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Anal Fucking

Part 1:

We only had one night to spend together and had so many things that we wanted to do with each other. I had been fantasizing about this night for so long, touching myself to the thought of his hands on my body, him taking everything he wanted and me wanting to give it all to him.

I was in the bathroom of our hotel room, changing into the lingerie I brought for him, exactly as he requested: a short white babydoll that came just to the top of my thighs with a matching thong underneath. I wanted everything to be perfect when he saw me.

As I stepped out into the room, his eyes swept over me. I was already wet with anticipation and the look on his face as he decided what he wanted first made my stomach flip with excitement. He sat back on the chair, wearing just his black tshirt and boxer briefs, sipping his scotch and beckoning me to come closer.

As I walked, the lingerie swept side to side, showing glimpses of the thong underneath. Standing in front of him, he reached up and pulled the thong down my thighs, brushing his thumb over my bare pussy and sending chills up my body. I stepped out of my thong and sank down to my knees. I wanted to take his cock in ever way that night — but I knew I wanted to start with him in my mouth.

He put down his scotch and grabbed his cock, freeing it from his boxer briefs. His cock is thick and perfect and my mouth watered and pussy got even wetter as he stroked himself in front of me as I watched. Licking my lips, I leaned forward and wrapped my warm mouth around him, attempting to take all of him as I sucked and licked up and down his shaft. His hand went into my hair and he started the dirty talk he knows I love, telling me how good my mouth feels and how hard is cock is for me.

With his cock dripping wet, I raised up just enough to run it between my breasts. Watching his big dick slip between my DD tits turned me on so much. He pushed them together, applying the pressure he wanted as he pinched and pulled my nipples, sending me to an even higher level of pleasure.

I stood up, taking his cock in my hand and leading him over to the bed. I couldn’t wait any longer to have him inside me. I slid back on pendik escort the bed, keeping his eye contact as I laid back and spread my legs wide, putting myself on display for him. I moved my hand between my legs, brushing over my sensitive clit and slowly pushing a finger inside my pussy, letting him see how wet and ready I was for him. Still standing beside the bed, he pulled me toward the edge and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy, spreading my legs even wider to give himself full access to take what we wanted. He suddenly pushed his thick hard cock all the way inside me, filling and stretching me with a roughness that made me gasp.

He began to piston in and out of me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm in less than a minute. He repositioned us so that my ankles were on his shoulders, giving him the ability to sink deeper inside me than I thought possible. With that, my pussy began to pulse, greedily pulling him in deeper as an incredible orgasm swept through me. I threw my head back, repeating his name over and over as the pace of his pounding drew my orgasm out until I was dizzy with pleasure. He let my feet fall back to the bed as he leaned down and sucked each hard nipple into his mouth, smiling down at me, enjoying this moment when he knew my body fully belonged to him.

Moving onto the bed, he flipped me over onto my stomach, raising my ass in the air and letting his hands roam over the curves of my waist, hips and ass. Moving with delicious slowness now, he pushed back inside me, inch by inch, giving my pussy time to adjust to the fullness again. Grabbing my hips, he started fucking me with a rhythm that had my head swimming and tits bouncing with each thrust.

“You’re so good. Your cock feels so good” I said, as I arched my back and rocked with his rhythm. The sensation of him owning and filling me just as I had been fantasizing about sent me over the edge again with an orgasm that had me rocking back into him, taking him as deeply as I could.

With a few final deep, hard thrusts, he groaned my name and filled me with his hot, thick cum. Feeling it shoot deep inside me gave me the feeling that he owned me, kartal escort and I wanted every drop to stay inside me. We collapsed down together, completely exhausted and fully satiated. I drifted off to sleep with his semi hard cock still inside me.

Part 2:

Some time later, I have no idea how much time had gone by, I woke up to find myself curled up beside him. He was splayed out on his back with my head on his chest and my leg flung over his. I took a moment to admire this man; he was sexy as hell and still all mine for the next few hours. I let my fingers tickle over his skin and started kissing up his neck to his ear, watching his body involuntarily react to me while he slept.

With a little bite to his earlobe I whispered “please wake up, please… I need you to fuck me again.” A smile turned up the corners of his mouth as he rolled toward me, grabbed a handful of my ass and gave it a smack, causing me to yip and laugh with surprise. I grabbed his hand and pinned it down on the bed, straddling him as he stretched out on his back. I rotated my hips and slid myself along his growing cock, feeling it getting harder the more I moved. He reached up, palming my breasts and pinching my nipples, enjoying watching them harden at his touch. I reached underneath me and slid his cock inside me, reveling in the pleasure and ache as it filled me again.

Once I was able to take his full length, I started to ride him, slowly at first and then faster and harder. He moved his hands to my hips, directing the movement as he watched my tits bounce to the rhythm he set. The feeling of his big, perfect cock buried deep in my pussy, along with the friction of my clit against his pelvic bone had me on the brink of another orgasm. “Come for me, baby. I want to feel you come against my cock again” he said. And that was all I needed as I exploded around him, squeezing his cock with each wave of pleasure.

He thrust his hips up, ready to come deep inside me again, but I lifted off him, begging him not to come yet. I reached over to my purse that sat on the night stand and took out the small bottle of lube I had brought with me, telling him how maltepe escort many times I had fantasized about his cock in my ass… how much I wanted him to take me in every way.

He pulled me back down on the mattress, letting his hands roam and fondle and play. After sucking and biting each of my nipples in turn, he moved down my body until he was between my legs. My head fell back onto the pillow as he began running his tongue along my smooth pussy, flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking me into his mouth. He slid a finger inside me, murmuring about how wet I am as his licking and fingering drove me wild.

He then started circling the entrance to my ass with one of his wet fingers, slowly pushing it inside me. He added a second finger, giving me time to adjust to the pressure and relax against his touch.

“I want you inside me” I said. “I’m ready”.

I rolled onto my stomach and raised my hips as he stroked some lube onto his hard cock. He pushed his tip inside me, the fullness and pressure feeling overwhelming at first as we both adjusted to the sensation.

“Fuck, you’re so tight” he said, as he watched his cock stretching and filling me.

I started to push back against him, ready to slowly take more. The initial pain started to fade into pleasure as he began to slide in and out of me, sending sensations through my body that I had never felt before. His hand slid from its place on my hip to wrap around the front of me, skillfully finding my clit and beginning to circle it. The combination of his cock filling my ass while his fingers pressed and circled my clit had me quickly building to another orgasm. I could feel his cock growing even bigger inside me and I knew he was ready to come. The thought of him coming in my ass was enough to throw me over the edge, my pussy and ass both throbbing with pleasure as the longest, most intense orgasm I had ever experienced started to pulse through me.

His body reacted in turn and he spurted his cum inside me with groans of pleasure and final thrusts, claiming every inch of me one last time. His body sagged down on top of mine as we both finished riding the waves of our most intense orgasms ever.

I knew we were only supposed to have this one night together… that we had other lives that we needed to go back to. But after a night like this, I knew this couldn’t be the last time. I knew one day we’d find another opportunity for just one more night together.

À la prochaine…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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