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A STORY BY THE BRAT       One Sunday Afternoon A Small Tails Story About Brandon Case           (b/M, oral, anal)

DISCLAIMER: This work of fiction contains explicit material intended for adults over 18. If you are under 18 or are offended by non-traditional sex, or sex between minors, do not continue. If reading this type of material is illegal in your location, proceed at your own risk. This work is the sole property of the author and may not be reposted or reproduce without the author”s written permission. This is a work of fiction. If any characters resemble the living or dead, or events are similar to actual events, it is purely coincidental.

Please contact the author via email, or visit the online forum to learn more about these stories and particiate in reader discussions with the author. I would love to hear from you!



After a heelflip, I ollie up onto the step and grind a good three feet before I step off and stomp on the tail of my skateboard and catch the front trunk. I perch myself in front of the library, right where I said I”d be. Not too many of my friends come to the library on a Sunday afternoon, so I”m not too concerned about anyone seeing me here. At least not anyone I wouldn”t want to know what I”m up to.

I mean, I don”t think it is all that bad. Really, it”s no one”s business but my own. But you know how people talk and I don”t think my parents would like it too much. And don”t you judge me either. I don”t do it for the money — it”s just a nice perk. That”s how I could afford this cool hat and my new kicks. They”re real leather too.

No, I do I because I like it. I”m not gay or anything like that. I”ve still got my eye on Kristin Sullivan. She is so fine. She”s even getting boobs already. Damn, I”ve got a boner already just telling you about her. But I like sex and girls my age aren”t putting out. There”s nothing like an earth-shattering, body shuddering orgasm, even if mine are still dry. And there”s nothing like a man crawling between my legs and shoving his big, hard… Oh, he”s here. Wow, that”s a nice Jaguar.

The window of the British Racing Green coup retracts into the door. A man in his mid-40s wearing dark sunglasses calls out, “You Brandon?”

I give a slight nod. Picking up my board, I skip down the steps and up to the passenger door. When I hear it unlock, l let myself in and set my board on the floor.

“You”re cuter than your photos,” the man says, leering at me. A tingle runs through my body. I”ve seen that look before. Men like this like to take what they want. He”s my kinda guy.

“Thanks.” And I do mean it. I mean, he”s paying so I want him to feel like he”s getting his money”s worth. Repeat business is lucrative. “So, we on?” That”s how I get the man to agree he”s paying me without me compromising myself, just in case.

He reaches into the breast pocket of his blazer and pulls out his billfold. He hands me two, crisp one hundred-dollar bills. “You can call me Andrew,” he offers. I relax. He”s not a cop and he paid me more than we agreed.

I slip the bills into my back pocket and chill as Andrew puts the car in gear and pulls away from the curb. Kayden from down the street told me I should pay attention to where they take me, but it”s boring. Remembering what Kayden tells me reminds me of him and I think back to last summer.

I was just a kid then, 10-year-old. My mom wouldn”t let me stay at home by myself, so she hired Kayden. He was in high school but couldn”t drive yet so he said he didn”t have anything better to do.

One day I caught him checking out some porn on his phone and beating his meat. I figured what he was doing with his dick had to do with sex and I definitely knew what I saw on his phone had to do with sex. When he refused to explain it all to me, I played my trump card. I guess the thought of having to explain what I saw to my parents wasn”t too appealing, so he spilled his guts.

He told me about how his uncle had shown him all about sex and they”d been having sex for a few years already. Well, you can guess where this all led. He helped me get my first orgasm and my world changed. Yeah, I know the word orgasm. Kayden and his uncle taught me to use all the right words.

Oh yeah, Kayden”s uncle. Well, eventually Kayden showed me how to fuck — top and bottom. While my dick was too small to make Kayden happy, Kayden”s was much bigger. After a few times, I determined there wasn”t anything better in the world than having an orgasm with a cock up your butt. Kayden agrees.

To make Kayden happy, we invited his uncle over so Kayden could get fucked too. Okay, I was a bit naïve thinking Kayden”s dick was big because I soon learned that he wasn”t even sınırsız escort average for a man. Even so, his uncle managed to get his man-sized cock up my butt. Once I got past the burning from my hole stretching, he showed me what a real top can do, especially when he”s trying to bang your prostate. Holy shit! I saw stars and had the most powerful cum of my life!

