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Chapter Four: First Among Sequels

Lauren’s parents had come to the opening night, and then pissed off to some resort before our final performance, which made their large and well-appointed house two blocks from campus the ideal place for our wrap party. The place had an enormous outdoor hot tub, a bar and wine rack (off limits, but Lauren had stocked the huge fridge with beer), and even a bidet in the bathroom.

I probably would have been in more of a party mood but for the conversation I’d had with Brianna beforehand. She’d asked for a rain check as she’d changed, saying she wasn’t feeling well. I caught up with her on her way to her car, and asked what was wrong.

“Just cramps. My period must be early.”

She was normally a damn good actress, but she didn’t sound all that convincing. I must have raised an eyebrow, because she sighed, looked around, and said, “So I’m really not in the mood for a repeat of… last week.”

The orgy after dress rehearsal. “You don’t have to -“

“I still don’t know why I did that. I’ve never done that before – I don’t just mean anal, I mean… I must have gotten carried away because everyone else was doing it, but I don’t even fuck on a first date. And we weren’t even dating.”

“Do you want to -“

“It’s not that it wasn’t good, not that you weren’t good. I just don’t want to get a reputation for sleeping with the director!”

“I wasn’t planning on telling anyone.” And it occurred to me that I could use Voice to persuade the others not to, but rather than say that, I added, “and I’m sure the others won’t. Besides, the show is over, I’m not the director any -“

“But you were.”

It was my turn to sigh. “Look, I’m not planning on a career as a director, and I’d like to keep seeing you. At least think about it. Please?”

She was silent for a while, then shrugged. “I’ll think about it.”

“Thanks,” I said, then Voiced, “Masturbate when you get home, and the cramps will go away. And think about me, think about me fucking you, when you do it.”


“Penny for your thoughts.”

I realized I was standing in the kitchen, staring at the beer in the fridge while I relived that conversation, and automatically said, “Are you Penny?” before turning around and recognizing Anita’s daughter Josie. “Sorry. Dreaming.”

“‘Don’t dream it. Be it.'”

“Heh. D’you want a beer, or are you too young?”

“Nah, I’m good. Just wanted to say goodbye.”

“You’re going back to -“

“No, just going home. Mom thinks the party’s getting a little heavy already. There are women making out in the hot tub, the gay guys keep disappearing into the guest room, and Lauren’s playing strip ping pong with most of the straight ones. You’re fucking her, aren’t you?”

“Lauren? No.”

“I meant my mother.”

I must have hesitated a little too long, because Josie said, “Yeah, I thought so. I’m pretty good at telling who’s into who.”

“You’re gay?” I asked, because it was better than standing there with my mouth open.

“Bi. Well, pansexual, actually -“

“What’s the difference?”

“Well, I haven’t met anyone who’s non-binary that I want to fuck, yet, but I’m keeping my options open. What made you think I was gay?”

“Most people I know who’re that good at picking up on relationships are. I guess it comes with gaydar.”

Josie nodded. “That makes sense. Anyway, I’ll see you round.”

“Sure.” I watched her leave, then turned my attention back to the fridge. I grabbed a beer, shut the fridge door and turned around, to see Lauren, naked to the waist, standing behind me. I blinked, and she snatched the bottle out of my hand. “Thanks,” she said.

I looked down at her breasts. “Strip ping pong not going as well as you expected?”

“You think I didn’t want this to happen? I mean, okay, I lost a few games, but I’ve won the last four.”

“Since you lost the t-shirt?”

“Exactly.” She grabbed a bottle opener off the table and opened the beer. “Do you play?” When I didn’t answer, she added, “Beats moping in here.”

“What makes you think I’m moping?”

“One, Brianna’s gone. Two, you’re still dressed. Three, you were staring into a fridge that only contains two brands of beer, only one of which is imported and any good. Four, wrap parties are all about trying to distract ourselves from the fact that the show isn’t going to go on any more. How’m I doing?”

“All good points.”

She took a mouthful of beer, then handed the bottle back to me. “Why don’t you come watch the game, at least? Or play a round. I might even let you win.” When I didn’t respond, she turned her back and took a few steps towards the door, then stopped, pulled down her Daisy Dukes and knickers and mooned me, giving me a brief glimpse of her butt plug.

