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For you my pretty doe brown eyed girl ‚

A fantasy

So darling I often imagine us having sex and how it would feel. So here is a quickie.

I fly over after spending time talking to you online, we arrange to meet at your place, I knock at your door nervous but eager to meet you, I’m in a suit and tie, I wait, my heart beating faster .you open the door and I am staggered , your smile, your eyes I can’t help but to glance over you, taking you in, you invite me inside and offer a drink, Oh Sophie I say, thank you, we sit on your couch, gazing , looking into each others eyes then it happens, we both move our heads together, our lips connect and WOWWWWWWW, the feeling is just like my first kiss, so electrifying, so so so right, we could not stop kissing, our tongues exploring, lips meeting.

We break our eyes taking each other in, then I reach for you to kiss again , pushing you under me as I go on top, our clothes annoyingly in the way, my strong older frame over you, kissing, feeling, halkalı escort exploring, my hands roaming up and down you, I feel your hands on my ass, pushing me against you.

My eager hands start moving up your top, finding your breasts, caressing them as your hand slips in the back of my pants, my leg between your thighs, grinding against you we break off.

You slip your top over your head revealing your breasts to me, I lower my head down to take one than the other, in my mouth, suckling and teasing your nipples, popping them in and out of my mouth, we both moan, as I kiss down to your tummy.

We stop again I rip my shirt off, and pull my pants down so just in my boxers, you smile as your skirt comes of, “David” you say, I lower my head pinning you against the couch on your back as I kiss your inner thighs, kissing up my hands on you as I kiss your panties oh FUCKKKKKKKK

My kisses planting over your panties taksim escort as I pull them to the side, seeing your pussy I can’t help but to take a long lick up your labia, tasting your juices, my tongue dipping up to your clit as I look up to your face. my fingers caressing as I start to kiss your clit, two fingers slipping inside your pussy, sliding in deep, knowing my hard experienced older cock will soon be inside of you, taking you in my hungry desire.

I kiss, lick, finger your little hot pussy over and over until you are crying out in pleasure your sweet juices on my face and fingers, I move up to kiss you, to share your juices with you, we kiss sharing your juices. I stand as you get on your knees and with a soft touch you lower my boxers, my cock pops out fast as you hold the shaft and kiss the tip, rolling your tongue around my rim, teasing dipping it in my piss slit, before taking it deeper, bobbing your head, looking up at me, as I moan loud, şişli escort your head bobbing taking me to heaven before you stop and lead me to your bed.

You lay down legs open, ready and beckon me, I move to you, over you, upon you, we kiss again, my cock brushes your inner thighs than against your pussy, bumping sliding on your lips, pre cum dripping copiously on your labia, with a cry I push the tip in, feeling your pussy grip the tip, welcome me as we both moan, as we both start making love, tender love, my strokes start getting deeper, our kisses wild, as we start to fuck harder, faster, my cock bumping your womb, oh fuckkkkkkkk I moan as I near , you are moaning giving little squeaks of please, crashing into your womb, you reach your moment soaking my cock, with your juices even your piss, all over my thick older cock, this sets me off as I growl in my throat as I start letting lose my cum, all inside you, cumming deep, my cum splashing as I pull out, stand up as you move of your bed to kneel for my piss, Open wide I say, you open your mouth ready for my piss, as I start pissing in your beautiful mouth, you lap my stream as it pours out over your tongue., I raise my cock up, my pissing hitting your face, landing all over you, my cock stays hard as we both smile at each other.

Thank you for reading my first story here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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