Now the problem was, Kayden”s uncle wasn”t able to get away from work very often to come all the way to our neighborhood. We needed another solution. That”s when Kayden showed me how to pick-up guys online. Wowzer! Those men would send me pictures of their dicks and offered to pay me to let them fuck me. I”m young, but I”m not stupid. I get to get off and get paid? Fuck yeah! Sign me up.

That”s how I got here, riding in this sick F-type coupe with two hundred bucks in my pocket and a boner pinched in my tight jeans.

Yes, I know I should have been paying attention to where, uhmmm… Andrew… Is that his name? Uhhh… well, I should be paying attention to where we”re going. Kayden is always reminding me. Looking out the windows I notice we”re out of town and in a wooded area. There are cars parked here and there along what look like trail heads. He must have a cabin out here because this car is definitely too small to fuck in.

He pulls into a gravel drive that leads to a small parking lot. He parks to the left of a pick-up truck, a safe distance away to make sure no one bumps into his ride and turns off the engine. Looking around, woods surround the parking lot, but in front of the car us is a small area where it”s been cleared out under the trees. It looks like a small park with a couple picnic tables.

“Get out,” he says as he exits the driver”s side.

I rearrange my board so I can get out. Finding my footing on the gravel, I look up to see Andrew standing over me.

“Undress and fold your clothes up neatly. Use your skateboard so you don”t have to get your clothes dirty by leaving them on the ground. Hurry up.” Andrew”s instructions were crisp and to the point. He wasn”t playing around – he knew what he wanted. As for me, my hard dick needed its freedom.

I reached in and grabbed by board before shutting the car door. Setting my board on the gravel, I stood and looked around to see if anyone could see me. I wasn”t that embarrassed to be naked out in the woods. I mean, I”ve been naked around enough men and all. I just don”t want some family to come out of the woods and freak.

“No one out here but us men,” Andrew assured me. “Get moving.”

I strip taking time to fold and place my clothes neatly on my board as he told me to do. Finally, I”m standing there in just my white ankle socks, hands over my junk.

“Turn slowly and let me get a look at you.”

I do. Slowly I spin in a circle so he can take in my body. I have a nice body. I”m pretty active and play some sports. How does Kayden”s uncle put it? Oh yeah. He says, “You still have a little baby fat on you, so you look soft but you”re really solid muscle underneath.” I think that is a complement. Anyway, I like what I see in the mirror. Andrew seems to too. When I turn back to face him, I recognize the hunger in his eyes. Before I know it, he”s picked me up and sat me on the front of his Jag, just in front of the windshield. With one hand, he pushes my chest so I”m laying back on the hood. The heat from the engine is warming my naked body on this cool autumn day. I feel his hands grab my ankles raises my feet into the air. With my feet spread, I feel a cool breeze on my hole. I feel it twitch.

“You are so adorable,” Andrew moans as he sniffs my left foot and rubs it on his face. I fold my arms behind my head so I can watch. I see him open his eyes and stare at my hairless pits.

Resting my left foot on his shoulder, he turns his head to pay attention to my right foot. Licking the bottom of my foot, he runs his hand up and down my other leg. I close my eyes and enjoy the attention, forgetting we are outside in the open.

When he stops, I open my eyes to see what he”s doing. I follow his eyes down to my rock hard three inches bobbing in time with my heart beat.

“You are such a cute little slut puppy, aren”t you?”

He rests my feet on his shoulders and slips out of his jacket. He drapes the jacket over the side mirror and grabs the back of my knees. Push them to either side of my chest, my hips curl exposing my most private areas to Andrew and the world. He swoops in and his mouth is all over me. Licking, sucking, kissing, and nipping up and down the inside of my thighs, my balls and dick, and all the way down to my hole. He”s like a madman and the sensations he”s causing makes my body twitch and hum with excitement.