I pendik escort sprayed beer halfway across the room as she pulled her shorts up again. “You came prepared.”

She turned around, and grinned at me. “Hell, it’s a party, and I’ve got the tech crew here as well. Look, you’re straight, right? Haven’t you ever wanted to have half a dozen girls lined up wanting to fuck you?”

“Well, not simultaneously.”

“Oh, I was going to let you all take turns.”

I was somewhat relieved at that. “What happens if I lose?”

“It’s strip ping pong. What do you think? I want to see as many of your cocks as I can before I decide who to gets to buttfuck me first – which I will do as soon as I’m completely naked.”

“Do you do this sort of thing often?”

She laughed. “Tell you the truth, I’d never had two men at a time until two weeks ago, not to mention three cocks. It’s harder than you might think to find guys who’re into that, at least not ones I’d want to fuck. But that night… I don’t know whether it’s just that we were all tired or whether it was something you said, but it’s like we all threw our inhibitions in the trash. Which is great. Should be more of it. And I’m about to spend three weeks with my family and have fuck-all chance of getting laid. Are you in?”

“You’re not worried that you’ll get a rep for fucking the director?”

Another laugh. “Do you think I’d have gotten all these tats if I expected to make it as a serious actress? I’d settle for costume or set designer, and maybe go pink on suicide girls if they don’t think my butt’s too big.”

“I love your butt.”

“Thank you. There’s a lot of it to love. Anyway, no, I don’t have any ambition to be an actress. I just auditioned for this part because I like the role.”

“Then I’m in,” I said, then Voiced, “and you’re going to let me go first.”

“Okay, then.”

I’m not much of a ping pong player – I have decent reflexes, but I’m no Jack Burton – and like the other guys gathered in the rec room, I found it hard to focus on the bouncing ball rather than the bouncing boobs. I was barefoot and down to my trousers before I decided to cheat a little. “You want to lose,” I voiced. “You want to get naked. You want everyone to see your ass and your butt plug because it turns you on, and so we know how much you want us all to fuck you. And you want me to be first in your ass.”

Lauren was beating me nine to six, but she began missing some easy returns after that, and I finally beat her 21-18. She shrugged, smiled, and unzipped her Daisy Dukes, letting them fall to the floor. “Mind if we change sides?” she asked, batting her eyelashes. “I think the light was in my eyes.”

“No problem,” I said. We walked around the ping pong table so that she had her back to most of the half-naked guys ostensibly watching the game, giving them a good look at her ass, the butt plug winking at them through the dampening diaphanous lace of her knickers. Some of the titmen shifted slightly to watch her sideboob shimmy as she chased the ball, but most seemed happy with the rear view. I won the next game 21-17, but I’m not sure whether my game had improved or whether she was just in a hurry to fuck. “Okay,” she said, as she stepped out of her knickers. “Does a butt plug count as clothing?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied blandly.

She looked around at her audience, who were shaking her heads. “Okay,” she repeated. “I guess that if I win this game, you get to fuck me.”

“And if you win?”

She batted her eyelashes. “You take off one item of clothing – your choice – and someone else gets a turn.” She grinned, threw her knickers to me, and then grabbed the ball and served. She won that point, and made me sweat for every point after that, until we were 6-9 and I decided to cheat a little. “Showing off your ass is making you horny,” I Voiced. “Every time you move, you can feel your butt plug, and it’s making you think of how much you want me to fuck you in the ass.”

I missed the next two points while I was concentrating on using Voice, but after that, her game went to pieces and I ended up beating her 21-15. “Okay,” she said, placing her bat on the table and bending over. “You want to do it here?”

“How about your bed? More comfortable.”

“Tease! But I guess I can wait that long. Last one there gives the other one a rimbjob!” she said, streaking past me. I chased her, enjoying the view as she hurried up the stairs to her room. She threw herself face-down onto the king-size bed, reaching back to spread her cheeks. I closed the door behind me, then walked over to her and grabbed the flange of the butt-plug, pulling on it gently before pushing it back in, fucking her with it while she gasped.

