If he ejaculated now, he surely give her a cum bath. Then, as if she had an epiphany, her face was filled with sexual enlightenment.

“Thank you,” said Michael. “You’re so hot Kim. I wish you were my wife,” he said looking from Kim to look at Dean before looking back at Kim and taking a step back when she released his cock.

“I need a favor,” she said.

* * * * *

“What? Anything,” said Bob.

“You just name it Kim and it’s done,” said Jim.

At that point, with them eating out of her hand, those men would have agreed to anything.

“What’s your favor?” Michael stared at Kim pleasuring herself with her vibrator again.

The light buzzing sound of her purple bunny seemingly added another dimension to the men’s sexual excitement.

“Well,” she said shyly and pausing to put a finger to her full, red lips. “I need for you three men to masturbate yourself while my husband watches you,” said Kim looking over at Dean and smiling. “Obviously by the sexy look on his face, he likes watching you masturbating over me. You make him realize how lucky he is to have sex with someone like me,” she said immorally and immodestly with a sexy laugh.

“Sure,” said Bob.

“I can do that,” said Jim.

“No problem,” said Michael.

The three men masturbated themselves as if they were in a masturbation contest with the first man cumming wins.

“Yet, more than that,” she said. “Come closer. I want to watch you cum. Then, when you cum, I want you to all cum on me,” she said with a naughty, little laugh. “I want you to give me a cum bath. I don’t care if you cum on my pussy, on my stomach, on my tits, on my face, or in my open mouth, so long as you give me a cum bath. Being that I never had a cum bath before, I want one now. Having men giving me a cum bath has always been my secret, sexual fantasy. If you don’t mind, I want the three of you to give me a cum bath,” she said again.

“If I don’t mind? What man in their right mind would mind giving you a cum bath,” he said with a laugh. “I’d love to give you a cum bath,” said Bob. “I’d be honored as I’d be thrilled to cum all over you Kim.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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