“You better quiet down or you”re going to draw an audience. Or is that what you want?” He gives me a look like he knows something I don”t. I didn”t even know I was making any noise. Honest! But I”m happy when şırnak escort he dives back in for more. You see, I know not to shower too close to the time I”m meeting up with these men. They don”t want to smell and taste soap. They want to smell and taste boy, and I aim to please. Besides, when they get all crazy like this, it feels good to me too. I also kinda like how of the chill from the breeze blowing across my spit-soaked body parts contrasts with the heat on my back from the car.

This time when he digs in, I can tell it is with a purpose. He”s preparing me for what he”s paid form. Holding my hips in place, he presses his face up against my body as if he”s trying to get his whole head up my butt. But he achieves his purpose — his tongue has breached my defenses and is making my entire body shudder with pleasure. I grab my knees to help him out.

Now I am aware that I”m moaning and groaning. I hiss “yes” under my breath has he extends his tongue and flicks the end as fast as he can. It makes my insides flutter. I want to cum, but not before he”s inside me.

“Put it in,” I gasp, unable to wait any longer. He continues his feast on my bottom. I repeat myself but he ignores me again and again. Finally, I beg him, “Please, fuck me now!” His mouth stays in place while his hands leave my body. His technique is interrupted by his movements, but he continues as best he can.

Andrew pulls off by ass and quickly stands. He startles me and a try to clamp my legs shut but it is of no use because he”s already wedged between my knees. His fingers apply a large glob of lube to my gaping hole that”s begging for his fingers to slide inside. They don”t.

He steadies my hips with his left hand and uses his right to align his cock with my hole. Curious, I raise to my elbows to get a look. Andrew plants the palm of his hand on my chest, pinning me back down onto the hood of his Jag.

“You want my cock little boy?”

“Yes?” I”m not sure I like the look on his face, but I am really horny and need to get off.

I feel the blunt end of his cock rub against my hole. Is that as fat as it…

“Hsssssss…” escapes from between my clenched teeth as my toes curl and my back arches off the car hood. My body attempts to adjust to the invader. He”s only wedged the head through my hole, and it hurts like hell. Yeah, it is as fat as it felt. It hurts as bad as when Kayden gracelessly popped my cherry, and this is definitely not my first time. Without giving me time to adjust he grabs my hips and in two thrusts, he”s balls deep in my ass.

He doesn”t move and my breathing starts to return to normal. The burning is calming down so I”m just feeling full — really full. This isn”t the first time I”ve had “the biggest I”ve ever had” so I think my hole is used to getting stretched and it is making the adjustment to Andrew”s girth pretty fast.

“Oh, you like that big cock in you, don”t you, you little boy whore.” I nod my head in agreement. He fists my little dick and gives it a few pumps making me twitch and moan. “Your little stiffy didn”t flag for a moment while I shoved my cock in your ass, slut.”

Andrew adjusts his position and pulls my body just off the edge of the car so he can go full in and not knock knees to metal. Satisfied he has the right angle and leverage, Andrew begins the assault on my prostate. He starts off with slow, long strokes that make my head swim with pleasure. Then he builds his speed and force causing an unrelenting rubbing of my little pleasure button. I grab my dick and start jacking off as fast as I can. I need to cum… NOW!

I close my eyes and work on bringing myself off as Andrew pleasures my ass with his huge man cock. I feel him grab my right ankle again and bring my foot back to his face. The sensations of his face rubbing on the sole of my foot, his mouth sucking on my cotton-covered toes, his teeth gently gnawing on the side of my foot simply add to the pleasure I am feeling. I”m getting close and my toes point as the tension builds.

I think he senses it because he drops my leg back into the crook of his elbow. With his hands, he snares my wrists and pulls them towards his body using my arms as leverage as me fucks me towards his own orgasm.

“Oh, fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck… fuck…” I can”t help it. The sensation of my pending orgasm continues to build even through I”m not jacking off any more. His cock is going to make me cum. I can”t believe it”s happening.

“Yes…” Andrew hisses. “I”ve been saving this up all week for you.” Then he shudders and growls, slamming to the root with each blast of cum he shoots deep inside me. I can”t feel the hot liquid coating my insides, but I can feel his dick swell. It”s stretching my hole again and causing it to burn in a good way. So good, in fact, I start to cum too.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh!” I yelled. My dick clicks with each spasm of my ass around the man cock breeding my ass. With my legs wrapped around his arms and my arms taksim escort held firmly to my sides, I can only toss my head side-to-side and ride out the waves of pleasure as they ripple through my body. Andrew leans forward and rests his hands on the car as we both pant and recover from our orgasms.