After a minute of this, I finally removed it, tuzla escort and said, “Now, about that rimjob,” before burying my face in her butt and running the tip of my tongue around the edges of her slowly shrinking gape while I slipped fingers into her already wet cunt, one by one. She moaned in delight, and both her cunt and her asshole tightened as she came. “Okay, that was wonderful,” she crooned, “but enough fucking foreplay already. Just fuck the shit out of me.”

“Do you need any lube?”

“Not any more!”

I grinned, and picked up the butt plug and eased it back in, then pushed my cock as far as it would go into her cunt. She came again almost immediately, and I continued fucking her until she came again. “Don’t you like my ass?” she asked.

“Oh fuck yes.”

“Then fuck it! Do I have to beg?” She reached back and grabbed the butt plug, pulling it out. “Please just stick your cock as far up my slutty ass as it will go! Now!”

“Certainly,” I said, grinning, and pointed my cock at that enticing gape. The butt plug wasn’t much thicker than my thumb, except for the flange, and her sphincter still gripped the head of my cock as I eased it into her. I savoured the thrilling sensation as her asshole tightened around the shaft, and was taking it slow, but she raised her ass and pushed it back against me until my pelvis was flattened against her succulent cheeks and some six inches of my dick was buried inside that wonderful slippery warmth. She wriggled beneath me, and reached back to rub her clit as I grabbed her breasts, teased her hard nipples and kissed her neck, all the while fucking enthusiastically. It felt so fantastic that I tried to hold out from coming for as long as possible, enjoying the feel of her writhing beneath me as she came again and again, but all too soon I was spurting cum into her bowels like a fountain.

“Wow,” she finally said, between gasping asthmatically and laughing with pleasure. “I knew you’d done this before, but I didn’t know anyone was THAT good!”

I held her for a moment, then she wriggled again. “Okay, you probably want to go and shower. Sorry I don’t have an en-suite, but the bathroom’s just down the hall.”

I kissed her neck again. “You’re not going to join me?”

“No, but if you’d like to tell Zach or Tyler I’m up here…” She turned her head and smiled at me. “Or both? ‘Like the song says, ‘Give yourself over to absolute pleasure’. Right?”

“I’ll let them know,” I said, picking up my shorts and my jeans.


The party was already starting to wind up by the time I emerged from the shower, but there was still a group of women in the hot tub, four half-naked men half-heartedly playing doubles at the ping-pong table while two others watched, and some fully dressed people in the sitting room discussing shows they’d seen, or been in, or wanted to put on. I went to the kitchen for a beer, but decided on a coffee instead and took it into the sitting room to join in the conversation while I waited for the caffeine to kick in enough for me to ride home. I had just finished the coffee when Lauren came back downstairs wearing an oversized T-shirt and murmured in my ear, “You want to crash here for the night?”


“I’m going to ask everyone else to go home and go to bed.”


“You know there’s a bidet in the bathroom?”

I grunted softly.

“It feels really good.”

I didn’t reply.

“I think I owe you a rimjob, so if you want to go upstairs and use it…”

I picked up my empty mug and stood. “Sorry, everyone,” Lauren announced, “Time to go home and to bed.” She led the way back towards the kitchen. “I’ve already told the ping pong players to leave, and the boys in the guest room, but we’re going to have to break up the party in the jacuzzi, too. I thought you could help me with that; you can be very persuasive, sometimes.”


There were only four women in the jacuzzi, if you counted Kayla, who was sitting on the edge so that Nikki, who had positioned herself so that one of the warm water jets was playing across her clit, could eat out her cunt without drowning. Another two women from the crew, Amber and Megan, were kneeling in the pool, each sucking on one of Kayla’s huge hangers while she finger-fucked them. They grumbled at being asked to leave, and Kayla suggested that Lauren join them instead. The prospect of getting to play with Kayla’s enormous boobs, maybe even suck and fuck them, was so appealing that I considered using Voice in the hope of persuading them to invite me in as well – I knew Amber was bi, even if the rest of them were exclusively gay – but I wasn’t sure it would work, and I knew I would probably want to work with most of them again, so I just made used Voice to tell them not to mind me watching the kartal escort mini-orgy for a couple minutes until they were finished. Even after they climbed out of the pool, they put on quite a show as they took their time drying each other off, while Amber seemed to make a point of having her back to me as she bent over to pick up her clothes, showing off her rather nice ass and cunt. When they finally finished dressing and left, Lauren led me back to her bedroom, then turned around and grabbed my crotch. “Hmm,” she purred. “Happy to see me?”