I feel so full and I know my hole is stretched. When he pulls out, I”m going to have to find someplace to fart out the gallon of cum he dumped in me. I look around and see large tree just past the pickup. I”m confident I can make it there to do my business with a little privacy. That”s not anything he needs to see. It”s not good for repeat business and I definitely want a repeat with Andrew.

“I”m going to pull out now and you clamp that little pussy of yours shut. I don”t want you dribbling on the side of my car.” I nod in understanding and focus on the task at hand — making it to the tree. He slides free and I squeeze my eyes shut as I try to squeeze my hole shut.

I don”t think it is working well, so I”m going to need to get off the car quickly and get to the tree. I roll to my stomach, so my butt is up and drop to my feet. A quick glance at the car to make sure I didn”t leave a mess. The car is clean. I quickly waddle in my socked feet across the gravel to the grass. I can feel his cum dripping down my leg, so I make a dash to the tree just in time to squat in the fallen leaves and belch out the first of several cum farts.

Squatting there under the tree, I feel the man”s cum dripping from my hole. Thoughts of the fuck I just received fill my head and my dick rises to the occasion. Unconsciously, I start jacking off replaying the events with Andrew. My butt still tingles with pleasure and my cock wants to cum, again. My knees are getting sore. I don”t know how long I”ve been squatting here, but I think I”m empty. Not ready to go quite yet, I stand and face the tree. My left hand finds the trunk for support as my right hand works my dick towards another cum.

“Yes… yes… yes…” I raise to my toes as my orgasm tips me over the edge and I shudder and spasm through my second orgasm of the afternoon. I rest my head on the back of my left hand and catch my breath. I feel Andrew”s hand gently stroke my butt.

“That was beautiful,” said a voice that is not Andrew”s.

“Oh!” I pull my butt away from the caressing hand. I look over my shoulder at a scraggly man in his thirties or so. His flannel shirt is untucked and his jeans are dirty. So are the ballcap and boots he”s wearing.

“I… I… uh… I thought you were someone else,” I explain as I make my way around the tree and hurry back to the car. Looking up from the ground, I don”t see the front of Andrew”s car. How long was I gone? How did I not hear him drive off? I guess I was so caught up in getting off again I just lost track.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit,” I repeat over and over again as I make my way back to where I left my clothes. When I round the front of the pickup, I don”t see my board or any of my clothes.

“Don”t worry,” says the man standing by the driver”s side of the pickup, “I put your things in the bed of my truck, but you look like you could use these.” He reaches out to hand me my shoes. Instead of taking my shoes, my hands clamp over my crotch to hide my cock and balls from this stranger. I look the man over. He”s in his twenties, in good shape and his clean and looks like he takes care of himself. But my eyes lock onto the bulge in the front of his tight jeans.

I”m brought back to reality when a pair of hands reach around my shoulders and tweak my nipples until they are hard, little, pink points. The man”s fingers send tingles through my body and my boner spring back to life.

I thought it was the scraggly man, but he walks around me towards the man holding my shoes. He turns to face me and speaks to his friend. “This here little one takes cock like a professional.” He laughed at his own joke.

“That”s because he is a professional,” spoke the man with my shoes, shaking them at me to come get them. “I found two hundred dollars in his pants pocket.” The hands let go of my nipples and shove me forward to fetch my shoes. I take them and bend over to put them on.

“Oh shit, Gerald,” laughs the man behind me. “He”s open and ready for business!” I realize he”s talking about my hole and I stand up quickly. I work to slide my feet into my shoes with my back to the truck.

Once my shoes were on, the man with the big bulge takes my hand and places it where my eyes were glued earlier. “Let”s head up that trail and uhhh…” He doesn”t finish. He just laughs.

He was kind enough to drive me home later. I was so tired I fell to sleep leaning against his shoulder. When he got close to my house, he parked to wake me and send me on my way.

Damn, I should have listened to Kayden. I wish I knew how to get back to that park.


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