“Of course.”

“Liar. I saw you looking at Kayla’s tits. Not that I blame you. Got me wondering what it would feel like to have one of those rubbing on my cunt… hmm, you like that idea too, huh?”

“Well, yeah…”

She laughed, the unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down so that my cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the nose. She began licking it as she maneuvered me into sitting on the side of the bed, then worked her way down my shaft to my balls, sucking on one, then the other, then popping both into her mouth at once while she stroked my cock. After a moment, she released my balls and moved down to start tonguing my asshole. Just when I thought my cock couldn’t get any harder, she stood, peeled off her t-shirt, and without any further preamble, sat on my cock facing away from me so that she was facing the full-length mirror on the back of her door. She squirmed on my lap until my dick was all the way up her asshole again, and bounced up and down for a minute, watching herself in the mirror as she spread her luscious labia and enjoyed the sight of my cock shaft sliding in and out of her butt. Then she stood so that the head of my cock popped out of her well-fucked hole, turned around, and climbed on top of me again, this time facing me and bending over so that her face was just above mine. “That’s a lot harder than it looks in the movies,” she admitted. “If we ever do it again, remind me to take a photo.”

“I will if you send me a copy.”

She stuck her tongue out, and after a moment’s hesitation, I did the same, French-kissing her. It seemed a little weird to kiss a mouth when she’d just been rimming me, and I was glad I’d taken her advice and used the bidet, but it wasn’t as though I hadn’t eaten her ass as enthusiastically as she’d licked mine. I came in her ass again a few delightful minutes later, and we lay there holding each other until my cock slipped out of her. She sent me back to the shower, and was snoring softly by the time I returned, so I snuggled with her up against her back with my crotch up against that wonderfully fuckable butt and fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later to feel her sucking my cock while she lubed up her butt, and we fucked spoons-fashion until I filled her asshole with cum yet again. She made omelets for breakfast, and I finished by eating her out under the dining room table until her clit was too sensitive to keep going. She staggered to the bar and sat on one of the barstools so that her succulent ass was at the perfect height for me to fuck it standing up, though of course I knelt behind her to orally worship it first. It was nearing noon by the time I came again, and as we staggered towards the shower, she kissed me and told me she had to pack her bags. “You are one hell of a fuck,” she said, as she hid her butt plug in a pair of socks, ” and I’m going to think of you whenever I play with myself until I come back here.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

She snorted. “Nah. You’ve got someone else, and it’s not Brianna. I don’t know who it is, though there are lots of rumours.”

“No-one at the moment.”

She raised an eyebrow at that. “Yeah, well, like the saying goes, three weeks is a long time in polyamory. Now get out before I decide to fuck you again and miss my plane.”


It was three whole days before I bought some latex-free condoms and went back to the strip club, and I was waiting for Lyla’s set when I saw a woman take a seat on the other side of the runway. She looked familiar despite the lighting, and then she glanced in my direction and we simultaneously recognized each other. I thought of trying to project my Voice across the runway to tell her that she was mistaken, but she was already getting up and walking around the end of the runway towards me. “I thought it was you,” Josie murmured.

I hesitated, then replied quietly, “Does your mother know you’re here?”

“No, but I’m nineteen and this place isn’t licensed, so they let me in. And I won’t tell her if you don’t. Deal?”

“Sure. You like -“

“I’m thinking of doing a thesis on porn and sex work.”


A new song started, and Lyla emerged from between the curtains. Her eyes widened when she saw me sitting next to another woman, but before I could use Voice, Josie stood. Lyla hesitated, then helped her up onto the runway.

So that’s how I got to fuck Lyla, in a threesome with my lover’s stepdaughter… but that’s another story, for another time.

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